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    Finished my 5K in 18:22. Not my best (PR 18:08) but second best of the four 5K I ran this year (others 18:28 and 18:25). Good for 66/6909 and 2/312 in AG. Strava data here. Overall, I'm pleased with the result. It's hard for me to transition from a marathon to 5Ks not only physically but mentally. 5Ks will be a focus for me this spring so this is a nice starting point to hopefully training to be in the 17s next year. Mama Juxt finished in 36:46. 3rd of 35 in her age group! I watched her finish and it was nice to see her ear-to-ear grin and her raising her arms at the finish line. She was afraid of failing and took it a bit slower than she had been training (understandable for a first timer) and said she felt perfectly fine afterwards. I'm happy for her, of course, and subdued the coach in me who was thinking she should save that ####-eating grin next time and go to near puke in the future! Anyway, I think she has good genes for this running hobby and she has some potential if she wants to keep this up!
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    No, it was a very nice gathering. Funny story: We also use Thanksgiving to draw names for Xmas gift exchange. My older son was sitting on the couch not paying to what was going on. My wife goes over to him and holds out a small basket with the slips of paper to draw from. Kid: what's this? Wife: you have to pick a name. Kid: oh, I want to be called "Denzel".
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    I finally went to the eye doctor this year and just got myself my first pair of glasses and it took my tv from SD to 4K for only 200 bucks
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    Bananas =Bobbled And Norman AND Norman And ####
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    Congrats on the new PR, Duck! I ran a 10k as well today. Promised myself I wasn't going to run too hard today as I'm only 12 days removed from my marathon but me being me, I went hard anyway. Ran a 39:42 which was good enough to for 3/94 in my age group. Course was a bit long, so I averaged a 6:19 and a 195 HR.
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    He looks exactly like Cutty from the Wire. Cutty Rawls
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    Learned from my Mom that when she took my grandfather to see the lawyer to get the behemoth off of gramps' will, the lawyer (my cousin) was very patient and kind, and after my gramps signed everything the lawyer asked if he understood everything, had any questions or needed anything else. My grandpa said, "No, I understand everything. Can I keep the pen?"
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    "Successful" 10K for this fat ultrarunner, chip time of 52:04, 121 of 396 and 5th of 17 M40-44. New PR (only have run one other, and it was 55 and change). I threw on the HRM for the first time in months so I could use the pace/HR data for some workouts the next 8 weeks: 8:52/152 8:14/162 8:23/161 8:35/157 8:44/163 7:51/167 7:13/176 last .2 Pretty crowded early so it took me a couple of minutes to be able to get to the pace I wanted. The race had some nice little rolling hills, which was good for me to be able to mix up pace/stride just a little throughout. In looking at my paces and HR I'm thinking I probably could have pushed a little more throughout, and probably could have picked it up before the final mile as well. But considering I had no idea what to expect or how to pace this thing, I'm pretty happy with how it went. Hope you all have some great runs, family time, drinks, and grub on this Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all the great motivation and advice that this thread has provided over the years!
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    Someone is a bitter Bradford Owner. This is far from a gimmicky offense. And he's not going anywhere. You might want to worry about your own putrid team. Been a long time since they weren't a joke. And speaking of offenses, the Raiders' seems to have dried up recently. In other words, the Eagles are the least of your worries. You seem upset.
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    You know, I've never actually participated in Black Friday. On the other hand, I hear that the morbidly obese have trouble with memory so I understand why you wouldn't recall that fact.Even truer today than it was two years ago.
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    Happy Thanksgiving! A smooth 16 miles on a track in Grand Rapids this a.m.
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    I can understand Barb being devastated because it is really difficult for a crazy white girl to find a black dude to knock them up
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    How is VA703 supposed to jerk it to that? Sheesh...
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    Not sure if this was mentioned in here or not...did anyone else notice in the Detroit game when the Lions were going in for their last TD and McCarthy would not take a timeout? I think there was like 3 minutes left and they showed Rodgers on the sideline making the timeout sign and then shaking his head. Looked to me like he was pissed and fed up with the coaching for not taking a timeout in that spot. I wonder if something is going on there, is there more to it? Maybe Rodgers and McCarthy are not getting along. Maybe Mike has spent too much time there. I could be making this more than it is, but it may help explain some things that have been going on with this team.
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    Early returns
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    You've really got your finger on the pulse of this situation.
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    Signed up for Sling TV and they offer a $50 coupon off of Fire TV if you pre-pay the 1st 3 months of service ... with the price reduced down to $75, you can get Fire TV for $25! Passing along for others that might be ready to take the plunge.
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    I agree. Datone might be decent but leaving Hopkins on the board is like ...damn man. And he rated right there...he went right after Jones. You can't miss guys like him.
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    I'm ready to purchase a ps4 Battlefront bundle for $299. Any shot it comes down?
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    Great work guys, looks like Juxt has good genes. I am not surprised your mom likes training at race pace or faster, sounds like someone around here.
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    I just hope Corbin enjoyed his Turkey Day dinner with many more to come.
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    Oh how're gonna start up with this again. Can't wait for your buddy Cobalt to come in and put the little 'tm' tag on it. Why is Romo's career suddenly done? Guy took a couple of bad hits and gets hurt. Not a whole lot to do about that. Take any elite QB away for the year and see how many teams make the playoffs. There was serious playoff run talk at the beginning of this year. Why would next year be any different? This team is built to win now. 2015 was stolen from us, but this talk of Romo retiring and rebuilding is just ridiculous. If anything, the pressure's off now. Winning out the year, even with Romo was always a pretty tall order. Now we know that's not gonna happen and can focus on next year. Sucks to say that on Thanksgiving, but that's the way it is.
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    Great job all! Love the negative splits duck
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    Another drop that hit him right in the hands ... Adams not in on next series for Pack. See the bench kid.
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    Bump One of my favorite holidays traditions is seeing these videos of people fighting over mixers. Please post.
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    Go momma Juxt! That's so awesome to place in her first race. Nice work to you as well, juxt.
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    It ended up being my favorite weapon in the game as well but I wish the ammo was more common. Mine was up to 203 damage per shot at the end without using any offensive perks so I can only imagine if you dumped points there as well.
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    wow that was fast! Did you do multiple play throughs or use the save and reload trick for the factions? 1 save with multiple faction splits. The game will warn you before you go too far and upset a faction permanently.
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    Also dropped him for Hoyer and starting Hoyer over Eli this week.
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    A few weeks ago I had to explain to my wife why the Cooter part was funny
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    If expired gas and helium balloons are complaints then the insulin carrying diabetic is really jumping the shark. Since its been almost two years since the outbreak all the even perfectly temperature controlled insulin would have expired. Forget about trying to carry it around in a lunch box cooler in a world where ice is presumably rare. In reality insulin would have been horded early on with 90% of the diabetics dieing within the first year.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all here and their families. Had a wonderful 5 miler this morning in 62 degree weather, with a light rain falling toward the end. I'm thankful for all the help you guys have given over the last couple of years. Much appreciated.
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    I have a 52.5" six year old boy that weighs 1,232 ounces.
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    All of your memories are of games they win? Are you sure you're a Lions fan? ? My memory is '80 or '81. Lions-Bears go to overtime. As soon as regulation ends, we quickly pile in the car and make the 5-minute drive to our friends for Thanksgiving dinner, figuring we'll watch OT there. We get out of the car and our friends say, "Game's over. Bears took the kickoff back for a TD."
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    They can if you set them up under your account and change the, ea will not allow it. Tons of complaints. If they want to play online they have to play on my account or I need to change their birth dates in xbox and ea.Well looks like I'll be changing some birthdates then, haven't had the displeasure of dealing with EA for this crap.
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    About to crack a bottle. Isn't it wonderful? I split 2 bottles the other week with a friend that likes craft beer, but isn't really a beer junkie like we are. He was blown away. He kept raving about the smell and how much flavor it had. Nelson is such a winner.
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    He needs to start dressing better if he wants my attention.
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    Planning to give my first 100 a go next September, and entry into the WS lottery would likely be in the cards (albeit with low odds) for the following year. I can't imagine the anxiety you're feeling...will be pulling for you!! What's your last name then Duck? Nive, which race? Superior, Bear, RRR, Hallucination, other? I'll get in this thing eventually.....but sure hoping its this year. (And it's Grove). Planning the Superior 100, assuming I get in when it opens in March. Did the Superior 50 in 2014, and just can't get enough of the Superior Hiking Trail. Well 14% odds...I like it. I'm feeling a ticket pulled for you. I'll be tuning in come Saturday. Good luck! Superior is a lottery as well? Wow, the "States Effect" hits so many of the qualifying races now it's starting to get ridiculous. That's why I already registered for a qualifying 100K that didn't have a lottery, and thank god I did as it sold out yesterday. I just got my email validating my 2016 qualifier and confirming my four tickets. The lottery is next Saturday, the 5th, at 8:30 AM PT. You can follow it live here.
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    Charles Haley, Lawrence Taylor, Warren Sapp and Randy White were all crazy POS and seemed to win just fine. Randy White may have been crazy, but what did I miss that would lump him in with those degenerates?Worst thing I can remember is him driving his pickup truck through the picket lines to play with the scrubs during the strike. Grandpa was police officer in Virginia area and there were many a stories of Randy White clearing out bars in DC area throwing chairs bottles etc. plus from what I've read he was a pretty intense locker room character. Only 35 so he was before my time. I'm only a bit older, just enough to remember the '85 strike, ha. I wouldn't doubt the stories, seems to fit his intense personality, on and off the field. Sometimes that's what it takes to be a great player, but that's not the same as hitting a woman (or worse).The time to be all indignant about the Greg Hardy signing was last summer, not the Monday night game versus the Eagles. I heard none of this kind of talk back then.
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    How do we pay for everyone to go to school for free?The same way we pay for free healthcare and free Teslas. Tax the 1%. That mentality is ridiculous. She is so clueless and so many kids her age believe this crap. I saw that this morning. Was coming in here to post the clip. I honeslty couldnt make it thru but about 3 minutes of that video. The last few minutes are even better. She gets completely owned.a news anchor was able to trip up a teenager on his TV show. sick burn. Fair point. Teenagers are dumb. And so is her "movement". She wanted to be on the show. I think Cavuto felt a little sorry for how stupid she sounded because he could have really hammered her.
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    The offense can score enough to win game. Until the can get some stops on defense this team is going nowhere. Right now Jeff Backus is running on fumes so the left tackle spot needs to be adressed as well. Backus is doing decent job but he is aging in dog years right now. Delmas gets hurt on every tackle he makes and really can`t be counted on anymore so the Lions need a SS to go with a couple of corners..oh and I forgot..throw a couple of LBs who can stop the run on that wish list as well.
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    Odd. Leshoure will be back and Smith is still healthy. Neither are as good as Smith and chances are that Leshoure, unless he's not at all healthy, is better than both as well. This may speak to Leshoure's lack of health.Unless they are cutting ties with Best, always a possible with medical situations. Bottom line is that Mayhew has made some questionable Millen type early rd picks the last couple of years. Best was an injury concern coming out of college, RBs like LeShoure are a dime a dozen, Ryan Broyles is coming off a torn ACL. Other than the D line the defense is very suspect and lacks talent and it showed against the 49ers. Yet Mahew continues to draft RBs and WRS early.
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    It is looking more and more like Bests career may be over. If he is not better after 10 months not sure he ever will be better. Plus all the insurance lawsuits going on does not help. Best provided a spark but too many head injuries did him in. Still think Best never fully recovered from head bounce at Cal.