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    Everybody's GB @Homer J Simpson called me last night. He wanted me to pass along thanks for all the well wishes and to let you know he is doing well. He really enjoys sobriety, well for the most part, and most importantly the clarity it brings. Really don't want to post more than that because it's his business and all.
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    So a few weeks ago I was out on a run and crossed paths with a guy that looked like a serious runner. No shirt on, HR strap, running a good pace, etc. Didn't think much of it other than I don't really see many serious runners around here - cool. Fast forward to today and its turning into a full on turf war. That MF is running over from his house (which isn't easy to do with the highways) and is picking off my Strava segment CR's one by one. It's clear he went searching for segments and is chasing after the CRs. I'm going to map out my next tempo run to ensure I take them all back. Don't #### with me, slow poke. See what you're missing out on @tri-man 47?
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    Kassidy Cook - US of A Diver
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    Ellen Hoog - Netherlands field hockey
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    So I finished my 5k and am prepared to write my first ever post race write-up. Here it goes..... I woke up around 5:30, took care of some things around the house. Right before I left, my stomach let me know it was time to leave a few pounds at the house. Pre-race poop, check. I get there and I'm not really a warm-up kinda guy, so I just sat around and waited for the start. I got a good position, and off I went. I was somewhat nervous, so my heart rate was pretty high to start. I went out a little faster than I wanted to but was able to settle down around the half mile mark. I've never ran this course before so that hurt a bit. My pace was fairly slower than I imagined, because I tried to leave something in the tank. The first 2 miles I averaged around 8:05-8:15. The third mile I mentally said, go catch that damn lady pushing the stroller. So that was my new goal, not to get beat by a lady pushing a stroller. The final 10th of mile is staring me in my face. The stroller lady is about 50 yards away. Go. Get. Her. I said. Well it turns out that this lady pushing the stroller had to be on PEDs because she had a gear that I've never seen before. I didn't catch her and I was gassed. All I could think about was the little kid in the stroller must've felt like he was on a high speed roller coaster, because she was moving! Finished the race at 24:53 (8:02 pace). It was good enough for 3rd in my age group (30-34) and 37th overall out of 339. Top 10 percent! I'm not a very experienced runner and it was seconds away from a PR, in the summer heat. I'll take it. Thanks for all the help and support in here! Also, overall winner was 18:03.
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    Oh, hell no. You can't let this aggression stand. Assert your dominance @Ned. Tried something different this morning on my long run...pretty much out of necessity. Last night we were at a little pool party get together at a friends house and the weather seemed pleasant...relatively speaking. It was low 80's with a nice little breeze and the humidity seemed down. Seemed like it may be decent long run weather in the morning. That's good because I'm stepping up my game to 18 miles in the morning. Wake up at 5AM this morning and as usual, check the weather conditions whilst on the crapper. 82 degrees and 74 due point. That's gotta be wrong. It was supposed to be mid 70's and low humidity. Accuweather has been wrong before, so let's just assume that's the case again. Pack some GU chews, a cliffshot and my handheld 12oz water bottle. Take two steps out the door and realize Accuweather was not wrong...FML. The plan is to run 9 out and 9 back. Try to keep my pace easy for the first 9 and resist the urge to speed up. About 4 miles in and I'm completely drenched in sweat...shorts are soaked. A mile later I'm thinking that even with a refill of my water bottle at the midway point, I'm going to be seriously dehydrated at around 14-15 at this rate. It's going to be a delirious death march the last 4-5 miles. I know because I've been there before. Not this time though. I decide to turn around at 6, eat my GU chews and make my way back home. Turned out to be a good decision because around the 10 mile mark my shoulder are starting to cramp and I'm out of water. I get back to my house at 12 miles (8:28 pace 151BPM) and drink some cold water, change my soaking wet hoka's and throw down my cliffshot. I then proceed to jump on my treadmill for a pyramid hill workout ( 3 min intervals @ 8MPH going up from 4% to eventually 8% and back down again...RI @ 7MPH at 1% for 3 min). Got in 800 ft of gain and little over 4 miles. Drink some more water and then run 2 more miles on the treadmill for a cool down. Got my 18 miles AND got some hills AND didn't die. Twas a good day.
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    Kid wants to play footgolf I volunteer to take him and three friends Rent two carts, tell them not to be ####### on the course Order a bloody mary and ask the skirt behind the bar in the clubhouse to find the Liverpool/Barcelona game WINNING
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    Browns first team scrimmage tonight. Coleman is lighting it up.
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    Eugenie Bouchard - Canadian Tennis Babe
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    Jaqueline Carvalho -Brazil Volleyball
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    I hope you guys have started taking Henry's heart issue more seriously by now. Seems like a serious thing.
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    I'm going to say it's fitness related. Pacing a 5K to a PR is an art. If you're very fit and are logging a lot of mileage on a consistent basis, then your best bet is to go out hard and hang on. If you're running sparingly and aren't in the best of shape, then I'd suggest going out more conservatively and trying to pick it up at the end.
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    Darya Klishina - Russian Long Jumper
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    Michelle Jenneke - Australian Hurdler
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    Congrats on making a new friend later this week.
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    Going to the USASA National Amateur Cup semi finals tonight. Moreno Valley FC v Christos FC Bavarian SC v Legends FC Winners play tomorrow for all the marbles.
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    Run to your waiver wire and pick this kid up immediately. The RB slot in Oakland is wide open, and Jalen Richard could break through. Enjoy.... and thank me later.
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    I always dread this time of year where I have to call up Directv. I actually start to get some palpitations before picking up the phone. Anybody else hate making this yearly phone call? Called this time, spoke to a guy who would lower Sunday Ticket Max from $60 a month for 6 payments to $36 a month for 6 payments. So I'd still be paying $216. Said no thanks, that's not enough to keep me as a customer, so then he offers to send me to retention department. Spent ten minutes with retention and the deal I ended up with was $50 off bill for 12 months ($600) and the first month of Sunday ticket for free ($45). I did have to agree to go from ST Max down to regular ST, but apparently this year, even regular ST allows you to stream on your phone or tablet, which is the only reason I wanted Max before. ST Max gives you the Red Zone channel, the Shortcuts compressed game channel, and some new Fantasy analysis channel, none of which I would watch. I still end up having to pay for five installments of ST. So to summarize: Credits to me: $50 x 12, + $45 = $645 Still have to pay: $45 x 5 = $225 Net gain: $420 I'm perfectly fine with that. Last year, my haul was a little bigger. Got free ST Max ($360), a $200 gift card, and $10 off for 12 months. So $680. Seems like others have come out of this phone call with a $1160 net. And I see up above that a poster turned down the same $50 off for 12 months and set-up a cancellation date. I probably could have done that, but honestly, I just don't want to deal with the hassle and don't want to go through the motions or even worse, have service turned off for even a day. I'm up $420 from this morning, so it's still a good outcome.
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    I had to revisit this thread simply so I could right this travesty. What a fantastic imaginary ride through the OASIS. Wonderfully narrated by Wil Wheaton. Listening to D-Day by Stephen Ambrose. Im about 85% through and its a good accoun so far.
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    Ana Ivanovic - Serbian Tennis Legend (unfortunately, she has been bounced already)
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    I was expecting better participation this weekend...
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    Yusra Mardini - Refugee squad.
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    Amber Hill - Great Britain shooter
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    *** NSFW in some quarters*** yes, yes we are Aly Raisman 1 Aly 2 Aly 3 Aly 4 (posted this in animated gif thread yesterday, but it belongs up in here)
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    keep an eye on that Kolocova chick
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    I just got crushed by SI 162 for 8 miles. I'll probably cool down by bedtime.
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    CMike and TRich threads back on page 1 of the SP. What a time to be alive!!
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    Hope Solo never mind on that one
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    Evolved an eevee into a 1241 vaporeon today. Kind of looking forward to battling with it. this game needs a head to head battle feature between people standing next to each other.
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    Liverpool's tease is in good form I see.
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    Jamaal charles born december 27 1986 coming off season ending acl injury. This is his second season ending acl injury in 4 years, and one of the other years he was limited by a high ankle sprain. As of now he is still on the pup list and his return date is unknown. His healthy backups were highly successful without him and the team is expected to use them more. Last year charles had 537 yards and 5 tds in 5 games Arian foster born august 24 1986 - 4 months and 3 days older than charles - has drawn praise for annihilating his conditioning tests. The team has said they want to ride their rb1. Foster is expected to be their rb1. Ajayi and drake have both been injured. Last year foster had 390 yards and 3 tds in 4 games. Charles is going at 2.2.
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    I'm reminded of the Black Knight of Monty Python's Holy Grail. He was woefully inept too...
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    Yeah, but which one is the better NFL RB? Because despite all the measureables and college footage, that's all that matters.
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    Not really, it's too small. Just use a good charcoal and wood chunk not chips. ETA this is what I was able to do on my WSM with Kingsford competition and wood chunks.
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    Depends on if you're into gym battles. If you are, then sure, power up and get your top 6 pokemon ready to battle. If you're not into doing the gyms, there's no reason to use (won't say "waste", because you can build up so much) the stardust now. You'll just continue to catch or hatch higher cp pokemon that you'd much rather evolve or power up than whatever you've got now, trust me.
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    Just back to the hotel after Houston. Wow. They were amazing. Slash is a much better guitar player than the last time I saw him. - piano went out of tune during November rain. Axl stopped the song and the whole crowd wondered if he would throw a fit. Said "i don't mind if there are gremlins and ghosts in there (the piano) but they should learn to play the song". Then finished. - best part was the duel guitar solo between slash and fortis on "wish you were here". Was amazing, and I hate the guitar solo break normally. - same set list as Dallas but they played "don't cry" instead of patience, "out to get me" instead of "my Michelle" and "double talking jive" instead of "dead horse" went about 2:20. Worth every penny. Planning a trip to see them again. Go if you can. 75,000 people never sat down
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    #WeekOfMalaise update: Went over to dinner at my parents house last night. Meh, I didn't have any plans, but they were cooking steak and twice baked potatoes, which I love more than raisins. Started watching a show on Netflix called Stranger Things, but paranormal or whatever isn't for me and started in on Night Of. Now that's good! Slept on the big couch in the basement, which is nice and cool. Even had to close the windows as it was downright cold around 3am. Have not used a single dish since Tuesday. Recycling bin is getting mighty full, though. Was a wee bit worried my invite to dinner was going to be, you of those interruptions that trapped our good buddy HS. I bought Frosty almost $100 worth of beef jerky yesterday. I dread the shipping process, which I'm sure will cost as much as the contents did. Hate mailing stuff. Rereading this, I honestly thought there'd be more excitement. I'm.......I'm now boring.
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    If you really believe those to be effective and legit, how do you explain what happened to Thomas Drake and William Binney?