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    Imagine still trying to argue with those still defending Trump as though something you say is going to make them see the light after 2 years.
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    Mike Franken Retired four star general who ran the Africa command. He played basketball with my regular Saturday morning crew for years. He must have been 60+ years old, and regularly banged bodies with a very good group of guys in their 20s and 30s. He's got a daughter with developmental disabilities, he helped coach her special olympics team. When my daughter (who has a physical disability of her own) was in 8th grade, he came to watch one of her Freshman basketball games. After the game he invited her to help him coach. She worked with him for two years. One of the more decent people I know. Edit: The mighty titans
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    Some vandals are putting up fake ads in NY subway cars. Just shameful.
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    Trump's conspiracy theory is part Qanon, part incoherence. It started when some of the Democratic National Committee's emails were leaked to WikiLeaks. The DNC hired a company called CrowdStrike to investigate the hack, and they concluded that the hack came from Russia. Then, in March 2017 an anonymous internet poster claimed that it was actually CrowdStrike who leaked the DNC's emails to WikiLeaks. This claim became a core component in the Qanon theory. It was later discovered that this claim (and the "evidence" that came with it) had been totally fabricated by an internet troll known for posting pro-Russia conspiracy theories. CrowdStrike is an American cybersecurity company. It was co-founded by a guy named Dmitri Alperovitch, who was born in Moscow and moved to the U.S. when he was 13-years-old and later became a U.S. citizen. However -- and this is a key component of Trump's conspiracy theory -- Donald Trump believes that he's actually from Ukraine. So, Trump has been going around claiming that "the very rich Ukrainian" (Alperovitch, not Ukrainian) is in possession of "the server" which somehow holds the key to proving that Russia did not help him win the 2016 election. Trump wants the President of Ukraine to find the rich Ukrainian (who actually lives in Washington D.C.) and his mysterious "server". How does this connect to Joe Biden? Well, it doesn't -- except in the incoherent babbling of a senile old man.
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    "Remember, guys, don't say 'This is a robbery'. Just give the teller the note saying you want all the money in the drawer and show her your gun. That way if we're caught you can just say you were only intending to make a withdrawal from your account and you're sorry she misunderstood."
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    Me: Guys, don't you see it? 2+2=4 GOP: I don't see how you got there. You can't just say that i'ts 4, you have no proof. Me: *holds two fingers on one hand up, two fingers on the other hand* Now count them. 1, 2, 3, 4. GOP: That's just your opinion. What about all the other fingers on your hand. I see another 6 there, and yet you're saying it's just 4. I count 10, or 7, or 9...why are you hiding the other fingers just to get the answer you want? Me:
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    What a time we now live in, where simple decency, honor, and public service now make one stand out as unusual rather than being the norm. Forgive me, I ramble. Sounds like a good man.
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    Good luck to @The Iguana, @SteelCurtain, @Osaurus and anyone else racing this weekend!
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    Well yes. Too bad there weren’t any signs that voting for Trump might not be a good idea. I mean it just all came out of nowhere.
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    Can we just all agree to support impeaching and removing this guy from office so we can just go one ####### day without having to think/hear about him?
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    This one stood out: TAYLOR: Trump wants a favor, and this sounds crazy... SONDLAND: Here's my number, call me maybe
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    Lol. Eric Trump wrote an op-ed. He typed the words "To quote the great Marcus Aurelius from The Gladiator"
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    Crazy Rudy Totally, SHAMEFUL, the WURST, we've ever seen, of all time, EVER, the worstest,
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    At this point I understand the Trump defender more than I understand the ones trying to convince them not to be a Trump defender. Facts are irrelevant. Logic and reason are irrelevant. He's the leader of their team and they're going to the mat for him. That is the only fact that is important.
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    You cant fool me. When I put 2 and 2 together I get 22.
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    Well the Trumpites have their quid pro quo now. It was never necessary for a crime to be committed but there you have it. Now it’s just reflexive defense of the leader.
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    Also seems like they settled on the "no quid pro quo" defense before any of this even became public. They knew what they were doing was wrong.
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    Finally signed up for a 10K Sunday. Weather didn't break til over night, so since I've done nothing of substance since Saturday and the forecast for Sunday is showers and 64/54 let's rassle.
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    Whoever coined the term "Stupid Watergate" should be feted as a national hero.
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    The missing info that'll finally bring him around, I'm sure.
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    Imagine how it makes the ignore feature a lot less useful
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    Sort of reminds you of cherry-picking texts from an FBI agent's phone intended for his girlfriend, and strategically leaking them, doesn't it?
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    Thanks @Juxtatarot and others. I'm pacing 1:40 half marathon so my goal is 1:39:30. I'm a bit nervous as its faster pace than I've ever lead a pace group but its only a half marathon, so my margin for error is much bigger. I have also kept my marathon training going full steam ahead so there is no taper for me to do this run. There is tracking but since I'm relatively confident I'll hit the numbers, so guessing you'll be able to see it on strava post race. If anyone is feeling like they want live race tracking for Sunday AM, let me know and I'll post it.
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    Trolling 101: Never, under any circumstances, admit defeat in any way, shape or form. It just ain't gonna happen fellas. If we had video of him shooting someone on 5th avenue, with Trump smiling at the camera and yelling "I DID IT!", they'd be talking about how the video was fake news. It's just never gonna happen.
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    Completed my biggest week in a long time - Saturday - Friday, 52.6 miles. Wanted to get in two marathons but went a little long today. Tomorrow is a "rest day" - drive 8 hours to the beach (HHI). I'm not sure how many miles I'll get in while we're there, but I plan on running 6 days. Just realized, with the 14 miles on the bike Saturday, that's 66.6 miles 😬😈
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    Actually it’s guys like Don’t Noonan who need to spit out the hook. Look Trump supporters: you got what you wanted OK? Hillary’s not President, she’s never going to be President. You got 2 SC judges and hundreds of federal judges. You’ve turned back the clock on nearly everything Obama was trying to do. You’ve won already. Faust has come through. Now it’s time to save what little bit of your souls are left and stand up to this guy. You know what he’s doing is wrong. You know it.
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    Whistleblower: Trump asked Ukraine to get dirt on a political opponent while withholding aid Republicans: The whistleblower is a Democrat Tucker Carlson: Schiff talked to the whistleblower and lied about it Nunes: This is deep state, corrupt Democrat lies Trump: Hey Ukraine and China you need to investigate the Bidens for me!
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    And not a single one of them a serial comma. :oxfordcomma4ever:
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    I was going to respond to you in the Trump thread but I'm trying to stay away from it out of respect for its denizens. I am totally on board with you not wanting your tax dollars propping up some millennials with no ambition. Cool. But your wealth redistribution argument seems like it's missing some points. You and I prop up the entire government through our taxes. Amazon, Google, Apple, GM, et al. pay NO FEDERAL TAXES. Many extremely wealthy people (like Trump) pay little or nothing in taxes. How exactly is the little guy paying 30% or more of their income when they have comparitively little wealth while obscenely wealthy people and corporations pay almost nothing NOT wealth redistribution? You and I are getting screwed and you're complaining about some kids (including poor and underprivileged kids who may have no other options) getting a free ride to becoming productive members of society? Seems like weird priorities to me.
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    My eye literally twitches when seeing Pete Carroll smacking his gum the way he does...flashbacks of my dad yelling at me for smacking my food when I was a kid play in my head and I feel the uncontrollable urge to slap it out of his face!
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    My son is in Beijing for the semester right now - talked to him this morning (our time, 12 hours behind) and he said he was about to go out for a run. He's been working out mostly at the gym but apparently it just changed to some beautiful fall weather. He says the air hasn't been too bad, but it supposedly gets much worse in the fall and winter when everyone starts burning coal for heat. He'll be back right before Christmas - had talked about switching to stay for the full year but has now thankfully dropped that idea. One of the TA's he had for Chinese class last semester here in the US has now graduated and is working for McKinsey in Beijing. They met up this week for a drink at some fancy place and my son - who didn't take any nice clothes - wore a Hawaiian shirt. USA! I've been super stingy on my calories lately and after 7 weeks of dieting and starting to run again have now officially reached half of my 30-pound weight loss goal. My wife is the one who got us going on the diet train and now she's irked it's "so easy" for me to lose weight. To which I say let's see you put up a 30-mile week on 1,500 daily calories and see how easy it is. Of course part of my diet has been cutting down to 1 beer a day (2 on weekends) so I'm sober and sensible enough not to say things like that within earshot. Gonna keep taking it slow and building my mileage until I lose at least another 10 pounds, then begin to think about ramping up the intensity of running. Maybe the Coastal Delaware Marathon in mid-April....
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    The problem is you guys just change your definition of wrongdoing to whatever is one step beyond what the president did, and then when that new definition is hit you one-up to something one step higher and pretend like that first thing is totally normal. @apalmer is completely right. If irrefutable evidence came out that a quid pro quo was involved you would just move one level up, pretend that a quid pro quo is totally normal there, and say "well it's not like he <insert new higher level of wrong-doing here>". Trump has said as much himself with the whole 5th ave quote. He knows he has you guys wrapped around his finger to the point where nothing he can do would lose you because you will always just make excuses for him. Though I do admit this strategy of normalizing egregious behavior and focusing the public on one level higher of corruption every time is a pretty good one. The quid pro quo is not necessary here. The wrongdoing occurred even without it. But the Trump admin knows all they need to do is focus public opinion on something worse and it will give his senate lapdogs enough to deflect to in order to avoid voting for impeachment. If the quid pro quo came out they would simply redirect to something one step worse and pretend the quid pro quo was normal and a part of his duty in defending the country or some nonsense, and you would eat it up.
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    Yeah but the gloves would fit easily on Trump’s little hands.
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    Go shirtless. When people ask what you are, say, "I'm a premature ejaculation." When they looked confused, say, "I just came in my pants."
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    People scoffed when I picked him. "Really? Before woods and Cooks? Ok." Yes very ok.
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    And the followup 8 days later: Seems like Bill Taylor was trying pretty hard to get written record of his concerns about holding up security assistance, and Sondland was trying very hard to avoid it (especially with that CYA reply at the end). Also, for context, Bill Taylor has been working with Ukraine for the State Dept for decades and is a career diplomat. Gordon Sondland is a wealthy hotelier who donated something like $1 million to Trump's election campaign.
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    He is both teams. Reeks of a scam.
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    Don't worry. As you age, you'll reach a point where you frankly don't give a #### what others think. It's a rather blissful time.