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    It looks like my unemployment has been fixed? I see 5 weeks worth of money in there and it says I was paid today. I called a friend because I do not see the money in the bank yet. She told me it takes a couple of days to get there after DES pays you. So it sounds like I am on the road to getting paid. It is not the pay I am used to but it will get us through this. I thank you all for listening to my whining and for all the beautiful offers that came my way. This is a special place that I have found much comfort in. I really do not think I can say thank you enough.
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    Sex takes 30 seconds, the woman is satisfied and exhausted, and no one is concerned about the mess.
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    This was a very good idea, but brought to you guys way too early. I really regret that. It's something I kept picking at...trying to figure it out. It evolved. These days it is a monthly rotation that selects 2 stocks. Basically an algorithm runs each month that selects the 2 best stocks. It holds those for 1 month and the selection process runs again. It's possible a "top" stock remains selected for more than 1 month. The system got tested for about 18 months and then went live trading last year. Under the current market I'm choosing not to run the algo...and that part of the portfolio is just in cash. When it runs I have no idea what stocks might be selected. Many times I've never even heard of them. It's done well imo. If you are interested in the results pm me. Note: this is currently all in $CASH. I don't know when I'm going to trade off of it again.
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    Is there a way to find my complete history of posts in this thread. I feel highly confident I've written specifically about this a number of times There is a series of tweets, there's no single link though because they were separate tweets and not a thread:
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    Too bad they didn’t teach those when @General Malaise was in school
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    Someone calls and says "turn on the tv" and it happens to be on the exact station at the beginning of the story in question.
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    When a character is carrying a bag of groceries there seems to always be a loaf of French bread sticking out of one of the bags.
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    Imagine the alternative: In a new interview, President Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, said she doesn’t want to bail out states that have Republican governors. Mrs. Clinton also refused to let a CDC expert testify before the GOP-led Senate because, she claims, they are all “Clinton haters.”
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    I have. But I don't these days. Please understand - there is a lot of danger with these instruments. I have traded eminis for more than 15 years. There was a time in 2006-2010 I could really do no wrong. And there was a time from 2012-2018 where I could do no right. I'm of the very strong opinion that you guys should just seek out great companies with strong fundamentals that you believe in and buy them in the early stage of a bull trend and sell them once that trend is complete. Literally that's all you have to do and you will be very successful over the long haul.
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    Guys can't tell if a woman with glasses and a ponytail is hot.
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    I am just outside Detroit and as you see on the news, most everyone around here seems ready to loosen up a bit. The relaxation of shelter in place doesn’t mean it’s safe. It just means they have an ICU bed available for you.
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    Too preliminary and not tested in humans. Major traditional media sources will not ignore truly game-changing, corroborated and vetted scientific news. You can pretty much count on 999 out 1,000 "good news" science articles you read not really describing anything of ultimate consequence. If sports journalism were like science journalism, you have a lot of articles with headlines like these: "Elliot takes handoff cleanly from Prescott, 80-yard TD run possible" "Curry's form perfect on opening trey as Warriors take 3-0 1st quarter lead; win over Lakers virtually certain" "Kershaw throws 8 consecutive strikes during warmups, Giants face impending loss to Dodgers ace"
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    Random stranger walks into a bar and orders "a beer". Plus, the bartender never asks which kind because he/she just knows.
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    - People ending every single telephone call without saying good bye.
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    Parking spot conveniently right in front of the building they are going to in a a huge city
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    The pandemic has now officially killed more Americans in about two months than those four events did over multiple decades. And that is almost certainly an undercount for the virus. Vietnam: 58,209 9/11: 2,996 Afghanistan: 2,216 Iraq: 4,576 Total: 67,997 Covid-19 Pandemic: 68,843 The incompetence that we are witnessing in terms of the Federal response to this crisis is really jaw-dropping.
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    It's astounding to realize how much Idiocracy low-balled it.
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    You can say that I expect better behavior and higher level verbal acumen from the President. I'm a bit of a humorless traditional American citizen in that respect. I'll own that with pride.
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    Banks and other high security buildings that have HVAC systems with duct networks large and strong enough to support grown men crawling through them.
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    Posted to the comments section under Adam Feuerstein's "article" he posted yesterday:
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    Yeah, gamifying your caloric intake definitely seems like a good approach to me. Taking BF's recommendation, I'm using MFP -- it's a little clunky with all the ads, but it gets the job done. I'm not really overweight, but I've very slowly put on a few pounds over the past two years or so, and then I quickly put on another 5 pounds during the quarantine. That's alarming to me since I figure to be working from home for most or all of the summer. I selected a "sedentary" occupation both because that's an accurate description of my job and because I want the positive reinforcement of manually logging my exercise. My goal is to go from 165 down to 155 -- MFP is giving me 1600 net calories a day to accomplish this. I went ahead and started tracking on Sunday to get accustomed to the app, ending the day with 1284 net calories (2320 consumed, 1036 burned). Yesterday was 1213 (2002-789). There are some blindingly obvious lessons that come through pretty much immediately: - Tracking my food makes me much more aware of what I'm eating. As soon as this became a little game that I could win, it was a lot easier to pass on that mid-morning cup of Wheat Thins, the mid-afternoon bowl of Fritos, the evening cookie or two or three. I know my eating has gotten terrible since being at home, but I don't think I fully realized just how many empty calories I was consuming every time I wandered past the pantry. - It's pretty easy to track my breakfast and lunch since those are normally things like protein bars, cereal, sandwiches, and other fairly standardized items. Suppers are tough and are going to require a lot more good-faith guesstimation because I'm not going to turn this into a science project. Sunday was red beans and rice with andouille sausage. I entered that as two servings of "Red Beans and Rice with Sausage, Zataran's, 1 package" for 700 calories, but I don't honestly know whether that was high or low. Last night was two chicken tacos from the Instant Pot. I probably could have gotten a more accurate count on that one, but I went with "Chicken Tacos, Chipotle, 3 tacos" for 515 which was probably an over-estimate but not by a lot. I'll have to live with a little nutritional noise here. - Alcohol has a ####load of calories. I probably drink too much on weekdays anyway, but that's especially true now that my weekdays and weekends are basically the same. Still, it's easy for me to budget some calories for a few glasses of wine and still chalk up a win for the day. Weekends may be different but we'll see. - I run five days a week year-round. As long as I'm stuck at home and the weather's nice, I've resolved to get out for an additional walk or two each day. I don't really need any extra motivation to make that happen, but entering that activity in MFP and getting those calories credited back to me is a nice side benefit. So far so good.
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    Not sure why I am keep coming back to this thread. So much doom and gloom. So much negativity. No wonder so many people are depressed.
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    Incidentally, Catalytic Cleavage is the name of my Katy Perry-fronted Mariah Carey cover band
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    At the end of the day, anyone that feels like a mask makes them safer should wear one. Gloves too. And dang yes, stay in your bunker except to peek out and get some groceries once a week. We're not stopping you from being extra safe. But please allow the rest of us get out there and do something. If you're right and we're wrong, we'll be the only ones suffering and you all will be cozy and safe. The science is becoming clearer everyday that this is way overblown and comes nowhere near worth shutting the planet down for. The virus is real. It's a MFer too. But those of us who don't have underlying conditions and aren't geezers should be able to get out and freaking live life.
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    I think even if the masks don’t do a whole lot they still have value as a constant reminder of what’s going on. If everything seems normal people will act normal.
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    Pretty sure at least half of this thread have no idea who you're referring to
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    US industry turned out the goods, but not right off the bat. The US entered WWII more shamefully unprepared than we were for COVID. We knew war was coming, but still managed to be unprepared. For SIX MONTHS German u-boat sank everything that moved along the east cost, even though we were well aware of their potential through our observation of Britain's struggles. It took the entire Guadalcanal campaign (into early 1943) to figure out logistics in the Pacific. Getting a marine division someplace was a tremendous challenge for a long time. Ditto fuel, food, medical, aircraft. Because we were behind the curve, and lacking wherewithal. When you let events in a deteriorating situation get ahead of you, progress in catching up seems glacial. Not all the goodwill in the world will fix it overnight. Patience. Lastly, it helps when everyone agrees on the best way to fight the war. With COVID, that is not the case. Personally, I disagree with the more cautious members here, but I understand your reasons, and you may be right. Personally, I think this thing will have to run its course - I doubt a vaccine comes fast enough and I doubt major breakthroughs in treatment will manifest. Maybe leronlimab, or nicotine, or vitamin D... While the disease is running its course, we want to keep the vulnerable sheltered (if they so choose) while the low-risk get exposed through normal commercial and schooling activities. We want the number of new cases to be high enough to move towards herd immunity fairly rapidly, but not so high that excess mortality is incurred due to localized medical system breakdowns. All well and good - the above just makes sense to me - but we really just don't have a good grip on THE NUMBERS. Infuriating. So I'll have to remain mentally flexible in case information (our best understanding at the moment) changes. One big value for SIP is it was supposed to give us time to get answers. Slow progress on that front...
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    Cop/detective investigating a case that nobody has been able to crack re-investigates the crime scene and "magically" finds incriminating evidence that everyone else missed.
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    Wait, NOW it's their body, their choice???????? I hate to do the analogy/parallel thing, but my goodness.
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    I still don't understand how we got on an argument about mask-wearing and contact tracing in response to a post calling for the imposition of martial law. I'm all for wearing masks and imposing contact tracing. I'm against martial law. I don't see that as being a strange position.
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    I’m responding to a growing theme here, which is binary thinking. A group of posters, who represent a growing segment of the culture nationally, have dug in against measures to shut things down and practice stringent social distancing including wearing masks. A few days ago a poster here said he drove 30 miles out of his way so he could eat at a chain restaurant in a town that doesn’t have mask restrictions. My argument is that we shouldn’t need martial law for people to follow the guidance from their state leaders and national health agencies. Other countries do that as a matter of course, because they don’t make decisions about whether they are on one team whose identity gets tied to preserving the economy and freedom, or another whose identity gets tied to locking everything down to an extreme. When you care about each other, first and foremost, your actions follow, and they do there. The citizenry in those countries, while not under authoritarian dictums, also participated willingly in contact tracing and self-quarantine. Wearing masks is the norm throughout Asia. It’s not a damn wedge issue. It’s a sensible thing to do for others. Look, I’m disgusted. Other countries will emerge from this by spreading the economic burden across all classes, including the rich. Here, the rich got richer by shorting the markets and by disproportionately taking advantage of bailouts. And our inherent selfishness is not translating to societal pressure to do everything one can to stop the spread to others. Far too many figure they’re in a low risk group, so screw everyone else. That phenomenon isn’t present in countries that have more of a socialist tilt. You want to take our unique every man for himself mentality and slap the label “freedom” on it, go ahead. But my original point is that cultures that sacrifice together, and understand the need for a healthy degree of socialism, are way more free than whatever this is, where billionaires have made $250 B in new wealth since January, and where markets are down about 17% from historic highs when 30m and counting of a workforce of 110m are unemployed.
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    If you're running from the authorities and walk into a gas station or convenience store. Chances are there will be a TV on and the news will be running a story about you.
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    As noted above, that's because they never eat that breakfast that mom cooked because they were running late.
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    Mom works hard all morning on making a nice hot breakfast, only to have everyone conveniently running late, and grabbing a lone slice of toast on their way out the door.
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    Someone pulls the trigger at point blank, but gun jams or is out of bullets.
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    Rookie mistake - if you just eat all the pizza when you get it, like I did, then this doesn't happen.
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    They changed their projection from 70k to 134k. What changed between then and now? Yeah I get some states have started opening up. Was that not in their last projections? These models seem very finicky and seem to ignore what's actually happening. Sort of like when they changed it from 100k to 60k. Let me see if I can unpack this for you: Models/projections/estimates were made based on people staying at home People were asked to stay at home People did not listen Based on new data models/projections/estimates were restated based on new data rinse, repeat
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    You should do 4 of those every 4 hours for 48 hours.
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    Link to Dr. Patterson's paper.
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    man, I've got some catching up to do RD 14 Leaving: Criminal - Fiona Apple Her first entire album is so good. Second one was pretty good too - haven't listened to the new one yet. I've been a bad, bad girl I've been careless with a delicate man And it's a sad, sad world When a girl will break a boy Just because she can Don't you tell me to deny it I've done wrong and I wanna suffer for my sins I've come to you cause I need guidance to be true And I just don't know where I can begin What I need is a good defense Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal And I need to be redeemed To the one I've sinned against Because he's all I ever knew of love Heaven help me for the way I am Save me from these evil deeds before I get them done I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand But I keep livin' this day Like the next will never come Oh help me, but don't tell me to deny it I've got to cleanse myself Of all these lies til I'm good enough for him I've got a lot to lose And I'm bettin' high so I'm beggin' you Before it ends Just tell me where to begin What I need is a good defense Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal And I need to be redeemed To the one I've sinned against Because he's all I ever knew of love Let me know the way Before there's hell to pay Give me room to lay the law and let me go I've got to make a play To make my lover stay So what would an angel say The devil wants to know What I need is a good defense Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal And I need to be redeemed To the one I've sinned against Because he's all I ever knew of love
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    Really seems like the math here is fairly simple. We have historical records of total deaths in a given region by month. Compare the historical trend for March and April to March and April of 2020. If anything, I suspect that undercounts the COVID-related deaths, as deaths from auto accidents would be down significantly during that time.
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    Yeah, I'll pop in once in awhile but man this thread is depressing. Been trying to stay positive and appreciate what is good right now. Because there is a lot of it going on. Weather has been beautiful....I'll never have this much time with my kids ever again.... Beer is still being brewed praise the Lord....
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    Round 17 Wild Card Brilliant Disguise - Bruce Springsteen Tonight our bed is cold Lost in the darkness of our love God have mercy on the man Who doubts what he's sure of
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    Arriving home to find a stranger sitting in your living room in the dark, waiting
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    Lots of cars having high speed chases through malls or places of business.
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    LOL. So 60 days later when it flares up again (possibly from someone from another country, etc). Do we lock down again another 60 days? It would be endless. Just like the quarantines that now that many want will never end as goal posts keep changing. Flatten the curve and learn to live with this. Protect the elderly and everyone else practice social distancing and good hygiene. But no, Marshall law is not the answer.