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    So the plan was to start running this morning. Had my clothes/shoes set out, downloaded my apps, went to bed early. I had everything ready. My daughter stumbles into our room crying around 2am covered in puke. Not a fun cleanup, some hit the floor but most hit the walls on the way from her room to ours. Son is also sick in the morning. That's ok, I'll go in the afternoon. Work goes late, everyone is sick, it gets later and later. Finally with about 45m left of daylight I storm out of the house "I'm going running." I made a commitment to myself so I'm running! On the 3 minute drive to the park it starts raining. That's ok, rain wont kill me. Finally get there, grab my phone, get ready to go..... phone is dead. No couch to 5k program, no timing anything, no music. It's like the universe is trying to stop me No matter, I went anyway. I just counted in my head. 300 seconds of walking, then 60s jobbing/90s walking about a half dozen times, then 300 more seconds of walking. I think that's what the app was going to have me do. I don't know if I was counting too fast or too slow but it felt like it was slow. I kept thinking to myself "That's a minute, a true minute, as I live beneath the Beam" (any Dark Tower fans)? The loops is 1.5miles and when I finished jogging/running I was probably done 2/3 of it, so about a mile. I walked the rest back to the car. A couple of observations. These shoes are awesome. I couldn't believe how good my knees/feet felt afterwards. Shoes seriously make a huge difference, I can't believe how big a difference. I was kind of thrown off a bit by my rough start but to be honest it may have been a blessing in disguise. No phone app, no music, nothing to distract me. It was interesting but I think it helped me pay more attention to my body. How I felt, how quick I should run so I wasn't wheezing by the end of the minute, how my legs felt depending on where I tried landing on my foot. I'm going to use the C25k app for timing but I think i'm going to run without music for a while. I tried landing on the middle to front of my foot. I read it was better for knees instead of landing near my heel. It was pretty comfortable, I think I'm going to keep trying to do this. On one hand I couldn't believe how shockingly out of shape I am and it was somewhat depressing. On the other hand I couldn't believe how shockingly out of shape I am and it really pissed me off and motivated me. It feels pathetic not to be able to simply run a mile but it felt SO DAMN GOOD to be outside running at all. If I can keep myself healthy and build up some strength and stamina I could see myself really loving this. Until then, I know for sure that if the zombie apocalypse comes and I run out of ammo, I'm doomed. I really appreciate the encouragement in the other thread and I'm sorry if I've gone on a little long. Just a lot of stuff running around in my head after today and wanted to get some of it out. If anyone reads anything that seems off or alarming about how I'm running, please let me know. Thanks.
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    I'll edit in details later. SWIM DETAILS | Division Rank: 49 Total 1.2 mi 30:46 1:35/100m 49 399 Felt pretty good here, didn't push overly hard but kept a solid pace throughout. BIKE DETAILS | Division Rank: 220 29.9 mi 2:03:41 14.50 mi/h 56 mi 1:22:42 18.94 mi/h Total 56 mi 3:26:23 16.28 mi/h My active time was 2:41:38, at 20.9mph. Flat tire at mile 16, a broken pump, a borrowed co2 which I let bust my spare tube (so had to change the tire twice) almost led to a dnf. The thought of quitting was strong. But I did not. Another rider let me have his spare tube and then the motorcycle repair guy (don't know his real title) squared me away and off I went. This meant I was now 45 minutes back and behind a lot of slow riders. At dinner the night before, 3k commented about a rider doing this race with a fat tire bike (pretty much a mountain bike), whom I was now behind. Being behind people new to the sport was unique, many of these people don't understand or follow the rules of staying to the right, don't ride straight when getting something to eat, riding double across the lane, and are just inexperienced. To add to this, there are cars on the route who thankfully were cautious with these riders but that meant blocking the road for anyone riding faster than the pack in front. I made up some time but this grew frustrating. At the same time it was good to see the less fit athletes getting through the race and they were having fun doing so. My mentality went from trying for a pr to just enjoying the event. RUN DETAILS | Division Rank: 178 0.8 mi 8:13/mi 3 mi 8:32/mi 5.8 mi 9:38/mi 8.8 mi 9:09/mi 11.6 mi 11:18/mi 13.1 mi 8:49/mi Total 13.10 mi 2:04:41 9:31/mi I knew before the race that the run could be rough. Thankfully my leg held up but my stride was cut short. This was consistent with the few runs I did last week. The leg didn't give me problems until mile 5. Even then it was manageable if I didn't lengthen my stride. I just wasn't going to be fast. Transition Details T1: Swim-to-bike 7:01 (really slow, this included the climb up the ramp which I didn't push) T2: Bike-to-run 3:35 Afterwards I hit the massage tent, where 10 girls and 2 guys were helping us recover. My turn was up, an older woman (close to my age) was teaching a younger girl how to give a proper massage. The older one knew exactly where to hit, nothing quite like having her massage my piriformis and telling the girl to not be shy and get in there. The older one liked my bald head and gave a good scalp massage, again telling the girl how bald guys are awesome and how we enjoy getting our heads massaged. Overall it was a good experience, but I'm enjoying this week of rest. I'll probably hit the pool for a light workout later today but nothing hard until next week.
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    All these nobles getting pancake #### pushed in their face when boobs like the Sansa lookalike are just out there everywhere. That's the truth that King Robert knew, that's the truth that King Robert died for. Never will the world see his equal.
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    She is a symptom of a sick system. Voting for her is voting for all that's wrong in that system. I will mo longer hold my nose and vote the lesser evil. Doing so is part.of what got us here. Nothing will ever change if we keep doing the same thing. Using the same broken philosophy and system. I'm done with it. You earn my vote by what you do for the people and things I care about. And Hillary has done very little. What she has done has been so minor and incremental as to be nearly meaningless and she is always wrong for a while first. Plus its usually counterbalanced by stuff she did that hurt them. She hasn't earned my vote.
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    Bernie won a big concession and is having a good run with the DNC. He got to pick 5 of the 11 members of the platform committee. My understanding is this is fairly uncommon and should be considered a nice win. The biggest names he picked are Dr.Cornell West and Congressman Keith Ellison. This means a much less third way platform. Rumors are they are also going to embrace the 15 an hour minimum wage and advocate for a less biased approach to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. That's a nice set of wins for Bernie. It also tracks closely what I suggested the party do to bring in Bernie voters. Make no brainer moves that the base supports that really don't cost you much. AIPAC may get mad but your base isn't really into them anyway. I think there are still a couple of things they need to do but this is nice progress.
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    Your masochist side is showing.
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    man, this was me on day 1 utterly devastated with how out of shape i had let myself get... but determined to let that day be my nadir. and the feeling of being outside in the warm sun, alone with some quiet, doing something solely for myself to prove i could do it. that's all it took. i got hooked on self improvement. there are a lot of things i love about running (coming from a guy who had only run when forced up until about 31/32) but the thing i love most is it's completely up to you. it's on you to get out there, to improve, to fight the fight when the weather sucks or you don't feel up to it. and it's up to you to run the race and finish it. other people don't give a #### if you're fast/slow/fat/ugly/look like a rockstar.... but they're going to be super friendly and motivational if they see you struggling and think you need it.
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    Or do it with a montage. Just rapid-fire clips of Sam flipping through books (MONTAGE!) and writing things down (MONTAGE!) and failing at alchemy (MONTAGE!) and then more reading (MONTAGE!) and more writing (MONTAGE!) and then slightly more success at alchemy (MONTAGE!) and then a handy from Gilly (MONTAGE!) and then more reading (MONTAGE!) and footage of him finally finding the right formula for dragon glass, where he looks at Gilly and nods knowingly (MONTAGE!)
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    Nice work, @lombardi and congrats on the massage, @FUBAR! So this morning, I wake up to a text from my buddy with a clipping from the VA Pilot with the weekend's race results. Much to my dismay they printed my 5K time as 27:51 instead of 17:51(short course as I mentioned before)! So my question is, can I sue them for libel?
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    "So who agrees with you?" "Well, its just me and uh, Woz." "You're screwed."
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    Speaking of 5K's, I'm going to try to beat my adult PR of 18:18 sometime in June. The suck index watch has arrived though. Despite temps of 86 now just a 141 SI, but the humidity is set to climb each day from now (46%) until Monday (76% ). Trying to plot out when to do this 5K should be an added challenge as I really only have one shot, don't want to try it too far into marathon training...
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    The rules of the magic system GRRM wrote. You write your world to work a certain way, and if something happens that goes against that, it makes readers/viewers start to question things. You expect Targareans to be immune to fire, you expect Melisandre to be able to do weird #### like summon baby smoke demons, and we expected Bran to be able to warg and view past events. Now suddenly it looks like he might be able to change or influence past events. That's potentially a huge increase in what we thought Bran was capable of. Many articles have been written about magic systems in fantasy/sci-fi needing to follow certain rules. Here's one.
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    I was raised in a trailer when I was younger. I had heated frozen fish sticks and mushroom soup as a kid every night. But my parents instilled upon me the best morals and values you could ever imagine. My father, god rest his soul, took two jobs to make ends meet and would later put three of us kids through college. It all begins at home. Everything I have today is due to my father. He did whoop our ### when we ####ed up though but I love him for that. We grew up in a white "ghetto" but we turned out just fine. I did stupid things too as a kid but I only messed up once every time because I had good parents.
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    things I am willing to believe -dragons -two bros sitting in a tree and whipping around to the past to see stuff -a woman who ####s out a ghost and then ages 80 years by taking off a bracelet -a guy coming back from the dead by the hands of the aforementioned witch chick who #### out a ghost -some guy gradually getting a stone arm -humans who can allegedly control wolves or something -faceless people -seriously, dragons. Good with the dragons things I am unwilling to believe -that tree guy maybe doing something (but probably not) that affected an event in the past
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    Update: Both babies are doing great. Still sleeping like champions and they're now at the awesome stage where they recognize each other and my wife and me so the level of attachment we have with them is growing. Basically I'd be willing to lie down in traffic for either of them. Our foster son has been with us over six months now and I couldn't imagine feeling a much stronger bond with my own biological child. He's pretty much the coolest human on the planet in my opinion. His parents are doing good but not great so it still appears about 50/50 whether he will stay with us forever. Our foster daughter has now been with us over two months. I think we were initially guarded because we didn't anticipate having her too long -- without getting into legal specifics basically one of her parents probably could have gotten her back by doing "x" but hasn't done so to this point. But, it's actually looking relatively likely that we may be able to adopt her at some point. Realistically speaking for both children, while it's possible that things could change any moment, we're probably at least a couple of months away from knowing anything specific on either case. That said, my wife and I couldn't be happier. She's taking them to Disneyland for the first time this weekend with her sister and her kids and their mom (which means my brother in law and I get to golf and drink beer all weekend!) and I haven't seen her this happy ever except for maybe around our engagement and wedding. I have to admit, obviously we need to work towards them being reunified with their biological parents, but it's going to hurt big time if that happens. As much as we have been trying to resist the urge to become too attached, it's getting much tougher to prevent ourselves from thinking that we are absolutely the best choice for these children and that, should they be returned to their biological parents, their little lives won't be quite as fulfilling. We've given them everything we could and the thoughts of potential lesser care in the hands of somebody else causes us to worry about them and that happening. And since such an issue isn't the standard for reunification, there's not much we could do about it. It's very possible the day could come that the child we cared for as our own for many months could be taken from our home and we would never see him again or get any sort of update.
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    180 days away. Staying at Bay Lake Tower for convenience purposes. (8 year old and 8 month old baby). Rented DVC points through David's. Just booked the following meals for our week. Overall, pretty happy about it. Last time we went was when 8 year old was 5, and we stayed at Wilderness Lodge. We have 5 day Park Hopper passes. Wife is taking son to Universal on Thanksgiving Day while I stay in the villa with the baby and watch football. We plan on doing breakfast in the room each day except the day we leave. Always open to advice/criticism/questions. Arrival Night Hoop de Do Review (5 year old loved it last time, wife is also a big fan) First Full Day: Quick Service for lunch California Grill for dinner 2nd Day Coral Reef lunch Chef Mickey's Dinner 3rd Day Sci-Fi Diner lunch Whispering Canyon Café Dinner 4th Day wife/son at Universal all day Ohana for dinner 5th day Tusker House lunch Fantastmic Dining package; Hollywood&Vine Dinner 6th Day quick service lunch Le Cellier dinner 7th Day-leaving Chef Mickey's for breakfast
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    More solar, more wind, more hydrogen, more batteries. And fossil fuels
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    Assuming non-terrible weather and continued good health, I'm sure you'll break 18 this time. Heck, if I recall correctly, you ran your first mile of your half marathon at 5K pace!
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    for one of my mind occupying projects i would make punjee stick traps and tiger pit traps just in case pirates attacked then it would be the old swcer sittin up high on wicker furniture swiss family robinson style sayin what now pirates take that to the bank bromigos
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    Bran didn't actually "do" anything. He didn't wake up and say "Hey! I think I'll go back and affect a past event". I don't think he can do that. He had no control over what was happening. This seemed to me like an extraordinary confluence of events (him warging into Hodor AND being in both the past and present AND in the presence of strong magic - not just his own, but also in all those around him - AND being in an extremely stressful situation) that was pre-destined. I don't think he can make a decision to go back and stop the White Walkers from being created, or be his own grandfather, or teach "Johnny B Goode" to Chuck Berry. On the Sansa prophecy, in a sense she's already fulfilled it (in the books). Remember the snow castle she built in the Eyrie and her run-in with Robert Arryn? I think one of the things Martin does with prophecy is that it's fluid and can be fulfilled in multiple ways, depending on who's looking and when.
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    I'm a pretty successful guy Walking Boot. I don't brag about it, but let's just say I do all right.
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    Before getting dogmatic about this, let's at least see how much the Chinese are willing to pay for it...
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    The believability discussion in here is AMAZING. Good work guys.
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    Yes, that is an oversimplification, and likely also a mischaracterization. People aren't arguing that environment doesn't have a large influence on your life. Most people are arguing that they're not responsible for that environment, and environment should not exonerate you from all responsibility to act within acceptable societal norms because we all have free will.
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    Updates: I graduated on Friday! BAR Studying time started today. I also need to sit for the Patent bar with only three weeks of studying RIGHT after. Also, I was just extended an offer at one of our three local IP firms, so that's some pressure off of me. It also provides extra incentive to perform, and not slack off during the next two and a half months of hell.
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    This is one of those posts that I know I should bother with: Time is a flat circle /Wooderson. Bran didn't actually change time as Hodor was Hodor'd right from the start. Anything that has happened to the point we have witnessed happened because Bran did or did not change time in the past. They can't suddenly make Ned be alive or some garbage because that would have already been the reality we witnessed. Second, he didn't just fry Hodor's brain - he gave it a singular purpose meant for that moment far in his future. In an episode where so many people sacrifice their lives for Bran to live, Hodor's is the ultimate, because it literally was his entire life that was sacrificed, not just his death. It's pretty powerful stuff and pretty brilliant by Martin.
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    I have to admit I hated it at first I thought he was trying too hard but maybe in reality I was thinking too much about who was behind it rather than just enjoying it and it's really grown on me and I'd have to say that now I'm a convert and rate it a solid 10 and you can take that to the bank brochacho.
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    If it's any consolation, I think I've moved out of the hold my nose and vote for HRC camp and into the Jill Stein camp (assuming Sanders doesn't make the ballot).
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    It means he treated bar prep like summer camp, so he doesn't use the word "exclude" where he's supposed to.
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    @Ned I have to agree with the masses, nothing fun about 5Ks if you're out there to PR, which I think is always the case with this group. The pain is relatively short lived but man do they hurt like nothing else. Nothing fun about racing any distance actually. Remind me again why we do this?
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    So they make a huge deal out of all the Baratheons having Black hair and we think Jon is the badtard son of some platinum blonde Targayan sissy and his ginger mother?
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    Mourinho's transfer wish list for ManUtd was apparently leaked online
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    All of those things happen in real life. Especially the crotch smoke.
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    So what "rules" govern Dany's immunity to fire? What about Melisandre's shadow monster? How did the Dragon eggs survive? How do the Faceless Men change their faces? How did Qyburn resurrect Zombie Gregor Clagane? As far as I know neither the show nor the books has never grounded any of its magical elements.
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    Good story & good upbringing. I was spanked HARD, right along with my brothers every week. Can't think of a time where we didn't have it coming. "We all have it coming, kid" (Unforgiven-the movie)
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    Ambrose should be working the amateur circuit
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    Who set the rules though? You? Not trying to be a #### but who cares what you thought was possible. These people are trying to tell a story here.
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    Meh. Why should you do anything different? And why should anyone even care? It is not like they give a prize or a penalty to anyone who reaches that milestone. Maybe they should, but I digress... Seriously, if anyone really has an issue about someone having posted 100,000 times here, I would question what kind of life they have that they would be concerned about it. Just keep doing what you always do. A week after you pass the mark everyone will have forgotten about it and moved on to something new or will continue the same old same old. Saints will still be cut-and-pasting 30 articles a day. Mr. Ham will be ranting and raving about Hillary being indicted. And the two or three resident trolls will continue to stalk you and post emojis and insults because they seemingly have nothing else to do with their time. In other words: Life will go on as usual and we all can start the countdown to 200,000.
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    That's the worst thing I've ever seen. Jay Cutler included.
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    No human contact Nothing that uses electricity Bears and wolves sharing the space No guns 1 pair of boots, 1 t-shirt, 2 pairs of normal underwear, 1 pair of thermal underwear 2 fleece shirts and 1 sweater ...and then 10 optional items, max, from a list: (tarp, hatchet, saw, ax, climbing rope, paracord, sleeping bag, thermal sleeping bag cover, 1 pot, 1 pan, canteen, flint rod, towel, 1 roll of fishing line with 25 hooks (no lures), 1 bow with 6 arrows, gill net, 5lb bag of beef jerky, 5lb bag of gorp, pocket knife, hunting knife, leatherman, sharpening tool, 1 roll of duct tape or electrical tape, 1 carabineer, 1 flashlight, shovel, 1 bar of soap, 1 tube of toothpaste). Again, pick 10 and only 10. No tent. You want to sleep under cover, build it yourself with a saw, the tarp and some of your rope (3 items). You want your sleeping bag to be waterproof, you need the thermal cover (2 items). ...and now live there for up to a year. They're not "roughing it" like a weekend backpacker is roughing it. They're in pretty hard-core survivalism mode.