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    T-Rex 10 Mile Trail Race Quite a small race, but they make it fun. Morning routines were fine, though a detour on the country roads made it just a bit rushed to arrive at the state park. Was still able to get there, get registered, and do a decent warm-up with some time to spare. My watch was low battery, so I was running blind ...just as well for a trail race and not being fully prepped. I had scoped out prior results and knew I had a shot at their Grand Master (60+) award. The course has two big hills - one around mile 2, one (with a steep sandy part that needed some walking) around mile 6.5. A fellow grey-hair passed me around mile 3. He was moving well, and I was not, so I had to let him go. As I approached the second hill ('big t-rex '), I saw this guy walking rather slowly near the top of the hill. I pushed up as best I could, and as we got back on the rolling trails, I settled in about 5-10 seconds behind him. Soon after, he paused to pull out his phone and check his data. I knew that he must be tiring. I trailed him for a mile until we hit a stretch of dirt road. Sure enough, I immediately blew by him. The last couple miles were uneventful other than waiting to see if I did, in fact, win Grand Master ...and I did! He's 62, and was a valid threat, but I beat him by a minute. 1:32:40 (9:16/mi). A very sweet award - a floating, 3-D t-Rex encased in glass. T-Rex award
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    Ran my 5k this morning and it was fun. Calf is good and took off 2 minutes from my last 5k time. Getting back into it. Looking forward to the next one.
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    I didn't know what the flag thing meant and I think I just reported my own post.
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    Run for Pierogies 5K As I mentioned earlier this week, couldn't have asked for better racing conditions Saturday. Low 60's, partly cloudy, very little wind, and tolerable humidity. No excuses. As of 8 am, all of the boxes were checked - all fuel had been consumed, plenty hydrated, already had two trips to the bathroom completed, bib was on, swag was locked in the car, and I had my play list queued. Time to get ready. This race was at a local college I was unfamiliar with, so I kind of just wandered around to warm up to get a better feel for the course. Jog five minutes, do some lunges. Jog five more, tie my shoes. Jog a few more then do some butt kicks. Etc. got back to my car at 8:25, took one last swig of water, then headed over to the start line exactly one minute before the start - per usual. Less time to think the better. Mile one (5:20) like most 5k's it was a cluster. I picked a spot in the second row then just waited for an opening to develop. I saw a crease about 100m in, slipped to the outside, then surged to the inside settling in about 3rd place or so. Plan early on was to really focus on quick turnover step-to-step, save the upper leg muscles for later. I was in first for a moment, but American Flag surged passed my a half mile in followed quickly thereafter by Yellow. I didn't go with them, but I made sure both stayed within range. Mile two (5:48) feeling good, so I surged passed Yellow here then planned to shadow American Flag for an unknown period of time. The turnover in my steps was slowing down, so I knew I would need to go to more muscle usage to maintain the pace. I just didn't want to do it too soon. As it turns out, American Flag slowed down. I thought he was, but honestly I was focusing more on churning the legs as quick as possible while keeping my HR in control to notice. About the halfway point I decided that was the right time to takeover the race. I would have two opportunities to check my lead over the next .5 miles without needing to turn around. So off I went. Longer stride, but minimal muscle usage - I want to save that for the last mile. Mile three (5:29) there is a turnaround about mile 2.2, both of them were still within range but Yellow was now in second and American Flag's fade continued. Looking back, I'm glad I saw this as it made me surge more over the next .7 miles than I wanted to, not knowing how close he was since I refused to look back again. Every minute or so I'd engage my hams and glutes and push for as hard and as long as I could, hoping it'd kill his will and he wouldn't try to hunt me down the final stretch. I was fried as we reached the final .2 mile half loop and I could tell by the crowd reaction that I had a good lead so I did cruise for a minute. Until I turned the final corner and...saw 16:54! #### GO GO GO! It was an awkward last 50 meters as I tried to re-engage everything, but I had to try. I came up just short, but seeing as how my goal was sub 18 and not sub 17 I don't think disappointment ever hit me. Maybe an ounce of regret for cruising most of the finish, but just that - an ounce. Official time - 17:00.8, overall winner, and a kick ### medal with a giant fake gold pierogi.
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    Just scrolling down my Facebook feed and what do I see a story link for? DFS Pro Assani Fisher Enjoying Being a Recreational Poker Player July 04, 2016 Mo Nuwwarah SHARELINES Former poker player and current DFS crusher Assani Fisher is enjoying the recreational poker life. Assani Fisher was once a successful poker player. Online, he won more than $600,000 playing tournaments under the name "jwvdcw" on PokerStars, according to PocketFives. His live results were more modest, with cashes totaling $83,847, but without online poker stateside, Fisher had transitioned into grinding $2/$5 live games for a living. He had failed to set himself up for the long haul despite winning results over a number of years. "I got in at the right time and should have made a lot of money," he said. "But I was just young and stupid and played above my bankroll, etc." Then, he found daily fantasy sports and his life changed. Along with his friend Aaron "aejones" Jones, Fisher has found huge financial success in DFS. He's now the No. 7 ranked player on popular DFS site RotoGrinders, where he also hosts a recurring series of video blogs. Fisher's back on the felt now though, grinding out a few tournaments during a trip to the 2016 World Series of Poker. He arrived in Las Vegas about two weeks ago intending to play two or three tournaments in a week. Instead, he's been firing off at full throttle, playing almost every day and finding himself buying in six or seven times per week. "I'm enjoying this," he said with a wide smile. "I like being a rich amateur now who doesn't have to make money from poker." For many, poker is a dream job. But it's a job Fisher has had, and many players have admitted over the years that their love of the game fades as they continue to use it to grind out a living day after day. When asked if the game is more enjoyable for him now than it used to be, Fisher said it's “not even close.” “I don't sweat it if I make mistakes any more, it's much more relaxing,” he said. “I was shocked at how enjoyable poker is now.” Thus far, Fisher has booked just one cash in the 2016 WSOP, coming 22nd in the $5,000 turbo for $14,862. He and Jones found themselves in the winner's circle Sunday, but it was for good friendAndrew Lichtenberger, who shipped the $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em event for $569,158. Fisher admits his poker chops aren't what they used to be, though he hasn't been afraid to mix it up with some of the world's best tournament players, such as when he fired in the $10,000 Six-Max Championship. He called himself a fish in that event, but he's figured out at least one way to minimize the edge some of the more skilled pros have over him: late registration. Fisher's been entering most of the tournaments just before the dinner break, when stacks are a little bit shorter and decisions are a bit less complicated. Fisher's game is rusty, and his mind doesn't instantly process complex ranges like it used to when he was a professional poker player, putting in the work to maximize his understanding of the game. He doesn't play much online any more, and his live ventures are limited to the occasional tournament series, as he finds cash too boring now. Nowadays, it's DFS that takes up the majority of his time. When he first latched on to the burgeoning industry, like many poker players who made the transition, Fisher found himself in familiar lifestyle territory. “I needed to do a lot of work and learn everything,” he said. “It was like being an online poker pro, a lot of grinding in a room by yourself. Now that I've got the process down, I can work only four-to-five hours a day.” Fisher paused briefly when asked if he missed anything about his old poker lifestyle. “Bits and pieces but overall no,” he said. “[DFS is] much more relaxed and enjoyable, and the money's better so it feels unfair.” Another similarity between poker and DFS is the continued wars over the legality of both games. Ironically, the very same bill that the U.S. government used to shut down popular online poker sites was used as a sort of legal loophole to justify the initial existence of DFS. Legislation for both of Fisher's pastimes continues to come on a state-by-state basis. DFS legislation has been at the forefront after a number of controversies, while the battle for legalized online poker continues in states like California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Fisher hopes lawmakers will come to their senses on both games. “Obviously, they should both be legal,” he said. “Adults should be free to do what they want. It's all political, a bunch of bull****.” As the 2016 WSOP rolls on, be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews for continued coverage, brought to you by our sponsors, 888poker. Want to stay atop all the latest in the poker world? If so, make sure to get PokerNews updates on your social media outlets. Follow us on Twitter and find us on both Facebook and Google+! PokerStars $5,000 Freeroll Grab this tournament ID: 1549481658and play for a share of $5,000 on July 10 S
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    Capped off a good week yesterday with a run up and down and up and down Mt. Burdell ("B Cups"), good for 19 miles with 3,051' of gain. That gave me almost 10 hours and over 6,600' of climbing for the week, and it's been a good ramp up into this cycle - 34, 39, 40, 48 miles the past four weeks all with 4,000-6,660' of climbing. I'll step back a little this week to 35-40 and then I head off to Colorado the following Tuesday, with a stop in Flagstaff, where the plan is for a couple of big weeks in the mountains. Have a great Fourth everyone!
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    Bring your own boards and corn sacks. Set them up and play by yourself right next to the tournament as it's going on. Let each match "winner" know exactly how badly they'd have been beaten. Obviously, you need to be getting loaded throughout. I'm truly saddened by this turn of events. The world needed Michael Jordan playing basketball. The world needed Jerry Rice catching footballs. And the world needs Willie Neslon cornholing.
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    people who trip claymore mines on the 4th of July at 5 PM hope you ####s blow off a foot
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    People who don't pick up after their dogs. Should be shot.
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    Ill try this my next smoke! i think it was not having water that has thrown me off
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    No, the chunks go on when I light the coals (minion method) and just let them burn out with the coals. I just tried a different method of lighting the coals this weekend that worked well too. Light a full chimney of coals and dump in the coal ring when ready. Then add a full chimney of unlit coals on top with the wood on top of them. Assemble the WSM and close all bottom vents (top vent always remains open 100%). Let it slowly come up to temp before adding meat. Of course, do this with a full water bowl (foiled inside and out).
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    This would be like Americans voting to build the wall and Trump removing himself from the Republican nomination.
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    I want to make this happen, but really need @DrJ to ante up. @SofaKings needs to as well, but I know him IRL and can hunt him down. I'm in a catch 22 without their payment. If they don't pay... when we win, do they deserve to partake? My trusting nature of this group is to just go ahead and assume they will agree to the special drawing and pay up once they get a chance... Unless I get opposition, I'll go ahead and buy 330 tix for Tuesday's drawing. I can FEEL it!
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    Happy Independence Day, everybody!
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    Tested out the calf last night on the gym treadmill and the calf and I are good to go this morning for another 5k. Trying a compression sleeve for the first time. This is my 6th race this year. Happy Independence Day Merica.
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    2nd date with new chick also went very well. She may shake up the starting lineup. Unrelated: my brother just left from a visit and left a bunch of weed at my house.
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    Told the kids I'd let them pick a movie tonight since we didn't go see fireworks due to weather. They picked Spy Kids 3. I've never seen a better cast in a bigger pile of #### in my life. Antonio Banderas, Clooney, Salma Hayek, Buscemi, Carla Gugino, Stallone, Mike Judge, Elijah Wood, Ricardo Montalban, Cheech, Bill Paxton, etc.
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    If you want something nice and short, a 4 lb pork loin will finish in about 2 1/2 hours at 225 - 240. Rub it up with a basic pork rub and smoke over hickory or apple to an IT of about 150. Slice as thin as you can.
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    Supposedly there was chatter today that people don't want me to play tomorrow either. Have just been staring out the window since I heard this.
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    19:03 this morning. Forecast was for partly cloudy 72 with 61 dew point. Of course we woke up to steady rain. Weird. I started really out well but the monkey jumped squarely on my back after mile 2. It was weird how I felt REALLY good for the first mile. It then ended up being a big fight to not quit and just keep the legs churning for the last mile. I got chicked at 2.5 by the OA female winner. @SFBayDuck - Michael Wardian ran with us today. Was cool to see him - I knew I was going out fast when he was only 20yds ahead of me after the first quarter mile or so. 5:51/173 6:03/184 6:24/184 6:10/186 some kick I've always wanted to run back to the house after this race but always had an excuse not to. Given no sun and cool but rainy conditions, I ran back. 7.2mi in 8:32/149. Legs were heavvvvy.
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    I had no idea that @FDAS was literally the worst until I had some interaction with him. That guy really is the worst.
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    That doesn't stop most posters on this board.
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    He shoots he scores !!!! They never called me like they said they would so I called them. Immediately got offered free ST max $45 off a month 3 months movie channels and $250 gift card.
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    Canada has only produced two good tv shows. ever. SCTV and Trailer Park Boys. never seen Orphan Black. Corner Gas, Kids in the Hall? meh. maybe it's time for the third. probably not. Letterkenny cold open swearing nsfw
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    You're a federal employee puke. The rules are different for you.
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    I'm sorry, you can rationalize it anyway you want, but there's a reason whole drafts go by without anyone taking a kicker and that's because they know it's foolish.
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    I have done a hard 180 on this girl. She is smoking hot. Probably a dud in bed still but smoking hot.
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    1 (855) 407-3110 but I don't think that maters much. They were giving me nothing for discounts until my cancelation date happened. I called that morning and got everything in a 10 minute phone call with the first guy I talked to. Also just a heads up being with them for 20 years doesn't matter. If you are out of contract they will want you back that's it.
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    GN has a much nicer sportsbook, but iirc, your crew hangs out at Westgate all day, so not an issue. Rush Tower at GN is as nice as it gets downtown, but the D Suites are close, and a little cheaper. Clientele skews a little younger at the D, and the casino is definitely rowdier. You guys going Week 1? Rates are a little higher, but probably not a deal-breaker.
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    Jeebus MAC! That's flying! Congrats!
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    Being special and being the GOAT are to vastly different outcomes. He could be the best back in the NFL for the next 3 years and still not be as good as Faulk.
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    Wasn't going to share here but thought you could use some cheering up GB. @Homer J Simpson
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    This is all well and good but I'm not believing it until the chick with the giant cans tells me about it.
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    sitting outside at a restaurant on the water tonight. place has a dj for some reason. he's freaking terrible. playing the radio, basically. thinking to myself "who in the hell actually listens to this ####??" then i look around and 90% of the girls under 25 are dancing at their tables and lip synching along to song after song after song i'm old
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    I was asked by the host of tomorrow's get together if I would refrain from playing tomorrow. We played today, nothing major, just winners stay. Well, after about 15 games it was obvious nobody was going to beat me. Tomorrow a cash tournament was planned and the host asked if I'd sit out as he wanted everyone to have a chance. I was floored. I thought he was kidding at first but he wasn't. I volunteered to partner up with the worst player but they want to play singles. Told him if i didn't play i probably wouldn't come. Monday is the big day and a big doubles tournament is planned at another friend's house but I was looking forward to playing each day. Wife thinks maybe take a dive one of these times but it's just not in my nature. "You play to win the game." - Herm Edwards. Bummed out right now.
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    The during is all about focusing on grip and technique. I've had matches I don't remember because of being in the zone.
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    Fill the chunnel with brie, make France pay for it
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    I thought Mud was one of matthew mcconaughey's better films.
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    No such thing as women being bad in bed. Some are just better than others