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    I’m now in this club. 2 nights ago I took my Lab for a 45 minute walk then went and did a 30 minute Peleton class (bike is in our house). Good sweat as usual. Felt great. Showered. Still felt great. Went down to get dinner as Mrs Smails had some roasted chicken and salad ready. Took the plate upstairs to watch the President’s Cup. All good. As soon as I sat down that all changed. Chest hurt and I started sweating profusely. Thought maybe it was just indigestion (I did burp twice) and maybe still running hot from the Peleton ride. Pain/constriction continued and I walked outside to see if I could cool off. It was cold outside and didn’t matter - still pouring sweat. Walked back in the house and told my wife we have to go to the ED now. We live 4 minutes away from the hospital so drove (usually not advisable). Walked into ED and when said chest pain they took me right away and surrounded me with the Code STEMI rapid response team. A nurse started putting patches on me for an EKG , got reading and said “####”. Knew that wasn’t good. They went so fast with one person getting a chest X-ray while another shaved my chest and groin. They wheeled me quickly to the operating room in the cath lab. Very scared look on my wife and kids (30, 27, 25) faces as I rolled by. My granddaughter was also there. My mind was racing as I prayed to be able to see them again. I was awake the whole time even though they had fentanyl and other stuff going in me. They went through my groin area to guide the balloon and insert a stent. Surgeon said all of my arteries were “pristine” and clear except one. LAD. The Widowmaker. 100% blocked. As soon as she put in the stent the pain instantly went away. Spent a day and a half in the ICU/CCU recovering. Discharged this morning and now resting at home. Supposedly the result was a “minor” heart attack even though the fatality rate can be 40-60% when the LAD is 100% blocked. Only thing that saved me was time. I went quickly after I suspected something was very wrong. Minutes to get to the hospital. Minutes to get me in for surgery. Nurses were telling me door to balloon time is critical and “time is tissue”. I’m 57. Unknown family history as my Dad had a very poor lifestyle and died of complications of diabetes at 59. Didn’t know if he had heart issues. I’m in pretty decent shape. Could lose a few but eat well, exercise 4-5 days a week, religious about getting physicals and blood work, done, etc. Cholesterol was under 200 though LDL needs to be lower. Blood pressure was great until I had sciatica a few years ago but it’s not bad and in the hospital was 120/77 most of the time. My diet isn’t always great but don’t eat fast food and a lot of nights at home are chicken and salad with veggies. Harder to eat well on the road but mostly order fish. But there are steaks etc for board dinners etc. I do enjoy food food. I do like eggs, bacon etc. Don’t ever use table salt and don’t eat a lot of frozen foods loaded with salt. Other than a lower LDL I’m not sure what I could have done to foresee this. My doctor was against artery scans. Said waste of time/money and doctors today confirmed that you could be 20% blocked today and 100% blocked tomorrow. Piece of plaque breaks off, blood forms and clots, artery closes like that. I have a stressful job leading a sales organization for a publicly traded company but honestly I think I manage stress really well. Compartmentalize it and I just do my absolute best. But maybe not as well as I think I do. Will be evaluating. Although my life will change they say I can be as good as new. Clean arteries and the one that was problematic is open with the stent. The stent is permanent and I will need to be on blood thinners and other meds, some for life. I read about this all the time. Usually somebody in their 50’s on a basketball court, in the gym, running a marathon, participating in an Ironman, whatever. They just keel over. Many don’t get a second chance. I’m so lucky and blessed to get one. Will make the most of it and will be the model patient. The outpouring of love from my family and friends has been phenomenal. I want to be around for them. I know the feeling now and won’t hesitate. I think I may have had a similar attack 2 months ago, again after riding the Peleton. Symptoms subsided after 10 minutes or so and I chalked it up to acid reflux but now I know it wasn’t. Lesson learned - if in doubt call 911 immediately. EMT’s have paddles, meds etc if needed and can buy time. Also they will have the code STEMI team ready by the time you get there. Hope none of you have this. I’m blessed and fortunate to have more days with my FBG amigos.
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    I liked reading this because Bryan Garner has always been a stud: @BryanAGarner I’ve always called myself Republican. I keep my Twitter feed generally apolitical & will continue to do so. Generally. But as of today, I’m switching parties. Over impeachment. The Republican positions aren’t consonant with intellectual honesty. As of today, I’m an Independent.
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    Rodeo Beach 5 Miler Canicross Anyone following along at home (Strava) knows I've barely been running since SD100 in June. I usually get out 3-4 times a week, 15-25 miles, just so that when I do start back up it's not totally from scratch. I also wasn't able to run with my pup Summit for a few months as he suffered from what they officially call "lameness", which is the worst thing ever to hear your cool dog called. But after limiting his activity for a few months (and a $2,500 CT scan and surgery recommendation), his limp went away and the past several weeks I eased him back into running again a couple of days a week. I primarily keep him on leash to keep him from sprinting all over the place, but for the past couple of weeks I've taken him back up on my local hill Mt. Burdell for some off-leash fun, putting him back on for the downhills to keep it easy on his front elbow joints. I got wind of a five mile Canicross race in the nearby Marin Headlands, put on as a fundraiser in conjunction with a 50K, 30K, 20K, etc. I've run the 50K version of the race a few times, and looking at the course figured it'd be a cool experience. So I signed up about a week ago, and this morning after a brief bladderstim walk around the neighborhood we headed down to Rodeo Beach near the Golden Gate Bridge. There were several hundred runners doing the other distances, most of whom were already out on the course and the 20K was getting ready to start at 8:00 as we rolled up. I wanted that 30 minutes before our start to get him to pee on a bunch of stuff, take a poop, smell a bunch of butts and say hi to other pups, and hopefully be ready to not do any of those things once the race started at 8:30. There were 24 of us registered in the Canicross, and we milled about for a bit and even tried (in vain) to get a group picture before we headed off. We got the 3-2-1-GO and from the back of the pack (see what I did there) we headed out through the start/finish arch. I knew the first 1.75 miles were uphill, with a few steep and stair sections, so I was planning to push a little harder than usual with the short distance but not go too hard. But Summit had other ideas. He shot out of there and pulled me like we were in the Iditarod. I'm sure he was thinking, "I told you not to eat that Louisiana fried chicken sandwich yesterday for lunch, Fatty McFatterson," as he lugged my pudgy ### up the hill. He's so dog-focused that when we run he tends to stop and smell all sorts of stuff, pee on it, stop and wait to say hi to every other dog, etc, so I was worried that would be the case here. Luckily we all spread out pretty quickly, so he was pretty focused on just going. We passed a couple of runners and their pups on the climb, and then hit the top and the one technical section of the course. We picked our way down this rocky section, me pulling back on the leash a bit so he wouldn't send me flying and bouncing down the hill. A group of runners not in the race were heading down at the same time, so I kept stopping to pull him off to the side so he wouldn't step in front of them. It's a short section on the Miwok Trail, and then we come out on a fire road and started hammering down. My Garmin told me I set two PRs today (7:00 1 mile, 4:15 1K - good god I'm slow), and I'm sure they were both on this downhill section of the course. We passed an older golden retriever who was laying down in the middle of the road to take a break, moved on down to the road, and then ran along the side back to the start/finish. We finished in 49:46 on a course that measured 4.86 miles on my watch. With 1,014' of elevation gain that's a pretty damned good effort for me, particularly considering how poorly I've been training and eating. And that was with a couple of quick pee stops, and the obligatory pic from the top of the climb. Of course he wanted to go play on the beach afterward, but as we got back to the finish party area and I drank a morning Lagunitas IPA, he finally crashed for a bit. Capped off a great day by coming home and watching the recording of my #10 Ducks taking one from @tri-man 47 's #5 Wolverines this morning, in OT in Ann Arbor! tl;dr - It took a 5 mile race with my dog to get me to not only run a race but write a report.
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    My effort to catch up on the BMFery here over the last week or so. There is so much going on in here (in what might be called the offseason) that it's really hard to catch up if you fall behind. Kind of like me in a race @belljr keep at it. My advice is to try and up your frequency before you move up significantly in distance of each run. I ran three days a week for years, upping the distance of those runs over time and even making one of those a long run, but I think I really started improving when I moved up to 4-5-6 runs a week. And keep at it with spiky roller. Looking forward to your first marathon race report in 2022. @ChiefD threatening people and car engines with shovels. Per usual. He also talked about getting old and how things hurt. Amen brother - I had neck pain for three days last week after a sneeze. Love your perspective on life that comes through from your Year End Report. @-OZ-with a 3:24:09. Started to fall back around mile 16 but a little HTFU/wedgie view combo and he brings it home strong. You are a bad man. @bushdocda ISN"T a gynecologist, at least according to a drunk @pbm107. He hates paragraphs. But he crushed his PR by 11 minutes, even with a numb ###. Congrats man, great race! He also took a money shot from his toe. @tri-man 47 has saggy nuts. @pbm107 is a beast who on a tough day dropped a 3:13:40. I Strava PRd a mile today (downhill) that was basically your goal marathon pace. Looking forward to seeing where you take your training next in trying to find that quantity/quality balance. Is there a reason you're limiting long runs to 16? Why not 18 or 20 or 22? @Juxtatarot hope the hammy heals up soon. I've also heard you can run easy with a mild strain, obviously the faster you run the more stress on the muscle so take it easy. When is the last time you took a real off season? And weed is a performance enhancing drug for ultras, so sounds like it's time to move up in distance. @gruecd ate a fat Jimmy John's cookie. @JShare87, enjoyed your Year End Report. Have you tried any meditation or breathing exercises? My daughter has done this a little bit (not as much as I'd like) to deal with her anxiety, and it does seem to help. 4 x 4 or box breathing has seemed to work best, and I've played around with it a bit as well. When you get that Boston qualifier, you'll want to be ready yet calm at that start line! @The Iguana has been really fun to follow your journey, and your Year End Report captured a lot that well. Needing four bullet points for the "New accomplishments/PR section" says something. But are they all on Strava? There was like a day spent talking about treadmills....I skipped all that. @gianmarcomaybe you can pay what @gruecd did for you forward by pacing me to that 5K or 10K you want to see me run. Looking forward to that marathon in 2020. There was talk on trail shoes v road shoes for trails - depends on the trail. Dry trails, crushed rock, that kind of thing? Road shoes are fine. Mud, rocks, roots, steeps ups or downs? Then I'd get some trail shoes, mostly for the increased grippiness (and a rock plate if really rocky terrain). I was a Hoka guy for years, then Altra for a few, now back to Hokas again. But find what works for you. I don't worry about water proof or resistant. All those do is trap the water that inevitably gets into your shoes. If you're running in wet conditions, creek crossings, etc, then find shoes that drain well and socks that don't give you blisters when wet (I wear DryMax). @xulf welcome to yet another runner that's faster than me. Looking forward to watching your progression. @Brony different reasons, but I totally get why you haven't been around here much lately, either. It can be depressing. I really hope you can get your calf issue figured out. And did I mention @SayWhat? got into WESTERN STATES! If there is any way you can make it work you should come out for the Memorial Day Training Runs. I'll join you, and it'd give you a chance to see the last 70 miles of the course over three days (damn, I'd better start getting in shape....) I'm going to try and keep up in here again going forward, coinciding with putting together a training plan and getting out there consistently again. After all, I have a 50K in 84 days and a 100K in 135 days!
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    What an absolutely fantastic day. The only thing that stunk was that we missed the Midshipmen marching onto the field, because we got stuck behind an accident on the way to the stadium. We found our seats just as the cadets were in the middle of their march. I looked over at my Dad and his eyes were misty. He was just looking around at everything in awe. I patted him on the shoulder and said, "This is the Army-Navy game." He never stopped looking around. He just nodded and said, "This is magical." Stadium Cadets Lining Up Action Shot
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    Why do you laugh when the President mocks her if you feel bad for her? Why do you think it’s awesome when the President uses her to troll people if you feel bad for her? I guess what I’m saying is that I get that Trump supporters are frustrated. The attacks (whether justified or unjustified) are constant and seemingly neverending. So when the President trolls his critics, I can see a certain enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from that. But I also believe that most people are innately good, yourself included, and do indeed feel empathy for this 16 year old girl with special needs. I think if you gave it a bit more thought and reflection, you wouldn’t laugh or be entertained when the President mocks her, even if it does scratch the itch of trolling people you believe deserve to be trolled. So I guess I’m asking everyone to be a bit more thoughtful when it comes to Greta Thunberg. Because if the President’s supporters eat it up, he’ll keep doing it.
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    He’s running a downhill 10k on July 25. After a 20 mile warmup.
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    My kids recently discovered whisper mode on Alexa. So my youngest will come and whisper stuff at times and see if we understand. My wife told my 4 year old a message to give to me so she came to me on the couch and asked if she could whisper in my ear. I said sure. Her (whispering): "Sampson has to go potty" (one of our dogs) Me: "Santa hates karate?" Her: (starts giggling and laughing hysterically): No! Sampson has to go potty..... (and then in a very serious tone) "But Santa does hate karate". And walks off.
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    My Dad, who is a Navy Vietnam Vet, has had the Army-Navy Game on his bucket list for as long as I can remember. This year for Father's Day, my wife sprung and bought the tickets for me to take him. That's all I wanted to say, really. I'm just excited to be able to take my Dad to the game and I knew that of any group of folks might appreciate my excitement, it would be this place.
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    I cheated and weighed myself two days early today, because I was so close to losing 30 lbs that I wanted to know. I had lost 30.4. Plot twist: proceeded to eat and drink like it was the last day on Earth. (See, e.g., "what would you do with your last day" thread.) Actual weigh in MMV.
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    The problem is FBGs has extremely limited dynasty content
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    I read this a little too fast and did a real double take
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    Alright let's see what Carson can do. Down 28-24 with the ball and 5 minutes left.
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    Thanks for making another thread unreadable, guys
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    Also today you're still with us. But this is why I got laser hair removal on one side of my groin. Now I don't need some poor sap to shave my junk.
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    going into 5th judges had it 3-1 Usamara. one had it 3-1 covington. other had it 2-2. Crazy. 5th round was huge knowing that.
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    Our POTUS is trolling on twitter. And supporters don’t seem to care. Worse, they enjoy it. Truly as a country with this many folks who applaud chaos, we must never be that far from collapse. It takes all the sane and reasonable and responsible folks among us to take a stand and make our voices heard because a significant portion of the public simply isn’t fit to make adult and responsible decisions about much of anything, much less a simple ability to determine whether someone is fit for one of the most vital jobs in our country. Easily 1 out of every 3 people in this country have not the basic competency or decency to make good decisions for all of us. It’s insane, and dangerous. Maybe there does need to be a revolution...but one where the sane among us wrestle back control of this country from the folks who just want to watch the show and vote for the entertainers. I’ve never been so sick of (or disappointed by) a significant number my fellow Americans as I am today. When we disagreed on Obama or other policies, there was a pretense of the opposition caring about policies and truth. Now, it’s gone. It’s a game to be won, folks to troll, elections to game, institutions to neglect, allies to insult, dictators to cozy up to, state media to promote and free press to tear down. Today, there are certainly patriots who care about our country, who are standing up and naming what Trump and his cronies are doing as wrong, but I’m honestly sickened by how few of them there are and how many folks revel in what Trump is doing. Its all fun and games until we lose our country. And with supporters like Trump has, in the numbers he has them, I truly fear for our future.
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    Mrs. Kanil, Kaniljr (8yo), and I went skiing today. My wife likes to listen to music while she skis and had her "Ski" playlist going. At the end of the day, we get into the car and her phone starts automatically playing the playlist. At one point "Hooker with a Penis" by Tool comes on. My wife and I quickly change it before Kaniljr can see the name, or so we thought. Right after we locked eyes in a, "that was a close one" stare.... Kaniljr: *giggle* Mrskanil: Guess we didn't catch that one in time, haha. Me: hah, guess not. *5 second passes* Kaniljr: What's a hooker? Me: Something you're not old enough to know. MrsKanil (to me): I don't even know Howe to explain that to him. There's a lot of things we have to teach him about before we can even come close to answering that one. That's like 5 layers deep in the onion. Kaniljr: What layer am I on? Mrskanil: your onion is still in the produce section. Me: 😂🤣
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    I need to rededicate myself. More in terms of eating better than specifically losing weight, although they are interrelated. I’m down 25 pounds since March, but have plateaued. Basically been between 305-310 range for the past 3 months. Haven’t really been dieting, just more conscious of how much I’ve been eating. I’ve developed an excess of protein in my urine issue as a result of my cancer treatment. Figure it would be advisable to reduce my protein intake and incorporate more veggie and fruits in my protein heavy diet. Not sure if there is a direct correlation but it can’t hurt.
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    And the only person wanting him covered up is the person who is most accustomed to seeing him naked...
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    People pay for fantasy football leagues for entertainment and the chance to win prizes. People pay for fantasy football subscriptions because they want to win. That's the customer's problem. They want to win and they want to be entertained. Here's your problem. Fantasy football subscription services can increase your probability of winning but they can't guarantee a win or playoff spot in any given year. That means you sell three things - a greater probability of winning - the feeling that you're a winner - improving the entertainment of their fantasy football leagues Your customers know they aren't guaranteed to win, but they feel that footballguys gives them a better chance. I feel like that's the biggest selling point of this site. The winning feeling is a big part too. For dfs that's something you see in your results each week. For season long and dynasty, only one person wins their league but there are a lot of things in this hobby that make people feel like they "won". - Making the playoffs - Winning the points title - Winning a game - Having a high scoring week - Making a "good" trade - Making a trade that ended up being good after the fact - Getting the guy you wanted on waivers - Getting the guy you SHOULD have wanted on waivers instead of the guy you originally wanted - Making the right lineup decision You sell new customers the ability to win their league, but you retain those customers by providing them enough of those winning feelings. Lastly there's the entertainment value. People read about their hobby because they enjoy it. There's a lot of services out there. You can Google free fantasy football adp five minutes before your draft starts and do ok in your league. You sell the entertainment value of feeling like you know more than other people. That might mean providing insights that their league mates don't have, it might mean teaching them about the game or about how different coaches and different teams do things, or how different defenses work. Some of those things translate into wins, but there's a difference between the winning and the entertainment aspect of having something to read when you're in the bathroom or killing time at the dmv. I feel like it might help to view your content through that paradigm when you're prioritizing between getting the waiver article out and getting the dfs content out, or choosing between the umpteenth article on who a certain fantasy writer likes, vs an article with observations about offensive and defensive trends at each position. I would love to have content that said stuff like "this secondary has a tall corner who is pretty good and a short corner who's really good. When they face a tall wr1 they have struggled, but they have been able to hang with most wr1s. They rarely double team. They usually play single high safety. They blitzed a lot when they played team x and y but not z..." that's part of the entertainment value for me. Other people want a list - preferably one that takes that stuff onto account, but they paid someone to do their reading for them so they can win. Both are important, but I suspect that meeting your date/ time commitments for things that contribute to wins is more important than entertainment.
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    Thanks Joe for asking this. My thoughts are 1) better evaluation of offensive lines and how they impact fantasy production. Like the NFL, the game is won up front, and we have seen player like Barkley not be very good due to terrible OL play. Also, it is imperative to understand if the OL is better at run blocking or pass blocking. 2) Projections by Dodds/Tremblay/Bloom are great. But they are point estimates. I would love to see the 1st, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 99th percentiles, to measure upside and downside. Also, it would be great to understand upside for a pair of players to stack in DFS tourneys, like the popular QB/WR stack. 3) Better fantasy analysis of impacts in injury scenarios. Example, if a starting RB goes down, how will the carries be distributed. I would like this before draft. If a backup RB won't be a RB2 if the starter goes down, that RB is not really a guy I want to draft. 4) In your FBG rankings, have more explanations for players with wide variances in rankings......I want to know why someone is really high on a player, but someone else is really low on the same player.
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    Really starting to dislike the end of November/beginning of December for health related stuff. Seem to have hit a slight bump in the road. My primary doc ordered some testing (blood and urine) beyond what they do at UPenn as part of my Renal Cell Carcinoma treatment. The blood work was ok but the urine test showed a very high albumin/creatinine ratio even though the albumin and creatinine levels were normal. Provided my oncologist the results. He recommended a consultation with a Nephrologist and a 24 hour urine test (pee in a jug for 24 hours). Did the 24 hour test last Sunday and dropped the specimen off at the UPenn lab Monday morning. The Nephrologist appointment was set for late February. Fast forward to Thursday afternoon. I was sitting at my desk when I received a call from the Nephrologist’s office. They said the oncologist requested that my appointment be moved up to as soon as possible. No other explanation. New appointment is scheduled for Christmas Eve, sooner if there is a cancellation next week. Needless to say I was a bit freaked out by the sudden urgency without explanation. I assumed he got the results of the 24 hour urine test and didn’t like the results. Ugh! Had my normal office visit and Treatment yesterday. Met with the Oncologist’s LPN (I like her better than him as she is very personable). She went over the results of the urine test. Again very high levels of protein in the urine (124 mg/dL, normal is <=9 mg/dL). She said it’s concerning but not urgent or life threatening. It’s surmised that the elevated protein levels (she called it protein wasting) is a function of the oral chemo meds and my diabetes (type 2 but well controlled with a 5.5 A1c). They took me off the chemo med until after I meet with the nephrologist. She indicated that it’s something that could be managed. They anticipate restarting the chemo med at a lower dose. They don’t want to stop my treatment since it’s being effective in controlling the cancer. It seems as though the Nephrologist’s office called as soon as the Oncologist’s office called them. The Oncologists Office was going to address the issue at my appointment Friday, not realizing the Nephrologist Office was going to contact me the same day they doctors offices consulted. Turns out its an issue that needs to be addressed, especially as somebody with one 1 kidney, but it’s not as dire/serious/urgent as my imagination was making it out to be. Interesting effect. The Chemo pill has a side effect of raising BP. 24 hours after stopping it my BP was 112/66. That’s about 20/10 points lower than it had been running while on the drug. I’m on 2 BP meds to control my BP while taking the chemo drug. Merry Christmas to me!!! Lol
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    why didn't joe buck ever tell me before?
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    Looking like the player I knew he was. The big question once again will be Mitch's progression (or lack of). But the past few games show that this team could potentially field two FF WRs.
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    As much as I love to laugh at Dallas's expense, this is really a good example of the NFL making the rule more complicated than it needs to be. I mean, it should be obvious that Dallas didn't intend to kick off at the start of both halves.
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    Would the season have gone any different if we bailed on Hollins for Greg Ward at the beginning of the season? Ward is straight balling.
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    Sure. This is the first time I’ve seen this question. There has been a lot of speculation on both sides whether or not this impeachment process would hurt Trump and Republicans or help them. My takeaway from this question is it may not make a significant difference one way or the other. Also, in the very least it tends to shoot down the theory that the public is vehemently opposed to impeachment or that a vote for impeachment will backfire on Democrats. More importantly, the poll shows that 24% of independents and 11% of Republicans said that they would be more likely to vote for their representative if they voted for impeachment. 11% of Republicans!! Ouch. BTW, this poll is chock full of devastating news for Trump. Some tidbits: - Should Trump be impeached and removed? (YES: 50%, NO: 46%) (14% of Republicans say to impeach) - Did Trump abuse the power of his office? (YES: 53%, NO: 38%) (12% of Republicans say yes.) - Is it appropriate for the President to ask a foreign country to investigate a rival? (NO: 60%, YES: 24%) (30% of Republicans say no.) - Did Trump hold up military aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate his rivals? (YES: 47%, NO: 29%) (only 54% of Republicans say no.) - Do you think Congressional Republicans really believe Trump did not commit impeachable offenses, or are they just protecting him politically? (PROTECTING HIM: 52%, OFFENSES NOT IMPEACHABLE: 36%) (21% of Republicans think Republicans are just protecting him.) - Are you troubled by the Bidens' business dealings? (NO: 54%, YES: 37%) (39% of Republicans say no.) It's encouraging to see such a high percentage of Republicans who aren't simply parroting the party talking points.
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    Pretty obvious he is. Guy is about to pass for 5000 yards.
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    @Insein please change the title of this thread to Packers & Refs vs Bears Week 15 TIA
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    Let Tannehill have that 4th down play if you are going to go for it. I know he isn't playing well but I'd rather have Tannehill to Brown over Kern to Cruikshank.
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    Give it to Henry you morons.
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    She captivated me in my late twenties as I discovered French New Wave and was never more captivating or cheerlessly gendered and nihilistic than in Vivre Sa Vie. The way Godard saw modern women escaped many eyes and critical subtleties because of his technical skill; her life and marriage to him was evidence of their possible truth. But she was a woman of her own, often lamentably, and her life was her own to live. RIP.
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    I'm not asking for a comparison to the others. I'm asking for total viewership, and from what I've seen, everyone's dropping in the ratings, especially in the 25-54 demographic. You're basically touting the prettiest cow pattie in the field, at the end of the day, it's still a pile of crap.
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    Divorce Lamar? Never! Put a ring on it, baby! 💍
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    Chief Justice Roberts will administer a special oath required by Article I of the Constitution to the senators at the beginning of the impeachment trial: ‘‘I solemnly swear ... that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.’’
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    Wait a second here..... @SFBayDuck ran a race today that was less than 5 miles long? And logged a 7:56 mile split??! And a 1 mile PR of 7:00??!!?! Did someone hack his account? Or did you just put the watch on Summit and told him to go? Way to go, Duck!!!
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    I'll add my story. I'm 47 with a serious family history of stroke and heart disease. This past summer, had gone up to the lake for the weekend. Spent the whole time on the boat, and there's plenty of drinking. But it wasn't a ton, based on my history. Felt fine all weekend. Ate a lot of food. So we come back home on Sunday morning, and I go mow the lawn, which isn't much physical exertion. Not super-hot or anything. I finish up and come inside and feel like I've got a bad stomach ache. Just isn't going away. I go to lay down. Family decides to order take-out, and I figure I'll be fine by the time it shows up. But I'm laying there and it's not getting any better. I finally decide to take a shower, thinking that would somehow help. Well, it didn't. I get in the shower and I don't know if it's the heat or what, but I immediately feel much worse. Light-headed. Thought I was going to puke. I stagger out of the bathroom and my hands and arms start going numb. I yell at my wife to call 911. It gets serious in a matter of seconds. I'm laying naked on my bed, and my whole body basically seizes up. My hands lock into tight fists, so do my feet. My whole face goes numb. Can't open my eyes. Can't speak. Wife and son pretty much going crazy at this point. I'm assuming I'm having a major stroke and am about to die. Seems like it took help a long time to arrive. A couple police officers show up first. They offer no assistance. They're talking to EMS, who's en route. I'm writing around - naked - on the bed screaming in the most agony I've ever been in my whole life. 10 out of 10 pain in my entire body. The paramedics show up and start telling me slow down my breathing and take as deep of breaths as I possibly can. Within minutes, things start to get better. My feet release, then my hands, eyes and mouth. I can open my eyes and start to talk again. At this point, my wife offers up, "Can we at least cover him up with a towel or something?" 10 minutes after that, I'm basically totally fine. They tell me I was dehydrated. I'm like, that's it? No way. So I end up refusing the 10K ambulance ride and say I'll bring plenty of fluids and we'll go in if something changes. Other than exploding diarrhea for a few days, I was fine. But it scared the ever-loving out of me. Absolutely thought 100 percent I was going to die. My son's out on the lawn bawling, neighbors out on the streets, the whole deal. I happen to be lucky enough to be pretty close to the Mayo Clinic and have been a longtime patient there, so I figured I'd at least get a thorough checkup and make sure I wasn't dying. Got an appointment about a month later and they did the whole battery of tests on me. Everything came back normal. They said, "Yeah, you were probably just dehydrated and then at some point hyperventilated and your whole body shut down." So that was fun.
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    If there is a problem, its paralysis by analysis - there may be too much info. Its like that in the gambling world also.
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    Race and Year End Report Good riddance to this stupid year. Unemployment to start the year, heart issues, ####ing thumb has been injured all year, an inconsistent training schedule and ended the year with the calf in its worst shape out of the last 5 years. As I didn't really have any goals coming into the year. Some reflections on the year: Great opportunity to be a part of the relay team. Got to finally meet a lot of the faces behind the personalities on here and was a memorable weekend that's been covered a lot already. 6 months later, I'm stll impressed with @gianmarco hosting abilities. Class act just as expected from here. @ChiefD as funny in person as he is on this board. @JShare87 doing a rare sojourn to the midwest just to run with some internet dudes. And of course @Juxtatarot, @gruecd and @tri-man 47 bringing the consistent pace and energy that you'd expect. I went to the relay just to observe and support, I got corraled into crew duties that I hadn't done before. Thankful for no foot rubs and thankful not to have to crew that again. Getting to catch up with @SteelCurtain again was also a highlight. Live interactions help keep this community great. This thread has really thrived this year with a lot of new faces which has been awesome to see. I was initially skeptical at @The Iguana addition with his timschochet-esque level of introspection but he's come into his own and observing his marathon journey made me look forward to tracking that race day moreso than any other I can remember. My own journey this year was mixed. Quad injury in March sucked but was a rather predictable injury with rest, rehab and recovery. When the calf reared its head in August, I had to bail from this thread. I now appreciate why some of the past Ran a 10K guys don't come around much anymore; when you enjoy running and your body says no, it sucks major balls to come in here and have someone complain "I wanted to get 200 miles this month, but only did 190 cause it rained yesterday". It's no fault of anyone to vent like that, but it's anathema to someone who can't run. The good of this year: Did out of shape July 4th 5K run at a slow pace for me. Got annoyed with that and the extra crap around my midsection, so I dropped about 10 pounds over July and August. My times looked like this (all 5k's obvisly): July 4: 21:50 Sept 7: 20:50 Sept 29: 20:26 Dec 14: 20:28 Not PR's or nothing like that, but I am content that I dropped 80 seconds in less than 3 months and I did that training while dropping weight (in yo face MAC!) I wasn't trying to be hyperbolic with my post from last night. The calf the past 3 weeks has been the worst it's been and next step is a surgery consult most likely. I'll listen to what they have to say, but going into this with realistic picture of the future. If today was my last race, here's how it went: Cocoa Classic 5K RR I did this same race last year. Today was great running day: 30F, cloudy and no wind.(shorts, long sleeve, hat and light gloves) Way better than the single digits from last year. I came into today with the freshest my legs have been. (Averaging about 3 miles per week for the last month with no run over 4 miles since Nov 15. Yikes ). My daughter wanted race swag after doing the Hot Chocolate event last year and I shrewdly convinced her to do the chocolate event with swag that is 20 minutes from my house and you can stay in your warm car until the race starts. Mile 1 - 6:17 Hey, I can still do 6:10ish pace! Mile 2 - 6:54 Well, not for 2 miles in a row! Mile 3 - 6:38 Let's leave it all out there. Only passed 1 guy in the last mile. A little bummed about that Final: 20:28 overall 18 of 800. 4th in AG. First non-medal finisher (booooo!). Pretty much a mirror image of my paces last year when I did 20:15 (in terms of fast mile 1; slow mile 2, etc.). I'm happy with the outcome timewise especially given essentially no running in the last month. I did not leave much time out there for sure. It's far from my young man PR and a ways from my old man PR (19:41), but I'll take it. No calf issues during the run (as expected), but I'll pay for this tomorrow. Post race, I got my sweats back on and caught my daughter at the 2 mile mark and we walked mile 3. The hot chocolate was pretty good. I've really really been wanting to do sub 20 5K next year and I'm at peace if that doesn't happen as it depends on a half decent calf. I guess cycling and hiking will be neat otherwise.
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    It's honestly shocking to me how anyone can listen to him, look at him, or know his history and find him to be anything but an untrustworthy con-man. I don't feel that way about a lot of folks. Most folks I just disagree with, and can see why folks like them, but I just don't care for them. For Trump, I just have a hard time understanding how anyone can listen to the man talk for any period of time about anything of importance and not just get the idea that he has no ####### clue what he's talking about, and to have someone in his position just bull#### nationally and internationally...*shakes head*
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    The other day my 11-year old eternally naive autistic daughter came home from school to tell my wife: "My friend Jayden (a girl) told me she kissed a girl at school today." My smart-### 9 year old son: "LOL - so she's a lesbian!" My daughter: "No, she's Irish."