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    I always smile when this gets bumped. 12 years ago, damn. Still working for the same company, same building as I was when this occurred. I wonder what Clyde is up to these days myself. There's only 1 person still working there other than me who was there when this all went down.
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    1.11 "Tapestry" - Carole King (singer-songwriter album) Someone above posted how "popular" doesn't equal "garbage". Here's Exhibit A. King was already a HOF composer before this record came out and had probably two dozen songs she wrote that'll still be classics 100 years from now. This album, though........ :dropsmic:
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    I think you're confusing "irony" with "poetic justice".
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    Forecast was for pouring rain so went to bed drunk as hell at 3am. Woke to gf in shower at 7:10am. Rain held off? Wat? Jumped up and threw on gear. So dehydrated I can't even piss. Parking at 8am cross start line at 01:25 (not bib start). Rain set in. #### it. First race I've ever run start to finish. Sub 33. I'll take it. Next run sub 30.
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    Good job USA soccer, you killed Muhammad Ali
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    My son "dad what shape are they playing" me "obtuse" him "####"
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    Might want to lineup the audio with the video Fox.
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    Facebook pictures never tell the whole story. You almost never see an "after" shot from a chick standing up and dripping all over another chick's face post-orgy.
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    Gary Lineker ✔@GaryLineker Stay with the Champions @vardy7 don't join the perennial also-rans. … Piers Morgan ✔@piersmorgan @GaryLineker @vardy7 you never reached Vardy's level... Gary Lineker ✔@GaryLineker @piersmorgan @vardy7 thankfully neither of us plummeted to your level.
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    absolutely destroyed physically. haven't had a day off in two weeks...just worked 16 hours yesterday....had two different catering events last night at the same time (which needed a total of 22 chaffing dishes between them) and about to boil 300# of crawfish for a group showing up by noon today. And its hot as hell and I've yet to acclimate for the summer. However I think I will be able to muster the energy to deposit these catering checks, but only because I can do it with my tablet. Best part of today is going to be the delivery of some Gus' Fried Chicken from Memphis. (or possibly seeing my buddy from Memphis....meh....give me chicken!!!)
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    Screw the beer. I'm on to the bourbon.
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    Brooks V Ice: So where to now? Going to find a cool Starbucks for Brooks? Or maybe a Cracker barrel? This is Ice’s way of poking fun at Angie. Ice isn’t a mean person, she’s just a no holds barred ball buster (which doesn’t go over well with a lot of people but I love it). Angie will just sit and take it although I’ve told her more than once to jab back – she never does, it’s just her personality. Angie goes into her shell. I took the Key Bridge over to DC to hit some of the clubs on K Street. I pulled up The Park at Fourteenth, valeted and started to negotiate our way through the crowd outside. It’s packed, Brooks is in awe and that’s what I wanted. While we’re standing outside: Brooks: Is that the National Mall (across the street)? Looks smaller than what I thought Me: No, that’s Franklin park. The National Mall is like 100x bigger. (turn to Angie) Angie, could you set up a tour for Brooks tomorrow? Angie: Sure, I’ll put something together. Ice: Yeah, show her the real mall this time. Angie is not fazed by Ice’s comments, I don’t think, she just ignores them. She’s so utilitarian and just goes into the ‘okay this is what I have to do’ mode – that’s her gift and why she’s great at what she does but it also makes her ‘shrink’ around other people. While we’re standing outside to get in, there’s a group of guys arguing with the bouncer not letting him in because they’re wearing jeans and sneakers. We walk up, I’m wearing jeans and sneakers, they let us in and they loudest guy starts freaking out, “HE’S WEARING JEANS AND SNEAKERS TOO!!!” The Park at Fourteenth has a ‘whatever we say goes’ kinda policy about the dress code. Jeans and sneakers works, if it looks sharp and well put together. Also, they might turn someone away just for acting like a jackass even if they look good; or if too many dudes are showing up. I’ve made the mistake of showing up there alone to meet up with girls and couldn’t get in – I had to call them to come outside and tell the bouncer if he doesn’t come in we’re all leaving (then of course they let me in). So now when I go, look sharp and bring girls. Anyway, we get in, it’s packed of course. Brooks is taking pictures/videos of everything; Brooks is in complete trying to spot stars mode and recognizes some NBA player that use to play for the Spurs then some talk show person. I don’t think I could pick out someone that plays for the Spurs now let alone a chick talk show personality. It’s really white-noise to me when I go there; I’m not good at putting names to famous faces – for instance, I stood next to John Wall near the DJ booth one night while out with Druggie and didn’t know who he was until someone else made the connection for me We get drinks mingle and have a good time. Brooks and Angie kept each other company while Ice paraded me around to catch up with other people she knew there. After a few hours there, I couldn’t find Angie and Brooks so I text Angie: Text message: Me: Angie, you two still here? Angie: Yes, I can see you Me: Okay, you drinking? Angie: No, I figured I’d be the DD later Me: You’re awesome, how’s Brooks? Angie: She’s having a great time Me: Let’s all meet at (area of the club) Ice is absolutely wasted by now, we all meet back up and so is Brooks. Angie looks fine and I’m maintaining but not enough to feel comfortable driving. We get back to my car, Angie is driving, I’m shotgun and Brooks and Ice are in the back seat. While we’re driving, Angie starts talking about the tour options she found for Brooks, I’m agreeing out loud as if the four of us are in a conversation then get the eyeroll from Angie looking back – Ice and Brooks are going at it, let taking clothes off and Brooks in going down on Ice while we’re driving down Constitution Ave. Jeez. We get to my place, Angie asks if she can take my car home instead of catching an Uber this late because she needs to be at the house in the morning for Daughter since Wife had some breakfast benefit to attend. I said of course. Brooks, Ice and I head up to my place; the two of them keep going at it – I feel like I’m getting cuckold in my own living room. I pour a drink then sit on the other side of the couch. No way do I jump in this thing when Ice is involved without an invitation. Then after a while, they’re in the 69 with Ice on top and Ice demands that I bang her with my balls in Brooks face – don’t mind if I do. Now I’m banging Ice with Brooks under my balls while they’re still in the 69; this goes on for a good 15 minutes when I notice Ice is starting to cum so I took the opportunity to do the same. I let Ice pulsate on me for a few then gave the final strokes to fill her up. She straightens up, still straddled over Brooks dripping all over her face. I drunk, tired and now that I’ve blown a load, sleepy time for Ronnie. The next day was pretty tame, Ice left some time before Brooks and I got up. Brooks hooked up with Angie to take the tour bus, I declined the trip. Her flight was later that night so I know I wouldn’t see her again because I had plans with my Daughter later that day so we said our goodbyes and I told her Angie would make sure she got to the airport okay. About a week later, Brooks’s Facebook popped up on my timeline and I see tons of pictures about her “Unforgettable trip to DC and what a great time she had with her old friends” tagging Ice, Angie and I in the pictures. I noticed the “likes” from her boyfriend and commenting about how he wished he could have been there. He seems like the right guy. I'm glad they're happy.
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    My 10K this morning was disappointing. As I mentioned, I was hoping to run 6:10 miles but during the third mile, I could tell that was going to be a big problem. Having a 170 HR has always been a huge danger sign for me that I'm about to fall apart. I decided during that third mile to just focus on my heart rate and not the pace. Splits: 6:05/150 6:09/167 6:18/169 6:21/169 6:19/169 6:37/170 1:39 for last .25 on Garmin/171 39:29 unofficially. Official results aren't in so I'm not sure where I placed yet. Weather wasn't great but not terrible either -- 69 with a 58 dew point. I guess a silver lining is I stuck it out with high heart rate instead of giving up. In retrospect, I shouldn't be surprised since this run falls somewhat in line with the tempos I've been doing. I guess I gotta do a little more and work a little harder.
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    I quit reading the ratings at "Bedoya was active"
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    We can still advance but it feels like we just repeat the same thing every 2 or 4 years. We just aren't good enough - somebody has to play the Liverpool role.
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    Why are you ####blocking your mom and sister like that?
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    So is (icon) the new Annyong in this thread? I still can't get my garmin to connect with my computer properly. Garmin tech support has not been much help. I finally gave in and downloaded the garmin connect app on my phone and paired it with my garmin so my runs will be going into Strava properly. I promise I will keep up with everybody there. Five miles this morning, best since December. The suck index will prevent me from overtraining. I have signed up for the Houston Marathon again since I have a legacy entry. This is perhaps the most unrealistically optimistic act I have committed since I hit on that hot local newscaster babe in 1988 at a party. I expect similar results.
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    Once the movie is made, I call dibs on the rights to the Action Figures. Just keeping Ron outfitted with the latest fashions will make me a fortune on the backend, let alone the piles to be made from the new girl of the week figure.
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    Colombia wasn't even all that impressive. That's what is really alarming.
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    Outplayed & not happy about it although I think the handball was BS (not intentional & not an unnatural position IMO). Need 3 points Tuesday in Chicago & I will be there doing my part.
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    Pulisic needs to play every minute of every game
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    Wow Cowherd AND Whitlock together. I feel like if I set my DVR for that it would tell me to #### off and burn itself down.
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    lol at Nagbe being a prospect
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    First game down. Me and my 46 year old mates lost to a group of 18-19 year olds. Only 12-8, so not bad. Scored 4 goals and had 2 heart attacks. Ref wouldnt let me wear my HR watch, but I am guessing 170 at it's peak. 3 games tomorrow.....
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    Went offshore fishing Wednesday and brought back a crap ton of good fish. Tonight I went with grilled Red Snapper and Wahoo, asparagus, portobellos, and roasted brussels sprouts. Turned out excellent.
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    Bedoya has got to go, LITERALLY does nothing
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    Barely starting my twentieth.....I mean, second beer, too...
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    Atmosphere is electric, jet fly by right now was sick!!!!
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    Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? Read my 15 month old excerpts from that Pulisic article as his bedtime story. "You heard it Wesley, you need to be two footed by three!"
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    My fallback retirement plan, in the unlikely event I do not hit on a 273 million to 1 shot, is to become Otis' handyman and landscaper. He could use some help and he can afford me.
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    My friend is texting pics from his seat, directly behind the Colombia bench. He's honestly close enough to easily toss a bag of piss into James' lap.
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    Lunch took 12 hours because he drank it through one of those little coffee stirrers.
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    Still arguably the best thread in FFA history.
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    Damn you can't even keep your own BS and stories straight. You go from conservatives to just talking about a few here to address tommyboy back to 60% of conservatives. Just admit you're full of crap, you posted something full of nonsense, and #### and move on.
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    He said "don't not allow". That's a double negative. That means he intends to make sure he doesn't stop them from going and would encourage them to do so. Good for him!!
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    Come on, make the subs already
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    Dear FFA soccer friends, and gator, it's been real. I'm going to drink until the USA men's team looks good which means my liver will be exploding real soon
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    Heelll no I need a couple Cockneys that sound like they are kitchen staff on Downton. (I just remember the Brit that called the Vuvuzela Cup a couple of years ago. He was great.)
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    Colombian chicks...mama Mia.
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    #### it, it's 108° I'm rolling with Hard Arnold Palmers. :refreshing:
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    agreed! my 6 year old and 11 year old boys LOVE it. AND, my 6 year old was only 5 when he also LOVED it last year. It's 48 year old boy heaven as well
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    what the hell is a mixed grill? Is that something my food eats?