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    People that don't like this movie have small weiners
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    Juxt's 2016 Year-end Report Your goals coming into the year, and were they achieved? Reading back, I see that I set two goals. The first was a sub 18 5K. I achieved that in March with a 17:50. I also mentioned running sub 60 for the 10-miler in Philly although I mentioned that was probably over-ambitious. Well, it was! That didn’t happen! New accomplishments or PRs in 2016: Just the 5K. I guess one could say I also PRed the 10-miler although my half marathon PR pace was faster so I don’t think it should count. Your proudest and/or best race (or segment within a race): Not surprisingly, the 5K. For 5Ks, I set my watch to auto-lap every half mile. I remember several times my pace slipping in the beginning of the lap and each time I was able to dig a little deeper. A race or race training disappointment during 2016: My longest standing PR is a 10K that I ran in 2013. At the time it was my best run from a McMillan calculator standpoint and one of my proudest race moments. I thought I might never run better than that. Now, however, it’s my weakest PR. I’ve run faster at least once on a tempo training run and multiple times on a treadmill. I tried to beat it twice in races this year. Both times I hardly even considered not being able to PR. However, I failed both times. Weather was warm those races but it was certainly a disappointment nevertheless. Total training volume during 2016: Currently I’m at 2,523 miles. That surpasses my previous best set last year at 2,348. Unfortunately, not much to show for it! After training every day for the Philly race, I spent the summer and fall training without a clear goal or plan. I had hoped to enter races when I “felt ready” but too many days off and cutting runs short coupled with a too hot and humid summer made me never feel ready. Best memories of other guys’ training or races in 2016: pbm being really, really awesome last spring. SteveC’s Olympic quest. SteelCurtain and FUBAR having Boston qualifying marathons. Mac making a huge jump this year and having an awesome 5K. On the flipside, worst memories were the disappointments in BQs this fall. I’m happy to read that Hang 10 and Ned will try again this spring. I hope Mac gets the itch again and joins us. And let me also say: Just a thank you for all the likes here on FBGs, the kudos on Strava and, overall, the encouragement you all have given me. In real life I only have one friend (an Ironman) who fully understands what I do and the sacrifices I make. To be sure, there are payoffs to this hobby but it’s always a challenge to get out of bed when the alarm goes off and to not bail on runs when things get difficult. Fortunately, I’m driven by a strong sense of guilt and fear of failure (in my mind, anyway) but, in all sincerity, I couldn’t do it without you. Goal(s) for 2017: Convince Tri-man to join Strava. My main goal is to fully commit to marathon training. A full 18 week schedule for my May marathon starts on January 1. I hate to take qualifying for Boston for granted but given my old-man handicap, I’m not worried assuming I stay healthy. Running well isn’t really about the race, it’s about the process before it. If I’m able to do what I need to do, I should be well positioned to have a shot at a marathon PR as well as PRing some tune-up races.
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    I have a great wife and two children, all of whom I love very much, but David Johnson may be my favorite person.
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    To my big brother George, the richest man in town! every time
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    Merry xmas. You are all morons. I love you all.
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    Merry Christmas to my fellow plodders.
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    Jabba: How I learned to stop worrying and love being an amorphous blob
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    I would think the mortgage rates would be significantly lower from 2012 to now. So it doesnt make all that much sense in paying off your mortgage early vs plopping the extra in retirement accounts or other investments And you would be wrong. Paying off a mortgage is still what most people would do and it's good advice. It makes a lot of sense to pay down a mortgage early, especially if you don't have high interest loans or revolving debt. Paying it off or not paying it off is a personal choice, but I don't know many people without a mortgage payment complain about not having one.
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    They paid four billion for the franchise, you think they're just going to stop making trilogies at 9? We'll be seeing Star Wars for the rest of our lives.
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    Wishing you all a Merry Chirsmtas and great holiday season.
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    As others have said, it's not just the best Christmas movie ever made, it's on of the best films ever made.
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    One of best movies ever made.
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    That whole scene gets me. When the crusty old bank examiner puts the money in the pile and then starts singing at the top of his lungs, that's about when I lose it.
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    I wish there was a place here for us to make a note on people whose movie reviews shouldn't be followed.
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    Getting ready to go to the worst Chinesed buffet in 3 counties.
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    it would have been a merrier christmas if hou could kick an XP
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    I gotta remeber to not venture out of this thread or else Im going to get banned. Did Pitt and Bal last night need to do Den KC... I should be killing noobs on COD but the boys get Fifa soccer and star wars legos so I guess Ill do the KC DEN game now
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    Great real life backdrop to this movie. Stewart was actually suffering from PTSD after serving in WW2 and trying to resurrect his career. He was suffering emotionally from the horrible things he saw in WW2. He was having a tough time finding roles, and didn't even really like the script, but ended up taking the role. Watch the emotional scenes he delivers in the movie, and you know he really is feeling the hard stress of real life.
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    Atta boy Clarence :wink: So great.
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    "Could I have $17.50?" (also gets me every time)
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    Stud. So glad I have him on my dynasty squad. So much for not building your dynasty team around RB's...
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    Merry Christmas to all of my FBG beer brothers!
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    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Festivus! Whatever you celebrate this holiday season I hope you enjoy it will family, SO's & friends. If solo, I hope you have really good leftovers and some great beer and wine, or mixers, enjoy. And Have an awesome New Year!! I just want to say thanks for all the great conversations over the course of the last year. Great smart funny group. It's a real gift to discuss such diverse topics with folks with different perspectives from all over the country and even the world. I've learned a lot. I hope you all have a peaceful, positive, sincerely happy holiday, filled with all the good stuff you want. - SID
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus, have a great winter solstice season. May it be every thing you hope/want/need it to be.
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    Also love that the killed off Red 5 in the Rogue One space battle, leaving that call sign open for that farm boy in the next episode.
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    Le'Veon Bell PIT under 6 receptions -105 Sportsbook Dennis Pitta BAL under 4 receptions -130 Sportsbook Antonio Brown PIT over 6.5 receptions -130 Bovada under 7.5 avail Ben Roethlisberger PIT over 270.5 passing -115 Bovada Ben Roethlisberger PIT over 23.5 completions -140 BOL good through 24 Terrance West BAL under 40.5 rushing -110 BOL Joe Flacco BAL over 24 completions -135 BOL
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    There's no limit to how many Death Stars can be built.
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    Had to cut the beast into two...Before Pic
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Harmonica, and a kick-### Kwanza GMTANers. I hope you and yours have the best possible.
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    @FatUncleJerryBuss just dropped some random Christmas kindness on me toward something I'm saving up for..... and I'm trying to pay it forward in a unique way... this idea just occurred to me. 1) For someone who likes Eagle Rare 10yr bourbon but simply can't find it in their area for whatever reason. Speak up and I'll send you a bottle. First come first served. 2) I've also been lucky enough to get a couple bottles of highly sought after Weller 12yr bourbon this year. I know many people have never tried it or Have never owned a bottle.... if that describes you, speak up. The first 3 folks to respond with interest for the Weller 12 will be considered. I'll either let Cav pick the winner, or use to decide. Either way I'll ship a full bottle to the winner and 2oz samples to the other two. Merry Christmas, fellas
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    Merry Christmas GMTAN. Skiing in the morning, then Chrimmas dinner with my brother and sister before taking the train back home. If Matt Prater can manage to put up 3 points on Monday night I win $2000. Hope you all get your stockings stuffed.
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    I like how Alfalfa was a rapey stalker.
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    My second attempt at Pastrami turned out much better. Brined a brisket for a week, then rubbed heavily with Pepper, Coriander, and half dozen other spices and slow smoked for eight hours, then refrigerated for 8 hours and finally steamed a couple hours to finish it off. Its recommended to refrigerate two days after putting on the dry rub, but I wanted a Reuben tonight. I also had a trip tip in the brine, so I gave it a rub and will let it stay on a couple days in the fridge and see if/how much that helped. My Russian dressing is really good for these andwiches,also for boiled shrimp or salad dressing: 2 cups good mayo 1 T sweet relish 2 T Horseradish 3 diced jalapenos 3T Siracha 3 T finely minced onion 1 T Mustard Just stir it all together
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    Fun fact for you: the actor that plays Nick the bartender is Sheldon Leonard, and yes, the two main characters in The Big Bang Theory are named after him.
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    Surprised there's not more chatter about it, must be the holiday. 2nd 4th guy in the history of the league with three 200+ games (Tiki Barber 2005, Earl Campbell 1980 (4 games) and OJ Simpson 1973) and over 1200/8 in 14 games on the season. I have him in two dynasty and my homer 1-year keeper and am thrilled about his future. edit: Apparently PFR doesn't have Campbell and Simpson as RB's.
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    Yeah, it's pretty awful. I tell my employees to ignore it and give them time off for two local financial courses from local colleges. I've gotten flack from management at times, usually bad managers, but my employees love it.
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    10th anniversary of my dad's death today. Drinking myself to sleep with BILs scotch at in-laws. Worst moment of my life getting that news via voice mail as I stepped off the plane to come here 10 years ago. I would stab cancer in the face right now if I could.
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    Championship in every league I owned him in. Amazing.
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    I was turning the TV off about to go to bed, it happened to land on Fox. Found myself watching the Swanson-Choi fight. That was one of the best fights I've ever seen in my life.
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    That's better than when Tanner stood me up to repair a toilet
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    Considering taking all the boys gifts and lighting them on fire in the backyard.
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    The Browns won their first game today. Time for the 2008 Detroit Lions to pop the champagne corks.
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    Merry Christmas eve y'all! This popped up on my Facebook today, pretty cool read - the year of strava in stats. Yeah, it's a commercial, but cool nonetheless.