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    I guess that explains why my wife is in such good health.
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    Thank you for posting this. My mom had an x-ray last week and there's a mass in her lung. Getting a CT scan to see what's going on. Worried sick about her and dad. Smoked as a teenager but had hasn't one in probably 40 years. A truly wonderful woman loved by all. I needed some hope.
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    Anyone who uses the phrases witchhunt, wanted Trump impeached since day 1, dems didn't do their jobs in the house, etc are never ever going to engage in a reasonable discussion. The simple fact that they'll claim Trump released the money and that Ukraine said it wasn't extorted as "proof" that Trump did no wrong tells you everything you need to know. And of course the dems could have used the courts to force witnesses that Trump withheld. The fact that that would have taken past the election is irrelevant to them. As is the fact that Trump withheld all witnesses in the first place. You'll never ever get a reasonable discussion.
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    “He died doing what he loved. Eating all the crab legs so no one else could get any.”
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    The President has been screaming economy at the top of his lungs for three years in the most political way. But NOW everybody needs to be cool to him? He needs to man up. Especially regarding the gutting of the very agencies and personnel that could/can deal with this. We are all in this together I won't deny but where has he earned the slightest shred of political goodwill from his loyal opposition?
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    I was worried about that too. But, here are a few thoughts: Four years ago I was vehemently anti-Sanders. I mean, I disliked and feared a Trump presidency more, but Sanders was anathema to me. But I hadn't really listened to him. I had my views on some things (many of which I now think were misguided) and I was dismissive of Sanders based on the fact the soundbites I heard confirmed to me that he was a lunatic Leftist ideologue. I can see now that even though I have never been a consumer of things like Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, my belief system was still being shaped by them (and others) because the GOP and Far Right conservatives have shifted the Overton Window so far to the right over the past few generations. I am not the first one to observe that where Sanders stands on many issues are not markedly extreme compared to people like Dwight Eisenhower, never mind Harry Truman or FDR. The thing that the GOP does exceptionally well and that the Democratic Party does exceptionally poorly is frame the issues in such a way that they get to define the space in that Overton Window. That has been consistently true for a long time. When mainstream "moderate" Democrats choose to play the game in the space the GOP defines, is it any surprise that they are bested time and again? It shouldn't be. Sanders candidacy in 2016 began to expand the Overton Window to cover more progressive policies. Continued exposure to ideas that might have seemed radical at first makes them seem less radical over time. That's just true, regardless of the quality of the idea on its merits. I happen to think a lot of Sanders' policy positions have merits. That isn't an out of consensus view either. Some of his policies that would have been considered extreme 10 years ago or only the province of committed Progressives five years ago are now fairly mainstream in terms of public opinion. So I think the expansion of the Overton Window is continuing to happen. My friend who has PhD in Psychology and teaches Marketing at a large university talks about support for Sanders in terms of what he calls a "heat model". Sanders has a core of very committed supporters (some of whom are obnoxious, no doubt) who generate that "heat" at the center of his support. When the core of heat gets hot enough, it "warms" adjacent people over time. This goes hand in hand with the idea of the Overton Window. When people see others whom they have positive non-political interactions with embracing ideas that seem foreign to them and a bit scary at first, it makes it safer for them to even listen to the idea. On the topic of appeal to moderates, I am not sure it matters as much as the conventional wisdom suggests. Or, if it does, it really only matters in a small handful of battleground states. And when you weigh that against the leverage inherent of boosting voter participation, it is less important. We saw in the last election the power of energizing people who aren't reliable voters into supporting a candidate. That was a major component of how Trump was able to win. It is a sad fact that voter participation in this country is really low, especially among younger people. Guess what cohort of voters are less put off by the word "socialism" and who feel especially abandoned by the status quo, as represented by not just the GOP but also traditional moderate Democrats? It is people under 35, of course. And that happens to be a large number of people in absolute terms. Motivating them to vote for the Democratic candidate is the X factor in this election. Is that more likely if the the Democratic nominee is Sanders, or if it is Biden/Bloomberg/Buttigieg? I could go on, but this is long already. ETA: Here is a pretty good article on how popular various "progressive" policy ideas are via two different polls. It might lead one to think that Sanders focusing on true Medicare For All, rather than simply providing a public option for everybody, is a mistake. Maybe it is. Or maybe focusing on it can shift opinion. I tend to lean towards the latter, since a lot of voters don't really understand what it means. We'll see.
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    Well, y'all are nuts. Decided to go around the lake loop near my house over lunch for a little variety instead of the normal row. Had noticed on Strava a trip around the nearby lake is a "segment" and wanted to do that. In a thrilling result, I am 9th! this year*. 2.35 miles is probably the farthest I have ran consecutively......ever. Can't say I found it particularly enjoyable but also went wayyyyy harder than you fine folks would have recommended - managed to sync the Apple Watch readings in I think so we can all laugh at my HR. Looks like avg was around 162 but was basically at 180 for the majority of it Working that hard for what appears to be 10 minute miles is highly depressing (though in my defense it was a 'trail' run and quite muddy / slippery due to recent rain - how much that ultimately mattered - not sure). Anyways - back to rowing for me for a bit - good job everyone. *out of 11
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    Man...this weak a$$ marathon #### ain't gonna cut it anymore. I'll have to start training for an ultra or something...
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    Remember that horrible terrorist that Trump terminated from Iran, the one that every democrat candidate said they would not have killed during their debate, well it seems it worked. Bad news from WaPo: Soleimani strike seemed to have worked when are you D’s finally going to open your eyes and see how lucky we are to have this man as President
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    Well certainly you have made it clear that he will not be able to do so to your satisfaction. As to the satisfaction of others, who can say. Me, I'm satisfied.
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    He and his family looked very tall as they visited India.
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    52. “Planet Claire” The B-52s (1979, from The B-52s) Of course the guitar line is stolen from Henry Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme but so what? You can dance to this and Fred Schneider takes nonsensical lyrics to another better dimension (my favorite part of the song is when, after suggesting that the unnamed headless girl might be from Mars instead, he belts out indignantly “BUT SHE ISN’T!”- just so we’re clear.) The video is awesome too, with the beehive hairdos. So much like a John Waters film.
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    53. “In a Big Country” Big Country (1983, from The Crossing) As a rule I’m likely to suspicious of any band whose name is basically the same as the only song they’re known for, but not this time. I noticed for the first time this morning that there’s a black dude in the band. I wonder if he has a Scottish accent? That would be awesome...
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    "I accidentally said the quiet part loud!" It's a glimpse into the reality of unfettered Boomerism. They don’t like it to ever be questioned why more importance / quality of life is sectioned off to this one generation to the point that every single average Joe boomer has some version of ''fixing up the classic bike in the garage'' while millennials can't afford healthcare and are forced into life as peasants renting rooms under the rule of landlords well into their adulthood. There's a generational disparity. It boggles my mind that everyday boomers have 'mancaves' where they pour their unearned wealth into things like Pac Man arcade machines and rock and roll memorabilia. Just because they were a regular person growing up in the 60s and 70s.
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    Basically. It's so funny. She's being totally reasonable to not be ok with a guy banging two other girls and then trying to propose to her a week later. It was just kinda lame to go through the whole process without filling him in on it. IMO, someone with her stance shouldn't be a contestant on The bachelor. Go meet your boring future husband at the church pancake social and leave the TV romance to the Victorias of the world. But yeah, if Peter actually loves her (which he claims...even though they've been on like 4 dates) he would have passed on plowing the other 2 and just ran out the clock until he could propose to her. He figured it was easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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    Madison: I really don't want you to have sex with the other women. Peter: You have no idea what I went through to get Victoria to this point though. Sorry, hope you get over it.
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    Personally, I think there's a lot of value in having a nominee who says these things even if they aren't accomplished. I want the Democratic party to stand for stuff like fighting income inequality and achieving single-payer health care. Often it takes many years of public attention before an idea takes root and gets enough support to be enacted. I think there's a possibility that nominating Bernie now will accelerate the process of getting to Medicare For All and other progressive goals, even if those things are not accomplished during a Sanders administration. I also don't really agree with @whoknew's basic point that nothing will get done (I know a lot of folks make that point). I agree that there won't be a lot of legislation passed, but that's true of the Trump administration too and he's been extraordinarily consequential. I want someone like Bernie or Elizabeth Warren to pick the next Secretary of the Treasury, the next head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the next head of the Consumer Financial Protection Board. The people they're likely to choose for those roles are very different from the sorts of people that Bloomberg or the other moderates might pick.
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    OK, glad to see we're in agreement that a) Venezuela's socialist dictatorship is bad and b) Bernie has no connection to it. Good talk.
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    Went on Amazon to get masks. Damn they are expensive. Decided to go with this instead
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    If you're going to disparage gambling, we're going to have to have words.
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    Put me in the camp that has zero interest in the superhero genre...I wish it would all go away.
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    But comparing Bernie's advocacy of Medicare for All and free college to Maduro's petro-dictatorship is sober, measured commentary
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    You may want to start by actually understanding what it is and how that differs from what Sanders wants.
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    I just about can't think of a move more foolish than selling short a binary micro biotech like this. And selling short Tesla. And buying Tesla.
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    Considering retirement after I was informed the football will be slipping out of my tiny hands. Please keep me in your thoughts. -joe burrow on Twitter after his measurements.
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    Thanks Obama. I don't think we should give presidents credit for the stock market.
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    You're right - Bad Company may very well rank highly on this countdown.
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    I’m with this. I’m too heavy cash likely in total allocation. We are a long way from panic. All you have to do is remember 2008 and this is child’s play. I’ll let it play out a bit and look for a spot to start finding a couple small entry points
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    A poster has demonstrated in this thread a pattern of intellectual dishonesty. I believe we have been asked to stop engaging people who do that. You're not going to "get through" to him with reason or information. He's not here to help anyone or himself understand the topic better. He's here to clutter it up with nonsense and to distract from an otherwise very good thread.
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    Getting ready for a work stoppage.
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    I have a son who is a sophomore. He has tried numerous sports in his younger years, like baseball, soccer, golf, lacrosse but couldn't keep the interest in any of them, nor was he really any good at them. When he entered high school, he went out for cross country. He isn't a good runner, but he liked the boys that he ran with a lot. Really enjoyed himself. Then right before the CC season ended, he tells me....."dad, I want to try out for wrestling". OK, son have fun. And wrestling became the sport that he loves. He started slow freshman year, winning matches against other beginning wrestlers (my son is really strong for his size), but getting beat badly by more experienced wrestlers. But he never complained or got mad that he was losing more matches than he won. He showed up at practice, worked hard (his HS has great coaches and the school is generally ranked in the top 5 or 6 in MO for wrestling). And comes his sophomore year, the improvement was incredible. He only lost 3 matches this year. 2 were at the first tournament where he was wrestling varsity, up a weight class, against state ranked competition. Ended up 23-3 , mostly on the JV squad. Can't wait to see him wrestle varsity next year. But what I really proud of is that....he found the sport that he loves, and has made great friends with a bunch of the other wrestlers. He won't go out for track in the spring since he wants to continue wrestling in preparation for the June's Disney Duals in Orlando. My wife and I root hard for him, but we accept his results, it's super unlikely that he will wrestle in college, but I am so glad that he will enjoy his HS experience because of it. Now if I can only stop him for being a pain in the a$$ while he's trying to make weight.
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    I asked my immediate family if anybody was doing any "prepping". My SIL's reply "what's Coronavirus?".
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    I agree with Redmond Longhorn here. Once Trump stops doing damage and stops moving us in the direction of an authoritarian dictatorship, we’ll be able to say, “Huh, I guess there’s only so much damage a president can do before he reaches a hard limit. There’s an upper bound to the damage after all.” But as long as Trump is still doing more damage with each passing month, I don’t think we can be confident that there’s an upper bound.
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    argument for #27: "Well, it's Simon LeBon's favorite lullaby & he sang it to his daughter every nite and if Simon LeBon sings it, it's New Wave".
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    💪 Some kids rolled a skateboard in front of our bikes, saw it coming. I got off the bike and hurled the skateboard as far as I could and said I don't think you want any of this. Had some other kids hurl a soccer ball at me from a bridge while cycling. I tried chasing them down, but they were too fast for me. Those two would do well being on a cross country team.
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    He would get a mean stare from me. That would show him.
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    How can a party be wrong all the time? They have not gotten anything right in 4 years. They need to embrace the people's president, Donald Trump.
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    I've actually gone in the other direction than OP. I was a Republican for most of my early life, but around 2008, I grew disillusioned with them. I saw that they weren't really trying to help people, just acting like it. No real environmental policies, no trying to help the poor and needy, just hollow words. Then they nominated Trump. I knew that he was a charlatan from the moment I saw him on TV, now he's the face of the party? A conman, a philanderer, and a guy who makes C. Montgomery Burns look like he's not trying hard enough? He lost the popular election to Hillary Clinton, but won electorally, and I liked Hillary even less, but wanted to give him a chance to do what's right for the country. What we got was not that. Now, I'm not waving a flag for the democrats, I hate abortion, I can't get excited for hugging trees, and I enjoy the smell of gunpowder, but I will not vote for Trump at all.
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    They didn't learn how this bit HRC in the ### in '16.
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    Of course it worked. Trump has been a foreign affairs maestro.
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    She and her husband both have middle seats? Good luck with that. Time to engage Nigel’s “no switchy.”
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    The Trump "authoritarianism" schtick is so overblown.
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    you can't be kidding me? how's this now?
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    I'm voting for Sanders over Trump and would have in the last election (went 3rd party). Sure, the majority of Sanders' political stances are different than mine. However, the thing that most matters to me in a President is integrity, and Trump has none.