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    I traded for Arian after week 2 knowing full well the risk I was taking on. It sucks that he's done in week 7 but I I'll take the 3 very productive weeks he gave my lineup that helped me go 3-0 with him in there. And its fitting that on a day when his team was getting blown out and the QB play was dreadful he still put up 30 plus pts in my league and was going for another score when he unfortunately got hurt. He is/was one of a dying breed as a true feature RBs in FF who gave you pts running the ball, out of the backfield, and at the goaline. I loved that he was greedy in a FF sense. Knew how to take breathers at the right points in drives but always did his best to be in the game to maximize FF production. While others may want to beat their chest and say I told you so because a guy with a heightened injury risk got hurt again, I just wanted to take a moment to salute Arian Foster. A lot of fun to watch as a NFL fan and a FF beast for the better part of 5 plus years. In the tradition of his TD celebrations, here's a Namaste bow to Arian Foster, FF legend...
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    I think you just took the title of Top Turd from him.
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    Ran the Newburyport HM today, 1:37:39 (7:27). 11 minutes better than same race last year. Most importantly I beat my HS buddy who bested me by 8 min last year.
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    Finished the Marine Corps Marathon today. First marathon ever. It was awesome, inspirational, emotional, painful, all of the above. I'll write more later, but mostly wanted to say thanks to all of you in this thread. You are such a great source of advice, motivation, guidance.....and you name the rest. I'm not sure whether or not I'll ever do a full again....but it was so worth doing it today. For those who care, my time was around 5:04. I had major knee and hamstring issues starting around mile 16, and was at the pinnacle of suffering a major cold. Really annoying, as my 20-mile run three weeks ago went so much better than today. But it is what it is. Just glad to have finished, and to feel relatively healthy. I can see why people have so many great things to say about MCM. Lots of cool aspects to it. More later. Thanks again guys - I'm not very active in this thread but I read it A LOT.
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    First Place in the Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International Tournament Didn't meet up with the team from Chile who was in our age group
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    A good 30 mile training week, though not as many runs or miles as desired. My nagging injuries weren't an issue, which is encouraging. T/Th workouts were on the track to go easy on my feet. Still keeping up the 500 push-ups/sit-ups, too. T: 7 miles, with 5 x 1 mile (7:00, 6:53, 6:50, 6:50, 6:44) ...same workout as a week ago, but 10 sec/mile faster. W: 4 miles, easy Th: 8 miles, with 7 one mile cycles where I increased the speed on each 400m (pace/mile of ~ 9:00, 8:30, 7:30, 6:30) Sat: 11 miles on a rolling trail (Waterfall Glen) - 8:40/mile, 158 HR (high on a warm, humid, and at times rainy day)
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    Jim Bob is a great name already, then you add Cooter to it and you have an all-timer. Well done, Lions.
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    Last big week of marathon training in the books! Monday: OFF Tuesday: 4.1 @ 9:17 (148) in the AM & 6.2 on the trails @ 9:19 (150) Wednesday: 11.43 with 6 x 1200 @ 7:46 (165) Kept most the 1200's around 6 minute pace, which is quite a win coming off my half marathon. Thursday: 14.13 @ 8:12 (159) Friday: 8.15 with 8 x 100 @ 8:17 (154) Saturday: 5.04 @ 8:57 (144) Sunday: 20.1 @ 7:49 (162) Only took one break at the midway point to fill my water bottle this week and practiced taking my nutrition on the move. Legs felt like lead for this run but still managed to finish strong. Ran the last 3 miles as follows: 7:20 (172), 7:10 (175) & 6:54 (177). New weekly PR in mileage with 69.06 miles. LET THE TAPER BEGIN.
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    I've noticed from Strava that you've been racking up the miles. Do you have a race scheduled? I don't recall. I am signed up for the Houston marathon in January. I will also likely run a December half (the big local race) and I may run a 10k next month, although I will be woefully underprepared for it. I am doing a little bit of "faster running" now, after slogging through nothing but slow stuff since my return from the injury. It's not fast to any of you guys, but it is to me. I really think I benefit from longer tempo and MP runs, so I am going to try to get as many in as I can handle the next 8-10 weeks.
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    I would wish for a better death for Glenn, but there's no way he could live through that. even if they were eating the other guy, his head/neck/arms/legs had to have been exposed, and we know that zombies will just start a-chompin' on anything in teeth range. people want Glenn to have a heroic death, but he was being heroic by giving that POS a chance at redemption, which we ALL knew was going to end badly one way or the other. in this world, you don't always get a 21 gun salute for your sendoff...sometimes you get trapped in an alley with 1000 zombies. it just be like that. RIP Glenn. if they do somehow have him live through that, I think it would be the cheesiest thing they've done to date on the show.
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    2nd consecutive 31 mile week. Had 35 scheduled for last week, but I bailed on my recovery 4 yesterday. Felt some weird stuff around my left foot/ankle towards the end of Saturday's long run, so I erred on the side of caution. Everything feels fine now, so we'll see how the lunch run goes. Monday - 5/38:00, started at a sub 8 pace and picked it up for the last mile and a half or so. Tuesday - 3 recovery + lunges, squats, and push up's. Wednesday - 7/49:15, first 5 about 7:15 GAP, finished with 6:45 and a 5:55! Then did a cool down mile. Thursday - 3 recovery + lunges, squats, push up's, and several hours of yard work. Friday - rest. Saturday - 13/1:43, hung around 8 minute pace for the first 8 miles. I wanted to take off sooner, but I kept holding back. I finally started opening things up once I hit a downhill mile 9. The foot/ankle stuff happened during mile 10/11, but it seemed to work itself out so I picked it up. Finished 7:50>7:29>7:39 (GAP 7:21)>7:07>6:54>5:49 (0.1 mile). Sunday - rest.
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    What do you suggest? Maybe using your hands to cushion the landing? Yeah. As somebody who now has some experience with both, my considered judgement is that scraping up your hands is preferable to taking a chunk of flesh out of your chin. Just my .02 though. Even worse was that I did this about 50 feet in front of one of my colleagues and another guy who I see out running all the time. My colleague was kind enough to email me yesterday to gently make fun of me for my misfortune, so there was that. Hopefully he had the courtesy to stop your GPS watch while you were laying motionless.
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    There will be a point in this season where Maggie will go looking for him. She will come across his devoured body and not realize it's him....until she spots the watch her father gave him, which the show purposely reminded the viewer of last night.
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    Guys, I'm going shopping this weekend for a new oven. They have this nice GE Profile on sale, but it's not really that cool looking. There is this other model, I forget the brand, but it has razor-sharp spikes coming out of it in all directions. It looks SO bad ###. And every 30 seconds or so, it shoots cyanide out of these vents on other side. Not a big deal, just need to be careful with it. I'm a pretty responsible oven owner. Oh also it has this mechanism inside that every now and then drops glass in the food you're cooking. But boy, I gotta tell ya, this thing looks AWESOME. Totally worth it. My BIL will come over and be like "woah, rad stove dude." Yeah they both cook stuff I guess, but who is gonna think the GE is cool? So yeah, I'm not going to get the GE. I'm getting the death stove. Because it rules. And because I can. And Murica.
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    On a lighter note.
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    The kid from Mad Men? Hey, I'm back on Frosty's enemies list!
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    because most sites dont let you drop players that already played a game.
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    I think Woodhead had 6pts in a PPR today going into the 4th and finished with 33pts. Love this guy.
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    Well you just did and added absolutely nothing constructive in the process, good work.
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    Jim Bob Cooter to assume play calling duties. Again, no schtick.
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    If those posters are all people in your neighborhood I'd consider moving to a different neighborhood.
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    Jesus, you people take your TV shows seriously.
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    I did like that this burned him. Should've pushed that dude off of the dumpster, imo. Shane would have.
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    Yeah baby, Wolverine is down. NEXT! I hope i can make it with my 8 remaining revives.
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    Great episode. I really hope Glenn isn't dead but if he isn't they better come up with one helluva good explanation for how he survived that.
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    People who claim he is incapable of staying healthy, tend to overlook that he played all 16 games in 2014. Now, while it is true that he unproduced, it was still an injury free season.
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    This is genuinely my biggest concern about the state of this team right now. One of the reasons I was so high on the Kelly hiring was the offensive creativity he brought to the table. He reminded me of a mad scientist at Oregon - always tinkering, tweaking, trying something new - and you could see that same sort of attitude in the Eagles in year 1 of his tenure. That's completely gone now. I thought when he got the GM title and brought in his own guys it'd be back to Mad Scientist mode, but instead it's gone from the most creative offense in the NFL to its least creative. Either it's because NFL HCs and DCs have made adjustments and Chip hasn't figured out how to counter-adjust, or it's because his skill-position guys are so limited that Chip's been forced to dumb the playcalling down almost to high-school levels to get it to work at all. I'm not sure which explanation is more damning.
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    Caldwell reminds me of The Walking Dead on the sideline. Does not say a word the whole game, shows zero emotion. Just stands there looking dumbfounded.
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    Cool. Can we change the thread title to; Jameis Winston - Battle between LOD and Capella for Internet Supremacy
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    Some serious zombie business in here huh? Geez.
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    Hey guys, just a quick tip: if you're out running and you trip and fall, try not to land chin-first on the sidewalk. It doesn't go well. That is all.
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    Might wanna rethink that one Einstein. That dumbazz obviously don't know his Weebles !!!! Weebles wobble but they don't fall down mother####er!!!
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    I drafted Foster, knew there was risk and rolled the dice and lost. It seems strange people would gloat over the loss of a good football player. All players come and go, but to celebrate the end of a player that worked his ### off seems like you should find a different thread to troll.
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    Reseeded my lawn a few weeks ago and it was coming in nicely. Then moles showed up...and now, angry rains. Try again in the spring. We picked a great day to go to the pumpkin patch. And was nice getting soaked again at my sons soccer game. .Wow, the level of dickitude right there literally immeasurable. F### you.
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    It was a joke. Since it would have been just Dion Lewis' 6th career start, being his 3rd-best game would automatically mean it was also his 4th-worst game.
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    I forget if the West coast gets the same October skies... but I love the dusk hours here in NYC during Oct. something about the quality of light and air- everything's just crisp. sunset every night is fantastic. it's cool but not cold yet. love it.
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    Pettine is RB poison.
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    I don't want to live in a world where peppers with eggs is considered wrong. So, I think Abe has to go.