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    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a very weak banning but I’ve done my time and I’m ready to move on. Hopefully the irony of banning someone for defending themselves over the course of this particular holiday weekend isn’t lost on those in power.
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    Just met the legend @pollardsvision! Place is packed for lunch!!
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    Here's my super early rankings of the teams by conference. There is a huge gap in strength between the conferences. With the East, I was looking for any reason to move a team up the rankings, with the West it was the opposite. To put it simply, I believe every West team but the Suns could be a playoff team in the East. East: Bucks - This is close to the same squad that had the best record last season. From what I've seen of Giannis in his career, he will improve a bit, which is very scary considering he just won MVP. I expect them to dominate a weak conference. 76ers - They have some things to figure out, but easily the most talented starting 5 in the East, if not the league. I don't believe in Brown and think they are wasting some prime years of talent with a mid-level coach. Pacers - I like what they have done and think they are the clear cut #3. Any injuries to the above teams and they will be ready to pounce. Celtics - I think they land here by default due to what is below. They are talented, but have a lot to figure out and some holes. They are my squad and in Brad I Trust, but there is a lot of work to do. Nets - Similar to Boston, I just don't see anyone below that I can put above them. Kyrie makes them a few wins better than D'Angelo and with Toronto being weaker, they get bumped up a slot from last season. Heat - Lots of changes and a net positive. Don't know if it is possible, but landing Westbrook could put them up to #4. Like Spo a lot and think Jimmy will get them to the playoffs or die trying. Raptors - Still a lot of good players there and they know how to win, but with no Kawhi and no Derozan, they are only here by default. They could easily fall out of the playoffs with any kind of hangover or bad luck. Magic - They have some nice pieces and if Vuc can get back to playing really well, I could see them climbing higher. Hawks - They are a team on the rise, but still a notch below the playoffs. Knicks - I actually like what they have done and think they make a jump this year. They have a lot to learn, but are much more talented than last year. Pistons - I don't see Blake being as good or as healthy as last year, and they barely squeaked into the playoffs last year. If they could land Westbrook, that could be something. Wizards - I really wish Beal had gotten away from this dumpster fire. He is good, they are not. Even Wall coming back mid-season won't get them into the playoffs. Bulls - They have some decent players, but just don't seem to have a clear path to winning games on a regular basis. Hornets - They lost their one great player and got nothing in return, and weren't even a playoff team with him. Cavaliers - Sexton and Garland together will make some entertaining plays, but they don't have much else and will be horrible on defense. West: Clippers - Two 2-way, All-NBA studs in their prime with a good team around them and a good coach. Clear cut favorites to win it all. Lakers - LeBron and AD is just too much for most teams to handle, no matter the rest. They are doing what they had to do after the Kawhi news and just need to stay healthy. Say what you want about LBJ, but he knows how to win. Jazz - I liked them last year until they flamed out in the playoffs. They have added some really good pieces that fit. My personal favorite team in the West. Rockets - Still super talented. Still super dysfunctional. Blazers - They've quietly made a lot of changes and could be much better or much worse, but they took some swings not unlike what Toronto did last year. This will not be the same Portland team. Nuggets - Probably too low, but I'm just not sold yet. If the Jazz don't gel and the Rockets and Blazers flame out, they could easily get the 3 seed...that I put them here just shows how stupid the depth is in the West. Warriors - It is still Steph and Draymond with some good players until Klay comes back. This team will be better at the end of the year than the beginning. Curry can't carry the offense all season long, so a lot will depend on how well D'Angelo plays. They too could end up much higher than this. Spurs - Never, ever bet against Pop. This team is really good, just not great. Anyone above them falters and they will move up. Very tough out in the playoffs. If their youth develops, they could be even more dangerous. Mavericks - They've got talent, but have a lot to figure out with Kristaps on the floor. They will figure it out eventually. How quickly that happens will determine where they land. That and keep KP healthy. Kings - They were fun last year and should get better this year. Unfortunately for them, so did everyone else. They have a shot at like the 7-8 seed if stuff falls their way, but I think they end up on the outside looking in again. Timberwolves - Not a lot to love, but they will be solid enough to stay somewhat relevant until the end. Thunder - This team is in a lot of flux with trying to move Westbrook still. If he stays, they could be better than this. They are a huge wildcard and landed two good players for PG, but in a loaded West, any uncertainty means trouble. Pelicans - I like what they are doing, but they will need time to learn and gel and 35-40 wins will probably lands you here. Grizzlies - Same as the Pelicans. Suns - They could climb out of the cellar, but it probably won't be much higher. Too many good teams around here.
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    There will be lost of post-mortem stuff on the Thunder I'm sure. Really a fascinating franchise over the last decade. I do think they had some bad luck from 2012-2016 that kept them from a title 2012 - lost to LeBron 2013 - their best team. Pat Bev takes out Russ' knees in the playoffs 2014 - Serge gets hurt and misses WCF against the Spurs, a team OKC dominated when healthy in the postseason 2015 - Durant misses pretty much the whole season, OKC misses out on playoffs 2016 - up 3-1 against the best regular season team ever, Thompson goes supernova in game 6 and Durant can't score Pretty incredible run. It was a lot of fun as a fan. Sucks they didn't get a title but that's not the end all be all for me, that's just sports sometimes.
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    After your incel post the other day and now this, I seriously think you need to talk to someone. Things ebb and flow, it’ll get better. As as far as the weight loss stuff goes. I used to be a big guy, right a 300 lbs. I did 1200 calories a day, hard cap. I walked at a high incline on the treadmill for an hour every day and twice on Saturday and Sunday. 10 months after I started I was 170 lbs. It can be done.
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    I might have missed it but I would appreciate if someone could tell me many flights aboard Epstein's private jet did Clinton go on and were any taken without secret service?
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    Spent 8+ days in Italy, ate a ton of delicious food and drank all the wine, and still came back within a pound or two of where I left. I'd call that success. With high temps in the 90s every single day, had to get up super early to run while temps were "only" in the 60s/70s, but I managed to get out there every day. Was even able to connect with a local running group and join them on Friday for their morning run. More impressive was my 8-day gelato streak. Even managed a couple of doubles in there. Got back yesterday afternoon and got out this morning for an easy 7-miler. Temps in the 50s felt glorious. Dances with Dirt Devil's Lake half marathon coming up this Saturday. With over 1,000 feet of elevation gain (including one 500-foot climb), not an easy race for flatlanders like me. Needed sub-1:38 for top 10 last year, so that's the goal.
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    It's really weird how Trump keeps getting accused of rape and sexual assault by all these different women, right? How unlucky for Trump that every single one of these women is getting her facts mistaken or making up these charges out of whole cloth.
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    Holy #### I won practice round tickets
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    For years (decades?) Youve been making every decision to save every 1/4 penny to retire 33 seconds sooner and your already bored?
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    So I put this on the TV yesterday to watch. Amazing how fast these guys can climb and then even more amazing how they go all-in on the downhill. My wife was in the room with me and watching the coverage. @Zasada's wife: "You've been trail running for a couple years now, I don't understand why don't you have muscles like those guys?" @Zasada: She said it with the tone/context "you must be frustrated" rather than "I wish you looked like that". But still, she really knows how to pump a guy up...
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    My brother, on the other hand, has a good story on his wife's lost wedding ring. She lost it in the surf at the beach a few years ago. Said she felt it slide off while playing with her daughter in about knee deep water. They frantically searched and searched for it until dusk to no avail. She was beside herself as she loved her diamond ring. Next morning he went out early with hopes that it found its way up in the sand. Nothing. A man came by with a metal detector, which is common in the morning or late afternoon at the beach. He said he'd help but he couldn't locate it either. A couple of days went by and they were on the last day of their vacation. Their home was 4 hours from the beach. They had settled on the fact that the ring was a goner. That afternoon the man came walking up to them as they were in their normal beach spot in front of the hotel. He held out his hand and asked if this was the ring she lost. To her delight and my brother's dismay, it was her ring. The guy had found it that morning (a couple of days after it was lost) while out walking with his detector. Said it was about a 10th of a mile down the beach from where it was lost and several inches under the sand. My brother wanted to pay the guy but he wouldn't take any type of reward. Said it brought him great satisfaction to see the look on my SIL's face if, in fact, it was her ring. Said he was so glad that it was and he was happy to help. There are still good deeds performed in the world and the story had a happy ending.
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    Halftime observations * Lets start at the back. The back 4, all of them including Ream, have been excellent. Cannon's touch is fantastic tonight and Miazga is eating almost every high ball. * Weston has not been involved much at all but he seems to be working hard covering defensively * Jozy's scuff was unfortunate because it was the best chance of the half, but he has been very good outside of that. He has been a solid outlet player all half * Morris has stood out for me as the only US player to have a poor half. Nips worked his butt off on the other side * Pulisic is going to make something happen, it is almost there A very solid half for the US IMO
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    So you said my America. I'm looking for my America. In my America we live up to our obligations to our veterans. In my America the poor in Alabama don't live like they are in the 3rd world. In my America we don't stand by while children drink lead infused water. In my America we don't help people who fund those that attacks us commit genocide. In my America we open our doors to the downtrodden and refugees because we know that doing so makes us stronger, not weaker. In my America no man is above the law. In my America we don't commit war crimes as national policy. In my America we don't spy on ourselves. In my America we aren't afraid. It's been a long time since I've seen my America. I hope I find her soon. The world really needs her.
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    I must have had a little shukeangel on my shoulder. Later, this gal came into the bar, never seen her before. She kept smiling at me, so I went over and introduced myself. Two hours later, we were at her place, going at each other like teenagers.
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    Lots of people have had their brains poisoned by the internet. I'm thrilled to see our women win the Women's World Cup, and I'm hoping like hell that our men can win the Gold Cup. No reason for politics to enter into any of this.
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    I'm a little drunk right now and my wife is out of town, but the dew point just dropped into the 50's so I feel obligated to go run. 9 year old's can watch 3 year old's, yes?
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    Brief RR Swim kinda stunk. Got behind 3 bozos who couldn’t sight and didn’t mind banging bodies. They were fast enough for me not to pass but when I tried to draft they were all over the place. First half of the swim was just not fun. Bike was good but not good enough. Wanted 20+ got 19.9 It takes me like 40 min to get comfortable on the bike. The first 20 minutes was up hill. Not crazy slope but not nice. It wasn’t fun and I was kinda worried as I don’t really know how to pace on the bike. Close enough to my goal, but would have loved a 20.4 or something. The run came out of no where. First 3 miles were amazing. Faster pace than my Sprint tri 5k distance like a month ago. About mile 4 I was hurting some. Not crazy pain, but uncomfortable. Mile 5.5 I was ready to be done. Ran a 7:35, super stoked. Fatigued but ready for more. Fingers crossed Hip Flexor is all set. Shoulder is still fuked but not a problem in the swim, only an issue in str training. Very happy with the result
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    Thanks for coming down, man. It was great to meet you. It was also interesting trying to explain to the girls that the guy that just left is named Beef Ravioli.
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    it is a very rare play but you can have an indirect kick extremely close to the goal, if the right situation occurs. it can create some wonderfully comic moments like this one
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    Semi SFW...
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    Cheney's got a gun Cheneys got a gun His whole world's come undone From lookin' straight at the son (GWB) What did his daddy do? (GHWB) What did he put Dickey through? They said when Cheney was arrested they found him running a train, Yes he was playing conductor to the engineer played by Jeffrey Ep Stain. But man, he had it comin' Now that Cheney's got a gun he ain't never gonna be the same
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    Just ride with what you've got until your kids start playing sports... you will drop all of your hobbies then anyway.
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    It isn't a talking point. Bill took at least 26 trips with Epstein on his jet without the Secret Service. "It isn't a talking point," he said, right before re-iterating the talking point.
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    hes a glue guy and by that i mean he is a total cancer to basically every team he has ever been on which some people call a glue guy take that to the bank brohan
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    i make models of other people not enjoying their hobbies
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    Honestly I like the thread to be quiet rather than everyone running with the latest theories. Let’s see how the facts develop
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    come on brohan the first rule of bike club is you dont talk about bike club take that to the bank
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    I can't answer all of those, and agree with a few (big fan of the Rule of Law here) but... Trump signs the largest VA budget ever Flint’s lead levels have tested well below the federal action level of 15 parts per billion since 2017 The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world.
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    NewlyRIetired knows his ####.
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    This is twice in two games teams have adjusted away from Cannon.
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    Beatles channel has had "My Fab Four" from semi-famous drummers all week in tribute to Ringo, as well as a Ringo-DJ'd show they've been playing over and over. It's been A RINGO SHOWCASE!! Peace and love, everyone. Back from Paul's show today; report coming soon.
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    @pollardsvision I am headed your way for lunch! I can’t link it from my phone at the moment, but search on Facebook for Lynchburg Weenie Stand.
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    Worthless posts like this aren't relevant to the thread topic, please keep your whining in all the other threads for whining about trump.
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    Why would Democrats even care if something happens to Bill Clinton? It’s not like he has power anymore.
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    I started this same quest! Up to Washington!
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    I'm just waiting for somebody to say "Well, the pedophilia committed by the guy from my tribe is nowhere near as bad as the pedophilia committed by the guy from your tribe -- false equivalence!" We all know it's only a matter of time.
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    Disc golf Get started with a bag and some discs for $100 to $200. It's usually free depending on the course and it's a good way to meet people and get some exercise. Check out to locate courses in your area.
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    My turn for a college prep brag moment...Son #1 (10th) got 5's on AP Biology and AP US History. Son # 2 (9th) got a 5 on AP World History. Son #1's schedule next year has 5 AP classes: Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Government, and English...along with Football, Basketball, and Robotics. Too much IMO, but I guess we'll see what he is made of. Son #2 will be taking AP Bio and APUSH.
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    If Bradley plays another game for the US it'll be a travesty.
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    God this "say the game starts at 9 but doesn't actually start until 9:15" stuff is so ####### annoying, especially on a Sunday night
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    But the keeper for the Netherlands was lights-out. She single-handedly kept the game from being 4--or-5-nil and couldn't have helped the two goals that went in. Obviously the US was the best side, but the Dutch had their chances, and you have to give a hat-tip to their goalie.