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    The point is that it's not similar at all. I'm guessing that if you polled 100 legitimate experts on campaign finance law regarding whether what the Clinton campaign did was illegal, about 98 would say "no way, that's ridiculous." But even if it were illegal, it would just be a campaign finance law violation. That's not at all similar to what it looks like Trump did. Britain didn't interfere in our election. Clinton's campaign officials didn't secretly meet with someone purporting to represent Britain in order to obtain dirt on her opponent and then discuss sanctions. And then lie about it. Britain didn't illegally hack anyone's computer and leak the docs to influence the election. Clinton didn't falsely deny that Britain did such a thing, and Clinton didn't change the Democratic platform to favor Britain and then lie about it. Members of Clinton's transition team didn't meet with the British ambassador to illegally discuss sanctions and then lie about it, or even try to set up a communications back channel with Britain. Finally, Clinton didn't refuse to implement Congressionally mandated sanctions against Britain. As far as we know.
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    At least the Eagles guys had class enough to mention their saviors. I don't remember Bellichick thanking Satan once in any of his victories.
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    Just got back to the hotel from US Bank. Oh. My. God. Just an incredible fun weekend up here capped off with THAT! I can't even describe the emotions and the mental exhaustion that I'm sure you all went through too. It was at least 2-1 eagles fans in the stadium maybe 3-1 and we were LOUD. So proud of the fans. Felt like the Linc in there. I had an out of body experience on the Graham strip. Life felt like slow motion and I couldn't even process what was happening. At the end tons of hugging total strangers, high fives, eagle chants. Unforgettable. I don't post in here as much as some of you but congratulations to all of you. We ####### did it!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am going to let you in on a little secret. If I happen to "disappear" in the next few days, then you know that the Deep State got me, but its important to get the truth out:
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    He was horrible last night and his obvious Patriots bias was sickening.
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    I'm up by like 28 now. You guys are great. Extra thanks to @jamil and @tjnc09 who are going through my entire post history and liking everything lol.
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    I'm now 2 behind the leader, who must be racking up some likes in the super bowl thread.
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    I have been on the anti Trump bandwagon ever since the GOP primaries and I have been a supporter of those who have criticized Trump for a multitude of reasons too numerous to mention. Some of my friends have accused me of being liberal or on the left which I am not, and even recently got called a snowflake for my criticism of Trump. While I was a Republican for many years and consider myself a moderate conservative I now consider myself an independent not because I have changed but more so because the Republican party has changed. Today I say to Democrats that the enemy of my enemy(Trump) is my friend. Just because Great Britain and the United States were allies with the Soviet Union against Hitler and the Axis powers, that did not make them communists. Apologies for making any comparison of liberals to communists but I hope you know what i am trying to say. No apologies for making any comparison of Trump to Hitler.
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    It's going to be a weird feeling going back to hating you guys again in September. I married an Eagles fan and from '05-'11 we lived near Philly and attended about 10 games with various family and friends during that time. I appreciated them accepting me despite my being a Giants fan. Seems kind of trivial when we were genuinely in love and planning a wedding, but it was actually a big deal. Many of them have said they wouldn't have been able to accept me if I was a cowboys fan and I don't think they were kidding. Anyway, seeing how passionate they were, how many times they were kicked in the teeth, and so disrespected by the national media as classless dirtbag fans, I always said I wanted them to experience this. My wife came with me to the Canyon of Heroes in '08 and watched us all lose our minds when Eli and Coughlin rolled by hoisting the trophy, and she hated every second of it. She wanted to experience it with me though. So maybe I'm like a Jew praising Allah here but screw it, I'm overwhelmed with happiness for all of Philly today and wish I was up there to see everyone delirious and happy and exhausted and in disbelief. Enjoy this moment, there's absolutely nothing like it. You've really gotta love that it was against the Pats too. And the deciding play was that strip of Brady. You could not have written a better script. If you had to wait this long to finally win one, it was as scary and dramatic and perfect as it could be. It's unbelievable. Congrats Philly!!!!! ?
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    Cash this ####er! Tom Brady o429.5 Passing Yards +3200 +16* profit!!!!??
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    Naked swimming with the wife will be fun. Of course these times will represent about .001% of total pool use. So basically you're paying around $50k to bang the wife a couple of times. We married guys call that a decent investment.
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    The worst part I thought was how insistent he was on the TDs not being catches when they pretty clearly were.
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    No words. I’m at broad and Oregon in south Philly, it’s total bedlam. Congrats brothers, long time coming. This can’t be explained.
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    Glad the Patriots lost. Not all that happy that the Eagles won.
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    The FBI will go down as the most incompetent organization in history if they were trying to help Hillary win the election.
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    I think one more award still needs to be given: thread title MVP and Insein is a no brainer recipient. His title changes were always on point and usually funny as hell. He even changed the thread title to be nice to Cowboy fans when they got their feelings hurt. Insein, is there any way you can list all the thread titles for the season? It would be a great way to relive the season. Awesome job, dude!!
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    Whoa baby. Just got in. What a game. Foles and Dougie were magnificant. I've had a few and will be blowing off work tomorrow. Love you guys. What a ride it's been. Hopefully, just the tip of the iceberg. The monkey's off our backs!
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    Congrats Eagles fans. And thank you, from the rest of the country.
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    He’s not really sure what he’s supposed to be arguing for. He just wants to be against the “liberals.”
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    Brady dropped that ball because it wasn't organic.
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    Enthusiasm is great. Fellating Belichick has come to be expected. Last night, last night you set a new standard for insipid broadcasting. It was the third quarter of one of the most compelling Super Bowls ever and you, you Cris Collinsworth actually come out and say that the game was nearly as entertaining as Justin Timberlake's halftime performance. Really? We have to listen to an announcer who is more impressed with the halftime show than the game on the field?
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    It's not really impossible to say. It's in Glenn Simpson's testimony.
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    They did it. They really friggin did it. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. I am so friggin happy right now.
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    Being a long suffering Lion fan I was rooting hard for Philly to win. I like Brady for what he was accomplished but really enjoyed the way Foles played yesterday. The players won but Pederson allowed the players to win that game with his play calling and risk taking. FGs were not going to win this game. The play before the half might be my favorite play I have ever seen. Enjoy Eagle fans you deserve it! Fly Eagles fly!!
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    The difference in the game: Nick Foles was a better WR than Tom Brady. EDIT: Chris Collinsworth still wants the Clement and Ertz TDs overturned. I know I wasn't the only one yelling at my TV for Collinsworth to shut the f up.
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    This is almost willful ignorance. The DNC approaches in a legal manner a company who does research and paid the company to research Trump, picking up where RNC left off. Don Jr. was approached by agents of a hostile foreign power and was told that foreign government (Russia) wanted to help his dad win by providing damaging info on Hillary. Jr.said “if it’s what you say, I love it”. He loved the idea of getting help from a foreign adversary’s government to win the American presidential election. Even dirtbag Bannon said that they clearly should’ve gone to the FBI when approached and that it bordered on treason. One is doing business with a research company, the other is accepting help knowingly from a foreign government to tip scales in our election, probably in return for sanction relief. It’d be like saying a shoplifter and a person who bought clothes are basically the same because they both got the clothes from stores, and each walked in with nothing and left with clothes. Same thing! Hunters and murderes basically do the same thing...point weapon at something living and in the end they’re dead. What’s the big deal about murder? Rape and consensual sex are almost identitcal when you ignore the consent piece. What’s the big deal? Megajon: when you miss the key piece that makes Hillary’s actions different from Trumps, you miss the entire point. Accepting or soliciting material help from a foreign adversary to win an election is illegal. It’s especially illegal if there was quid pro quo.
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    Third best day of my life my brothers and sisters!! Waited 44 years for this! Just came in from Broad Street! Took my 6 year old out for about a half hour. Amazing.... "How man rings you got?!?" ONE!!!!! And it's the greatest one in the history of the game and contained the greatest play ever in the game!
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    A backup QB just obliterated your D, so....
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    The thing think about the people who are fans of this team....people who lost loved ones who loved this team. It's perfect. It's awesome. The Old Guard......I love that they got this Super Bowl before they left this world. I love this win more for the people who have suffered longer than I have. The media show the younger crowd out there......but hell....those 60-70-80 year olds who have been crushed year in and year out...... who are just sitting home watching......this is theirs. It's all of ours.
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    Someone slap me so I know I'm not in some cruel Dream. Is this ####### real!? Did Big Dick Nick win us a SB with the Coach who was our Starting QB at the start of the Andy Reid Era? Does our coach really have that massive of Balls!!!!!!!
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    If running with the ball for 5 yards with possession isn't a catch, then #### this league.
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    Must be real hard to switch from making Bud to making water.
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