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    I'm dressed and ready and still not quite sure where I'm going at that point, when I get a text from Stacy: Room 209. :chills: With it being 5PM on a week day, I thought about calling the sheriff's office for a police escort, but decided they might not go for that unless I directed them to this thread first, but in the interest of keeping some of you delinquents out of the clink (looking at you, EG), I decided to navigate the perilous traffic on my own. I was able to do so without issue or major delay, and soon I'm out on the open highway towards Cougartown. I walk down the hallway towards the promised land and think about leaving an apology note on rooms 207 and 211, but that would be too much of a delay. I knock on the door and Stacy greets me. We exchange hellos and I give her a hug () and set my bag down. We sit on the foot of the bed and I pull her close to me and give her a slow, deliberate kiss. That goes on for a minute or so and he phone starts to ring. It's her son. He's just chitchatting with her (no emergency or anything thank goodness), and she listens for a bit and says "I'm out, so let's talk tomorrow" and gets off the phone, shaking her head. We start kissing again and a couple of minutes into it, she says "we should probably go to dinner." I cant my head to the side a little bit and ask why. She whispers in my ear "because if we keep going right now, I'm not leaving this room tonight." :chills: I give an evil grin ( ) and say, "you're probably right and I'm starving, so let's do that." I picked a local brewery and handmade pizza place that's not too far down the road and we head out. We enjoyed a couple of locally brewed Irish Red Ales while waiting on our pizza to arrive. The pizza gets there and we both have a slice, then she says that's all she wanted and watches with amusement as I devour the rest of it, while telling her about my "No pizza left behind" policy. We had some great conversation during this time. About Kate and her crew, family matters, dating, food, and music, to name a few topics, and we seem to have a good bit in common. We finish off our beverages and I pay the ticket and we head out. We get back to 209 and she grabs some comfortable clothes out of her bag and heads to the restroom. I take off my button-up and stretch out on the bed. She emerges a few moments later and joins me. She has changed into a cotton pajama top with matching boy shorts. She grabs my white t-shirt by the chest area and pulls me over to her and sticks her tongue into my throat. I reciprocate and it doesn't take long until I am at full attention and our pelvises are grinding into each other. She pulls my t-shirt up and over my head and I grab it and fling it onto the floor. She looks at the shirtless colonel and bites her lip and says "Nice body." We make out some more and I start kissing her neck and she is arching her back in enjoyment. I grab her pajama top and pull it up over her head and onto the floor. I look her in the eyes, biting my lip a little bit (mocking her from minutes earlier) and say "nice body." She smiles and giggles a little bit. We kiss a little more and I grab the waistband of her shorts and slide them over her hips and down her legs. She grabs the back of my head and says very directly "take the rest of your #### off." Who am I to argue with a direct order? So I comply......
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    You know, I don’t like the Clintons. But man do you guys hate the Clintons. It’s almost impressive at some point. When someone is in your face all the time or in office or running for office - sure, totally understand being able to keep it up. But two 70-something retirees who started a foundation that got low cost AIDS meds to nine million people in Africa - that’s a spectacular amount of focus.
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    He may well try but I don't believe he'd be successful. How great would it be if he tried to abolish term limits and here comes Obama out of retirement to defeat him.
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    I could never.... If it had been an epic failure, I probably would've just made something up. But it wasn't. update coming....
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    3:21:54 I’m so proud of myself. You guys are awesome! I can’t walk. I’ll report back later.
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    I feel sorry for Trump, and for people who think he represents a positive role model. They have a mindset that I struggle to grasp. I think Trump is an idiot, a blowhard, a bully, sexist, racist, egomaniac, and overly insecure. If he was still just a third-rate real estate developer or a reality tv performer, I would care about him at all. But, he is president, and I worry daily about how he is adversely affecting our future based on his whims and personal vendettas. I worry that he does not have the temperament to deal with complex foreign negotiations. I worry that he has to be reminded to listen to others and show empathy when appropriate. I worry that his insecurities and daddy issues result in battles that others have to pay for in blood and treasure. I worry that by making America a laughingstock, we have dangerously isolated ourselves in the world community - a community that is generally growing closer every day. I worry that people like Putin know how to push his buttons to do their bidding. I worry that he treats the job or running the country the same as running his business. I worry that he does not care if he bankrupts the country in the process. But, I don't hate him, on a personal level. He is simply not fit for the office. And, I don't hate people who support him, though I do find it to be revealing about their character - to the extent they see Trump as a positive influence and someone they want leading the country. I do not find the policies pursued by Trump, and supported by others, to be indicative of positive qualities in a person. I feel sorry that there are people who feel this way.
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    'Member when right-wing nutjobs would tell anyone who listened that Obama was trying to become a dictator because... well, who the hell knows? That was awesome.
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    I'd create an "NRJ's Pecker" alias and then tell the story from two different viewpoints.
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    I struggle to think of any public figure I’ve ever hated more than Trump.
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    This had to happen, right? I mean you really dislike someone and then one day they act in exactly the heinous way you always thought they would and yet it's still surprising when someone just ends up being exactly as horrible as you sensed. He doesn't acknowledge the Constitution. He hates democracy. He doesn't recognize civil rights. He's every foul thing you can say and then he just actually is as you said. Still surprising.
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    I disagree. The Republicans have done everything in their power in the last x number of years to disenfranchise voters across the US. And its happened without anyone blinking an eye. Now they started an entire commission with the unspoken goal of figuring out the best ways of disenfranchisement. Postponing elections is just the next step. All you need is a) an egomaniacal fan of dictatorships in power and b) a compliant Congress. I get that you still think there is a line Trump can cross where Republicans will say, "No." I've just no idea why you would think that.
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    Let's stop the whataboutism and concentrate on the point that was made. Yes, stop trying to bring Trump into the conversation. This thread is about Hillary!
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    Write first, like later, you insensitive #####. We have things to do and I can't sit here and hit F5 all day.
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    Since I'm procrastinating doing my taxes, I'll provide a belated February month-end report. I ended the month at 274 miles. That's less than I did in February 2017 but still a satisfactory amount. My fitness seems to be coming around OK. I'm particularly pleased with my endurance. I haven't bonked on a run since very early in this training cycle and have completed 2 20-milers and a 23-miler with gas left in the tank. I think I usually bonk more frequently on my long runs. I'm not sure why I've been better. I've been bringing Bloks each long run but those are less than 200 calories. I don't think my stamina and speed have progressed as well as my endurance although surely due to lack of specific focus on my end. I have been getting in weekly tempos more recently but practically zero speed work. My tune-up races are starting (5K next weekend and a half marathon the following week) and I have little idea what paces I should attempt. My heel is still pretty much a mess. I finished 8 weeks of physical therapy last week. There seemed to be some improvement after the first 4 weeks but progress has stalled in regard to the heel pain. It did provide other benefits. I'm certainly looser in my calves and my balance has improved. But the heel pain can be quite bad at times. I can still run on it for now. It's usually only bad for the first mile or two. After that it just more of a nagging thing. It's certainly worse the more I run and when I increase intensity. I'm sure I would be training harder if I were pain-free but it is what it is. I saw the doctor again last Friday. I'm stopping physical therapy but will still do at-home stretches and exercises. My plan is just to power through the rest of this training cycle no matter what. After the marathon, I'm about 90% sure I'm going to decide to have the bone growth removed. That will put me in a boot for a while and require a lot of recovery time afterwards. My plan, then, is to make my comeback for Boston '19.
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    Now I'm kind of hoping there isn't an update.
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    Why must this thread constantly be shifted back to the Clintons? I am confident that most anti-Trump people in this thread do not care at all if Hillary is investigated. Probably don't care if she is indicted, prosecuted, or imprisoned. If she committed a crime, by all means, charge her. Same for Bill. Same for the Obamas for that matter. The Republicans have control of every lever of the government, with Mr. Magoo in charge of the DoJ. If there is something there, I'm sure they'll find it. None of that matters to the Mueller investigation, which is what this thread is about. I believe there is a thread about the Clintons, go give it hell. Let's stay on topic in here. I'll even add that if the Mueller investigation starts interviewing, indicting, or charging Clinton campaign employees, then by all means, unleash right here in this thread.... about the Mueller investigation.
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    2018 Treasure Coast Marathon Not sure where to start with this one. I truly feel I learned so much from my last marathon and vowed not to let the marathon win again. Going in, I had no real goal and didn’t really think about this run as a race. I just wanted to complete the 26.2 without stopping and finish strong. Considering the 8 week training program and issues with my back, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, since January 1st, I have worked harder than I have ever worked in my life to accomplish this goal. I don’t think I missed a single day of the gym since the 1st, on top of all the running throughout. My weight in Seattle last July was 155 at the start. Today, I was 165 but felt it was a completely different body. On to the race.... It was tough to not let the marathon distract me the entire week. I was physically at work, but I’d be lying if I said thoughts of the marathon didn’t consume me the entire week. Anxiety started to kick in around Friday. When I say anxiety, my breathing changes and I get tightness in my chest. Still not sure why this happens, gotta figure out a way to turn the thoughts and energy into something positive on race day. I had my socks picked out about 5 days in advance (fairly thick, quarter socks), they were grey. Only one bag of rice Saturday night. I wanted more, but remembered Gruced laughing at me and saying something like “where you gonna get your protein bro? Good luck with that.” It seemed like a minimum 2 bagger kinda race, but I resisted. I slept pretty well and woke up at 4 am. I had 2 bathroom sessions and did my normal routine (this includes holding the cobra yoga pose for minutes on end to try and loosen that nerve). Left the house around 5:15 and arrived at the race site around 5:40. I waited in line to use the restroom for about 17 minutes. 5:57 rolls around as I stumble out of the porta-potty. Race starts in 3 minutes and the corral is jam-packed! I squeeze in behind the 3:30 pacer without a warm-up. I turn some music on, adjust my gloves (Brony) and waited for the start. Gun goes off and the heart rate is somewhat elevated. I kept saying, just ease into this race and don’t do anything stupid. I listened to some music for the first 4 miles, and I just couldn’t find a groove. I switched over to a podcast and it had a nice calming effect on me. I wasn’t really concerned with my paces at this point, only my heart rate. I tried to keep it around or under 155. It was really windy, and I hit the first bridge around mile 11. 3 bros and a lady all running as a team, passed me on the bridge. I decided to take it a bit easy and settle in behind them. They built a wall that blocked the wind. I positioned my wife and dad at the halfway point. I had a mixture of tailwind and salt tabs mixed in a water bottle that they delivered to me. Around mile 15 the caffeinated tailwind kicked in and I went into the zone. I was following that group but decided to break away and get after it. I jumped the sidewalk and hit the street. This was a long 3-4 mile straightaway. I don’t know why, but I love straightaways and live running on the white painted lines. There is something therapeutic about it. I find a mark on the horizon, and I get this laser-like focus. When I got to mile 18, I hit a tiny wall. My heart rate was high, I was going pretty slow, and my legs were dying. I said to myself, not already! I changed my mentality rather quickly and caught up with a guy that was running at a good clip. We ran together all the way up to mile 22. If you remember my last marathon write-up, mile 22 was my breaking point. Not today! I used that experience and left my running mate. At this point, I knew I had the heart to finish this thing strong. I said to myself out loud a few times, “you’re a bad mutha*****.” Not sure where that saying came from but I said it a few times. There was only one thing that stood in my way, the last of the 4 bridges we had to run with a heavy wind. I finished the bridge somewhat strong and knew I was home-free. I had 2 songs that I was saving for mile marker 25. Once I hit mile marker 25, I put the music as high as I could, with a smile from ear to ear and started to jam. A numbness came over my entire body, and I literally started singing out loud. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had during a run. Maybe even one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. It was such a high and euphoria, I almost got emotional. I was picking people off left and right, and they probably thought I was crazy, because I was singing, smiling, and almost dancing to the music. I saw the finish line in the distance and it hit me. I veered out into the middle of the road and gave it all I had. The course went a bit long, but I didn’t care. 100 yards from the line, I spotted my family, friends, and my wife. I crossed the line with a huge smile on my face and dove into my wife’s arms for a huge hug (it felt awesome). After that, I walked a bit and had a nice moment to myself. I know the time is nothing spectacular but it wasn’t about the time for me. I ran a negative split in a marathon and felt amazing after I finished. Did I leave a little on the table? Maybe. But I learned so much from this race too. I have such a long way to go in order to accomplish my ultimate goal. I’m not sure where I go from here, but I know I’m going to enjoy this one for a while. One run or day should never define anyone, but it feels damn good for all the hard work and dedication to culminate with a great run. I truly appreciate everyone in here. We are all different, but share common goals. We get each other, and I am glad to be a part of it. I was thinking about all of you on the course today each time I crossed a timing mat.
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    It’s not only astounding that you write this stuff about Hillary and Qatar without any evidence whatsoever, it’s even more astounding that you choose to do it at a time when we’re learning about actual HUGE scandal regarding Trump and Qatar, with real evidence. It’s like you’re living on your own planet.
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    It's like Uranium One. If Uranium One was a real thing. And involved loans directly to Hillary instead of a gift to the Foundation. And the sums were 10x as much. And there was an actual quid pro quo involving US policy in exchange. And Hillary had the ability to deliver the actual quid pro quo. And the loans were from someone actually impacted by the quid pro quo instead of someone who used to be kind of sort of involved once upon a time. So nothing like Uranium One I guess.
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    I thought your name was Daisey?
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    Finished around 8:15 or so. Logistics for this race were not so good. It is the inaugural race after all. They’ll do better next year. I’ll report later, but basically I took it easy and chilled with a cute pacer for the last 3 miles or so. Leg feels good and I think I dislike Brooks Levitates. Going back to Glycerins 100% of the time.
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    I can only speak for myself, but the difference is that while I have never liked Trump, I just didn't care about him. Through the birtherism, and his constant criticism of Obama, I disliked him, but I just didn't give him much thought. Now that he is president, I cannot avoid him, and that dislike has probably elevated to something close to hate. When this nightmare is over, he will again be relegated to me just not caring about him. Thankful he is out of power, but not worth the energy of hate. With the right, and Clinton, that hatred does not subside. I would have expected that with Hillary staying out of the limelight for the most part, she would have faded out. That has not been the case, she is still the most prominent figure in right leaning news and conversation. The obsession is strange, and I really believe that is a big difference.
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    Trump-Russia? Is there any evidence? Here’s a short summary of some of the publicly known evidence.
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    "He fumes in private that just about every time he looks up at a television screen, the cable news headlines are trumpeting yet another scandal. He voices frustration that son-in-law Jared Kushner has few on-air defenders. He revives old grudges. And he confides to friends that he is uncertain about whom to trust." If you have integrity, are doing honest work and trying to run the government for the good of the people, things shouldn't be this difficult. He's brought all this on himself. #### him.
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    5.6 miles this morning. Doesn't seem like much to most, but longest I've done in a couple of years. Leg has been doing pretty good the last couple of weeks as I've been bumping up the mileage and I don't have any residual pain in the posterior lateral gastroc even when rolling post run. Still getting some aches tenderness in the hamstring just north of the typical pain point, but it's to a much lesser degree as historic. Good progress. I still think I'll ultimately be on limited mileage due to right leg, but for now it's some good news. Average cadence for today was 174 which is closer to where I want to be. I did metronome at 175 for the first mile and then tried to mirror that for most of the run.
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    Based on the pent up behavior of our damsel in this story, I'm pretty sure this was a multi event. At least that's how I've explained it to the lady in the seat next to me, who's name is Stacey with an e, by sheer coincidence
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    Congratulations. Your post has been added to the thread index in the OP.
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    I've thought that about like 15 other things so far. I've given up believing it.
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    The more we find out about the questions Mueller is asking of his witnesses, the more I'm thinking Russia is just one leg of a giant, worldwide shakedown/bribery scheme. Russia gets all the attention because of the potential influence in our elections and they're a dangerous rival, but between the Kushner/Qatari story, Flynn and Turkey and tonight the UAE, it seems it may be more of a pattern of using the WH and US policy to enrich themselves.
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    All right, I'll give him until tomorrow. But if we don't have an update then, there's going to be a harrowing tale of Satanism, human sacrifice, hummers, magical artifacts, hand jobs, supernatural intervention, and assplay.
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    He may well try but I don't believe he'd be successful.
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    Meh. I have much more disdain for the Trump supporter who has convientently forgot the stringent standards they posed on the Exeuctive Office for the past 8 years (mustard on burgers WAS a big scandal) in order to blindly support this administration who seems to have LEGITIMATE scandals/problems. If Republicans and Conservatives held Trumps feet to the fire of accountability 1/100th of the time they did so to Obama....anti-Trump supporters would have little to whine about.
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    Alright - a rare decision has been made by me. The original intent was to do the 80s and 90s, but I have 0 issues with doing more. A couple days ago I put those 2 decades in a randomizer, but was asking about the 70s to see if I needed to redo them, but I think the roll might help a little bit with what the debate is. So what we will do is this: 1. Do a few more in the 80s and 90s using the randomizer. (I liked the idea of alternating 90s-80s-90s) 2. That will give us a couple months to looks at the years in the 70s, 00s, whatever and go from there. 3. In a month or so I will have a poll on how everybody wants to handle the 70s, and if we want some newer years in there too, and at that time I will randomize the list with the additional years/eras in there. According to the list randomizer the next 3 years for our lists will be (in order): 1982, 1993, 81 I like that the early 80s popped up. It might give us a little taste of what it might be like to head into individual years in the late 70s and help inform that decision. Ilov80s was just talking about an 82 movie in here, and somebody brought up E.T. in the other movie thread, so it's fitting that will be our next adventure.
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    So last night I drove Uber because of the Caps/Leafs game, hoping to pick up some money for beer at Nats games this summer. So my first ride the woman in the back was talking about the NFL combine saying “we” had over 300 players this year. Then she was talking about the draft in Dallas. So this is a X5 fare so I’m in a good mood so I asked her if she worked for the NFL? Yes she said. I said that my former boss worked at the NFL too and maybe she knew him. She did, she works with him everyday. So she ended up being This lady and she said she was looking for someone to run the NFL’s command unit in NY. I politely declined and said I’d take a job at NFL films. I gave her my card and told her to tell my former boss “Twins suck” @Frostillicus She gave me a $7 tip and I made $400 in 4.5 hours of driving.
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    This plane better ####in have WiFi if you duckers at American airlines mess this up the lady in the seat next to me will be grateful. I've already been warned three times to zip up. I asked the flight attendant for an old t-shirt and some jergens
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    Now imagine Obama praising Xi. Now imagine Obama (or anyone else for that matter) said to take the guns and worry about due process later
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    I figured out why Tanner went to Vegas this weekend-free concert by 38 Special tonight.
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    I’m just a serial lurker but want to give @Courtjester a lot of credit for the candid responses.
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    That implies another dude in the room. OR DOES IT? (cue terrifying music)
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    I love the “the wife only gets her hair cut in New York” shtick.