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    I'm up by like 28 now. You guys are great. Extra thanks to @jamil and @tjnc09 who are going through my entire post history and liking everything lol.
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    No words. I’m at broad and Oregon in south Philly, it’s total bedlam. Congrats brothers, long time coming. This can’t be explained.
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    They did it. They really friggin did it. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. I am so friggin happy right now.
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    The difference in the game: Nick Foles was a better WR than Tom Brady. EDIT: Chris Collinsworth still wants the Clement and Ertz TDs overturned. I know I wasn't the only one yelling at my TV for Collinsworth to shut the f up.
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    Starting QB Left Tackle Middle Linebacker You really don't want to play injury game with Eagles. It's not even close. Eagles overcame more, from an injury perspective. period.
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    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump FollowFollow @realDonaldTrump More Never bet against Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick or Tom Brady! @Patriots 7:53 AM - 15 Jan 2013
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    Let's call things the way things were. Neither defense showed up or made many adjustments. The better team won, but PHI allowed 75 more yards than NE did. The Eagles defense was nothing to write home about. They got a big turnover when they needed it, but the rest of the game they were not all that great.
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    I'll tell you one thing I'll never do is say to a fan of a team that hasn't won a super bowl yet, "How many rings ya got!?!?" How I've always hated that phrase and still think of the colossal ##### Pats fan that I wanted to punch out at my wife cousin's wedding a few years ago...but I digress. Fans of Minnesota, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland and the others, I sincerely hope you get to feel this someday. If you're a die hard for your team like we are--you so deserve to experience this!
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    Congrats! As a Seahawk fan, I know the feeling of finally winning one after everything you have been through as a fan. Your coach has the biggest sack I have ever seen. I loved all of it.
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    Foles story will one day be a movie. Maybe not in the next 10 yrs but definitely will be.
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    He played in a era where he got annihilated five seconds after he threw the ball. Imagine what Montana , Marino and Elway would’ve done with these rules.
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    all those third world kids gonna be wearing new Patriots championship shirts
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    Pats got outcoached. Pure and simple.
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    He committed offensive pass interference on the hail mary. Literally shoved the defended out of his way. It's laughable to whine that he was interfered with.
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    Best week ever. Caught 2 shop lifters, got out of Jury duty, woke up today still can't believing we were in the Bowl, received an 8AM text from my cousin that for my Birthday in June he's taking me to See Def Leppard, and we won our first SB!!!!!!!
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    Julie Ertz aka Julie Johnston @The Gator is a big fan
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    If the markets take a dump for a few months this guy is going to get blasted from all angles. They already got the tax cuts out of him. Midterms, which were already shaky for republicans, on the horizon.
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    Its like I took $1000 of my son's college savings and just burnt it
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    To take this thread in a non political direction, has anyone else noticed the slow but steady narrative change of the NFL over the past 20 years where a game that featured horrendous coverage, tackling and lack of pressure on the QB was considered a great game because the offenses moved the ball at will like in Arena? I sometimes miss the defensive side of the sport being integral to the game being considered "great".
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    Congrats, Eagles fans. Foles was fantastic as well as the offensive line. Great game plan and some balsy play calls. Lots to be proud of in Philly. Thanks for giving Brady another SB loss!
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    I went to the Phillies parade when they won it. I can't imagine what this will be like
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    Yes, let’s focus on the people who didn’t do enough to stop the election of the inept corrupt authoritarian. And ignore the people who actually elected and now seek to further empower the inept corrupt authoritarian, as well as the hostile foreign government that aided in his election and now seems to hold inordinate power over his decisionmaking for some mysterious reason.
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    He was offside and dove - 10 match ban IMO.
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    I'm still wondering how the Hoodie was able to fit them in his mouth teabagged as he was on what will forever be known to me as simply: The Play!
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    Pederson coached to win, gotta love it. going for it twice in big spots.....congrats again. so glad brady lost
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    ‘Well That’s Nice,’ Say Calm, Pleased Eagles Fans After Super Bowl Victory
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    Hope Patricia hires a good defensive coordinator in Detroit
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    Rebel Wilson talking about bush = not a selling point
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    That wasn't a hologram, it was just a projection.
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    All-timer right there. Love that they went for it and double-love the call.
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    Foles for Pope, douggie P for god emperor of the universe! We diiiiid it!!!!
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    Hats off to the Eagles. Never would have thought Brady would have over 500 yards and 3 TD and not won the game.