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    Hate to say it...... It's over, folks. This place has the feel of a once very popular bar with regulars who made it great, but started leaving when new corporate owners took over and started making changes. Still the same bar, still the same location, decor similar...but the atmosphere is gone. Corporate owners serve different masters and it isn't the patrons that helped make it what it once was. I'm finding less and less to read here or reasons to post and I've been a message board nerd here since 2000ish. I just don't care anymore. It's so bland. The creativity is gone. The camaraderie has been replaced by political lines and back biting. The ability to be funny and work in the PG13 blue has been nerfed. It's sterile and no longer a must stop for me. Sad to say....i loved this place, but the party is over.
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    My Fab Four segment recorded 4/30: Full show Just my portions in case you want to skip the songs (but you shouldn't!) My intro to song #11 in the top 100 countdown You might have noticed my Beatles song countdown thread hanging around the first page for several months. Or you noticed all the music threads it spawned - sorry! SiriusXM has a Beatles Channel, and one of the segments on the channel is called My Fab Four, in which a celebrity or a regular schmoe plays four of their favorite Beatles songs. Kind FBG @Kilgore Trout sent the Beatles Channel people a link to my thread, and they asked me to do a My Fab Four. Usually when a regular schmoe does one of these, they tell little stories about why they love a song - "My favorite song is Being of the Benefit of Mr. Kite because my dad was a carnie" or "I like I Am The Walrus because I am actually a walrus." Whatever. That's not what I did. Instead, I tried to fit in as much thread shtick and as many FFA usernames as I could. And so, we're left with this, which I'm doing from memory because I didn't write scripts down or listen to my own segments: Song 1 - In my intro I talk about the thread and some schmaltzy stuff about communities. I worked in bits of two FBG names. This is the only song that was not in my top 10, but people who followed the thread will know why I chose it. Song 2 - Worked in bits of at least two FBG names (one of which has since been banned) and two repeated bits of shtick from the thread. This song is in my top 10 but was chosen for ability to get the thread shtick in there. Song 3 - While the song is in my top 10, I chose this over another one I would have preferred, only because I could get the most FBG screennames in my intro. I know there are at least four. This is where I went full-on schmaltz because it was the only way I could work those names in there. Don't believe anything I say. Song 4 - Brings the segment full circles back to the thread, some of what happened in the thread in terms of community, and at least one important piece of thread shtick. I started this new thread and am giving all this information here because, as the thread has died down, some of the regulars aren't popping in anymore. And this is the most important part: I did my segment in the way I did as a sort of love letter to the people who contributed to that thread, as well as to the FFA in general. You guys are the best. At the end of this post in a spoiler tag, I'm putting the screennames of everyone who contributed substance to the thread (in general order of when they appeared in it), and I want to thank each of them for making it work. In addition, the entire FFA community should be given an equal opportunity to make fun of me when this airs. After I did my segment, I was later asked by the Beatles Channel to record an introduction to a song for their countdown of 100 top songs voted on by listeners, which they'll be airing beginning next Friday at 2 pm PDT. They repeat this back-to-back throughout the weekend, so listen for me on song #11 there, too. With that massive intro (which no one read), here are the current airdates: Tuesday, April 30 - noon PDT - My Fab Four Thursday, May 2 - 10 pm PDT - My Fab Four Friday, May 3 - 100-song countdown begins at 2 pm PDT; I'll be at #11 throughout the weekend as they repeat the countdown a billion times Week of May 6 - more airdates of My Fab Four TBD If you don't have SiriusXM, I believe you can get a free trial. UPDATE: We will also post it here! My and thanks to the people below.
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    Hi Shuke, I want to let you know about a change I've made to my life. One I'm guessing will not be popular with some. We will no longer have the "EAT-OFF" type threads. That means the polls or the threads where the intent is basically posting pictures or videos of grown men power eating unhealthy food and guys talk about the men eating. This is not the result of any incident or drama. It's something I've thought about for a while. Well before the recent #FatShaming events. I'm not mad at anyone and nobody's in trouble. It just finally hit me today that these aren't something we should be doing to ourselves or our legacies. And it's not an issue of moderating and taking out the grotesque videos. The entire idea of the EAT-OFF is something we don't want to have. And I'm sure there will be people who don't like this change. As I've always said here, I'm not sure our way is the right way. But it's the way we're going to do it. If an FFA without the "EAT-OFF!" threads isn't an FFA you want to be part of, I fully understand. And I realize this policy is super tame (or lame depending on your perspective) compared to the rest of the internet. No argument from me. I totally get it. I don't have any say in the rest of the internet. But this is my body here and I do have say in that. Which leads me to the second part. I apologize. I stood by and abused my body for years. And the buck stops with me. I'm responsible. We're a country that does things. And sometimes people do things that are wrong. But I believe it can be just as wrong not doing something and allowing something to happen. I did that here with those EAT-OFFs and I'm sorry. Thanks for being part of Footballguys. And thanks for helping make the boards what they are. G ********** General Malaise Owner - FatBodybyBud
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    Hitler reacts to NRJ's "lovemaking" (NSFW language and make sure you turn subtitles on, it defaults to off for some reason.) A collaborative effort between Gianmarco and myself.
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    Never heard of the show so I looked it up: Look, fella....if you've got a chance for the great Emily Ratajkowski to have simulated sex in YOUR house, you take it. You take it and you run with it. You do it for free. You do it for us! You go live in a box under a highway bridge if you have to, but you do it. Do you hear me?
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    Ok here is a more detailed update. June 24th will be 2 years since my wife passed away. June 17th will be 5 months since my surgery. Start with my son. He was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in October. He's doing very well managing his sugar. He is about ready to graduate Culinary School at the end of June/beginning of July. His class leaves for a week in England the last week of June (part of the tuition). He's going to a Gordon Ramsey Michelin 3 star restaurant for dinner/wine flight while there. If he has free time and can work it out, he wants to watch a World Cup game in an English Pub. Next step is for him to find a job. Claims he's looking. We'll see. LOL Now for me. Think I posted this, but I'll recap (don't feel like rereading the thread). In January I had Open Right Radical Nephrectomy (removal of the right kidney due to Renal Cell Carcinoma) and partial right Colectomy (removal of a mass in the right side of my colon, non cancerous). In and out of the hospital 5 days. Out of work for 5 weeks. First set of scans post surgery in April were good. No evidence of any remaining cancer. Next scan are in July (due to my increased risk of recurrence they are doing more frequent monitoring. Standard is every 6 months, I going every 4 for at least the first year). I'm feeling really good. Knock on wood. Work is basically the same. Good days and irritating days, but overall I enjoy going to work. Biggest change is in my personal life. After a failed attempt at dating in the fall (short 2 month relationship I thought was going well when she pulled the plug. She broke it off just as my health issues were emerging. Not sure it had any thing to do with it, or if it was coincidence. But that's neither here or there. Water under the bridge at this point). So after that, I was focusing on my health. With that being said, my son and I went to visit a friend in the hospital in NYC at the end of February. While in NY, we took the opportunity to drive out to Long Island and watch 2 of his friends (Maddie and Amanda) that bowl for their college in a tournament. After the tournament he and I went to dinner with the parents of his friends (the team went back to their hotel, so just the parents went out). Drove home after dinner and thought nothing of it. Got a text from Maddie's mother (Lisa) saying Caroline (Amanda's mother) was asking about me when they went back to their hotel after dinner. I've known Caroline for a couple of years as my son and Amanda have bowled together and against one another. The following morning I got another text from Lisa saying Caroline was asking about me again at breakfast. Maddie and Amanda's team was bowling in another tournament in South Jersey the following weekend. I thought about what to do that entire week and ultimately decided I would ask Caroline to dinner just to see if there was anything there. That Monday we went to dinner. It went well and we agreed to go out the following week. Well we've been dating since (3 months today). It's going very well. We just returned from a very short trip to Maine to attend the wedding of my brother's step son. First time traveling together. Spent 48 hours together and we're still speaking. LOL We've talked and we both like the direction it's going and have been introducing the other to our respective family and friends. We're moving a little slower than I would like, but admit it's probably better this way. So overall I really like the direction my life is taking right now. Just hoping the positive continues. I've had enough of the negative for a while. Cheesypoof
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    My drinking thinks I have a wife problem.
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    Update: feeling a tad better doing a clinical program for depression at a local medical center. It’s hard finding a good therapist and right meds for depression/ocd. I took up hiking, cooking, yoga and painting in the meantime. Thanks for the support! You guys are an awesome community of people. Im hoping to get back to work ASAP doing archeology stuff.
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    Jack Update: Followup radiation complete on lungs, pelvis and foot. CT indicates some spots in lungs that are being attributed to radiation related inflammation. Baseline MRI today before his next 4+ month chemo protocol begins next week. He will graduate HS next weekend Summa Cum Laude. Planning to attend MSU in the fall. They are being awesome about accommodating Jack and his situation by giving him is own room in a centrally located dorm with 2 HS buddies as his suite-mates. Hoping and praying it all works out for him. Headed to Dana-Farber in Boston in a couple weeks for a 2nd Opinion/clinical trial options visit. They've already indicated that his current protocol is what they would likely recommend, but want to make sure we have all our bases covered. Thanks for continued prayers... really appreciate you guys!
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    Chapter Six The aftermath and “Where Are They Now?” EG – Had to go to work drunk/hungover on Monday. Got billed $500 for the broken painting and took a month to get remuneration from Jer-Mac. Otherwise unscathed. Now posts drinking stories in the FFA. Sports a genius-level IQ and a magnificent penis that all of you would kill your own mothers to have been born with. Kev – Also had to go to work hungover on Monday. Emerged unscathed. Continues to drink absurd amounts of beer. Now 47 and lives in Hoboken, still unmarried as multiple girlfriends have gotten annoyed at his life-long pattern of choosing to get hammered with his friends over maintaining relationships with women. Destined to die a bachelor with a keg of Budweiser hooked up to him through an IV. Works for a major brokerage firm in Manhattan. Chad – Slept all day Monday. Curtailed his drinking somewhat after this event and another one shortly afterwards where he kicked a wall in a fit of drunken pique and broke his foot in 3 places, then left the party he was at and drove blind drunk and woke up the next morning in Kev's older brother's driveway. That one was a wake-up call as he didn't remember getting there and was awakened by Kev's menacing older brother pounding on his hood telling him to get the f--- out of his driveway so he could go to work. He came to and drove straight to the hospital, where they put a cast on him for 6 weeks. No longer drinks and drives and is now a successful executive with a Big Pharma company and lives in a huge house on a golf course in PA. Married to Kev’s younger sister (that courtship was fun for us) and has a 10-year old son. Jer-Mac – Haven’t seen him in years. He got married not too long after this weekend, but his wife ultimately took off because he was so annoying (she literally said these exact words to me.) He made a ton of money working nearly around the clock for almost a year after 9/11 when the NYPD was giving unlimited overtime and now owns a house in North Jersey and a cabin in Vermont. He spends a lot of time up there snowboarding and is not on social media, so I very rarely hear from him anymore. Emerged unscathed except for the phone he lost and the $500 he had to give me for breaking the painting. Beef- also emerged unscathed. Is now married with 3 kids and living in Philly, where he is a renowned surgeon and one of the leading proponents of cutting-edge technology in his field. He’s the one I see the most out of everyone from that trip as he usually flies down to FL once or twice a year to spend time with my brothers and me. We’ve now known one another for 35 years and he has been designated the honorary “4th brother” of our family. We still say “You’re the one that fell” and “F—k the Governor and f—k you!” to one another every single time we hang out together, without fail. Rose – did not emerge unscathed. He faced a judge that Monday and was arraigned on multiple charges – indecency, assault, etc. He got himself a good lawyer and got a lot of the charges dropped, but still had to pay a hefty fine and serve probation for public intoxication and criminal mischief (or something to that effect) but no jail time other than the 2 days he spent in the Baltimore City lockup. I only saw him a handful of times again in my life after this, and not since I moved to Salt Lake about a year after this weekend. He probably wouldn’t even remember my name today if you spoke it to him. He’d remember this weekend though, that I can assure you. Whereabouts unknown to me. Dan-O – aside from being down a pair of suit pants, he got through the weekend fairly intact. Some of the pictures taken that weekend while he was passed out made the rounds and he was subjected to a fair amount of ridicule for years after this. I would have given almost anything for photos from inside the women’s room stall, but no one had a camera with them. Here are a couple of photos taken while he was awake: Dan-O in his broken sunglasses, visibly plastered, while Beef chugs next to him. This was taken before noon. Dan-O, drunk already and awake after passing out while Beef catches up Dan-O at night in his “suit.” The top of this suit became his pants after he s—t the bottom of it: Dan-O on the train in his "suit." Unfortunately, Dan-O is no longer with us. A few years ago, he suffered traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident in Tahoe and passed away after spending about a week in a medically-induced coma. I miss his crazy ### every day. Faz took it on the chin for this weekend worse than anyone. If only I hadn’t jokingly suggested making that one last stop, he would have come out of it none the worse for wear. He was ultimately convicted of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice, even though (or maybe because) several of us showed up at his trial extremely baked and carrying hand painted picket signs that said “Amnesty for Faz!” (not kidding.) He spent a little bit of time in the hoosegow as a result of that night. Not too long after this, Faz quit his job with TWIB and traveled around the country for a few years playing bars (he was a singer/guitar player) to earn beer money. One night, he was in Virginia after a gig and went to sleep and never woke up. Apparently, his body just finally gave up and quit working. Here is the Almighty Faz at my wedding, doing what he loved most, drinking beer: Faz - The Great and Powerful I miss that crazy SOB every day too. In fact, part of the reason I wanted to really dig in and write this story is so that I could spend a few hours with my old friends, both the ones I still see and the ones I never will again. Part of the reason it took so long to do so is because this is possibly the last time I’ll ever tell/write the story of this weekend. Now I feel like Richard Dreyfuss at the end of “Stand By Me.” Next time you have a drink, tip out a sip for Faz and Dan-O – they may be gone, but hopefully their spirit lives on through my keyboard. Godspeed, gentlemen. - THE END -
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    For those here who don't remember, my middle son is now a freshman at a small DIII school in PA that recruited him to play ball there. As a freshman, he was warned that playing time would be hard to come by, but given that his baseball history is replete with such warnings, he has once again proven the naysayers wrong to rise in the ranks on his team, and due to an unfortunate injury to one of the starting outfielders, he was inserted into the lineup and has, today, hit his first home run ever, at any level.
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    So my niece was born a boy. An identical twin at that. From as early as they could express themselves she wanted to hang out with her older sister, play with dolls, paint her nails, play princess, etc. Her brother is such a typical boy: loves sports, fighting, army stuff, etc. Then came the questions: why do I have a penis? I don't want it. Can I be Dorothy for Halloween? Will my penis go away? Mommy did you used to have a penis? Then came the kids at school making fun of her for wanting to play with girls, doll, etc. She asked for a My Little Pony shirt when she was like 6 and then when we got it for her she cried and said she didn't want it anymore- she wanted Ironman stuff so the kids at school would be nice to her again. When she sees old pictures of herself, she asks did I have a penis then too? Does god sometime make mistakes with babies? Then came depression and saying she wanted to die. Anyway she is in 2nd grade now, fully functions in society as a girl. Still is in therapy, has been to transgender camp and is getting better with her self esteem. There is zero doubt in my mind Kate is a girl and always was.
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    Hey @MikeIke. You probably don't really know me, since I've never ventured much into the FFA. Joe linked me to this thread, though, and I wanted to come by and offer my perspective, too. When I was 13 and my brother was 15, my mom used to get her nails professionally done. Mostly because my mom is a hyper-sociable person, and professional nail appointments are professional chat appointments. (You gotta do something while the lacquer dries, right?) Her favorite nail tech at the time, we'll call her "Sharon", was around 26 and had a 12-year-old daughter, we'll call her "Mary". Sharon kept telling my mom about how she just couldn't handle Mary, she was doing the best she could but she was a single mother who had dropped out of high school, she didn't have any money, she didn't have any career prospects, she didn't have any parental role models, and she just didn't know what to do. So my mom and dad-- amazing, awe-inspiring people that they are-- took in Mary and raised her as their own. It was really weird, and hard. That part about how your kids would probably wind up fooling around with Padme? Well, my brother and Mary had already had several hot-and-heavy makeout sessions (they didn't realize she was going to become our "sister" at the time), and I had a huge crush on her for like the first year she lived with us. (I was 13. She was hot.) Eventually, things got to the point where the very thought of fooling around with Mary became super-weird. And I was really, really, really glad by that point that I *hadn't* fooled around with her. Because suuuuuuuuuuper-weird. But had there been an opportunity before we reached that point, oh hell yeah, it'd have happened. Throwing a pair of non-Westermarcked mixed-gender kids in the middle of puberty together under the same roof is dangerous. Take precautions. The early going with Mary living with us was really rough. I'm not going to compare it to what you're going through, but she rebelled early and hard. She'd basically been raising herself for a few years and she chafed at any restrictions whatsoever. She repeatedly stole money from everyone in the house and lied about it. She frequently disappeared without warning, sometimes overnight. She lied, played one family member against another, etc. Basically just causing chaos however she could. As others have opined, this was because of her life experience. Kids are phenomenally good at learning. That's their whole reason for existence, really. And what Mary had learned was that when things got tough, people got rid of her. After seeing how easily that lesson sank in on her second family with Mary, I shudder to think how well Padme has internalized it by her fifth family. Anyway, Mary figured sooner or later we were going to abandon her, so unconsciously she wouldn't allow herself to get close to us. She kept trying to push us away, to make us abandon her and prove her right. That was basically life for us for a year. And after about a year of it, she realized that we weren't going anywhere and gave it up. There was never any formal cessation of hostilities or anything, she just wound down. Actually, "wound down" gives the wrong impression. Things got much, much worse... and then they sort of stopped. And after that, things were pretty good. There was drama, but mostly of the "she's a 13-year-old girl" variety. If I had to hazard a guess based on the (very, very) limited information I have, I'd hypothesize that Padme's behavior best fits this model. It explains why she's so loving to her sister: her sister is the one person she can count on not to abandon her, who doesn't demand anything of her or judge her. It also means if you give up on her, it just "proves" to her that her mental model is correct, and everyone really *will* abandon her when things get hard. Which is a really ####ty situation for you to find yourself in, essentially held emotional hostage to this girl's needs. If I'm right, if there's no underlying mental disorder, then this is not exactly good news. Mental disorders are, in many ways, preferable. (Coming from someone with major family history of mental disorders ranging from depression to bipolar to dissociative identity disorder, borderline personality, you name it.) Once there's a diagnosis, there's usually some sort of plan of action. Things are hard, but the path is basically known. Defense mechanisms don't lend themselves to a plan of action. Basically, the "plan of action" is "put up with as much #### as you humanly can". With no idea whether "as much #### as you humanly can" is as much #### as she's prepared to dish out. With no guidance on when the #### will eventually end, or even if it ever will. She might be irreparably broken, (think: your interaction with her biological father). She might be repairable but beyond your ability. You're a good man, but good intentions are a poor substitute for expertise, and your obligations will always be potential stumbling blocks. We were able to weather Mary's ####. But it easily could have gone differently. Had she brought hard drugs into our house, or introduced my brother or I to them, that probably would have been a red line. Had my brother and I started hanging out with acquaintances of hers with gang affiliations, that would, too. Had she exacerbated my family's existing mental conditions in a dangerous way, the health and safety of my family would have taken precedence over her rehabilitation. We were incredibly lucky that she never crossed any lines that there was no coming back from. I offer no judgment for anyone in a situation where those lines *are* crossed. One final coda. You might think my family is a success story, and in many ways we were. But also, in many ways, we weren't. Mary remained close with Sharon. Sharon was her mother. Closer, in fact; now that Sharon was freed from the obligations of parenthood, she was free to be Mary's best friend. They shared clothes, went shopping together, gossipped about boys. Sharon gabbed about the single lifestyle she was finally able to lead, and Mary considered it so glamorous and enviable. My dad got a promotion that required us to move out of state. We discussed it with Mary and told her how much we wanted her to come with. She wanted to come, too. We had a house built and Mary would get a bedroom with her very own bathroom for the first time in her life. We promised to fly her back for holidays and summers so she could still see her mom plenty. Everyone was excited. Except for Sharon, who decided that having a daughter was actually so much fun (now that she didn't have to do anything) and who didn't want to lose her bestie. Sharon waged a covert war for Mary's affections, persuading Mary to choose her instead of us. My parents refused to play dirty, because who wants to try to convince a kid not to love and trust her mother? Sharon eventually won, convincing Mary that life with her would be a non-stop slumber party. We moved. Mary stayed. A while later, we found out that Mary had gone to visit extended family in California, and when she'd returned, Sharon had moved without telling her where. Mary crashed on friends' couches until eventually they kicked her out. Then she moved in with her boyfriend, who was 4 or 5 years older. She dropped out of high school, moved to California, and had kids really young. We lost touch, and I have no idea where she is today or what she's up to. You could say that all of our time and effort was for nothing, but that's not really true. I mean, Mary still had us in her life for two years, and they were good years. My family learned a lot about sacrifice, and love, and also about how some problems don't really have solutions, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth trying to solve anyway. Because of this amazing thing my parents did, I know a lot more today about the meaning and shape of selflessness. They set an example for me to strive to live up to. I have two little boys, age 5 and 1. Knowing what I know, would I take in a Mary of my own? Certainly not now. I don't have the energy or resources to commit to that kind of project right now. A decade from now? Who knows. Honestly, I'd probably be more likely to donate a kidney anonymously. Organ donation is quick and easy by comparison. It has a clearly-defined beginning, middle, and end-point. But maybe. As you're seeing, there's a lot of bad that can (and inevitably will) arise from that choice. But sometimes there's a lot of good, too. Sometimes the good manages to outweigh the bad. And sometimes it doesn't, but at least you can go to bed at night and tell yourself that just because a problem doesn't have a solution doesn't mean you didn't try to solve it, anyway, and there's value in that, too.
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    Update time. I’m writing from a Duke student center of some kind while my 16 year old is on an admissions tour. Later today we visit Wake, and tomorrow UNC. Who knows if he’ll apply or get into any of them, but we thought a couple extra days tacked onto our OBX vacation made sense. It’s a good way to start looking at colleges and a great way to spend some time with him. Durham has REALLY changed since I was here 20+ years ago. Tons of new commerce and construction. It’s really beautiful. We went to a Liverpool bar in Raleigh for yesterday’s match, and a Durham Bulls game last night. Our week in Duck was mixed. It was great for the kids, but bittersweet for me. There’s just a lot I can’t do now. My days of walking are pretty much done, but I haven’t moved to a full wheelchair. I’m using an electric scooter chair, which is great in that it conserves a lot of energy, but nothing in my world is handicapped friendly. The house we were at wasn’t, so I could use the chair on the main(2nd floor), but had to really think about going anywhere else. I couldn’t go on the beach. I had to really struggle to get to the sun deck where we always have our coffee in the morning. I couldn’t really participate in our annual cornhole tournament (I can throw the bag around 10 feet, and not at all accurately). And I was constantly battling between asking for help and just not participating. I have great friends and they’d do anything for me, but, for example, I don’t WANT them to have to carry me up and down steps. I’m not ready to be that needy. But, truthfully, I am that needy. Highlights of the week included fishing (not catching) off Jennette’s Pier, lots of cards and laughs, and some outstanding bbq in Chesapeake VA on our way to a Norfolk Tides game. I also told you guys about my spring training trip with my middle son. It was just great all around. We saw some games, had some good meals, saw some nature, and went to the beach. I was still walking at that point so we could do a little more. Unfortunately my legs had already lost my ability to swim. I borrowed a life vest from a ski-doo rental place and was able to spend some time floating in the water, which was actually really nice. I needed help getting to and into the water. My son was clearly a bit embarrassed to support my walking initially, but he got over it and eventually he relaxed and we had some fun. This whole thing has been a tough learning experience for them. They’re being stretched but becoming better stronger people. That’s all for now. I’ll post some work and health updates sometime soon.
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    Update: Creepy dude has a terminated membership now, and can never join another YMCA again. Administration was very thorough and forthright. Now I will be contacting the Y legal department to determine if I need to have this documented via the police, or if they have already done so. Chalk one up for the good guys. Later creep.
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    July 2017, my wife had a medical procedure done that resulted in her going into a hepatic encephalitic coma for 6 days. During this coma, she had 24 seizures in a two day period. The result was brain damage and amnesia. Here is the link giving more information about her Liver disease from another thread. SPOILER ALERT -- my wife received her liver transplant early April and is doing great physically. The mental aspect of the seizures and encephalopathy continue to be a concern. Make no mistake about it, the situation sucks--hands down SUCKS! But trying to grasp what she is going through and how her brain now works is fascinating to me, and that is what this thread is about. IMAGINE YOUR SPOUSE WAKING UP AND NOT KNOWING... WHO YOU ARE: Yep, she didn't know me. After a few days, she caught on that I was important to her. She kept asking my name, and if we were married. It has been nine months and she still does not have any recollection of our life together for the past 30+ years. She does seem to accept that we are married, but I bet secretly she thinks she could have done better. TIP FROM A PRO: If you find yourself in this situation, see if you can have the young, good looking male nurses reassigned to other patients. WHO HER KIDS ARE: Absolutely no memory of our kids being born or growing up. If she didn't meet them after waking up, she would have no clue that the kids ever existed. That has been tough on the kids (both over the age of 20). She doesn't remember her friends or events from the past 40+ years. HOW TO TAKE BASIC CARE OF HERSELF: I had to teach her everything. How to shower, brush her teeth, brush her hair, shave her legs, putting on band-aids. Yep, even had to teach her how to wipe her butt. Things we take for granted, but if done wrong, causes infections and other ailments. She is now pretty self sufficient with her daily care. HER FATHER DIED: My wife has SOME memory of her past. As far as I can grasp, it is up to about age 10. Well, at that time, her father was still alive. She handled the grief of a parent's death pretty well, but every once in a while she misses him and it hurts like hell. HISTORY: She is now the worlds worst Jeopardy contestant. First President-nope. 9/11 - nope. WWII- forget it (literally). She can read and do some basic math, but it is a struggle. So I may need to enroll her in one of those on-line charter schools. Those are an example of her memory loss. I try to imagine her sitting with people that are talking about every-day life, and not having the life experiences to follow the conversation. Then there is the encephalopathy and dealing with "word fog". She has a tough time coming up with the correct words to use, but I have become much more aware of how her brain is working. As an example, if I ask her to get me a knife, she will retrieve one quickly. If I hold up a knife and ask her what it is, she can't always come up with the word. This has been getting better, and with the new liver, hopefully it will go away. I will update when I run into more situations. Oh, shout out to NRJ--she too likes hugs.
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    I agree with most of this, and especially the bold (and would add that women do the exact same thing). I looked at these threads sometimes, might have even voted (though don't remember doing so). Like someone mentioned, it was kind of interesting to see if your opinion was similar to others', and for me there was probably an added "hey, what do guys really like?" element of curiosity. I was never offended by their existence - except for the ones from the guy who never spelled "who's" correctly - but I would cringe at some of the comments. For the most part, I think they were a nice diversion for people from some of the heavier topics, and a way to have that "guys sitting around the bar" feel described above. As an aside, I found the "women over 50" thread a very positive and encouraging one - not objectification so much as "Wow, look at how amazing these women are." The "oddly attractive" thread had a similar feel and was actually the opposite of physical objectification. It's a shame for those to be swept up in this attempt at...well, whatever it's an attempt at.
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    Scans back and are mostly "good". Initial mass (140 cm3) is now too small to even measure... still some uptake in the area, but much, much improved. Most other areas that showed activity in the past are clear. Still 2 spots on his right lung that have actually grown slightly. A small amount of activity in his abdomen/pelvis. His right foot is still worrisome as it's still painful and scans are much less reliable in the extremities. But the radiation oncologist is confident he can take care of it. Plan is for 3-4 weeks of radiation to address the areas described above, and then "maintenance" (probably chemo... hopefully oral so he doesn't have to go in every week). The doctors are mostly positive, citing that his response has been very good and staying aggressive with treatment should prove successful in putting this into remission. Honestly, this was the first time I ever heard them use that word - remission. Of course, we wanted the scans to come back completely clean, but we're hopeful that his great progress and response provides an "end" in sight. We are also forwarding his history/results to other oncologists outside the Children's Oncology Group (COG) for 2nd opinions and treatment options. It's not that we don't trust our doctors, but don't want to leave any stone un-turned. Sloan Kettering and Mass General. Thank you all for your continued T&P... we can "feel" your support and it means more than you know.
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    For sure Buddy. More than fine. In fact, let's do this - Honor system here but Footballguys will match up to $2,500 of money the forum raises. Let's give it a couple of weeks (or hours depending on what you guys do) and we'll match up to $2,500 for what you guys donate.
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    Hey everyone!!!!!! Been offline for a while enjoying life and recovering! Today I am 8 months post liver transplant. Tomorrow is my physical abilities assessment for returning to work. That last 5 or 6 weeks I have really started to feel like I am back. I am getting stronger, getting good rest and just loving every day. I must say though, that my outlook on life had changed profoundly. I am not a religious person, so I am very thankful to the people that have pulled me through this ordeal. I am now surrounding myself with all the positive people/enery that I can. I NEED to avoid negativity when I can. Anyway, I am back, and will be on much more now that football is ramping up, and I may even enjoy my fantasy football this year! All the best to you all!, since my bariatric surgery 3.5 years ago, and now a healthy liver, my weight has gone from an all time high of 368, to my now spongy 227. wow
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    My brother, Rich would have been 52 today. It’s been 10 years since he died and in some ways it seems like yesterday. In other ways it seems much longer. The best comparison I have for losing someone so close is it’s like losing a control on an airplane. You can fly along most of the time without it and everything seems fine. Until you need to turn using that control and you realize it’s not fine at all. And you have to figure out a way around. And that’s okay. I think there’s truth in the line, “We all walk with a limp.” I’m fine. But I’m limping a bit more today. But it’s okay. That’s my point. I’m not “over it”. I don’t think I ever will be. But I am okay. Rock on, Brother. You were a great one. ***** And for sure, don't worry about me. I truly am okay as I said. I always hesitate to share stuff like this as it can be seen as more dramatic than I mean it. This isn't any cry for help or anything like that. It's just sharing.
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    She pulls me back on top of, then inside of, her and I give her the best minute and a half that I had pent up inside of me. She kinda giggled and bit her lip as I tried to catch my breath. I said “that wasn’t supposed to happen just yet, but I kinda expected it.” She said “don’t worry about that, I’m not done with you.” :chills: We relax for a few minutes and then she starts rubbing my chest and kissing on me again and it is on again. A much better performance by the colonel in round 2 had her whisperyelling obscenities in my ear and digging into my back and hips with her fingernails. I finish and collapse on top of her and she says “Dayumm! Good job.” and pats me on the back. She snuggles up to me and we lay there for a little while just relaxing. She rubs my chest again and her hand starts heading south. She says “you got another round in you?” and I say “I don’t know but there’s one way to find out.” She says “I hope so because I want you to flip me over and grab my hips this time.” :chills: Yep. After hearing that, almost instantly, I did indeed have another round in me. We both collapse in exhaustion after the 3rd at-bat of the night, and drift off to sleep. I wake up the next morning and stumble, legs still a little shaky, to the bathroom and brush my teeth, and survey the damage on my back. Not too bad. She’s rousing around when I get back to the bed and she goes to brush her teeth as well. She gets back to the bed and immediately starts kissing me again, and it is game on once again. After that round, she grabs the remote and flips on the TV and turns it to, of her own accord, the NFL combine. I’m starving at that point, having already burned through the previous night’s dinner as well as my reserve calorie stores, so we start discussing a game plan for breakfast/brunch. Checkout time was 11am. We were talking about getting food, but I think we both knew damn well we weren’t leaving that room until 11am. Neither of us had any clothing on since about 10pm the night before and I didn’t see that changing before about 10:55am. I start kissing her again and that’s all it took for the breakfast discussion to be sidelined. I playfully throw her down onto her back and climb on top of her and look her in the eyes with a smirk. She shakes her head, bites her lip and giggles and says “you are ridiculous! C’mere” and pulls me in. I figured this might be my final performance of the tournament so I gave it my all. She was not disappointed in my efforts, and I think we almost really did need those apology notes for the neighboring rooms. It's nearing 10:30, so we do actually get up and start making efforts to get dressed and packed up. I take a quick shower and put my underwear back on for the first time since we got home from dinner while she goes to take a shower. She comes out and gets dressed. It’s 10:45 or so at this point. She’s fully clothed, and I’m in the bed in my underwear, with the covers pulled up to about my waist. She climbs on top of me and starts kissing me, then down my chest, then proceeds to take me into her mouth. And, coincidentally, at about the same time Chark from LSU ran the 4.34 40, I thought I was going to blast her against the wall when she made me finish…in her mouth. Holy ####. I was tapped out. Not sure I could handle any more without plentiful sustenance and adequate replenishing of bodily fluids. I took the next several minutes to catch my breath and let my legs quit shaking. I throw the rest of my clothes on and we walk out the door at 10:59. We hit a local coffee shop for some much needed coffee and a snack, then hit the road home. In texting over the next day, she was very complimentary of the colonel. She, recalling a joke I had made to her earlier in the week, said she wasn’t convinced this session wasn’t a fluke, and we probably need to do more research. And oh yes, research we will. Soon. I'm not sure what the official scorebook says, but as I can recall, i was 5 for 5 with a BB and 6 RBI. One of my better tournament performances, if I say so myself. And definitely a night I won't ever forget.
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    "In less than two years in office, I have already sent more text alerts than even Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents of all time."
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    @General Malaise I'd whip your ### in this.
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    The ABC affiliate in Houston did a story on Chance, our family, and the Foundation. It’s a really well done piece and we feel so privileged to be able to speak about Chance and his legacy. Thanks to everyone here in the FFA for all of your support.
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    This is the crux of it. Every time the rules have changed, we've changed with them, even if it was with some apprehension. This is probably the tamest adult board on the internet, but we've stayed because it's important to us. And after a day of reflection, I get it. I understand why the who's hottest threads, albeit a lot of fun, can be interpreted as demeaning/degrading. Especially with some of the recent ones where the girls looked borderline underage. But some of these other threads about discussing women that look good at 50? I don't see the harm. Remember the outrage when Joe changed the title of "Best Hooters" to "Beautiful Women"? We adjusted and moved on, even though it destroyed a great thread. But this? This is totally different. Making a mandate that you can't discuss women? It seems crazy. Why do I care about this? I don't know. It seems childish. But maybe subconsciously (or even consciously?) I interpret it as a threat to my way of life. I'm not embarrassed to say this board has been a huge part of my life the past 20 years. You know what I did last weekend? I went to the Kentucky Derby with 3 other guys from this board, that I only know THROUGH THIS BOARD. And two of them got on a plane to be here. That probably would seem weird or crazy to a lot of people. But to me it just seems normal. I'm still here, because I'm an addict and an attention whore (keep those likes coming). But if you would have asked me a week ago, I would have said I'd be here until the day I day. Now, I don't know. I can't even talk about women?
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    Honestly, I'm not surprised by this outburst. Did you see how the guy snapped when he found out Wally World was closed?
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    Really want that boy, don't you? Listen man, take it from me. Just stop. Otherwise you might mess around and get a double double like 'Ol GM here. Forget having enough time alone together to actually do some sex; I haven't been able to so much as get an erection after my wife said the word "twins" to me. I'm ruined, Otis. RUINED! I used to enjoy the relations, looked forward to them even. I used to chase my younger bride around the house and slap her well sculpted derriere. I'd follow her into the shower and sometimes join in. Now I am permanently exhausted and disgusted by the entire thought of intercourse. I can't unsee the two boys coming out of her Aphrodite now, I'm suffering form PTSD - ##### Turned Suddenly Distasteful. It's awful. So you wise up, Otis. You hear me? You go get snipped right now. There's a chance you may well make it where I failed. AVENGE ME, OTIS!!!!! AVENGE ME!!!
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    Surmount this!
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    a couple halloween back we put out one bowl with candy (people) and one bowl with bones (dog). so jimmy and me go do our trick of treating and when we get back the candy bowl was full but all them bones were gone. I look at jimmy like dang, can you believe it? we must have had like 50 dogs come over. later that night jimmy say he gotta meet someone. so I am sitting there watching pumpkinhead and I hear some growlin in the back yard. i look out and there is somethin happening at the back fence. I grab my night vision and I see it's jimmy, pabalo and couple other dog i never met. They was dividing up the bones that we left in that bowl at our house. Just like that movie Heat. Jimmy comes in and I am waiting for him. I'm like jimmy, I saw you with them bones. Why you steal them? He played dumb but I told him I saw him in the night vision that he gave me for my birthday so he have to admit it. I'm like lol why didn't you just ask me for the bones? You didn't have to steal them. He say didnt know what the halloween rules were. He say that dogs don't get it. While he was saying that I remembered we had like 12 bags of chuck wagons suddenly disapear a few years before and I bet jimmy tipped pabalo off to teh load. dogs is mans best friend but when you aint lookin theyll take everything.
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    Hey Guys, I talked to a lot of you about this and also talked to @Maurile Tremblay @Aaron Rudnicki and @Memphis Foundry . We were able to change what we're doing on the quick reaction bar with the smiley face in the lower right of posts. If you hover over the smiley face now, you should be able to see a "Laughing" option. We're using the Apple set of emojis and the Apple option for it. It's a little goofy looking but it's what they offer. I ask that you guys please help with this though - please don't use it for mocking or laughing at what someone writes. That's the reason it wasn't included initially. I want it to be a laughing with thing. And I know that's likely me being too protective. But I'm 100% convinced few things kill discussion faster than laughing at or mocking what someone contributes. I don't want us to have that here. It should be live now if you hover over the smiley face. Have a great Saturday. Thanks @Memphis Foundry for the help on this.
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    It's rare that anybody honks milliseconds after a light turns green. It's more likely that the person who is sitting there not moving is distracted enough not to realize that what they think is a millisecond is actually many seconds.
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    Had to get it off my chest. I've had a really tough year personally after losing my mother to ALS and even though I have a strong family/friend network, this place made my days happier and helped me get through it. What an amazing thing to pop into a place and feel like you've got something in common to discuss with hundreds of other dudes(+Krista). Movies, music, ff...whatever it is, I learn something new every day and just enjoy the chatter. Thanks to everyone and Joe for making this place as great as it is.
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    I'm not proud of it, but I cheated on my wife. We were playing Monopoly, and I was the banker. First off, I'm always the racecar. Always. She picked the dog and my youngest kid picked the racecar. I was stuck with the thimble. They basically made me do it. I paid myself $400 every time I passed Go. The Free Parking money? That was all mine. I won, but the shame sticks with me, like owning those cheapass Baltic and Mediterranean properties.
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    Keep the puke couch. Every time you do something stupid, point to the couch.
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    Had a hearing with the judge today. Padme is now legally under our custody, but I guess it's only temporary. We have another hearing at the end of March to make it permanent. I'm not sure why there has to be a delay. We have what's called an "ex parte" which gives us guardianship. One thing the judge stressed to us today was "This is the third time [Padme's] custody has come before me in court. Mr. and Mrs. [Ike], do you realize that you are expected to keep her with you at least until she turns 18?" My wife and I both agreed that we understand. When we got home I told Padme that the judge had made us promise we wouldn't be pawning her off on another family a year from now. She got a big smile. I think she liked hearing that. Poor kid, she just wants a stable home. She's 12 and has never had one.
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    4 to 6 weeks a year and they live that far away. She is insane and unreasonable. If she wants to go that often fine, but no way should she expect that from you.
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    The Background: I don’t remember exactly when or why I decided to do this, but it’s been rumbling around in my head for a while to put the Beatles song into an order of personal preference. When I mentioned this in passing in the Beatles thread, a few folks – @Uruk-Hai, @rockaction, @Ilov80s– encouraged me to do it and post it, while @Eephusnotably told me I was crazy to pursue it. I am a Beatles late adopter. They were before my time, and I spent my formative musical years shunning them almost entirely, with the belief that the only Beatles song I liked was I Want to Hold Your Hand (hi rockaction!). There wasn’t a lightning-bolt moment where I changed my mind, but beginning ~20 years ago I started listening to them more and more, influenced in great part by the fact that most of my friends at the time were Chicago musicians who were Beatles obsessives. As a result, I’m not bringing a wealth of personal stories to this endeavor nor a lifelong base of Beatles knowledge. There are a ton of posters here with more knowledge of the Beatles and music in general than I have (I'm not tagging them in case they don't want to be associated with my paltry thread), as well as people like @wikkidpissahwho can write a compelling account of a life experience linked to any damn song. I hope that these folks will participate actively in the discussion. And that’s what I’m hoping this to be – not (just) a narcissistic listing of personal preferences but an opportunity to discuss my favorite music with lots of smart people with strong opinions. The Process: This is not a list of the Beatles songs I think are “best”; it is a rank order of which songs I like the most. IMO A Day in the Life is the best Beatles song, but it is not my #1 favorite song. To put together the list, I started by, over the course of months, sitting with Mr. krista at night and listening to the 12 British LPs and one British EP in order from Please Please Me through Abbey Road. Then we listened to the singles that hadn’t been already covered, most of them collected on Past Masters. I excluded the German versions as well as Real Love and Free as a Bird, which make me angry. If I had it to do over, I would have worked the singles in in their correct chronological order instead. As we listened, I typed up my comments and put the song in an initial tier, 1 through 5. After the song ended and I had put it in a tier, I asked Mr. krista for his comments and typed those up as well. Once all 204-211 songs (more on that later) had been put into one of the five tiers, I then went through each tier and preliminarily ordered the songs within the tiers. Once all five tiers were done, I meshed the tiers together, sometimes finding that I actually liked a song in a lower tier better than a song in a higher one, so it wasn’t simply adding tier 2 to tier 1, etc. After I had this initial rank order of all the songs, I put them in a Spotify playlist in that order and then, over the course of the past several months, have listened to the entire playlist numerous times, moving songs around with each listen. I’d estimate I’ve listened through the entire playlist at least 40 more times, with the middle part getting even more listens. Mr. krista commented a couple of months ago that he has friends who’ve written novels in less time than I’ve spent on this. The Result: What I’ll be posting is not an argument that a particular song is objectively better than another; it’s just what I like best. When I couldn’t decide on an order, I’d ask myself which song I’d rather hear if I could only hear one of them again for the rest of my life. I also considered the non-scientific question of “how loud do I turn this up when I comes on the Beatles channel?” 😄 A few other caveats: 1. I’m treating the Abbey Road medley as one song for ranking purposes (sorry, Eephus), though I will rank each element of the medley internally within whatever ranking it gets as well. In other words, if it was my 50th favorite song, I’ll post an internal ranking of 50(a), (b), etc. With that listed as one song, I ended up with 204 songs ranked in total. I’ll list them all in the next post. 2. This is a Ringo-friendly thread, and if you don’t like Ringo, this might not be the thread for you, other threads out there, have a nice season, etc. 3. Do not fear the sitar! A Couple Of Extras That Resulted From This Thread: Krista's My Fab Four segment on the Beatles Channel, 4/30/19 Krista's intro to Song #11 on the Top 100 countdown Talented FBGs and FBG affiliates perform Beatles songs FBG consensus rankings of Beatles songs The List (links in song titles are to my write-ups): (Edited to put list in spoilers for anyone new to the thread)
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    Girl breaks my heart, I’m not giving her the chance to do it again, because odds are, she will.