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    belljr hugs this Hug this ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>
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    I want to hug you like an animal, I want to feel you from the outside
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    i bet there is another guy who also wants her affections and he is training in a top secret gym and practicing hugging on a robot computer controlled hug impact monitor and taking hug enhancing drugs but at the same time the old colonol is out in the russian mountains in a rustic cabin hugging logs and large boulders in the snow uphill and you know damn well that when they meet is it going to end up with the hug enhanced guy shouting i hug for me and the bad guys chanting usa while colonial hugs marissa and moves in for a smacker freeze frame star wipe and were out take that to the bank bromigos
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    Trending Threads at the Purse forum FFA... Lies About Marie Antoinette (Started by TinaSChochet) Things You Can Say About Your Handbag That You Can't Say About Your Boyfriend (Last Post by Cougarclub) Borrowing Money From a Guy (Last Post by Still Ditkaless) Hysterectomy in the Morning (Started by Uruk- High Heels) Coach Purse Hype Train (Last Post by Long Mall Mary) Matching Accessories to Exploit/Avoid This Weekend (Started by Ministry of Labor Pain)
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    no time to update this morning, working out of town we talked last night...while hugging. For about 1.5 hours. No ####. Feelings, situation, etc. And every single one of you who was in the "missed kiss on the 2nd hug" team was W R O N G. Details later when I have time, likely tonight. Yay football.
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    I still think you're killing it, Nate Dogg. You've built the sexual tension up to a palpable level. There's no doubt that it is going to pay off. That "I want to be embraced by you immediately" feeling isn't burning out anytime soon. Pushing too hard or a kiss of your new neighbor makes you just like every other creeper guy. Cooking dinner together, playing with your kids together, and sharing deeply personal life experiences -- that's a level of interpersonal intimacy that goes far beyond an awkward, forced kiss. The Friend Zoners are misreading the situation based on their own experiences getting "friend-zoned" because they weren't seen as true boyfriend material for their love interest. That's clearly not the situation here. The neighbor situation changes the game. You can't bang your neighbor and then tell them that you are still married post-coitus. Too many consequences. Consequences that Marisa clearly recognizes, which we should take as a sign that she is more sane than a lady that would bang a new neighbor at a backyard BBQ because he splurged on aged cheddar over American. It's undeniable that there is mutual interest and affection and unique shared life experiences, and you're both wisely being cautious about it considering the circumstances. But the fact that she is thinking about the appropriateness of a hug suggests that she has been thinking of doing far more inappropriate neighborly things to you. It's just a matter of time as long as you don't do something incredibly stupid, which I think is unlikely as long as you continue to follow your gut over the advice of middle-aged dudes who are impatiently awaiting another masturbatory tale until AZ Ron encounters another downtrodden broad in need of a few racks. The saddest part about it all is that the Colonel is going to be so in love by the time that he finally gives the rear axle to Ms. Vito, we'll never actually get the sexy details. ####, we'll be lucky to get a .
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    Honestly, the angry old men who police threads are far more damaging to this board. Where were you a few days ago when spoof threads were all over the front page? FBGs should welcome a new voice, the old posters with substance are largely gone and you're left with a bunch of bitter amateur comedians who's first instincts are to lampoon everything.
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    Two days ago: 2 30 second hugs Yesterday: 90 minute long hug Today? On pace for a 135 hour hug. At least that is what the Sharkpool is projecting
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    He put vodka on his arms, that is why he was able to hold out for a 90 min hug. Also, it is an disinfectant.
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    My guess is on the couch, while seated. Which might be better described as "cuddling" or even "snuggling."
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    I've been with one girl who had a neck tattoo before. Back of her neck, some kind of tribal design. On our only date, we saw Titanic (yes, I'm old.) I knew I liked her when she laughed out loud during the scene where Leo died. We went back to my crappy apartment and had crazy sex. She was really into it, willing to do all sorts of unusual things. Even though I was 8 years older than she was, she definitely taught me things that night. Mouth stuff, butt stuff, crotch stuff, she was up for anything. Alas, that one night was the only time anything happened between us. Sometimes young lust burns hotly but dies quickly. But, oh, what a night. Moral of the story is, don't reject a woman just because she has a neck tatoo. Now every time I hear Celine Dion, I think fondly of Suzzanne (with 2 z's) with my Johnson in her hand and her tongue in my #######.
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    let's not scare NFJ off. he has put up with 78 pages of horrible advice, terrible shtick and general nonsensery to deliver a good story by all accounts he seems a good dude with a sense of humor. don't #### this up, you apes.
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    my advise: text her this..... "think i'm getting addicted to you like a hug dealer " drops mic
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    Mrs. SLB's surgery center is closing in two weeks so she has been interviewing for a new part time job. The place she wanted to go, about 5 miles from the house, only had full time positions. Then she interviewed at her second choice. She calls me disappointed, no job offer. But wait, there's more! Mrs. SLB: Good news! Listen to this VM from the boss at my second choice. Me: Listening, "Hot, dirty, naked nurse boss voice (I'm assuming): Hi Mrs. SLB! You left and I didn't even offer you the job! I can't believe I did that! Please know, I want you to work here! Please call me and let me know your situation, I know you have other options. Thanks, I'm going to go play with myself now! Mrs. SLB: So what should I do? Me: Call her back and ask her for more details on compensation, PTO, etc. No need to make demands, just leave it open. Mrs. SLB: Okay The next day.... Mrs. SLB: Well, I got the job! Me: Cool! Congratulations! How much more did they offer you? Mrs. SLB: Me: Mrs. SLB: I was nervous, I really wanted this job, so I just took it and asked about compensation later. But I got a 3% increase! Me: It could have been a 15-20% increase, easily. I'm never going to be able to retire with this kind of career management. So stupid.
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    Before we commence with today's hug, I wanted to ask if it wouldn't be inappropriate for me to find a new position for my right arm? Can we talk about that? I think we've been at this place for a while now - and it's great, I mean wow is it great - but I think it's time to take the next step. So I was thinking I might lower my right arm during the hug by about an inch. I hope I'm not being pushy. Truth be told, I couldn't feel my arm when I got home last night and that is a problem, if you know what I mean. I need that arm.
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    Not to change the subject but my niece and her husband (and kid) are moving this weekend. This is like the 4th or 5th time I've helped her move in the last 10 years. I didn't find out until yesterday that she is going to need help. Her husband has to work all day Saturday AND her father (my brother) is coming back from Hawaii in the AM so I'm pretty sure he won't be there. If my son and I don't help she'll be screwed. Buncha horse ####.
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    Standing in the rain, with his head hung low Couldn't get a kiss, he had moved too slow Heard the roar of the FFA, he could picture the scene Logged on to the board, then like a distant scream He saw one guy's post, just blew him away He saw stars in his eyes, and the very next day... Bought a box of rubbers, in a secondhand store Didn't know how to use them, but he knew for sure That one guy's post, felt good in his mind, didn't take long, to understand Just one guy's post, 'bout pushing her head low Was a one way ticket, only one way to go So he started pushin', ain't never gonna stop Gotta keep on pushin', this girl is gonna suck his #### And be a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes, he's a fart box hero He took one guy's post, fart box hero, stars in his eyes Fart box hero, (stars in his eyes) he'll come again tonight In a town without a name, in a heavy downpour Thought he passed his own shadow, by the neighbor's door Like a trip through the past, to that day in the rain And that one guy's post, made his whole life change Now he needs to keep on ####in', he just can't stop Gotta keep on ####in', that boy has got to stay on top And be a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes He's a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes Yeah, fart box hero, stars in his eyes With that one guy's post, (stars in his eyes) He'll come again, come again tonight, woah Yeah, he's gotta keep on ####in', just can't stop Gotta keep on ####in', that boy has got to stay on top And be a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes He's a fart box hero, got stars in his eyes (Just one guy's post) fart box hero, (aah aah aah) got stars in his eyes He's just a fart box hero, aah aah aah Fart box (stars) hero, (stars, stars) fart box hero, (stars, stars) He's got stars in his eyes, stars in his eyes
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    ETA: If you're over 30 and you're asking friends/family to help you move. #### right off.* *No offense to the Sconch family
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    Awesome!!!!! Your individual thoughts are so important they needed they're own thread ! Stupid millennials!
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    Yea but if you win it, you might end up in rehab
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    I think I'd enjoy running an MLS club's social media. Too bad it probably pays less than making burritos at Chipotle.
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    Most of these I-studs are out of their depth here. NRJ has to navigate some shallow waters here, and he's doing a darn good job. As we get older, sex declines a little in importance in favor of relationships. The hit and run isn't going to work. This Hallmark Channel movie approach is working just fine. Now, I'm assuming @Nathan R. Jessep is inviting are heroine over to watch the Saints game on his 80" HD 4K TV this weekend. Let the kids play together while they sit so close that you can't get a credit card between their thighs.
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    So glad I drafted this guy in the 1st round. Last year. #### you C.J.!
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    HBO offers Simmons 3/4 of the money he's owed if he goes away. WHO SAYS NO???!?!?!
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    First off, good for you for stepping up. You're a great father and a great neighbor. I played in college, coached from U6 through high school boys, served on Boards at the local and state level etc.. My favorite part of coaching is that it got me into the inner circle of my sons and their friends so that I became a trusted mentor and friend. That is immensely rewarding. Here are a couple of tips. Always keep the kids moving and find ways to maximize the number of times every kid touches the ball. There should be no lines and no lectures. I always liked to stress tempo with my teams so that we do everything quickly. Teaching moments come while the kids are playing and should be quick stoppages to get your point across before play resumes. Have a general idea of the things you want to work on before practice starts and show up a few minutes early to set things up. Smile a lot. Laugh a lot. They are 8 - Let them have fun, but also let them know that you expect them to behave and pay attention. Youtube is a great resource for drills/games. Find ones that are simple for you to understand and communicate. If a drill bombs, ditch it and do something else. You will know very quickly when this happens. Find Dads and Moms on team who played and bring them in for guest appearances to teach something or share a drill wit the kids. Ask for help from other coaches. Find a high school player who needs some community service hours to help you out. Here's how I liked to structure 90 min practices with quick water break after each area: (1) dynamic warmup without ball. Get them moving and their blood flowing with simple agility exercises and light stretching. THIS IS NOT CONDITIONING. 10 minutes. (2) ball skills. I like to work on passing the ball back and forth between two players. Use left and right foot. short passes, long passes, one touch, two touch, little volleys etc. The goal here is to teach kids how to properly receive and kick a ball with both feet. Later, you can use groups of 3 and work on turning. No Heading at this age! 20 minutes (3) specific skills. shooting, moving without the ball, small sided games, sharks and minnows, passing to space, keep away 30 minutes (4) scrimmage for no more than 15 minutes - This is where you teach game specific stuff. DO NOT DO CONDITIONING AT THIS AGE GROUP! Nothing worse than seeing a bunch of 8 year olds suffering through sprints at the end of a practice. Is that the last thing you want them to remember from practice? You want them to keep coming back, so make it fun. If you keep them moving for 90 minutes, they will get conditioning during the practice. Over time, you will develop your own style and routine. Good luck!
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    Ware has already been the league MVP and a disappointment this season. And hasn't even gotten a carry yet.
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    How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb? It's a really obscure number, you've probably never heard of it.
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    I read that earlier today. If a financially struggling pill maker specializing in questionable super-strong opioids being against cannabis legalization doesn't make someone re-evaluate his opposition, then we're not ever going to see eye to eye on this issue.
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    Remember this guy? Hightower was a STUD at the end of last year and won many championships. He was out of football since 2012. Let me remind you of what he did: Week 14: 95 total yards 1TD Week 15: 85 total yards Week 16: 169 total yards 2 TDs CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK Week 17: 107 total yards 1 TD CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK FOR THOSE THAT USE WEEK 17 Are we saying that Beastmode, who has only been out of football for less than a year, is more washed up than Hightower?
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    It will be fine btw.....welder friend came by and thinks he can repair it. Shouldn't have posted that soon, but adrenaline crash was setting in and was feeling pretty despondent. Teammate letting me use a pit to help for now. Still want to build a new vertical. It can wait.
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    My favorite thing about this thread is the liking of every post by NRJ. He'll probably like this post too.
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    We stopped Germany from enslaving the entire world twice. They kinda need to shut their mouths
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    my notebook is out of date, which color dot is a hug?
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    Work hours available this week for normal work = 32 Hours spent in this thread during work hours = 29
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    Truth be told, I'm married with a toddler and an infant. This evening I was laying in bed with my wife and mentioned how I couldn't wait for our "date" in bed this Saturday night. Her response was So yes I would kill to be in NRJ's shoes right about now. Even if it's just a hug
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    I get it, You're an alpha male. You can beat your chest and stereotype me all you want with the bits of information I have chosen to share. I don't care, because you don't know me. I know that I'm kind, I'm confident, and I'm a great father to my kids. I know exactly what I bring to the table. I'm letting her know what I bring to the table while seeing what she, herself, brings to the table. I'm willing to let it play out, rather than rush in, cause drama for my kids (and hers) over what would essentially be a fling if there weren't more substance there between us. I'm looking for more than a fling here. I don't know what it will be, but I like where it's headed so far. I started this thread because I was genuinely not sure if the signs I was seeing (before all this really started) was interest, and I thought it might be fun to document. I did not start this thread because I needed help or advice on how to actually proceed with actions. That being said, I am open minded and I do appreciate outside perspectives and opinions, and I have read every single post in this thread. I'm blown away by the response rate here. I never thought people would really find this #### interesting. It's been pretty fun. Regardless of the steps, "slow play," or whatever else, I can't make it any clearer than this.
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    I've figured out the thread! Nathan R Jessup is a Joe Bryant alias. He is trying to teach us that we don't need the debauchery of the Arizona Ron thread in the FFA. We can be satisfied with a good old fashioned, clean cut, non-sexual love story. This thread is at 85 pages and the AR thread is at 167 pages and it has been around for more than 3 years, so maybe we're proving his point?
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    This is a fantastic post, thank you for putting it together i totally agree with the the conditioning thing, I've never done more than a short warm up jog to start practice. I have them running quite a lot in practice, don't feel like they need any extra conditioning, I'm already running them for 1:15, no need for more I've certainly had a few drills bomb, good suggestion to just drop them I definitely love the part of being a coach, like to get to know the kids and have fun I certainly don't know the nuance of the game but try to make up for it in enthusiasms and energy I'm a sweaty mess after practice too
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    I want to know what the actual #### you guys are reading? "Put your cards on the table!" He only spent 2+ hours in a coffee shop with her and they were BOTH laying full decks on the table. You could've had the world's biggest game of 52 pick up with all the cards being laid. "You gotta move faster or you'll be friendzoned!" Horse crap. Do you people not realize NRJ and Marissa have actual real lives, with bills and jobs and family commitments? Given everything that NRJ has been willing to share, I'm happy he's gotten this far. He's made ZERO misplays so far. I'd be willing to discuss whether the second hug should've been a kiss, but by and large given the circumstances, it's gone rather well. This is not a sitcom where everything is wrapped up in 22 minutes. Also, thanks to @CurlyNight and @krista4 for their thoughts from the distaff side.
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