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    In my entire life I have never encountered people more eager to be victims than certain Trump supporters. For a group of people supposedly obsessed with fighting against political correctness they sure love to be outraged.
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    1. Cincinnati - Joe Burrow LSU Sr QB 2. Washington - Chase Young Ohio St. Jr EDGE 3. Detroit - Derrick Brown Auburn Sr DL 4. NY Giants - Isaiah Simmons Clemson Jr S 5. Miami - Tua Tagovailoa Alabama Jr QB 6. LA Chargers - Justin Herbert Oregon Sr QB 7. Carolina - Andrew Thomas Georgia Jr OL 8. Arizona - Jerry Jeudy Alabama Jr WR 9. Jacksonville - Javon Kinlaw South Carolina Sr DL 10. Cleveland - Jedrick Wills Jr. Alabama Jr OL 11. NY Jets - A.J. Epenesa Iowa Jr EDGE 12. Las Vegas - Jeff Okudah Ohio St. Jr CB 13. Indianapolis - Jordan Love Utah St. Jr QB 14. Tampa Bay - Tristan Wirfs Iowa Jr OL 15. Denver - Mekhi Becton Louisville Jr OL 16. Atlanta - K'Lavon Chaisson LSU Soph 17. Dallas - Kristian Fulton LSU Sr CB 18. Miami (from Pittsburgh) - Kenneth Murray Oklahoma Jr LB 19. Las Vegas (from Chicago) - CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma Jr WR 20. Jacksonville (from LA Rams) - Tee Higgins Clemson Jr WR 21. Philadelphia - Henry Ruggs III Alabama Jr WR 22. Buffalo - Jalen Reagor TCU Jr WR 23. New England - Josh Jones Houston Sr OT 24. New Orleans - Laviska Shenault Jr. Colorado Jr WR 25. Minnesota - Neville Gallimore Oklahoma Sr DL 26. Miami (from Houston) - Yetur Gross-Matos Penn St. Jr EDGE 27. Seattle - Zack Baun Wisconsin Sr LB 28. Baltimore - Curtis Weaver Boise St. Jr EDGE 29. Tennessee - Julian Okwara Notre Dame Sr DL 30. Green Bay - Patrick Queen Jr LSU 31. Kansas City - Grant Delpit LSU Jr S 32. San Francisco - Xavier McKinney Alabama Jr S 33. Cincinnati - Raekwon Davis Alabama Sr DL 34. Indianapolis (from Washington) - Bradley Anae Utah Sr EDGE 35. Detroit - Trevon Diggs Alabama Sr CB 36. NY Giants - Terrell Lewis Alabama Sr EDGE 37. LA Chargers - Lloyd Cushenberry III LSU 38. Carolina - Jacob Eason Washington Jr QB 39. Miami - D'Andre Swift Georgia Jr RB 40. Arizona - Cole Kmet Notre Dame Jr TE 41. Cleveland - Ashtyn Davis California Sr S 42. Jacksonville - CJ Henderson Florida Jr CB 43. Chicago (from Las Vegas) - Josh Uche Michigan Sr EDGE 44. Indianapolis - Jordan Elliott Missouri Jr DL 45. Tampa Bay - Jonathan Taylor Wisconsin Jr RB 46. Denver - Bryce Hall Virginia Sr CB 47. Atlanta - J.K. Dobbins Ohio St. Jr RB 48. NY Jets - Justin Jefferson LSU Jr WR 49. Pittsburgh - Jake Fromm Georgia Jr QB 50. Chicago - Adam Trautman Dayton Sr TE 51. Dallas - Brycen Hopkins Purdue Sr TE 52. LA Rams - Austin Jackson USC Jr OL 53. Philadelphia - A.J. Terrell Clemson Jr CB 54. Buffalo - Jeff Gladney TCU Sr CB 55. Atlanta (from New England) - Damon Arnette Ohio St. Sr CB 56. Miami (from New Orleans) - Tyler Biadasz Wisconsin Jr OL 57. Minnesota - Prince Tega Wanogho Auburn Sr OL 58. Houston - Jaylon Johnson Utah Jr CB 59. Seattle - Cameron Dantzler Miss. State Jr CB 60. Baltimore - Akeem Davis-Gaither Appalachian State Sr LB 61. Tennessee - Netane Muti Fresno St. Jr OL 62. Green Bay - KJ Hamler Penn St. Soph WR 63. Kansas City - Cam Akers Florida St. Jr RB 64. Seattle (from San Francisco thru KC) - Isaiah Wilson Georgia Soph OL
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    This whole thing is so bizarre and seemingly everyone is corrupt that all the major actors should be forced to testify under oath: Trump, Biden, Biden's son, Pence, Rudy, Mulvaney, Bolton, Pompeo, Parnas, Graham, Nunes and a few others that I am sure I left out. Let's get to the bottom of this and let the chips fall where they may.
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    He can't helped that Wilson made him laugh. Besides, as stated in another thread, Trump won't gain a single vote because of it. The people Wilson were mocking, and Lemon laughing at, were already voting that way. The Secretary of State just took a reporter in a backroom and belittled and swore at her. Then banned her network from covering an event. That is actual tyranny. Very Nazi-like. Much more likely to cause independents to shy away then a couple of guys cracking up at something funny.
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    Man....... Asides from doing some drafts and chiming in here or there, I haven't been a regular part of this community for 8 or so years. Many of you know that Kobe was my guy. I spent countless hours on this board talking, debating, and defending him. Anything that happened about Kobe, this was the first place I would come and talk about it, so this board was a big part of my life during those years. I figured it was kinda appropriate to come in and say a little something. RIP Kobe, GiGi, and the other 7 on board.
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    Let insurance handle it. Get it fixed.
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    LOL. Trump literally tweeted the clip and said Lemon was dumb and has terrible ratings. "How dare he laugh at a joke where someone was getting mocked. What disrespect. Now please excuse me while I go back to worshipping the guy who himself disrespects and mocks people constantly with petty name calling, even right now as I'm typing this". Anyone who is the least bit upset about this is beyond a lost cause anyway. Just another of the millions that love to see their champion openly mock people but then curl up and play the sad little victim any time even 1/10th of that kind of ridicule is directed in any way at something that might involve them.
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    Spotify playlist updated, 95-98% of the selections are in there... final tally 3556 songs...
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    hey brohans i have taken a lot of shots at kobe bryant over the years in the nba thread but any time any one dies suddenly and with a family it is sad and it is even more sad to see young children have their lives cut short so i offer my condolances and will say a prayer for them all
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    Happy birthday BMF Gian!!
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    Pre-report: Things are mostly on track. When making the appointment, we never discussed an ending time. Whatever she says will have to do. Rookie mistake perhaps. Woman’s name is Rochelle. She specializes in the sports type of massages apparently. I plan to discuss my history and my aches and pains and then just let her do whatever she wants to my body. Logistics will be easy. Two miles away. Should be ample parking. Just some salad, cereal and an orange for dinner tonight. I don’t expect any digestive abnormalities. I should get plenty of sleep tonight since I won’t need to wake up early. I’m thinking about doing a tempo run tomorrow morning for some neuromuscular stimulation. We’ll see. I plan to wear some athletic pants (don’t know what they are actually called) over my newest pair of athletic briefs. I’ll wear one of my running shirts so she knows I mean business. I’ll ditch everything but the briefs just before go-time. I don’t have lofty expectations for this one and don’t have a preset goal. Hopefully it will be a learning experience.
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    I'm going to try one more time to use an analogy here to try to describe the legal aspect here. 1. Barring an extreme necessity type situation, it is unlawful to steal. As such, a modern day Robin Hood would still be legally-speaking, a thief even if he stole money from the bank to hand out to the poor. If Robin Hood went to trial it's very likely that a court could and would actually preclude some presentation of evidence as to what Robin Hood did with the money after the theft. 2. It is very likely a high crime/misdemeanor for a president to withhold (or threaten to withhold) congressionally authorized aid from a country on the condition that the country engage in action which appears to smear a political opponent. This is legally accurate even if Hunter Biden were Jack the Ripper. As such, and similar to the good intentions of Robin Hood above, even if Trump were well-intentioned of getting some bad guy in Hunter Biden it doesn't lawfully defend his actions. And, therefore, from a legal perspective, Hunter Biden remains to be irrelevant.
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    Aaron is my guy. No interest in changing anything there. He's also not biased like you're accusing him of. I can see what he suspends or moderates and you are without a doubt wrong there. Drop the accusations. The moderating team is not our problem here. People acting like kindergarteners is our problem here. Help us do better.
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    I've been chewing on this response for the last few days. That bolded question above hits me in probably a deeper way than you intended. And the truth is, I'm 50 years old and really need to confront some things in a personal way to ever grow as a person. So when you say quality of life, I would say my quality of life right now is troubling. I'm not happy and I don't know why. (I mean, I kind of know why - those are the things I need to confront). I have a good job, great kids, a great wife - everything a guy could ever want. But I wake up and I'm not happy. Certain things do make me happy of course, but overall my frame of mind is probably not good. @JShare87 mentions anxiety and how he's trying to work through that, and I think I am going through a lot of that. I let the smallest things throw me off and it impacts EVERYTHING. One of the takeaways I will start using that he mentioned in his race report was: I’m afraid of going back to the old me because I love this version of myself. And that is the truth - I do love this version of myself way better than when I started this 7 years ago. The only thing right now that keeps me from going over the edge is running. It keeps me on a schedule and keeps me from drinking my life away. It literally has saved my life. But it also pisses me off some days too. But I also understand that's just part of it sometimes. Somehow I need to turn all of this negativity in my brain into positive thoughts, but just not sure how to do that. I'm not the type of guy to go to therapy or counseling - I've had some bad experiences there as a kid and just won't go there at this point. I supposed running IS my therapy - as we all know lots of time to think out there. If anything, I need to run MORE. It keeps me focused and driven to something that I can shoot for. And maybe that is the answer I've been looking for. Maybe it's been in front of my face this whole time and I didn't see it. Because some of my best triumphs have been at the end of a race. Sorry this turned into a rambling wreck, but I need to somehow let all of this out. Somehow I need to learn to just get rid of the negativity and focus on all the good in my life. I just don't know how to do that.
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    She will do anything, but she won’t do THAT.
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    Roverkid overcame missing 10 days due to jet setting around Europe and landed a solid 2 A’s and 4 A-‘s. Given that we’re not worried about concussion or anorexia at this point, I’m pretty good with that. Now I can focus on the fact that I’ve somehow committed to sober February. Last time I went 4 weeks without booze I was 12, and I was smoking pot a few times a week back then. I’m looking forward to losing weight and being angry at everyone all the time.
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    have any GOP Senators expressed concern yet? I love it when they express concern.
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    They were never going to vote for witnesses. Once again. They were never going to vote for witnesses.
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    Dude. No need to apologize. I think one of the coolest things about this thread is how we're all here for each other. Let us know how we can help.
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    This whole impeachment trial is an exercise to determine how far the GOP will go to avoid knowing the truth.
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    In honor of @JShare87 listened to the entirety of Bat Out Of Hell for my 10k row this evening. Not bad.
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    There's really no way Trump would be susceptible to conspiracy theories and possibly be an unwitting tool of a foreign adversary. Not Trump. He relies on US intelligence services too much to be fooled by foreign adversaries. He trusts the system to protect him too much. He reads too many intelligence reports and is too knowledge about geopolitical situations as well as what he can and can't do constitutionally to get in any silly trouble. So the idea he'd take baseless allegations and use them against political opponents to benefit himself is something he'd never do. It's not like he has a track record of doing it. The man is above that sort of thing! He always has good reasons for saying what he does. So in short...we should trust that it was a well-reasoned opinion from trustworthy sources that a sober mind with good judgment concluded after much consideration. There's just no way he promoted a conspiracy theory in order to score political points. Would be so unlike him!
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    Some Pa announcer for the Pacers shared a story about how after the game Kobe waited for him outside the locker room to say hi. Kobe knew he was new because he never saw him at a game there before and wanted to tell him he did a really good job. Imagine Kobe Bryant knowing the PA announcer for a team he only visits once a year and then seeking him out after. I kinda feel dumb hating on him all those years when I was younger. I’ve gotten away from sports hate as I got older but it was still pretty stupid.
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    There used to be a poster here named Hamburglar way back. For a period of time me and a couple of other idiots would reply to all of his posts with “robble robble” . IIRC he eventually got mad about it:
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    leave it to the ffa to ruin a thread after 48 hours
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    What a high water mark for those who believe they are entitled to their own facts. That their opinions have to be respected because they hold them. For those that insist that if they refuse to be convinced, or refuse to admit defeat, that they are not defeated. Our constitutional experiment dies in a whimper at the hands of those who worship power and perfidy and not truth or principle or obligation. Duty over party dies. Honor and integrity die as duty is easy when one agrees or it is in ones interest, it only really has meaning when it is hard and at personal sacrifice.
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    Worked with a guy for a number of years who was 6'7" and played college ball at UC San Diego where he had a decent career at a less than elite college program, but nonetheless was a good basketball player. He told a story of playing a pick-up game at a gym where he usually dominated and one day, a guy shows up to play and it's Jud Buechler. Remember him? Played about 10 years, got mop-up time with the Bulls, averaged 3.3 PPG. I remember laughing at goofy Jud when he'd come in for the Bulls. Well, my buddy gets paired up to guard Jud and Buechler just obliterates him; shuts him down completely on offense, and he can't stop Jud offensively. Nobody could. He just had his way out there, shook hands with the guys after the game and left. Love that story.
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    When I go out fishing I tend to take more than one form of lure or bait and I try different presentations. Those who come home empty from such outings lack that foresight and those skills.
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    Works for me. And as long as we are interviewing the Bidens, let's be sure to investigate EVERY senator's children, spouse, and siblings who has ANY income from ANY source that SEEMS suspicious.
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    Okay, now.😎 My 1st rounder woulda been: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (2012) - Fiona Apple Somewhere in the 1st 10 rounds, I woulda taken this: Scavenger (2015) - Fleece - Wake and Bake (Official Unofficial Video) I may have a couple more lt8.
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    so lev parnas is basically wandering into the senate, with a throng of photogs following him, claiming he wants to tell senators that trump knew about everything... but he may be prevented from entering due to his ankle bracelet? what fresh hell is this? eta: twitter thread of the circus
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    @Juxtatarot -- Great neurostim before the erotistim.
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    That’s not a very good understanding of what I wrote.
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    i am going to do this brohans so that may mean a lot less taking things to the bank from me but im going to do this and start eating healthier and get my finances in better shape in february take that to the bank
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    Yeah I was hoping to be running faster in the workouts and on race day. My theory is that I was lacking the aerobic fitness to really put in the work and have successful workouts. My best training months Oct 2015, Oct 2018, and April 2018, where I felt like my body could handle any workout I attempted, were preceded by months of heavy mileage. In my opinion the half plan is much tougher than the full since the workouts are based on half marathon pace vs marathon pace. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the plan, I don’t think I did the work upfront for the results I wanted. I did run my 2nd fastest half following the plan, and since you run so many miles at half marathon pace you get a good idea what you’re capable of on race day. I don’t know, I know you had success with the Hanson’s marathon plan recently so I am reluctant to recommend something different. I think you and I could benefit if we’d just run more. I got away from that in 2019 in my pursuit of a half PR, and now I am trying to get back to the basics- start with a good aerobic base and then race specific training. I think I benefited from the runs in the Hansons plan, but in the future I think I will add some VO2max workouts at the end of my next half cycle since I tend to meet the speedster profile.
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    Juxtiguana: "237 minutes to go"
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    I wanted to congratulate Joe for firing/demoting/whatever Bob McGaw. I just learned in Maurile's thread that McGaw was gone. I knew I hadn't seen his posts in forever, wasn't sure what happened. He was unhinged during the 2016 election and was banning people left and right solely because they supported Trump. Good riddance! A recommendation, why not appoint a pro Trump (or at least neutral) mod to the PSF? Maurile hates Trump, but is reasonable with his mod duties, which is fine. The other two mods, Clayton and Aaron, don't even post in the PSF forum. Clayton is somewhat reasonable, but Aaron is widely recognized as extremely biased towards anyone who supports Trump. I say get rid of Aaron, or at least prevent him from suspending people he disagrees with in a forum he doesn't even post in. Replace him with someone like jon mx or Max or Hell Toupee. Or if you want to go neutral, appoint ren hoek or rocknation.
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    Go look at page one. Every single thread except one is anti-Trump. Occasionally a second pro-Trump thread sneaks in but is quickly ignored into oblivion. And the ratio of pro Trump posters vs anti Trump posters who have been banned is 50-1. Sure some of the Trump haters get a timeout but there isn't a single one who has been banned permanently. (Feel free to post a list to contradict this) Anyone who thinks FBG is too supportive of Trump is either dishonest, a paid shill, or not operating with a full deck. That may sound harsh but it is the truth. Basing any moderation or business decisions on someone like that is a fool's errand.
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    It is the typical con. People rather dig deeper rather than admit they are a fool. The maddening thing about Trump is we all have close family and friends that we thought knew better.
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    It's official, Trump and the GOP have left their supporters out to dry. Again. GOP concedes Trump may have withheld aid for probes but says it's not impeachable
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    I'm not saying the New York Times should testify. I'm saying Bolton should. That gets to the bottom of all of this. It's not hard. IF you want the truth, call the man to testify. Otherwise, stop pretending you care about the truth.
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    Current snapshot for 2020 Trump: Massive crowds and election betting odds growing in his favor. Biden: Picking fights with voters and more corruption stories (now being run by liberal outlets) Sanders: Fighting the Dem establishment, Staff saying crazy things, too far left. Rest of the field: fading
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    Apparently he's only a target because he's running for president. Where was this investigation in 2016? 2017? 2015? The point is that if you excuse the behavior of the President encouraging the investigation of a political rival IF it turns up dirt, that's a terrible idea. What kind of pressure do you think a president will put on an investigation, or what kind of spin will be put, to make the investigation turn up (or seem to turn up) dirt? Probable cause matters...if it was coming from our intelligence agencies, and through proper channels, this would likely not be an issue. It wasn't. There's a reason for that. That reason is corruption, but not on Biden's part. Trump is corrupt, and he's using the power of the office for his own personal gain...if this was a legitimate issue, it would've gone through proper channels.
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    I'm sorry. I will be made fun of for this and I don't care.
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    It's crazy to think that pretty much even the worst pro athlete in the NFL, NBA, MLB was probably the best player in his high school, and probably the best player in his town if it had multiple schools, and at least the first or second best guy on his entire college team across any position. Guy grew up being the best person on every team he's ever been on, goes pro, and becomes a laughingstock.
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    @pbm107 may not write much and it's by coincidence, but I swear every time he does he unintentionally says something that's been in the back of my head that needed to be front and center then brings it right there. I wrote out a very rough draft for my next couple of cycles earlier yesterday, but was looking at it side eyed. Is this what I really should be doing at this stage? Early HM training in fall was rough. But I really hit a groove over the last 6 weeks, leading to a pr. That stretch went about as pbm described when he's in his best shape, I felt I would accomplish whatever workout I put in front of myself that day. Once recovered I really centered my attention on volume. And I have only once ever had a stretch with that type of mileage - peak marathon training two years ago, and I was only 4 mpw off that pace. I'm not entering that stage for at least 4-6 weeks, so in the meantime - let's incorporate more speed. And I didn't like what I wrote out. I looked at it thinking I don't think this is going to set me up for March success. So I moved on with my day and said I'll come back to it later. Then... too. Hmm... That's it! That's what I thought looking at the plan I wrote out yesterday morning. I'm looking at it thinking how to survive it - not expecting to thrive through it. I think I have successfully gone through the "I need to do the training so that I can do the training" phase. It's not peak yet. So what to do between now and then to get the most out of it but also put myself in a position to thrive during peak. 2-a-day's aren't just for lifting/running. They're also for doubling up running. And by implementing them I can do more of what I have not been doing over the last 50 days. Resting. It was by design up to this point, but if I'm going to take advantage of more speed right now...before peak...without burning myself out - rest days are important. Easy running when fatigued is fine. But speed when fatigued is a delicate dance. Sure, you can do it that day, but at what cost later? So do a speed workout over lunch then recover that night; instead of tomorrow. Sure, you'll be more tired that day, but then you'll go to bed earlier and get more rest. Sustain the established quantity while re-introducing the quality and most importantly - not burning yourself out. And if I feel fresh enough to lift on an off day then by all means. But if I don't and instead need to just do a lighter 20 minute routine a day later then so be it. Strength was important to get to this point, but it's going to be less and less important as the weeks go by. Priorities, ultimately what it comes back to and what we all have been talking about a lot lately. So, thank you, pbm. Your 'selfish' assessment was instrumental in getting me to decide what to do in February.
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    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear @gianmarco, happy birthday to you!
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    Rick Wilson, an apostate Republican and Never Trumper, has turned on his old party. And, of course, has put together attack ads 10x as effective as anything a Dem would come up with. It's disappointing. Martha McSally is pummeled in this one for her ties to Trump.
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    No way am I dealing with this guy directly after he already bolted. Did you file the hit and run?