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    Honestly, the angry old men who police threads are far more damaging to this board. Where were you a few days ago when spoof threads were all over the front page? FBGs should welcome a new voice, the old posters with substance are largely gone and you're left with a bunch of bitter amateur comedians who's first instincts are to lampoon everything.
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    He put vodka on his arms, that is why he was able to hold out for a 90 min hug. Also, it is an disinfectant.
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    I've been with one girl who had a neck tattoo before. Back of her neck, some kind of tribal design. On our only date, we saw Titanic (yes, I'm old.) I knew I liked her when she laughed out loud during the scene where Leo died. We went back to my crappy apartment and had crazy sex. She was really into it, willing to do all sorts of unusual things. Even though I was 8 years older than she was, she definitely taught me things that night. Mouth stuff, butt stuff, crotch stuff, she was up for anything. Alas, that one night was the only time anything happened between us. Sometimes young lust burns hotly but dies quickly. But, oh, what a night. Moral of the story is, don't reject a woman just because she has a neck tatoo. Now every time I hear Celine Dion, I think fondly of Suzzanne (with 2 z's) with my Johnson in her hand and her tongue in my #######.
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    Standing in the rain, with his head hung low Couldn't get a kiss, he had moved too slow Heard the roar of the FFA, he could picture the scene Logged on to the board, then like a distant scream He saw one guy's post, just blew him away He saw stars in his eyes, and the very next day... Bought a box of rubbers, in a secondhand store Didn't know how to use them, but he knew for sure That one guy's post, felt good in his mind, didn't take long, to understand Just one guy's post, 'bout pushing her head low Was a one way ticket, only one way to go So he started pushin', ain't never gonna stop Gotta keep on pushin', this girl is gonna suck his #### And be a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes, he's a fart box hero He took one guy's post, fart box hero, stars in his eyes Fart box hero, (stars in his eyes) he'll come again tonight In a town without a name, in a heavy downpour Thought he passed his own shadow, by the neighbor's door Like a trip through the past, to that day in the rain And that one guy's post, made his whole life change Now he needs to keep on ####in', he just can't stop Gotta keep on ####in', that boy has got to stay on top And be a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes He's a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes Yeah, fart box hero, stars in his eyes With that one guy's post, (stars in his eyes) He'll come again, come again tonight, woah Yeah, he's gotta keep on ####in', just can't stop Gotta keep on ####in', that boy has got to stay on top And be a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes He's a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes (Just one guy's post) fart box hero, (aah aah aah) got stars in his eyes He's just a fart box hero, aah aah aah Fart box (stars) hero, (stars, stars) fart box hero, (stars, stars) He's got stars in his eyes, stars in his eyes
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    ETA: If you're over 30 and you're asking friends/family to help you move. #### right off.* *No offense to the Sconch family
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    38 pages over the posture a jock assumed while a song played
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    This is an exceptionally stupid post, even for you.
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    Ok, for those interested. Our E-Vill trek is wrapping up. Last nite we had an outstanding experience at Death & Co. for drinks/eats, we showed up at 6:00 and we were the second party sat at the bar. By 6:30 they were on a wait. It is dark and intimate. Creative drinks with a lab atmosphere. Reviews say expensive, blah blah blah. We each had two wild drinks and ate really tasty small plates. Bill was $89 + tip which in this town is not bad at all. I wanted to go back tonite but was outvoted by the owner of the jewels. On to Stomp. Nice percussion show. It reminded me of the Blue Men on a smaller scale. We've seen Blue Men in Orlando and Chicago. Stomp at the Orpheum is a small, up close show that does rock, we enjoyed it. Made it to The Grafton to see the second half of the game. I LIKE this place. The Guinness is expertly drawn and everyone is very friendly. Today we hoofed it to the Highline via the lowline (12 st). Nice walk through the gardens with great views both sides of the city and the river. The construction noise reminded me of David Lynch's Eraserhead- bang, bang, pound, pound. Then on to Chelsea Market for lunch. This was something I wish we had skipped. Whatev, walked back to our new adopted neighborhood of the E-Vill and found a little place with some phenom micros- Proletariat on St. Marks. On the way we went back to the Strand bookstore because I wanted to see the rare books on the third floor...bring deep pockets if you are a buyer. I bought again down in the basement (half price of Kindle). Deals on Chuck Klosterman, my new fav author. Headed back to the Sunshine State very early tomorrow. This has been a great visit and we seem to be honing in on neighborhoods to our liking. Our goal is to become Sunbirds to rent for a month or two in the fall to break up the monotony of old school FL- which is my roots and I will always live most of the time. I'm taking you guys word that my first UBER ride will be there in 3 minutes tomorrow am to get us to LGA. Thank you to all for your suggestions, they've all been right on!
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    I put a guy's head through the wall in high school for not standing for the National Anthem, and the saying below my avatar is not for nothing. I'm cool with protest, standing up for what you believe in, etc. But not for this song, sit for Sweet Caroline or God Bless America, but not the Francis Scott Key number. You don't like that song, you can leave and go back to whatever ####ty country your people are from. It ain't better than this country, thx.
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    I love it how this guy chokes on one word and he's done, and Trump can do crap like this every day for a year and gets away with it. Sad!
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    It sounds like he's actually increasing the number of disabled people due to all the head injuries caused by the spinning. Sounds like a public health hazard to me.
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    It's been weird for the past 50 or so pages. Not that I've read them all or anything like that...
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    Thanks for the insight. While you stand for the song I'll be loading up my nacho platter at the empty concession stand. Enjoy the patriotism. I wish I could just be a schlep who was buying nachos while the National Anthem was playing, someone who has no idea what built this country and who protects it from enemies foreign and domestic. Kaepernick has nothing on you, at least he's doing it for a reason. You do it because you're a big bag of #####, but you already know that about yourself.
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    Now that I realize that, the thread title could use an update, chief
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    I better not EVER see one single one of you with a tshirt AND hat of your favorite ### #### football team. Lots of lies in here. Bunch of posers.
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    If Hillary were to do this waht makes you think Trump would follow through. Guy lies, doesn't pay, breaks deals, etc on a daily basis.
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    Disagree. I think you need to tell her because God forbid the situation changes. If it does and you didn't let her know, that could be...problematic. I would certainly emphasize the good parts, but I still think informing her is a "better safe than sorry" thing, at a minimum.
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    A true acid test needs to be ouf the Ken Kesey variety. Hillary and Donald should be required to debate while tripping on orange sunshine.
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    In PPR if you take away 1/3rd of Devonte Freeman's fantasy points in 2015, he would of still been RB8 for the season and would of been RB7 on a per game average. Like most, I never saw it coming from Devonta Freeman. But he put up such gaudy numbers that even adjusting for TD regression and a lessened load he still figures to put up RB1 production. Now obviously that's assuming he's not a flash in the pan, which is hard for me to buy given he put up over 300+ points. With his pass catching ability I think the floor is more than safe enough as your RB1 and a great value considering his enormous upside that we saw last year. Roto Pat's analysis of Freeman as an RB2/3 is crazy talk IMO.
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    CJ. He was in the playoffs for two years in a row.
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    This is where I think people are missing a point. The percentage of bigots in this country is small - significantly smaller that the percentage of Trump supporters. So something else is going on here. Figure out what that is and fix it before someone who is actually electable runs for office. I know being an anti-Trump troll and picking on Em is fun, but this country has a serious problem and the working class is moving in an anti-neoliberal direction quickly. The problem is not Trump - it is the environment that allowed Trump to get this close to the White House.
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    Love the bravado defiance about the nay-sayers after just admitting that he hugged for 1.5 hours. It's like getting taunted by Ned Flanders (no offense @Ned). FTR, i think NRJ has been playing this just fine.
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    I bench him for Spencer Ware
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    Screw it, I've decided I'm not only going to stand for the National Anthem, but also for every stadium song. We're not patriotic enough. Next time I hear "Whoomp, There It Is" when my team scores, I'm leaping to my feet, hand over heart, visor in hand.
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    Well, I'm sure the vets would like the ungrateful, no sweat in the game schleps like yourself to show some respect. FREEDOM isn't free at all. Its cost is blood. Not yours, of course.
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    Huh? You could argue that both those guys are currently better than Lynch.
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    My eldest son (5 year old) has been watching a lot of the old Disney Folk Legend cartoons. i come home from work to the following exchange: Me: Hi Connor Connor: Hi daddy! Me: What are you watching? C: Disney John Henry- Daddy did you know you are the same size as John Henry... Just not very strong Is this a compliment or a veiled shot at my manliness
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    I, and the entire Saints nation, thank them for signing Favre
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    I'm honestly shocked it took 73 pages to pull out the alpha/beta shtick. Way to set the meatheads straight, hugsy.
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    speaking of baseball. Is Skaggs too risky of a spot start tonight?
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    Honestly this is Trump's greatest strength. This is how he doesn't get killed off despite all these dumb things has done and says - He just won't acknowledge them and has zero sense of double standards, shame, hypocrisy what ever you want to call it. All politicians get hung up on things, that is the game. Most can withstand a few things here and there. Trump has multiple things on a weekly basis that would kill anyone else. It is really staggering the list of #### ups he has. You can go through the list of his attacks and without doubt he either does exactly what he is attacking on or does the exact thing on a larger scale.
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    I'd probably also look back a year ago and see that you were touting Coleman over him last year too. It's quite hilarious that you take a little bit of coach speak as gospel to declare any prediction accurate.
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    It was an event here. In my town, they closed off a main street to show it to anyone who wanted to watch it in a family friendly environment. The local folk festival had it airing on a big screen in the middle of the woods, the largest night club in town had a party dedicated to showing it and so many pubs and clubs had their own version of a viewing party. We went to one of the pubs that has a large back patio with picnic table where they were showing it. We had a group of 6 and got down their a bit early to secure a picnic table and other than a few trips to the outdoor bar to get fresh pitchers, everyone was entranced. By the end, it was like being at a concert. Everyone had left the tables and gathered at the front of the stage to get closer and sing every song together. . That show was broadcast from Kingston, the band's hometown. It's about two hours East of me but I visit it every week for my job. Interestingly enough, on their previous tour, we had seen them in Kingston and while the show was great, they made no big deal about it being in their home city. We were expecting this great homecoming - like there was for the concert that broadcast and it was like just another Hip show that night.
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    damn, i just realized there are kids involved here. obviously i am no longer qualified to offer advise. good luck to Mother, Hugs and No Speed!
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    And then it all comes down to whether or not a kick succeeds. What a sport!
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    No, I don't think you do. In fact, it's very CLEAR that you don't.
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    Here's what's going to happen: Tonight, at some point in the 4th quarter, send a text mentioning the deck hugs and let her know how much you enjoyed it. When she inevitably floats out that she'd be amenable to another, meet her on the deck, hug, and at some point (no more than 10 seconds into the hug) pull back a bit so that your face is in the kissing zone (maybe 3-4 inches from her face). You'll look into each other's eyes and you'll notice that she's not pulling away. What will happen then is you'll feel the magnets in your lips pull you closer to her lip magnets and our long national nightmare will finally be over. Tonight is the night. When you hear the Carrie Underwood NBC football theme song I want you to imagine that music is for you. Tonight is kickoff night for football, make it also the night you kickoff the relationship and friggin kiss the woman.
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    Trump just says so much bull#### that it's impossible to focus on one thing. This stuff about the generals alone tonight is cracking me up. Where are all the faux patriot people when he is talking this much #### about the military.
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    He's 28 and done long does this guy get on his college reputation????