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    Love when a plan comes together! At LAX now, arrive in Minneapolis tonight. Ryder Cup Sat and Sun, Vikings/Giants MNF!
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    Had a 5k this morning. I followed the advice in here and bought some Tailwind. Took the Tailwind an hour before the race and really had energy throughout, thumbs up. Took 2 pre-race dumps! Arrived about 45 minutes early and did some stretching for my hip bursitis (thanks Juxt). The race started, and I got in a nice position behind 2 20 something year old girls (awesome view). I was around 8:00 for the first mile and had to snap out of it and pass the young ladies. I passed a few other and ran around 7:56 for the 2nd mile then 7:30 something for the last. My hip began to flare up at the 2 and a half mile mark. I pushed through and crushed my PR by a whole minute! Finished 9th out of 100+ people and 2nd for my age group. Final time 23:46! Enjoy your Saturday l, fellas!
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    Futile and listless handy is the name of my Blues Traveler cover band.
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    Well, since you brought up birthdays, my wife really is the best. Despite a minor meltdown wherein I had to talk her down off the ledge, for my birthday she bought me a few of my favorite things. Came home to cigars, pickled quail eggs, sardines in olive oil, luxardo cherries, Beef jerky and scotch. She's a ####### keeper.
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    He's kind of a ####. But he's our ####.
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    They commented earlier about how some Americans were chirping at Garcia this morning for not winning any majors. Maybe they should leave Sergio alone. That guy is an assassin at the Ryder Cup.
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    Thanks man. Worked today and then married some people. Chilling outside with some music, some stupid dogs, crappy store brand whiskey mixed with crappy energy drank (don't judge), and waiting for wife to get off work. I'm hoping for a futile and listless handy.
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    Not in a thousand years. The marginal value between kickers is almost meaningless. It's certainly not worth a solid chance at a franchise-type impact player. Even if I absolutely knew that Janikowski would be a good kicker for 15 years there is no way I make that pick. And the Raiders certainly didn't know that at the time. The only dumber pick on a kicker was Tampa Bay selecting a kicker in the 2nd round... which is bad, very bad... but even worse, they traded up to do it. Awful. How are these guys so terrible at basic numerical analysis and value? Blows my mind how they got their positions.
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    Hopefully Spieth and Westwood face off against each other tomorrow, it would be a nice change of pace to see pars and bogeys win holes.
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    Too funny, just came to post that Reed might be an SOB, but he's OUR SOB. Love that dude in the Ryder Cup.
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    I love how the guys sitting are out there pumping them up This is one of the best events in all of sports
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    What you've got to do is cut the hamstring on the back of his leg right at the bottom. He'll never play golf again, because his weight displacement goes back, all his weight is on his right foot, and he'll push everything off to the right. He'll never come through on anything. He'll quit the game.
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    Patrick Reed is our Ian Poulter
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    Just booked one through Costco Travel website. They found a deal that buried competitors and even the rental car company's own site. Didn't have to pay upfront for it, and have a window for free cancellation. Makes me want to drive to their store and blow all the savings on Kirkland Center Cut Bacon.
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    Thank you Reed. A half point still sucks given the blown lead but a whole point would have been disastrous.
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    Your use of "we" is disturbing.
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    It's not a disasterous move if that coach has enough of a brain to run that 4-3 until the roster can slowly transition to his preferred 3-4.
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    Cameraman is pretty focused on those hot Asian chicks.
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    I've been hesitant to make the final percentage update, but I think I'm going to go ahead and do so. We've discussed this thing being "a relationship" and I think it is, for both of us, regardless of what we label it or don't label it. We have mutually expressed non-interest in seeking attentions from other parties. She has referred to me, in gest.. (or was it?), as her "boyfriend" when talking with her dad, who had been giving her #### about me being her "boyfriend" even before the first hug took place. She text me that her 11yo, after noticing us sitting closely and talking a lot when they come over to our yard, asked her a couple days ago if "he wants you to be his girlfriend?" and she said she just dodged the question so as not to get grilled with more questions from the kids. I said "well, you can tell her 'yes, he does'" We haven't had the official discussion yet, but it's a technicality at this point. In fact, we may discuss this more this evening. We've talked, we've laughed, we've hugged, we've cuddled, we've kissed, we've exchanged several bodily fluids. This woman has rocked my world. What started off innocently as me being attracted to how she looked, has ended up with me being happier than I've been in a long damn time, and, I honestly believe it's the same for her. So I don't know that I will be updating any further after this (I'm still on the fence about a pic, but leaning more towards no), but thanks again to everyone who joined in the discussion here. It certainly made it fun. Woo: COMPLETE Oh, and I feel like I would be completely remiss in not saying, for the record.... YOU'RE ### #### RIGHT I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!`!11~!1
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    I can't quite put my finger on what's kept Westy from winning majors.
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    You gotta believe JB is pretty sick of dragging Ryan Moore around.
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    Ironic about the PGA honoring Nicklaus for 50 years as a member He didn't join until he been on tour almost five years and missed a couple Ryder Cups because of that They had silly requirements like knowing how to regrip clubs (this was before the PGA and the PGA Tour separated) Jack played in his first Ryder Cup at age 29 - his 8th year on tour - and famously conceded an 18 inch putt to Tony Jacklin that gave Great Britain a tie
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    That's awesome. Reed rules.
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    respected on a fake football board? I'm good, bro
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    I like Reed as the anchor TBH
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    Wow, great stuff @JShare87. And @Hang 10, kick your usual ### in your race.
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    FWI.. for the younger FBG guys good write up on the 91 "War by the Shore." The Ryder Cup has always been a great event but 91 is thought as being the one that escalated the event to the current fever pitch. Great memories not only because of the event but quality time with my Dad.
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    Over/under was 74 1/2. Did not specify which quarter.
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    HE TAKES IT MICHAEL OLIVER IS A HUGE LIVERPOOL FAN. But I also have no Idea what hes referring to... the pretty cut and dry PK call?
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    Hiring a 3-4 HC with a phenomenal 4-3 defense in place was an effing disastrous move. And so it has come to be.
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    The † indicates they made at least 1 Pro Bowl 17 Oakland Raiders Sebastian Janikowski † K 18 New York Jets Chad Pennington † QB 19 Seattle Seahawks Shaun Alexander † RB 20 Detroit Lions Stockar McDougle OT 21 Kansas City Chiefs Sylvester Morris WR 22 Seattle Seahawks Chris McIntosh OT 23 Carolina Panthers Rashard Anderson CB 24 San Francisco 49ers Ahmed Plummer CB 25 Minnesota Vikings Chris Hovan DT 26 Buffalo Bills Erik Flowers DE 27 New York Jets Anthony Becht TE 28 Indianapolis Colts Rob Morris LB 29 Jacksonville Jaguars R. Jay Soward WR 30 Tennessee Titans Keith Bulluck † LB 31 St. Louis Rams Trung Canidate RB 32 Cleveland Browns Dennis Northcutt WR 33 New Orleans Saints Darren Howard DE 34 Cincinnati Bengals Mark Roman S 35 San Francisco 49ers John Engelberger DE 36 Philadelphia Eagles Todd Pinkston WR 37 Atlanta Falcons Travis Claridge G 38 Pittsburgh Steelers Marvel Smith † OT 39 Chicago Bears Mike Brown † SS 40 Denver Broncos Ian Gold † LB 41 Arizona Cardinals Raynoch Thompson LB 42 New York Giants Cornelius Griffin DT 43 San Diego Chargers Rogers Beckett SS 44 Green Bay Packers Chad Clifton † OT 45 Denver Broncos Kenoy Kennedy SS 46 New England Patriots Adrian Klemm OT 47 Oakland Raiders Jerry Porter WR 48 San Francisco 49ers Jason Webster CB 49 Dallas Cowboys Dwayne Goodrich CB
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    how Slack does not have a better job somewhere of MMA analysis is so frustrating and beyond me. it is like all of the MMA reporting doesn't want actual analysis of fights, Sirius or Fox Sports should have him on for something. A show with him, Dan Hardy and Cruz would be absolute gold
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    #### my life. just saw the news and let out a very dramatic "oh my god". My wife is very concerned. "What? What is it?!" "the sixers number 1 draft pick broke his foot." "oh..."
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    I set 3 PRs for the month... Highest mileage: 312 mi (finally broke that 300 barrier) Longest time: 43:08:33 Lowest avg HR: 138.8 I did some @pbm107 analysis and I like where things are going. I've made a concerted effort on keeping the recovery runs extra easy, which I think is a big reason why I was able to get over the 300 hump - keeping the pace down has kept me fresher than usual. Month Miles Pace Avg HR April 148.9 8:38 146.5 May 151.4 8:24 144.8 June 232.8 8:22 141.2 July 230.3 8:17 141.0 August 266.2 8:15 139.7 September 311.8 8:18 138.8 Now I get to do it all over again.
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    One week to go. Getting antsy, so the taper is working. This thread is a godsend. Been going back today and reading back on the build-up to last years race, the logistics of getting down there, the plan going into the race last year, and then the report that thankfully I detailed so well that it will help me with some things this year. Already watching the weather.
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    Probably get a pretty weak signal in a basement. But you never know for sure until you try. This is where a Tivo setup would shine. You could put a Tivo in an upstairs room where the antenna has a strong signal, and then use a Tivo Mini in the basement that uses your local wifi network to get access to one of the tuners in the Tivo upstairs. Of course you also get the DVR functionality for antenna channels. Not cheap, but still cheaper than cable/satellite.