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    "raided" with 2 days warning
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    2: 1 boy and 1 girl in heaven
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    Look at you, winning at life.
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    Rachael Maddow: Robotic Lesbian by Squizz
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    I hope you get out and go trick or treating tonight. You are one tightly wound dude.
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    LOL at people taking Dexter seriously.
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    Seriously, we could fill in the blank with like a dozen different things at this point, right?
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    Sitting here at the hospital awaiting another Otis family addition and got me to thinking, since this place is a bunch of old dudes, about how many kids the average FFAer has. Whatcha got?
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    This hadn't occurred to me before. Again, the fact that this hypothetical is actually kind of plausible speaks to just how bad Trump is.
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    i hope that mom and baby are healthy and congratulations to you and your family brohan take that to the bank
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    It's odd that the dems made Romney look crazy when he played the Russia fear mongering card in 2012, yet playing the Russia fear mongering card is one Hillary's most important cards to play this year.
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    We all could, we just don't care as much as you do
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    Dude, if you think I'm sifting through the msNBC website to satisfy you you're on the moon. But thank you for this post, I will sleep with a smiley. Maybe you are right, perhaps I pegged the wrong person for a meltdonw
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    Trick or treating. Son out of nowhere: "What if your whole body was made out of ankles?"
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    Heard a pundit last night say that Trump fact-checkers have PTSD. It's not even worth the trouble of explaining how false Trump's "650 million across the border in a week" claim is. Trump is claiming a number equivalent to all of Mexico, all of South America, all of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, plus about 14 million more people from around the world would cross the border in a week. But someone Clinton knows sent and received some emails we haven't read yet, so it's still a race.
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    The meltdown in here by the do-gooders has been fantastic . Simply fantastic, believe me folks , fantastic.
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    LOL at how mad you keep getting because you can't control people's responses here. You act like you're done open minded poster seeking to educate yourself but you already have your mind made up and come across like you just want an iFight. Get a grip man. Also learn the rules of handling classified information and stop making your own lines in the sand.
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    Wife: So I've been thinking... Me: I agree, I've already been in contact with a divorce lawyer * *true story, she wasn't happy
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    So apparently there is a place on the internet where Hillary and company is coming up with a story that Trump has his own server and is in cahoots with Russia. I fell like I'm listening to my four year old try and lie her way out of trouble. There's a crap load of chocolate all over her face and the last cupcake is missing.
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    My Negan costume got a lot of love (and hate) at Halloween parties over the weekend.