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    UPDATE: My mother is home from the hospital. She ended up with a pretty mild effect overall. She had a cough, was exhausted, needed a little oxygen along the way, but has bounced back pretty well. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to address her other health issue (dizziness and low blood counts), and tell us we need to let the virus run its course so they can analyze her data without the interference from the viral effects. So, more to come, but the good news is that she seemed to kick COVID's ###.
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    Members 16,204 31,897 posts Gender:Not Telling Report post Posted 4 minutes ago I have been contacted by several posters for my thoughts. I struggled with coming back even on a limited basis to share them, yet I do not want to be antisocial to the good folks here. Given that I decided to relent for one post. The death - Everyone wants to concentrate on the one officer with his knee on George Floyd's neck, because it is visual and shocking. I agree. it was beyond any lawful force. it was beyond any color of law. it was punitive and officers are not authorized to be punitive. He should have been fired, and was, and should be prosecuted, and is. Some, those who do not understand the law, want 1st degree charged. It seems more forceful to them and so more satisfying. It is also likely not apt. I believe he was correctly charged, more or less. Now, as to the officers who where not front and center on the video. Those officers where compressing his chest and his diaphragm, respectively. They did not do something less heinous than Officer Chauvin. They are equally culpable and should be charged the same. Anyone who has ever been at the bottom of a dog pile knows how hard it is to breath with folks on top of you. Anyone who has every had their breath knocked out of them knows how hard it is to breath if you can't get your diaphragm working. The outrage missed them a bit because of their lack of camera time, but they are equally culpable. It may end up being that they are more culpable for the actual death. It may turn out that Officer Chauvin was pinning him down so that they could or did crush the life from him like pressing with stone back in the days of the witch trials, who knows" The officer standing bye, preventing aid to the dying man. He had a duty too to intervene, on behalf of Mr. Floyd. He should be charged with that and probably as aiding and abetting the death. The time delay in charging - Folks want to argue this shows disparity. They say that it is not like other probable cause charges. I agree. In other murder instances the evidence is usually not on film, the perpetrator is not known, and the perpetrator may be able to obscure evidence or flee. They need to be captured and arrested immediately. Not so here. There is no evidence to obscure and no escape possible. Also, this is a matter of exceeding color of authority, a slightly different evaluation on intent, force, recklessness. Still, I get it. Here is and was my concern, if charges are brought due to public pressure to stop riots rather than based upon an evaluation of evidence it is extremely likely that defense attorneys will argue that the prosecution was not based upon evidence but public pressure. That will not get the officers off, but it may well be sufficient for a change of venue so that these officers do not answer to their community. I remember the Rodney King prosecution happening in Simi valley, a key to his acquittal. That change of venue likely changed the outcome. That was a mistake not to be repeated. Protests - I support them. I like mine orderly, and informative, essentially teaching moments with a call to specific, productive action. Protest that have their only message being four word slogans repeated ad nauseum do not appeal to me, but then maybe they are not meant to, and that too is fine. Riots/Looting - Not protesting. it disgusts me. It is unlawful, dangerous, damaging of individual businesses, hardworking persons, and communities. I wonder, after a solid night of looting when the neighbors come over the next day to watch a movie do they comment on the new big screen T.V.? BTW, looters and rioters, and even disruptive protestors, if you interfere with me or mine unlawfully do not be surprised at my response if it is also unruly. When one precipitates a crisis it is the height of foolishness to then complain how I react to an unanticipated crisis. You had time to contemplate your response, me, not so much. Police Reform - Attitude begins when they don their modern armor, their uniforms. Jack boots, mirror glasses to hide their eyes and humanity, combat fatigues essentially, multiple weapons, tough guy black leather gloves, often more, all in dark and intimidating colors. How about no jack boots but just shoes. No mirrored sunglasses and sunglasses must be off when interacting verbally with citizens. No black leather gloves. Uniforms designed in less intimidating colors, Sherwood forest green perhaps or maybe seafoam. Maybe they won't feel like warriors, but like civil servants. Their guns should go back to revolvers so that they do not have shoot em up fantasies. Six shots for defense. If the situation looks like it will call for more, or does, an arrest team with greater firepower should be available. Whenever guns are drawn or even unsnapped that ought to send an immediate call to a supervisor and to an arrest control team. Lets work on this technology. The supervisor ought to be able to view their always on bodycam in real time upon that notification, so too the responding arrest control team. The officer will then be encouraged to think tactically rather than respond aggressively. There should be less Terry stops, less frisking of citizens generally and specifically in traffic stops, fishing for other offenses. Citizens with a bit of weed on them should not have to consider running or resisting frisks and other charges when they jay-walked or ran a red light. Take the ticket and move on. In the same vein policies on arrest should be clarified. Currently many forces have an arrest option on misdemeanors. Options are open to discretion and discretion can be abused. Misdemeanants ought to be ticketed and released on scene. Felons ought to be taken into custody. This would lead to less conflict. Police vehicles should be a nonthreatening and high visibility color except for undercover vehicles. Again, attitude carries throughout the day. Police dogs should not be shepherds, rotties, pits, or any other large, intimidating animal absent control by a swat or arrest team. Drug dogs, search and rescue dogs, bomb sniffers, tracking animals should be friendly, non-visually intimidating breeds, labs, retrievers, spaniels, poodles. Again this about not presenting intimidating power unless and until it is needed. Shifts. Officers should have one shift each week where they will not be confronting the population. They can work reports, interact positively, teach, whatever, but there should be some decompression time. They also should work arrest positions for three months with a one month rotation away from that before returning. Training - Ought to start with extensive exposure to films of what happens when it goes bad. Films from this incident would be effective, so too from Rodney King, and from Ferguson and others. They need to know how quickly things can conflate when they #### up. Training needs to emphasize conflict resolution, not imposition of order by force. Unions and Union contracts. Cops should negotiate for whatever they can get. Cities need to hold their last two yearly paychecks based upon whether they had to pay any settlements that year. Settlement amounts should come from all officers, equally. That way they will have an interest in having their membership not protect bad officers, but to eliminate them. No settlements, great, they get paid in full. Settlements, well it may be a lean Christmas. Incentivize self policing of the police instead of closing the ranks around bad officers. Recruiting - Tuition incentives or waivers for diversity hires so that they can get through POST training and academies. If you want more of something, incentivize it. Discipline - Should be with the Chief and the Chief's employment should be at will and subject to review by Council. Chiefs should not have golden parachutes in their contracts. Chiefs should not fear the Unions when they discipline. If their discipline is not adequate then they are directly answerable to their Councils and those politicians are, of course, answerable to the voters. Bad officers will get removed. Oh, discipline should be subject to open records requests. Be nice to one another. Cooperate with Joe a bit better, he is a pretty amiable host.
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    35.35 Harvest Moon – Neil Young (1992) Going mellower here, both in term of my picks and in terms of Neil's catalog. Love the album. Hadn't listened to it in a long time since I associate it heavily with my ex-wife. But I listened to it this morning and it is still great, even if she isn't. Songs: Unknown Legend Harvest Moon
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    31.11... John Coltrane- Giant Steps (1960) Syeeda's Song Flute Giant Steps tough to narrow to two.
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    35.25 - Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces of a Man (1971) I prefer the version of "Revolution" on his prior album (no flute!) and would have taken that since I love spoken-word poetry, if it were not for one track that I absolutely will not have on my island. Let's say that he was not exactly progressive at the time when it came to LGBT matters. A whole lot of the rap and hip-hop artists you guys have chosen owe a huge debt to this guy. Song choices: The rest of this album is nothing like "Revolution," which makes that piece seem almost misplaced, but it's a seminal work that I want on my island. My second song choice is a phenomenal work that fits the Island of Sorrow and forms a good companion piece to "Livin' For the City" from my very first pick in the draft. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Home Is Where the Hatred Is
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    Going back to another post-30 double dip for an album that should have gone long ago. This is stacked with so many classics and was a backdrop to my early high school years. Yo Mama selects: 35.19 - U2 - War (1983) 1 - Sunday Bloody Sunday 2 - Seconds 3 - New Year’s Day 4 - Like a Song ... 5 - Drowning Man 6 - The Refugee 7 - Two Hearts Beat as One 8 - Red Light 9 - Surrender 10 - 40
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    35.20 or 21 Steve Winwood - Back in the High Life (1986) Totally forgot about this one or I would have taken this roooooooounds ago. Definitely over Glass Animals. I remember hearing a lot of this as a kid riding around with my parents, and my special lady friend loves his music. no idea how i forgot about this one. The rhythm section is so good and tight I had to look up who was on the album credits. Turns out Winwood did almost all of it. Excellent album that has fallen too far here so i'm gonna snatch it up. If this is playing loud enough that rescue boats can hear Chaka's backing vocal on Higher Love I might just wave them on. songs: Higher Love Finer Things
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    as timely and as powerful as ever 35:18 - Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman - 1988 Tracklist Talkin' Bout A Revolution2:38 Fast Car4:58 Across The Lines3:22 Behind The Wall1:46 Baby Can I Hold You3:16 Mountains O' Things4:37 She's Got Her Ticket3:54 Why?2:01 For My Lover3:15 If Not Now...2:55 For You3:09
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    32.28: Wishbone Ash - Argus (1972) Another band that should have been bigger, but never really caught on in the States. Great musicianship - one of the pioneers of the twin-lead guitar attack. You know when you've been name checked by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, you're good: In an interview with Guitar World in 2011, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden said “I think if anyone wants to understand Maiden’s early thing, in particular the harmony guitars, all they have to do is listen to Wishbone Ash’s Argus album.” Blowin' Free Warrior 33.03: Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust (1987) Another high quality import from Down Under. A bit too political for my blood, but really dug their sound for a stretch in the '80s. Beds Are Burning The Dead Heart
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    Thirty-Three.09 - The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995) Disc one – Dawn to Dusk 1. "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" 2:52 2. "Tonight, Tonight" 4:14 3. "Jellybelly" 3:01 4. "Zero" 2:41 5. "Here Is No Why" 3:45 6. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" 4:18 7. "To Forgive" 4:17 8. "#### You (An Ode to No One)" 4:51 9. "Love" 4:21 10. "Cupid de Locke" 2:50 11. "Galapogos" 4:47 12. "Muzzle" 3:44 13. "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans" 9:21 14. "Take Me Down" 2:52 Total length: 57:54 Disc two – Twilight to Starlight 1. "Where Boys Fear to Tread" 4:22 2. "Bodies" 4:12 3. "Thirty-Three" 4:10 4. "In the Arms of Sleep" 4:12 5. "1979" 4:25 6. "Tales of a Scorched Earth" 3:46 7. "Thru the Eyes of Ruby" 7:38 8. "Stumbleine" 2:54 9. "X.Y.U." 7:07 10. "We Only Come Out at Night" 4:05 11. "Beautiful" 4:18 12. "Lily (My One and Only)" 3:31 13. "By Starlight" 4:48 14. "Farewell and Goodnight" 4:22
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    34.34 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River 1969 I love this record and I am pleased to get it so late. This is a great one from start to finish. Lodi and Commotion are two other songs I could have picked that I love. Green River Bad Moon Rising
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    34.24 Spoon - Transference (2010) Tracklist: 1. "Before Destruction" 2. "Is Love Forever?" 3. "The Mystery Zone" 4. "Who Makes Your Money" 5. "Written in Reverse" 6. "I Saw the Light" 7. "Trouble Comes Running" 8. "Goodnight Laura" 9. "Out Go the Lights" 10. "Got Nuffin" 11. "Nobody Gets Me But You"
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    This was one of my favorite albums from the early eighties. I love the whole album for its great vibe, but I’ll be taking the biggest hits from it since they never get old for me. Yo Mama selects: 34.22 - Joe Jackson - Night and Day (1982) I’m too lazy to type up the whole track listing tonight, but here are my songs: Steppin’ Out Breaking Us In Two
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    35.03: Living Colour - Vivid (1988) Pretty groundbreaking for the time. Plus the best lead singer to ever appear in Oliver Stone's Platoon. Cult of Personality Open Letter (To A Landlord)
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    Rd 34 The Pleasure Principle - Gary Numan (1979) ... there's that year again looking back now, some 40 years later, this was such a natural progression from Kraftwerk to Bowie's "Low" to this - but when i first heard Kraftwerk it was "kinda weird" ... "Low" was a surprise, but it was Bowie bein' Bowie (his genius was never shocking) ... but this, this Gary Numan platter? this was ####### alien 👽 yep, "Cars" is here, and it's one of the landmark songs of this mossy era - still sends a shiver after 40 yrs, and enough to wanna take this wherever i'm heading - the synth barrage is as lethal as any guitar - likewise throughout much of the other 38 minutes on the album - he can be called "one hit wonder" to many, but his influence reached out to many genres and artists ... this was a watershed event as we hit the eve of the 80s. nothing sounded like this, the production made use of techniques that i hadn't heard used together before - there was a chilling minimalism to post punk, this brushed on that ambiance via lyric content, and a foreboding air of "wtf" permeated throughout ... like A.I. had control of this whole friggin' affair - claustrophobic and bizarre a.f. visionary cat here ... lotta love for this piece of work. Metal Cars
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    Ouch, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of which the church that Trump used for his photo op is a part just expressly rebuked Trump and his message as antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.
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    35.23 - Good As I Been to You - Bob Dylan (1992) Artist drafted at 2.05 by @Bonzai (Bringing It All Back Home), 3.05 by @timschochet (Blood on the Tracks), 3.24 by @Oliver Humanzee (Hwy 61 Revisited), 4.09 by @Ilov80s (Blonde on Blonde), 7.37 by @Mister CIA (Basement Tapes). Good As I Been to You and its darker sister album World Gone Wrong were the biggest revelations in last years 85 hour Dylan deep dive with Boz. I wasn't familiar with them at all but they've become among my favorite Dylan albums. This album was 50 year old Dylan's return to his folk roots. The thirteen songs are all acoustic covers of traditional folk and blues numbers. The two folk records are excellent and form a clear demarcation between Dylan's pop-focus in the 80s and the more idiosyncratic originals that followed. Dylan is in terrific form here. The obvious point of comparison is to his earliest records of (mostly) acoustic folk songs. His voice in his early 20s was clearer and had greater range but I think his gruff old man voice suits the material better, particularly on the bluesy numbers. He's a more expressive singer and takes bigger swings with his phrasing. His guitar playing is also very strong. Blackjack Davey Sittin' On Top of the World
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    Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First MINNEAPOLIS—Calling for a more measured way to express opposition to police brutality, critics slammed demonstrators Thursday for recklessly looting businesses without forming a private equity firm first. “Look, we all have the right to protest, but that doesn’t mean you can just rush in and destroy any business without gathering a group of clandestine investors to purchase it at a severely reduced price and slowly bleed it to death,” said Facebook commenter Amy Mulrain, echoing the sentiments of detractors nationwide who blasted the demonstrators for not hiring a consultant group to take stock of a struggling company’s assets before plundering. “I understand that people are angry, but they shouldn’t just endanger businesses without even a thought to enriching themselves through leveraged buyouts and across-the-board terminations. It’s disgusting to put workers at risk by looting. You do it by chipping away at their health benefits and eventually laying them off. There’s a right way and wrong way to do this.” At press time, critics recommended that protestors hold law enforcement accountable by simply purchasing the Minneapolis police department from taxpayers.
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    I decided to look it up, and it really is interesting. Nixon obviously had a lot of faults, but he was excellent at politics. I used to be a newspaper reporter and I would get emails from time to time from irate readers. I can't tell you how many times I simply responded with a "I appreciate your response and thank you for reading," and how I would then get a reply saying, "I never expected you to respond," followed by a civil exchange. Trump doesn't have to go stand among protestors, which is obviously dangerous. But he hasn't made *any* attempt to talk to them as people. He seems to have no interest in that. I'm mainly a lurker here, but I'm familiar with the stances of most of the people in this thread, and some of them grate on me to no end. It's easy for me to scroll past with no interest in what they have to say. But I'm positive that were I to meet some of these same people at a bar, we'd probably joke and have a good time. I can hate your politics without hating you. My issue with Trump is that those things are the same. He has no interest in getting to know his enemies, because then they might not be enemies anymore, and without enemies, he has nothing.
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    35.08 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Soundtrack - Ennio Morricone (1967) I know folks that don't like the music here without the corresponding film scenes. I ain't one of 'em, EXCEPT the title track (like it in the film, though) - I think that's because Hugo Montenegro's hit single version kind of spoiled me. "The Ecstasy Of Gold" "The Trio"
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    For someone who claims not to care about labels and wants "balance", you seem very invested in the idea that the riots and violence are to be blamed only on the left. Yet when there is actual evidence of right-wing support for violence, you immediately dismiss it as biased and agenda-driven. Take a moment, step back, read the bolded I highlighted above, and consider whether you yourself have an agenda.
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    Antifa is behind the looting and the riots! But how do you know this? I’m not sure it’s that organized. What I’m watching seems pretty spontaneous. Also Antifa is a really small group, aren’t they? I think you might be exaggerating their overall role in this matter. I can’t believe you’re defending Antifa.
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    After all that, I seem to still owe picks. Round 33 Neil Diamond - Hot August Night (1972) Only one of the best live albums ever. Cherry, Cherry Play Me Simey knows, right?
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    Are we really arguing whether there are far right or far left groups taking advantage of this situation? If you truly believe it is one and not the other, I think you may be blinded by partisanship. I believe that most of the protesters have every intention of being peaceful. Some are opportunistic #######s that are looking for a reason to tear crap up. Some get caught up in the mob mentality when things pop off. And I also believe there are bad actors from BOTH SIDES taking advantage of the whole thing. Horrible, sad time for our country..
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    My own guess is that in the last 3 days you have posted more mentions of Antifa just in this thread alone than there are actual members of Antifa in this country.
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    Who knew the names Karen and Richard would become slurs? The names should be royalty. 👑 This is by far the best proper album Karen and Richard did from top to bottom. The earlier albums had a lot of filler, but not this one. This one has A Song For You (by Mr. Russell), Hurting Each Other, Top of the World, Bless the Beast and Children, Goodbye To Love, I Won't Last A Day Without You, It's Going To Take Some Time, and lesser known goodies like Crystal Lullaby and Road Ode. Richard takes a stab at singing with Piano Picker. Not bad, but he needed to leave the singing to sis. He excels in arranging and composing. Flat Baroque he shows off his piano skills. There is even a brief intermission tune incase you need to use the bathroom while listening, and the album bookends with a short reprise of A Song For You. The siblings did a great job on this one. Round 35 A Song For You - Carpenters (1972) A Song For You Goodbye to Love
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    Rd 35: Jolene by Dolly Parton (1974) Dolly wrote both of these classic songs on the same day. Jolene I Will Always Love You
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    If we don't stop at 40 than we might as well pull a Kramer and drive it until it runs out of gas.
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    Britpop? Jangle pop? Power pop? Depends on the song. 35.09 - The La's - The La's (1990) 1. "Son of a Gun" 1:55 2. "I Can't Sleep" 2:37 3. "Timeless Melody" 3:01 4. "Liberty Ship" 2:31 5. "There She Goes" 2:42 6. "Doledrum" 2:50 7. "Feelin'" 1:45 8. "Way Out" 2:32 9. "I.O.U." 2:13 10. "Freedom Song" 2:23 11. "Failure" 2:54 12. "Looking Glass" 7:51
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    To claim anyone here is wanting no conservative posters posting here is quite seriously contrary to anything posted on this board.
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    Starting to see a lot more of this Let's give this a try for awhile
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    Or what if, say, a gun-toting crowd of anti Stay at Homers occupied the state legislature while it was in session, and the Democratic Governor "dispersed" them with tear gas? Seems like the justification for using such tactics would be MUCH stronger in that scenario and yet.... To ask a few rhetorical questions, is it possible the differing reactions between the church and legislature scenarios indicates that there's a double standard in the way grievances are perceived and reacted to by those in leadership positions depending upon who is protesting? And isn't the blatant hypocrisy of that double standard precisely what is being protested by the BLM movement?
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    Stop it. That tweet was posted in this thread as proof that its antifa. The fact that it was white supremacists is news worthy of reporting.
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    I honestly can't imagine why anyone would want to be a cop after this. Just standing on the street trying to keep order and crowds are running up and shoving phones in your face saying God knows what. Who the hell needs it?
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    Last night, John Oliver: ”Go #### yourself, Tucker, you human boat shoe.”
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    You know you’re over-thinking things when you’re this deep into the draft and you spend more than 5 seconds thinking about which of the next 2 to take first. I did. So I smacked myself in the face, stopped, and just picked the one I found myself chair dancing to more. Much like the next one, this is my favorite offering from an artist I want on my island and would have prioritized sooner if this were greatest hits. Round 33 - Bob Seger, Live Bullet (1975) I get this artist elicits some strong reactions, ones I don’t particularly understand, I am rather surprised he is completely unrepresented this deep into this thing. There may not be any Night Moves (oh noes! spoiler!), but he’s better live than in the studio so I’ll deal with the trade-off. Turn the Page Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
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    Update: Peter came out to my parents earlier today (by phone). They were pretty awesome about it, listened to everything he and I had to say, asked a few questions, told him they loved him. I thought they would be OK but I wasn't sure. My brother is next on the family coming out list, he should be easy. I'm a little worried about how my ex-wife's parents will handle it but that's out of my hands, I won't be involved in that process at all. Hopefully they will surprise me and be really cool. I have no idea when that will happen but presumably it has to happen either before or early on in Peter's hormone treatment because there's no way to hide it after that. Peter also came out to a few more friends from school. I think in a week or two he'll be out to his entire friend group at school.
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    Supporting the church by ejecting the clergy and surveying the scene by not surveying any of the damage or hardly even looking at the church.
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    Rd 35 Black Market Clash - The Clash (1980) sorta like their "Hey, Jude", if you will ... a culling of b-sides, remixes, unreleased, and new material - smack dab in the middle of "London Calling" & "Sandinista" ... and, ya know what? i'd rather have this than either of the other two. this band was yuuuuuge to me back then ... my favorites - and snatching this at a fleabag jernt in Babylon was a revelation ... i didn't know it existed, so all of this was brand spanking new to a Clashphile who thought he knew it all. ... then they lost me on "Sandinista" big time ... and i'm no fan of "Combat Rock" at all, i'll leave it at that. this here nine song EP was emblematic of the best intentions of what they aspired to be ... a terrific romp through their genre bending wont, and all of the "swings" here are Home Runs, unlike the platters that would follow. good buddy Don Letts is on board, so the Reggae/Dancehall/Dub was very prominent ... as well as a couple of choice covers. as i moved on from this band (selling out "London Calling" to ####### Jaguar? ehhh), i grew less concerned with their radical chic, and more interested in the sonic brilliance their music laid out ... in small doses. this is that perfect dose ... a supreme appetizer of all that made them so vital, but without all the bloated filling. it's a lean ride through Camden Town - gotta love it. Side one: "Capital Radio One" – 2:09 "The Prisoner" – 3:00 "Pressure Drop" (Toots Hibbert) – 3:30 "Cheat" – 2:06 "The City of the Dead" – 2:26 "Time Is Tight" (Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Al Jackson) – 4:05 Side two: "Bankrobber/Robber Dub" (Strummer, Jones, Mikey Dread) – 6:16 "Armagideon Time" (Willie Williams, Jackie Mittoo) – 3:50 "Justice Tonight/Kick It Over" (Williams, Mittoo) – 7:00 The Prisoner the greatest Clash song nobody ever talks about - best lyric the ever laid, imo ... Jonesy on vocal works so well here, couldn't see Joe pulling this one off - my favorite Clash song. Armagideon Time can't help loving the living #### outta this one, it never gets old ... best foray they ever made into this kinda space - killer. man, when they HIT, there ain't much better. plz add to Spotty list, TYVM ✌
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    My niece asked my brother (her father) if she was adopted. My brother, feeling some cabin fever from the COVID stay at home replies, "No, not yet. We only posted the ad this morning."
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    I guess I will hammer the 90s more: 34.xx: OUTKAST - ATLIENS (1996) 35.01: CYPRESS HILL- CYPRESS HILL (1991)
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    33.13 PANTERA - VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER (1992) So I was in a pretty cranky mood this morning. All this gosh darn #### going on in the world right now, on top of issues in my family, and I generally feel pretty strung out. Tried some calmer music to start, but it just wasn't helping and if anything, making me even more agitated. So I needed to get a hardcore fix. And as I wandered through Spotify populating my list, I come to Pantera and start playing Walk. god this riff is so good. And I keep moving through the album and it is just totally giving me what I need to even out. This album is great because it flows in and out of several metal styles and the thrash and groove is just what I like. I don't mind super-heavy stuff, but Pantera seems to step right to the line of heaviness that I like for repeat listenability. 1. Mouth for war 2. A new level 3. Walk 4. ####### hostile 5. This love 6. Rise 7. No good (Attack the radical) 8. Live in a hole 9. Regular people 10. By demons be driven 11. Hollow these were added to playlist btw
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    Thanks, started out too hot but still got a respectable time in. I'm hoping I won't have to run this again on June 14.
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    It’s how it is. The day after it was reported that the President was shuttled to a bunker - and everyone could see the White House lights were out, which is unprecedented - he gassed peaceful protestors, threatened military intervention, and cleared a space so he could violate public and private property, wrap himself in religion (which he himself ignores) and tradition (which he also regularly tramples) for the sake of a photo op to get just the reaction he’s getting from you, his base. You’re living proof of it.
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    David Grisman - The David Grisman Quintet (1977) Glad I remembered this in time. Is it bluegrass? Is it jazz? Who cares, it rips. E.M.D. Opus 57
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    A lot of looting is happening. A lot of this type of stuff is happening too.
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    "They told me there's a chapter called Job. I created that one."