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    "raided" with 2 days warning
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    I sure wish all you ####ers had voted for Bernie.
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    2: 1 boy and 1 girl in heaven
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    Look at you, winning at life.
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    So.......Hazel mooned everybody in our house while I was at work. Not sure what provoked it, but she did it going up the stairs. When asked where she learned this neat trick, she said "dad". I'm not even mad.
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    If they do that they should be removed from office. Every single last one of them.
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    Those that feel Trump, of all people, at this age, will suddenly "change" who / what his is at root are the very reason scam artist con men are able to keep on keeping on ripping people off and pulling the wool over their eyes, decades after being discovered as the fraud they are. Yeah, 4 years as President is going to sooth Trump's self centered, destructive and vindictive approach to life, while giving him newfound respect for all those who didn't vote for him (since he is so good at accepting that others don't like him) including and especially the minorities, women, and disabled that he's repeatedly insulted and/or mocked.
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    The nation is not dumber. The dumber are just louder. Social media. EnterNEWSment. The need to feed a country where half the people are below average, what they want to see and hear to feel better, without giving a chance to actually think it through (if such critical thought is even possible). The problem is illegitimate points of view, just the absurd alone, become co-opted and repeated often enough that we "have" to address them... the problem is, while some try to address these questions in earnest, those who eat up the absurdity don't provide the same respect in return. I'd also add that the march of history is clear... those who still stand on the side of hate, bigotry, racism, homophobia, denial of true rights and equality to all... they are and have been on the losing side of the march toward more inclusive and true freedom and liberty in our nation. Let's not forget, for those of us around 40, it was only a decade before we were born when blacks could not legally ####### vote!!! I mean, that's hardly ancient history... friends of mine were born before that right was finally granted to all black americans (well, those who didnt have them subsequently taken away by the selfish forces I mentioned before). Since that time blacks have been awarded the right to vote, women's equal-rights, medically, in the workplace and in general have been significantly advanced, inter racial marriage is legal, homosexual and others accross the spectrum's rights have been significnatly advanced. Your (often literally) poor white is getting angry at others merely gaining equality, as they see this as somehow pushing their own place in society downward. Instead of finding a way to be a part of a more vibrant and culturally rich community, they maintain an insular and anachronistic world view, a view that puts their own personal agenda above the rights and freedoms of others. As a response? A fearful and violent diatribe, as the circling waters of change swirl around them. Their old world, selfish and insular world view is getting flushed down the toilet by the march of equality and progress... should we not expect them to yell at the top of their lungs as those last few gasps of the "old way" expire?
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    US Mexico kickoff is 7:45. Should be dos a cero by like 8:22 I'll likely be drunk by 4:28
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    Then you have a very limited imagination.
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    Jebus. Impressive work here. misspeled jesus would not hire take that to the bank brohans
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    So last Sunday we were doing nachos for the game. MrsKanil asks KanilJr(5yo) to grab the chips out of the pantry and bring them to her... and then... it happened. KanilJr: *Looking very confused at the chips* "Whose chips are these?" At this point, my ears perk up because I know what's coming. I'm giddy with anticipation... MrsKanil: They're yours and mine and daddys. KanilJr: No, I don't think so... (still looking at the bag very with a very confused look) MrsKanil: Then whose are they? KanilJr: Nach-Yo chips!!!!!!!!!!!! MrsKanil: KanilJr: *Looks at me* "HAH, GOT HER!!!" My 5yo is already working on the art of the dad joke. I've never been more proud.
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    Rachael Maddow: Robotic Lesbian by Squizz
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    I hope you get out and go trick or treating tonight. You are one tightly wound dude.
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    LOL at people taking Dexter seriously.
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    Seriously, we could fill in the blank with like a dozen different things at this point, right?
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    Sitting here at the hospital awaiting another Otis family addition and got me to thinking, since this place is a bunch of old dudes, about how many kids the average FFAer has. Whatcha got?
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    He generally tries to hide his disdain for those that don't agree with him, but as the stress ramps up the protective measures start to fall away.
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    Safe to assume you're posting comfortably from your doomsday bunker today until next Wednesday? My god man get a dog.
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    Ask the Social Justice Warriors about that.
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    Miss Venezuela introducing Clinton today the ship be sinking folks
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    I can't explain how excited I am for this match. I've never been to a WCQ or WC match. I am not as knowledgeable about soccer as most of the folks in this thread, but I am a huge US Soccer fan. This is a bucket list type event for me and I cannot wait.
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    I wish Mitt had run this election.
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    Tobias: the fact that a sizeable number of dip####s are threatening people based on religion/heritage doesn't make something a holocaust.
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    This hadn't occurred to me before. Again, the fact that this hypothetical is actually kind of plausible speaks to just how bad Trump is.
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    i hope that mom and baby are healthy and congratulations to you and your family brohan take that to the bank
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    It's odd that the dems made Romney look crazy when he played the Russia fear mongering card in 2012, yet playing the Russia fear mongering card is one Hillary's most important cards to play this year.
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    We all could, we just don't care as much as you do
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    Dude, if you think I'm sifting through the msNBC website to satisfy you you're on the moon. But thank you for this post, I will sleep with a smiley. Maybe you are right, perhaps I pegged the wrong person for a meltdonw
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    Trick or treating. Son out of nowhere: "What if your whole body was made out of ankles?"
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    Seriously. There could be pictures of their dad mooning them on that phone.
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    She should be in jail. Trump threatening to lock her up is actually one of the good qualities about him.
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    Jesus, we need to stop with this narrative. Hillary, for all her faults, isn't one FRACTION "as bad" as trump. His temperment is horrible. He couldn't keep from getting goaded into fights for two months of a pretty easy election cycle. Foreign leaders will eat him for breakfast and we will all pay for it. He is a cheater and a crook, and a horribly bad one at that. The worst kind of bully. And not very smart. And will get played. And a HORRIBLE businessman. Everyone should be terrified if we won. So, no, they are not close to the same.
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    I'm sorry but if you cry RUSSIA#%#!Q@ or holocaust you deserve to get mocked no matter what demographic you belong to. Those people are idiots.
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    Laugh now...but "Russia" is trending on Twitter What the hell....did I wake up in the 50s ? If "Japan" starts trending, somebody notify Pearl Harbor.
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    charges would have certainly been dropped. zing!
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    Portland kids already treating Turner like an albatross: evan turner ‏@thekidet 14h14 hours ago I bought all this damn candy and only one kid showed up wearing a Lillard jersey. I HAD KING SIZE CANDY BARS TOO!! #theyouthislost
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    Heard a pundit last night say that Trump fact-checkers have PTSD. It's not even worth the trouble of explaining how false Trump's "650 million across the border in a week" claim is. Trump is claiming a number equivalent to all of Mexico, all of South America, all of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, plus about 14 million more people from around the world would cross the border in a week. But someone Clinton knows sent and received some emails we haven't read yet, so it's still a race.
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    LOL at how mad you keep getting because you can't control people's responses here. You act like you're done open minded poster seeking to educate yourself but you already have your mind made up and come across like you just want an iFight. Get a grip man. Also learn the rules of handling classified information and stop making your own lines in the sand.
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    Have two grown daughters now. Since the day they went to college not one day has passed without them texting or calling me. When I go out with them now it is like going out with one of my buddies. They love working out, baseball and football, drinking beer with me or whatever and always want me around everything they do. They invite me and their mom out to the bars with all their friends. We always meet them have a couple and leave before it gets too crazy. Daughters love their dads.
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    My Negan costume got a lot of love (and hate) at Halloween parties over the weekend.