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    This profile page used to be jumpin'. Have you considered reverting back to your old style of #####-posting at machine gun pace?
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    Hi CSTU, with the holidays here, things are getting a bit tight. I was wondering if maybe I could borrow a few bucks?
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    Thanks for your thoughtful solution to my concerns Fuast, and please keep up the great work! Your presence on the board is much appreciated.
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    One of the best to ever do it.
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    Thanks for sharing your opinion on Ronald Jones.
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    I'm glad someone got the Alex Jones bildeberger reference. I thought it might be too obscure.
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    В России мы смотрим телевизор. В Америке на вас смотрит телевизор.
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    I just read your post on Percy Harvin and you basically answered my post in the Assistant Coach forum. You said a lot of what I am thinking but I wanted to make sure that I wasnt the only one who was thinking like that.
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    Among the worst posters in this forum. Always trolling, never anything of note.
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    Hi Joe, I hold my tongue and thoughts in public forums, more often than not. I give you and your team the benefit of the doubt more often than not. PLEASE get MYFBG Classic capable of synching with FANTRAX again, and relatively soon. Please. MYFBG feature not working really sucks. MYFBG classic doesn't even have my main league website (Fantrax) available to synch with anymore. Damn it. I appreciate that you are owning this situation. You are a true FBG and a straight up dude. Sorry I never got you the original BlackHole shirt you asked me for back in our (BlackHole) heyday. I respect and thank you for all the developments you and your team have brought to this "sport". I have won more than my share of titles and "xmas bonus" cash thanks to this site and my "trolling" and utilizing the insight and tools. I implore you to get MYFBG classic to be able to synch with FANTRAX. Again, please, please, please. I HATE that the MYFBG feature that has been so helpful now sucks. I am very frustrated. It is somewhat sad that I need to use tools like this so much, but such is life. Like many of us, I've been in this hobby for more than 20 years. Like some of us, I've been a FBG/Cheatsheets guy for around 13+ years (my oldest is turning 12 and I remember being on with friggin dial up internet before she was born) MYFBG actually helped me to more easily stay in multiple leagues and now is failing me. I am F'd trying to keep up with my 3 leagues this year if you don't get at least the Classic version working. Anyways, I hope you have a good 3 day weekend and a great FF season. Best regards, Gerry...aka...BlackHole
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    sorry about that flood of likes, guy, but it had to be done
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    Just acquired K-Rod in magic beisbol league. So, when he gets demoted/arm falls over/shot in a pokemon go accident, blame me.
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    Thought I'd fire up the Disney gator folks by bringing pit bulls to the discussion. With your help I bet we can cause a melt down or two.
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    I'm interested if you are still looking for an owner.
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    calls McJose a turdburger, gets likes from turdburgers
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    did you just like every post in that thread?
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    P-DADDY is a mack daddy. P-DADDY likes footlongs from Subway. P-DADDY likes Cassano's Pizza and P-DADDY doesn't even live in Ohio.
  37. 1 point - for when you finally get that chopper
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    It's too bad this name was taken by someone not in the ffa.
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    your my eyes are burning!
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    don't let the bastards get you down good buddy