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    Nice win guys. Good luck rest of the way. Your team is moving in a better direction than ours all of a sudden.
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    Another sub-3 for the group? Awesome! Lotta great races going on this fall. Way to go, PBM!!!
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    Installed a new wireless network today. Actually, I had my 15 year old do it. He might be a dickface, but he is pretty good at the nerd stuff. Speaking of nerd stuff, our wi-fi router is called the Netronomicon.
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    2013 Proprietors and PW Abduction Coffee Stout for the fights tonight.
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    I was going to keep waiting on this and living vicariously through this thread, but I saw it on sale for $50 at Costco today and pulled the trigger. Looking forward to some settlement building
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    Revis got burned aplenty facing Watkins, he is not the same lockdown corner we used to know. Still very good but Hopkins will be fine. Try to not overreact, overanalyze and whine. Also remember there are 4 quarters in football. If you want to keep posting here, drop the telling everyone not to whine when they're just posting a legit opinion. If you can't do that and can't be cool to others here, you will not be posting any longer. J
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    Conservatives on Facebook are idiots. Shocker.
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    It's not so much that, as See Obama is #####....yeah Putin! Do you really think Putin is going to defeat ISIS and then pack up his tanks and head for home?Yea our president is reluctant to send off and kill more American boys and then commit more Muslims to jihadist terrorism! What a ####ssssssbag! #### him that sissy! Where's my Miller lite!
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    He's carving up these hacks. You gotta be playing with your Winston doll like he's your #### lover right about now.Why yes, you were hilariously and comically wrong on this guy. Might have to give back that scouting degree you have. Like he was hilariously wrong about Russell Wilson. And hilariously wrong about Cam Newton. There seems to be a common denominator there. Can't quite put my finger on it...
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    Very important that Dogmeat has a bandanna on and Codsworth sports a bowler hat.
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    For TRE
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    O noes you guys!!! Winston only threw 29 times! CSTU's point still stands. Game manager.
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    Who are you talking about? I'm talking about the guy who thinks it's a good idea to start the backup (Lacy) instead of the starter (Starks).
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    I hope you are right. RB is my biggest weakness right now. I need Eddie to be the guy I drafted 4th overall. Still, can't roll him out until he gives me reason to.
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    I'm watching it with a Broncos meetup group. Whenever Cutler throws an incompletion, they do the "IN-COM-PLETE" chant. So ####### embarrassing.
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    The irony here is Snickers is an Otis alias.
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    Here are the teams I have zero interest in seeing Color Rush uniforms for: Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Saint Louis Rams San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins
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    Real team player. yeah, that's a bigger deal than not making the trip imo. Why don't you go actually read what Manning said, instead of listening to a reporter in Boston of all places.
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    Cotto made a great business decision in not paying that extortion...lost the belt anyway...why pay that nonsense.
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    How can she possibly understand this subject and then claim she has no clue about servers? She is so full of ####. You mean like with a cloth?
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    The one time you are kind of rooting for the clown college....
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    Just imagine what a comfortable cushion they'd have at the top if they had hired Preki.
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    Nothing to be smug and self righteous about. As with Twitter, there is no requirement that you participate or enter into discussions with people. You can just silently observe and discover that people like Grandpa Rox and jamesbrownkid actually do exist in the real world and rather frighteningly, may be some of your relatives or acquaintances. I generally just lurk and rarely engage my far right relatives outside of providing them a link to snopes to debunk some of their more outrageous claims about Obama, Muslims or Hispanic immigrants. Have they started countering with the far right answer to snopes that it is a "liberal plot to discredit all things they believe in" and shouldn't be trusted, despite that snopes generally posts their sources for their "ruling". No, not yet, although I have been waiting for that. Years ago I would occasionally try to set things straight for the denizens of Townhall with a Snopes link and quite often the response was "Snopes? You believe that? !" So far, on FB they have just have ignored my attempts to correct the record.
  33. 1 point I heard Rancid on the radio this weekend for the first time in a long time. Forgot how much I love them. I thought you would like to know since you're like, the music expert, and stuff.
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    How can she possibly understand this subject and then claim she has no clue about servers? She is so full of ####.
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    That treehouse is effing sweet. May have to start building
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    Deshone Kizer looks like he's one for the future
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    I admit I am a fan of the GOP narrative that Put in is out playing Obama in some game of chess. Meanwhile:: The Russian economy is in shambles. Russia jails are filled with political prisoners. Russia was unable to defeat Ukraine militarily or politically. Most former Soviet States are clamoring to be full NATO members. Russia s committing forces to the next great military quagmire. Russia continues to experience a brain drain. It took British investigators to announce that the Russian plane over Egypt was due to a bomb. But yeah Putin is playing some masterful chess game.
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    Big fan of Corralejo
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    The USFL really did not have outrageous uniforms. Some nitwit made a USFL uniform joke and people who are not familiar with the USFL jumped on the bandwagon. If you want to make a comparison, then use college football or the Arena league.
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    As long as Lovie is in Tampa he'll be held back from putting up eye popping fantasy stats. The best way for Winston to be successful is as a game manager like Russell Wilson. The trouble from him comes when you make him throw a lot. He's 1-4 with 5 TD's and 9 INT's when he has thrown 30+ passes. He's 3-1 with 5 TD's and 0 INT's when he's thrown less than 30.
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    I know refugees that have escaped the horrors of war. If you haven't gone through it, you have absolutely no idea the level of fear and real loss these people have experienced (talking enire families being massacred, not just losing your iphone). I'm not turning my back on these people.
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    Ballast Pt. had announced an IPO of (I think) about 30% of the company in Oct., but confirmed yesterday an acquisition by Constellation Brands at $1bln with valuation multiples in the "mid to high teens." This industry is absolutely crazy right now. Surely, Ocelot is next in line. I was in Madison yesterday and ended up at Ale Asylum with some old friends. They are doing some great things at that brewery.
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    Osweiler is a free agent after the year, not sure "salivating" is the right word. No guarantees he'll be the Denver starter, or anyone else's for that matter. Especially with so little game experience. Drooling puddles. With DT, Sanders, Vernon Davis, Latimer - all Osweiler has to be is competent and he's a top 10 candidate. And we got him virtually free. I picked him up during final cuts for a $1 FAAB min bid. He might not turn out to be competent, that remains to be seen, but this is a potential windfall. I guess if you had Manning and he was your emergency handcuff that's not so exciting, but those that sat on him hoping for something are pretty darn stoked right about now.
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    Look at when he was primary back and he is over 4.0 and those first two games he was still getting healthy. So while you can say count everything you need to remember that things have changed and freeman is now fully healthy.What's the excuse for last year? Different coaches and systems. Rookie season learning the game. So last year it was that he was a rookie learning the game and the coaches/system stunk, and the 1st two weeks of this year it was that he was injured, and then magically everything that has been holding him back was lifted and the last two weeks is what he's always been? I'm guessing the drafting of Coleman with a higher pick than they used on him was just for depth, right? Also, if a rookie learning the game is a major hindrance, doesn't that mean that Coleman should also improve dramatically in the future? He's played well the last two weeks, but his track record overall hasn't been good, and IMO most of the last two weeks is due to the play of the O-line. Look dont own him if you dont want but these are legitimate reasons (not even excuses) as to why he would under perform. I dont think anyone expects him to stay on this pace but at this point he is solidly entrenched as a 1RB the rest of the year likely. Having a mediocre first year as a backup does not relegate you to the cellar for the rest of your career, just as having a first year that is successful could mean you are Trent Richardson. Things change, including opportunity, players around you, work ethic, and simple luck. By the way in case you didn't see it there have been 16 players with back to back 30 point games since 2000: Brian Westbrook 2008Clinton Portis 2003DeAngelo Williams 2008Deuce McAllister 2003LaDainian Tomlinson 2003, 2006Larry Johnson 2005Le'Veon Bell 2014Marshall Faulk* 2000, 2001Mike Anderson 2000Priest Holmes 2003. 2004Ricky Williams 2000, 2002Steven Jackson 2006Let me know if you think any of these guys were fantasy busts during those seasons? Also take a look a Le'Veon Bell as a Rookie (NO I AM NOT SAYING FREEMAN WILL BE BELL FOR SURE): 2013 - 244 for 860 (3.5) and 8TDs w/ 45 receptions for 399 and 0TDs The Steelers even brought in another RB who performed pretty well the year prior in Blount and were paying him more than Bell going in to the season, although Bell was still projected to be the #1. At this point Coleman will likely eat in to some of the touches for Freeman but if he keeps producing there is no way they can pull him from the field. not that it matters much, but if i were you, i would reconsider where or how you gather your data. you are missing bryce brown for certain. his rookie year, replacing injured mccoy, he put up 189 total yards and 2 tds, followed by 183 and 2 tds, He fumbled twice in the first game and once in the 2nd game, which is probably why he is just under 30 in each one. (18 + 12 - 4 or 2)
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    The same way we justify being drunk around our kids!I don't have kids but I have been around kids when I am stoned. The kids seemed to prefer me to the drunk adults. Drunks can be capricious and hard to understand. Even stoned I am still me. I made sure dinner happened at a decent hour. I wasn't angry for no good reason or act crude around them. Not so much the drinkers all the time.