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    Thanks for posting this! I'm always down for a 6-minute cougar video. Edit: Having now clinked the link, this video is not what I was expecting.
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    Just hit my biggest slot jackpot, $11.5K, on a $2.50 bet. This was a big shock, it was on a Dragon Link slot called Golden Century. They paid me in cash, I was kinda of surprised, I was expecting a check since it was a large amount. Biggest slot win I had before was $2K. I know playing slots is not a smart way to gamble, but it is so entertaining and every once in a while you can get real lucky. I was a little leery walking out of the casino with that amount of cash. I did a couple of laps around the floor of the casino to make sure I wasn’t being tailed. Also, I know you are not required to tip the attendants who bring you your winnings, but I always give them something, not a high percentage like you would a waiter/waitress, but I did give the attendant $120, about 1% of the jackpot. Anyway, pretty sure not too many of you care, but I can’t tell my family or friends about this, they all would be asking me for $$$. Today was a good day for once.😊
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    The NFL also needs to seriously consider shutting down the Jets as well. Not because they have Covid or anything. It's just in the best overall interest of society.
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    Glacial Drumlin State Trail FKT (Fastest Known Time) attempt report Attempting to get the FKT on the Glacial Drumlin State Trail something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but I could never fit it into my training schedule. This fall, for example, I’d been training for the Door County Fall 50, and with three marathon-length (or longer) runs since early September, I was well-trained and ready to go. So when the race got canceled due to Covid, it was an easy decision to pivot and finally make this thing happen. My first inclination was to stick with the original race date of October 24, but I decided to move it up a week given the excellent weather forecast and the chance for an extra recovery week before my 50K in early November. With my wife, Aga, being 30 weeks pregnant, I didn’t want her running around for 7+ hours in the cold weather trying to crew me, so my initial thought was to do this self-supported. But when my good friend, Lynne, graciously offered to man a mobile aid station for me, I couldn’t refuse. I studied the map and found 8 easily-accessible points where she would meet me along the way. I woke up on the morning of my run a little before my alarm was set to go off at 4:30. Took care of bathroom business, ate a blueberry bagel with cream cheese, and lubed up my toes before leaving the house around 5:30 for the 50-minute drive to the start. I didn’t want Aga having the pressure of crewing me, but I did accept her offer to give me a ride so that I wouldn’t have to go back later in the day to get my car. One last bathroom stop at Kwik Trip in Cottage Grove, and we met Lynne a little after 6:30 at the west trail head. There was a wind advisory starting closer to noon, but the weather to start was perfect—just a light breeze and temps in the upper 30s. Loaded all my supplies into Lynne’s trunk, and after taking a quick photo in front of the trail sign, I hit my watch and started my run at 6:52. Mile 0 to 6.8 Plan going into this was to start easy—just wasn’t sure HOW easy. I was thinking 8:15 pace would be good, but my friend Whitney (who’s got several FKTs of her own) suggested starting even slower for the first 10-20 miles, maybe closer to 8:30s. I didn’t listen, and I felt great. But I’d end up regretting that decision later. Quick stop to switch out handhelds, grab a couple of GUs, and say hi to Aga and Lynne, and shortly thereafter I was back on my way. Mile 6.8 to 15.5 Still just cruising along. Had a little scare here when I got to mile 13.2 (where I’d planned for the aid station) and Lynne wasn’t there. Immediately started to worry that either she or Aga had gotten into a car accident or something, but since I had no way to contact them, I just kept running with the hope that she’d maybe show up at the Lake Mills trail head a couple miles further down the trail. You can imagine my relief when I got there and saw her sitting in her car in the parking lot. Apparently the map link that I’d created sent her to the wrong place, so she had to ad lib. Average pace through 15 miles was 8:13/mile. Mile 15.5 to 21.7 Wind was starting to pick up now, and it was starting to rain a little bit. Pace was still good, but my left glute was sore. Also had my first calf cramp in this section. Stopped for a minute to stretch it out, and it was a non-issue for the rest of the segment. Quickly hit up the glute with my handheld massager before refueling and heading back out. This was the first time I deviated from water/Gatorade/GU, drinking some flat Cherry Coke and eating a couple of cookies. Mile 21.7 to 27.4 Not a fan of this section, especially the hilly, exposed road connector after passing over Highway 26. Wind was starting to pick up here, and without the benefit of tree cover, it was much more noticeable. Switched to a new set of headphones at the end of this segment and switched music genres from country to hip-hop. Can’t remember if it was this aid station or the last one that I almost forgot to take my handheld with me. One marathon down, another one to go. Average pace through 27 miles was 8:16/mile. Mile 27.4 to 34.3 Here begins the falling off of the wheels (8:23 pace through 34 miles). The rest of the way I’d be doing less running and more “shuffling” in an attempt to keep my stride short and prevent my calves from cramping. Despite my best efforts, they still kept cramping up, so I’d have to walk periodically and/or stop to stretch. Aga met back up with Lynne at this aid station, and it was nice to see her. Hit the calves with the massager and took a couple of salt tabs in the hope that it might help with the cramping. I remember asking Lynne and Aga how the hell I was gonna run another 19 miles like this. Mile 34.3 to 40.1 Miles are now clicking off closer to 9-minute pace. Shuffle, cramp, walk, repeat. That said, I was looking forward to getting to Dousman. The last 13 miles are paved, and I’ve run them many times in my training. I hoped the familiarity might help pull me through to the end. Finally took off my long-sleeved shirt here as it was starting to get warm. My stomach was still handling GU every 30 minutes or so, but I tried a couple packets of fruit snacks here to change it up. Mile 40.1 to 44 (and 44 to 49) Survival mode, as it becomes increasingly clear to me that I should’ve started out running much slower than I did. You’d think after running 35+ marathons that I’d know better. Miles are closer to 9:30 now. I was hoping the 3-mile downhill section starting in Wales might help kickstart a late-run surge, but my calves weren’t having it. Fortunately, I’m at 7:04:58 through 49 miles. Barring a collapse of absolutely epic proportions, I’ll still come in well under the current FKT of 8:16:38. I see Aga and Lynne at the last aid station, and all I can say is, “Massager, ibuprofen, Biofreeze, fruit snacks, Coke.” I leave for the last 4+ miles with a handheld full of Cherry Coke. Mile 49 to 53.64 (finish) This part sucked. Just a death march to the finish. Average pace for this chunk was just over 10 minutes/mile. Still, I know every inch of this section, and it was comforting knowing that the end was near. I came around the last curve and was joined by my support/cheering crew for the last little jog into the finish. Stopped my watch at 7:51:54 (8:48/mile), besting the previous FKT by almost 25 minutes. Snapped a quick picture by the E.B Shurts sign before collapsing on the ground and giving my legs a much-needed rest. Closing thoughts This was the longest run that I’ve ever done. I did one previous 50-miler, but it was a technical trail race and thus an entirely different animal. I overestimated how long I could run my regular “easy long run pace.” I also wonder if the course being so completely flat (only 670 feet of gain) had something to do with it, too. The same muscles doing the same thing over and over and over and over again. While my HR apparently peaked at 169, my overall AHR was only 148, and no individual mile averaged more than 156. My legs were clearly the limiting factor. Regardless, I can’t help but think that if I’d started slower and ran 8:30s for the first 20-30 miles like my friend suggested, I could’ve held that pace through ‘til the end…or maybe even sped up. As luck would have it, my run coincided with a “Move For Meals” campaign that my employer was doing for World Food Day. I’m proud to say that the 80,000+ steps that I took during my 53 miles will result in 8,000 meals being donated to the less fortunate. Finally, special thanks to Aga and Lynne. Like most things, I couldn’t have done this without their love and support. Time to rest up and eat all the food...and try to get ready for a 50K race effort in 20 days.
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    Someone already jokingly alluded to this, but it'll never stop bothering me that these types get called a "militia" instead of "terrorist group" etc. They're domestic terrorists. Don't give them some linguistic shield that makes us think about revolutionaries from the birth of the country. This is just a group of armed men who think their own political views are more important than what has been democratically decided. Very little difference between them and ISIS.
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    It's taken 6 years... BUT FINALLY!!!
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    As many feared and predicted, Trump is now emboldening those eager to listen to him. And unsurprisingly people are following his lead, replete with misleading statistics and macho claims about not wearing masks. It's a disgrace, mostly because people are looking for guidance to get through this safely, and they will take this dangerous guidance over the guidance of scientists. And more people will die than needed as a result. Hopefully you all stay safe and don't contract the virus. Because if you do, you won't be getting airlifted to Walter Reed as a precaution, you won't be getting Regeneron for compassionate use, you won't have a 4 room suite in a hospital with a team of doctors caring for you and only you. Today Facebook had to remove a post from the President because it was dangerous, claiming falsely that the flu is more lethal than Covid-19. It broke FB's rules on Covid-19 misinformation. Dumb. Be safe. Not dumb. Let's root for each other. And stay healthy.
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    Chance for Hope 10K 43:31 (6:59/mi) For the past 2-3 months I've been focused on building a strong base: 50 miles/week with a step-back every fourth week. I'm in the third full week of the current cycle. I've slipped in some SOS, but not any serious interval training. But as we know: Volume is king. I returned to the course used for our BMF 10K race back in May (= 44:03). It generally has a nice downslope to it, but it also has a couple of challenges. I didn't have to rush to head out there this morning, so the routines were comfortable. Temp averaged around 60 degrees, and I did have to deal with a rather stiff west wind. As before, I parked near the midpoint and jogged 3 miles to my starting point. Mile 1: 6:59 (143 HR). I had a nice downslope to get things started and a couple other slight declines to help in this first mile. But I was running west into the wind for the first half mile. Mile 2: 7:06 (163). I hit the light wrong at the one intersection of note, but as planned, I added a short out and back to work through it. I was worried that the extra turns would hurt the pace, but not so much. I noticed that my cruising pace on the flats was around 7:00-7:05, which was encouraging as I had no idea what might feel appropriate. I was also feeling the effort in my quads, but unlike the run in May, my legs are now strong enough to handle the effort. Mile 3: 7:05 (152). Late in this mile I had an expressway overpass, but that wasn't much of an issue. And oddly, about halfway through the mile, my HR dropped from the low 160s to the low 150s...eventually settling into the mid 140s. "Finding my legs" as the run went on? Relaxing as I knew I was in the back half? Mile 4: 6:59 (146). Just moving along here, knowing an incline and a pesky hill were awaiting me. While I felt as though I was weakening, my cruising pace had dropped below 7:00. Somewhere in this back half of negative splitting, I dropped a 21:31 5K. Mile 5: 7:05 (145). Ouch. First third of this mile was not fun, but then I got to the best part of this course, a long sloping downhill for almost a mile. That downhill made up for a sluggish start to the mile. Mile 6: 6:43 (144). Most of this was flat, and actually had some upslope for a pedestrian bridge over a river. But with the finish approaching, I just ran it strong. Final .22: 6:45 (151). HR was climbing as I anxiously anticipated the finish. All in all, very pleasing with a sub-7:00 pace! It felt really good to run this on behalf of the Foundation. The time was only about :30 faster than back in May, but I didn't have any taper for this. The low HR strikes me as odd. Maybe that indicates my aerobic capacity is running ahead of my leg strength or fast-paced striding. This was a nice way to finish up my current AG, as I advance to a new, really old man group on Saturday.
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    8:48 pace actually. The 8:32 is “moving time.” Got the FKT, but I was quite a bit slower than I’d hoped/expected. In retrospect, should’ve started more slowly and saved something for the second half. Full RR later. Need to shower and maybe sleep. And brush my teeth after almost 8 hours of Gatorade and GU.
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    This is why I get so angry at the Mods who want to downplay this, or down play criticism of the White House - its time to stop mollycoddling people who don't, or can't, acknowledge this was, and remains, a huge incident: The damage spreads: "My wife has now tested positive for COVID. The collateral damage is going to be pretty significant I think." — White House reporter for the NYT, @shearm That the WH continues to down play this threat, and the threat to Trump's own health, and refuses the help of the CDC in contact tracing - might be the most scandalous action this administration has done - and that says a lot.
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    Navy Admiral Bill McRaven, who led the Seal Team Raid to kill Bin Laden, has this to say in a new op-ed in the WSJ: "Truth be told, I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, small-government, strong-defense and a national-anthem-standing conservative. But, I also believe that black lives matter, that the Dreamers deserve a path to citizenship, that diversity and inclusion are essential to our national success, that education is the great equalizer, that climate change is real and that the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy. Most important, I believe that America must lead in the world with courage, conviction and a sense of honor and humility." "I voted for Joe Biden." "Now, the world no longer looks up to America. They have been witness to our dismissiveness, our lack of respect and our transactional approach to global issues. They have seen us tear up our treaties, leave our allies on the battlefield and cozy up to despots and dictators. They have seen our incompetence in handling the pandemic and the wildfires. They have seen us struggle with social injustice. They no longer think we can lead, because they have seen an ineptness and a disdain for civility that is beyond anything in their memory. But, without American leadership the world will indeed be transformed, just not in the way we hope."
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    My bad. Howdy, how ya doin boys? Hope you're all doin well. But for real... I guess I might as well give you guys and update while I'm here. My foot is still not great but after about 2 1/2 years I've found a PT that seems like he's got me on the right track. I'm hopeful that I can actually make a full recovery but it's going to take some time...which is alright because the time is gonna pass either way so might as well get better at the same time. On the fitness front, all the cycling races have been canceled this year so lately I've just focused on junk miles, KOMs and occasionally trying to smash my homies during group rides. Praying that there will be a season next year because I'm definitely much more comfortable on the bike and think I have good chance of being successful in the local racing scene.
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    I ran my Chance for Hope 5K today. As I've mentioned a million times, my HR has sucked recently on my runs, and this is a step back week in terms of mileage. I wanted to get the run done in September, but that wasn't in the cards and bigbottom said it didn't need done by month end, that we just needed to register. I chose a different route than what I had done for my FBG 5K b/c I wanted to be able to run to it after walking my kids to school. I did all sorts of things wrong today It was cold out, so I wore a long sleeve, gloves, and ear cover / headband thing. I had all of these, and my mask that we have to wear when dropping off the kids. So, I dropped them off, stuck my mask in my pocket and slowly jogged to the starting point. HR was pretty high considering my, I was worried. I was also sweating way more than I should have. This was a route I had never run before but had mapped out earlier this week. Got to the starting point and realized there was no way I wanted my gloves and my ear warmer., so I took them off and stuff them in my pockets along with my mask. I now had hugely bulging pockets (no, I was not happy to see you). I really didn't want the long sleeve either, but there was nowhere to put that. Mile 1 - 6:24 (153 HR) Net downhill and started out fast. Took a bit, but found my pace, but my HR was already in the mid-170s by the end of this mile, which is not at all a good thing for me. Based on my Unproductive status, I knew that this was going to hurt and that I may crash and burn after mile 2. Mile 2 - 6:36 (175 HR) This was a pretty flat mile. Since this was the first time running the route, I wasn't familiar with what I was doing. I made a left turn one street too early and ended up running an impromptu loop. I lucked out that everything connected back to where I wanted to go, but it really threw me off as I was running lost for about half a mile. HR was in the upper 170s by the end of this mile and the delirium was starting to set in...but we push on. Mile 3 - 6:40 (179 HR) This mile started with an uphill before turning into a slow decline for the rest of the mile. My pace wasn't looking great and my HR was hitting 180. I apparently had a little left b/c I started picking it up with about 1/4 mile left. I had to run through a tunnel under a main road and the uphill out of that back to the street sucked, but then it was all downhill. Mile 3.1 - 5:38 (183 HR) Gave it all I had left. 180+ HR is pure misery for me. I actually had to slightly slow this down b/c my chest was hurting and I didn't want to die. 5K Time - 20:16 I missed my PR by 7 seconds. I am happy with the results and it was such a great cause to run for. I am also pretty sure that if conditions were different (physical and logistic), I could have beaten that PR and flirted with sub 20:00.
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    Oh man. Pull up a chair. Actually, you’d better stand.
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    She ran well. Legs tired, AHR 176 and she was in the high 180s for the last few miles. Tough uphill at mile 12, she said. GPS was wonky for part of it as well, she says. Anyway, Strava has her at 1:44:30 and 7:57 pace overall. She also PRd her 10K and 15K in the middle of that as well, which is nuts. She probably pushed a bit too much in the middle from miles 6-8 and her HR showed it at that point. She slowed some at the end, but still held on with that HR and sprinted home with me at the end. Garmin said she was peaking, and other than going a little too strong too early in the middle, don't think she could have run that any better. She's pleased, as she should be.
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    Unofficial 1:44:37. 8:00 on the nose but need to see official. She did great, I got to run the last 3/10ths with her for a strong finish.
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    I am not undecided, I will be voting Biden. But here’s the thing, in a lot of circumstances, I would lean Republican. I just despise Trump. I despised him before he ever took office. He’s a crook, scam artist, liar, and cheater. He’s a horrible person and a terrible president. he doesn’t even know what it means to be president. He idolizes Kim Jong Un and idolizes Putin. He thinks being president means being king, or dictator. Listen to how he refers to entities that belong to the country, saying “My military...” or “My generals...” everything is “me” or “my” or “I”. That’s because everything he does is solely influenced by what he will get out of it. Every. Single. Thing. he has zero compassion. Zero empathy. Zero self awareness. Zero understanding of what it means to serve others. Biden may not be the perfect candidate. But Trump is a divisive influence and a global embarrassment. We have a chance to erase the mistake made 4 years ago, and take some steps back toward unity and respectability. And that’s what my vote will be for.
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    Billy Joel for me, but tomato/tomatoe.
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    I just want to add to nothing in particular that which I thought was common knowledge. 1) Every day we are closer to a vaccine. 2) The medical experts have come A LONG way in the last 6 months on treating COVID. I, therefore, would personally like to put off getting COVID as long as possible.
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    Good timing on the thread, HellToupee.
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    I paced my wife today for the Chance for Hope 5K. She had just started a 5K training program to ease back into running after some time off and an injury. That plan had her going for a 9:39 pace by the end of the training. Even though she was only a couple weeks into the plan, she told me she wanted 9:20 Of course, I had other things in mind (which I didn't tell her) and told her not to look at her watch for the whole run I wanted her close enough to try to break 9:00 if there was anything left in the tank at the end. We ran the first mile right at 9:00 on a nice downhill so the perceived effort wasn't quite that fast. Mile 2 was 9:13, so I knew we had a chance to break 9:00 for the whole race. I asked if she could push the last .25 of mile 3 and then the final .1. She seemed a bit hesitant, so I waited until 2.85 to start pushing the pace. Got Mile 3 in the low 8:50s and then 8:30s for the final .1. She pushed and gave it all she had. I saw that my final race pace was 9:02 (slightly disappointed that we were so close but didn't quite get there) and after she recomposed herself I asked how she thought it went. She said she secretly had hoped for a 9:00 but didn't want to tell me and then come up short. Her watch had her at an 8:59 pace Side note - my running HR still sucks right now (10-15 bpm higher than it should be). I lost a V02Max point today on this run. I took yesterday off and did this which should have been a relatively easy run, in hope of doing my 5K tomorrow. I think that is out for now as I need some more time off. I will probably do something easy and short tomorrow to reassess.
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    I am going to try to clear up some misconceptions in the last few pages. I'm a doc who has taken care of hundreds of covid patients. CDC guidelines for "immunocompromised" is more referring to people with AIDS, transplant recipients on anti-rejection drugs, etc. Not just for getting steroids. A "regular" person in Trumps situation doesn't need to be retested at all after treatment for a proven test positive covid infection. Some people will shed noninfectious partial covid RNA for weeks that will return a positive test even after being treated so whether a patient can come out of quarantine is not dependent on testing negative, although that was used as a criteria in some early guidelines, it is not currently recommended. Some employers are still insisting on this, it doesn't follow the science. Dexamethasone is not always given for 10 days - it is commonly given in a time frame of 5, 7, or 10 days. Clinical judgement, case by case basis. I'm not 100% sure if there is a CDC specific stance on this, but my impression is that dexamethasone is not explicitly included as a "fever reducing medicine". If someone can produce official CDC guidelines that refute this, I wouldn't be shocked or anything, but my understanding is they are talking about ibuprofen and acetaminophen. He takes 81 mg aspirin routinely for CV prevention, this wouldn't "count" either IMO My conclusion based on publicly released information is that he could leave quarantine 10 days after first symptoms appeared without any repeat testing. Now, with that said, I think it's insane for him to be doing a rally on day 11, but I'm just giving my strict interpretation of the guidelines. I would be allowed to go back to work on day 11 but of course I would be following strict PPE usage, etc and not spewing spit all across a stage and refusing to wear a mask like an idiot. I haven't knowingly had covid yet, but I would personally wait 14 days just as a margin of error - the guidelines are likely not to take into account some percentage of outliers that probably exist and I think i would be cautious to not infect other people in my line of work
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    He doesn’t know what a President actually does. He’s like three kids stacked in a trench coat pretending to be an adult. "I went to stock market today. I did a business."
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    That’s because our defenders never got within 6 feet of their wide receivers the whole game.
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    I completed my 10K #ChanceForHopeRun. It will not let me upload results because the deadline is over. I wanted to stick to the commitment of running it for @bigbottom and the amazing cause. Final time 46:16. I wore a knee brace which seemed to help a bit. Have a great Saturday and weekend everyone!
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    It looks like Adam Schefter added Antonio Brown to his fantasy team before breaking the news @Joe Bryant - note to self: never play in a fantasy football league with Adam Schefter
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    I don't think conspiracy means what you think it means.
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    I jogged a little today during a hike with Summit, maybe a mile, mile and half total during a 3+ mile jaunt. First running in about 2 months. No pain in the foot, so hoping I've turned the corner.
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    As a moderate Republican the only I way I see the party moving back to the center is Trump to getting trounced and Republicans relooking at themselves and where they should be. Call it wishful thinking I guess. So a short-term Biden vote is me hoping for long-term normalcy and balance.
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    First reply: "No one will catch it if Rivers has it"
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    Well, I got it done. Prairie Mountain x5. As I wrote before, this was a (paltry) replacement for my planned R2R2R. But it was still the same elevation gain as R2R2R, albeit in half the distance. Took me 8.75 hours. 33km (20.5mi) & 3,454m (11,330' -- over 2 miles!) of elevation gain. 50,000+ steps. 4,200 calories burned (me eat *all* the turkey this weekend -- it's Canadian Thanksgiving). Kept more of a consistent pace than I expected (minutes up/down): Lap 1: 55/40 2: 62/35 3: 60/35 4: 60/39 5: 66/37 Tried to run as much of the downhills as possible, but that's always tough at a 20% average grade on a rocky/rooty slope. More of a running cadence than a running pace. 13 oreos consumed, 1L of Dr. Price's Electrolyte Mix, 500ml of sugar-free Tang, 500ml of Coke Zero, and one can of the full-sugar (flat) Coke. I wouldn't call it easy but it also wasn't as hard as I expected. The weather really helped, it was cool/cloudy most of the day, with a good wind above the treeline (to burn off sweat). Went out for an "easy" 10K this morning, that by the end, wasn't feeling so easy at all (despite the slow pace). This wasn't on my list of 2020 goals, but it was nice to get a PR for daily elevation and longest single activity ever (by duration). Makes me feel better about trying a 50-miler or 100K in 2021.
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    My thoughts for what it's worth, as someone who has watched I believe every debate in its entirety back through 2000. As far as how they responded to the questions, I thought it was fairly even. They both had word salad moments where you were trying to figure out what in the world they were talking about, as well as making some decent points. Biden was clearly more prepared and his longer responses were all pretty good. Trump was pretty good at the back and forth on the occasions where he wasn't constantly interrupting or insulting, bordering on heckling. Biden's worst spot was probably not answering the court packing question. Trump's was his aforementioned mangling of the white supremacy denunciation. I think Trump's behavior in the maybe 10-30 minute section, where he wouldn't let Biden or Wallace talk, will be the thing that hurts him the most. I guess he was trying to rattle Biden/show he was in charge, which maybe would have worked if he had dialed it down from the 13 out of 10 to like an 8. Just really off-putting and ugly. Trump supporters will point to some of Biden's childishness in response, which is fair I suppose, but Trump came off looking like the bigger offender. I think some of the devolvement of the debate is Wallace's fault. In my opinion, he should have not let them talk over each other, but he should have let some of the back and forth go on. On some occasions one would attack the other with a new point in a response, and then Wallace would try to move on without letting the other one speak, which I don't get. It's like he had a vision in his head of how it was going to go, and then couldn't adapt when reality was different. I expect most non-partisans would say they either both lost, or a slight Biden win. Neither is good for Trump. Don't want to overreact to one debate (remember people freaking out over Obama's first performance against Romney), but from a horse race standpoint, Trump could have really used a win last night and didn't get it, so now he needs something else to turn the race. Also, shout out to AAABatteries for some good, reasoned analysis.
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    Fingers crossed that there aren't any more. That was maybe the worst thing I've ever seen, and I watched every game of the Lions' 0-16 season.
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    For the love of god. Quit liking text messages. It send a new text back that you like it. It's stupid. It's sucks quit doing it. TIA, in advance.
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    I'll try to keep this brief but that's a tall order, imo. PREFACE: I'm sure some of you have noticed that I kind of fell off the face of the earth a bit. Cancelled races and a number of other bad excuses led me to run less and less since my last official race in March. The FBG challenges kept me going some but not enough and I've lost a ton in that time (as well as gained back about 15 pounds ). Well about 6 weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would do the Tecumseh Trail Challenge HM with him. His daughter had bailed and he was probably not going to do it if I didn't. I jumped at the chance to have something to motivate me to get going again. Well, it took a couple weeks to really get me motivated so about a month ago I finally started running more than 1 time a month! I got about 70 miles in since Sept 21st so even that wasn't a ton of work but it's better than the 40 miles total I had run between June 1st and Sept 21st. THE RACE: To help with social distancing they spread out the start times - 50k 9 am, 6.5 miles 9:30 am, Marathon 10 am, HM 10:15 am. While this helped keep people stretched out, it kind of sucked from a traffic standpoint. Quite a bit of the race was on single lane trails with little room to pass - especially if you came to a conga line of folks in doing the marathon at a hike but this was only a problem during the first 6.5 miles or so as you will see later below. Part 1 - About the first 2.5 miles +/- were actually all smooth sailing other than it was almost all single lane track and we were already running into some of the Marathon people (same trail X2) and the 50K people - they had about 6 miles on the short loop and about an 75 minute head start so there was a little congestion here and there but not too bad. It was a little up and down but the only real issue was a lot of tree roots and rocks in the first mile. All was dandy and I was feeling good about the day. Part 2 - The first hill... The family and I had previously hiked this trail a couple times up to this point but we usually go straight/turn left and follow the lake trail. This took a hard right and went straight freaking uphill and we continued going straight freaking uphill for the next 2.5 miles, luckily the steep (for me) part of it was only about a 3/8ths of mile long +/-. This was my first (but not last) hill I walked. Once that steep part mellowed out a bit, I got back to a decent pace the rest of the way up the hill. Part of this was also a horse trail and a bit muddy. I'm still doing pretty good but know it is going to be a long, long day. Part 3 - At about the 5 mile buzz on my watch, we took a hard left off the wide trail and back into the woods for single lane hiking trail that went down rather quickly with a lot of twists and turns. Not much of a chance to enjoy the view here as it was quite technical. Once down at the bottom for a little bit of flat ground and a chance to relax a little, that was followed by a solid uphill with a few more twists and turns and, at one point, a rather lengthy conga line of people. After the uphill came another fairly steep downhill with some twists and turns but then opened up to the road and around the south end of the lake/damn, up through a parking lot/road and across the main road into the park. We are a little over 7 miles in and the trip up the road is the beginning of hell! Part 4 - After crossing the main road that goes through the park/forestry, you are on a winding path that felt like it went uphill for the rest of the way. That isn't quite true but it might as well have been! Most of the downhill sections were either twisty paths, full of rocks and roots or both. With thighs and calves that were starting to scream a bit, every step after about mile 8 was starting to be a chore. I originally had dreams of trying to be somewhere around 2:15 or maybe a little less if I was lucky. Every hill I hit on the back section set that goal further and further back. Mile 11 had a big ol' hill that I hoped would be the last one. Mile 12 was downhill and about as slow as climbing up. Mile 13 had what was really the last hill and a huge PITA. Mile 13 was a 16+ minute mile. Somewhere in there my calves tried to cramp up a bit but I was able to fend that off. 13 ended with a downhill, the sound of people and the finish being "close". It also came back down to flat ground on a nice smooth, wide path. I picked up the pace a bit, passed several people but kept waiting on it to end. It finally did much later than I wanted! Official time: 2:45:12, 52 of 144 overall, 7 of 19 in my AG. Fun note - watch registered 1683 feet of elevation change. A drop in the bucket for the @Zasada's and @SFBayDuck's of the world but a crapton for me. In March I ran right at 100 miles total, including several trail training runs and a trail HM+. For that entire month I only did about 2100 feet of elevation gain. Definitely a chore to finish but fun times. Now to just keep my butt moving and get back into shape before I have to go find my fat clothes from last year or so!
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    Frank Lloyd Wright *Virtual* 5k 21:40 (6:57/mi) I'd signed up for a couple of virtual 10Ks a month ago as well as this local 5K to be completed sometime in October. The expectation was that we'd use the local course in our village, so no clever downhill routes today (and as with the 10K, I chose not to put more miles on my Vaporflys). This was at the end of another 50 mile week much for tapering, although my heavy mileage was early in the week. No special routines for today's race, and morning activities were fine. Had an easy run over to the local high school to get warmed up, and the legs felt quite good. Weather was ideal, though the roads were a bit slick from a little overnight rain. Mile 1: 6:51 pace ...HR 157 I took off hard and immediately faced the first potential issue of traffic on a busier cross street. One car was passing, but it was an easy swerve behind it. Three other cross-street concerns were of no issue. Got a half mile in and missed the first turn ...I knew it was the street, but had a momentary mind-#### about turning too early. But going an extra short block meant that as the race went on, I was ahead of where I'd normally be, and that helped mentally. Overall, the pace definitely was feeling hard, so I knew I'd be in pain for the upcoming miles. I hadn't looked at my watch yet, and didn't do so for another mile. If the pace was "too slow," I'd stress myself wanting to pick it up; if the pace was "too fast," I'd let myself off the hook and back off. I'd normally follow HR anyway, but without hard effort HR detail, the HR wouldn't tell me much either. Mile 2: 7:04 pace ...HR 169 After a long straight-away, a couple of turns put me on the one short incline of the course. I was relying mantras to keep myself going strong through this middle of the race where it's still too far to use the "almost there" mentality. I also worked to relax and just let the stride carry me. Overall, my Fenix showed my cadence in the mid 190s! I did finally look at my watch and saw my average pace below 7:00, which was pleasing. Mile 3: 6:58 pace ...HR 172 Almost a half mile or so into this final mile was a turn that led to a long half mile straight-away with a small descent near the end just before the finish. This seemed to relax me, and the stride felt really good here. Not much local traffic, so I ran this stretch down the center of the street. Passed a good friend (and fellow runner) who was out walking his dog...I just shouted "5K," figuring he'd figure out the context. Final .11: 6:36 pace ...HR 175 Made the final turn and quickly finished a block earlier than the normal race course. Whew! All in all, a satisfying effort. A sub-7:00 pace was good, though hardly better than my generally downslope 10K. But without doing intervals or hills (described by *someone* as "intervals in disguise,"), my stride isn't long and strong enough for anything better, particularly in a virtual setting. My cadence throughout was 194. That's a fast rotation, but again, without stride length. I'll admit to being a funk midweek after reading @gruecd's FB post about the likelihood of no Boston-in-April, which really wasn't a surprise. Do I keep up this mileage commitment? Do I let myself ease back through the upcoming winter? I haven't resolved all that yet, but these recent months of steady, bigger mileage have been beneficial, so for now, I'll stay the course.
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    I had a minor setback last week with some transient pain in my calf that seems like it has almost resolved itself. yay. Since I can't compete with the end of month mileage #### measuring contests, I am happy to report that YTD 2020 with 8 active months (May and June = 0 activities), I am crushing all of my previous years according to Strava on active time 158 hours YTD v. next highest 143 hrs for full year in 2017. Also beating handily in mileage, but that's not a fair comparison. I've made the transition to full time indoors now (outside of daily walks that I don't log). Got the bike trainer next to the elliptical. I've been doing Zwift for a week now and my quick impressions: - It's great to have coffee, phone, water, laptop at my fingertips. I haven't landed on a routine yet for Netflix or whatever to keep my interest up, but with the newness of Zwift on the laptop, time goes by quickly so far. - It sucks to not have any stop signs. I was riding pretty regularly the last few months, despite that break-in, my butt is sore on Zwift since you are constantly sitting. I am riding with cycling shorts all the time too. I will ride up in the saddle on virtual hills now moreso as a break for my ###. - I haven't scratched the surface on any races, workouts or group rides - seems like there is plenty to keep me motivated for the next several months. - Overall, very pleased with Zwift so far.
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    I'm sore AF. Was finally able to eat a little bit before bed, then woke up at like 3am and ate a bit more. Ate a normal breakfast this morning, so that's good. Definitely proud of myself for doing what I did. But I think I could've run at least 15-20 seconds/mile faster if I'd paced it better.
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    It's too bad he can't try out all the teams and play for Miami this week, Buffalo next week, and KC the week after. He'd get 3 straight games against the Jets.
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    It's time When the FBI stops a plot to kidnap a governor, & the President can't thank the FBI b/c he's fighting w/ them-& he can't be thankful for the governor's safety, b/c he's fighting w/ her-& he can't condemn the terrorists b/c they're his's time for a new President.
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    Thanks to everybody for the congrats. I just got out of the sin bin here, but oddly I could stay logged in and like posts? Weird. It was a super fun final and I got hammered the night they won. Didn’t go to any of the outside lunatic parties but we drove to the arena the next day and took some photos to commemorate it. Very cool experience. Go Bolts, what a blast. Something I’ll never forget.
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    She came off as a snarky disrespectful bully. Pence won hands down. Sad this is what the Democrats came up with. Harris just handed the election to Trump. It's going to be a landslide for Trump. Democrats learn from this and stop going with the Radical left. I don't wanna see Pence in 2024.
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    Mrs and I did these recently. For two hours we kept looking at each other like “do you feel anything? I don’t.” Fifteen minutes later and I could see the future.
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    Sure. I wasn't going to do this yet but I'm good with it. I mentioned before that I was fat and had terrible willpower. In 2008, I ran a half marathon at about 235 lbs. After that, I was around 240 to 250 for years, but after having a kid i started to creep up past 250. I told myself that I was in the high 240s, or that i now weighed 250, as i went up. Even when I broke 260, I still saw myself as 250 but with a bit of a fluctuation recently. Then when my brother died a couple years ago, I broke 270, crept into the high 270s, and i was in a bad way. I started to get health issues. Nothing serious, thankfully, but my body was not healthy. I decided to do a biggest loser bet with a friend of mine who was also struggling with his weight, and we both decided to lose 35 lbs. I had one last binge day on my brother's birthday (june 10th) and I took a picture on June 21st, after my big blowout it said I weighed 284.6. That was it for me. By October last year, I had lost about 40 pounds doing nothing but calorie counting. I didn't try to eat healthy foods, I had plenty of pizza, buffalo chicken and takeout food, but I tracked them closely and went from run walking a minute or two of running then walking, then another couple minutes of running, then walking, to being able to run a mile, then a couple miles. I maintained most of that weight loss through the holidays, got a gym membership and started to run further and faster. I was running a 5k, then a faster 5k, then 5 miles, and also rowing and adding in a little weight lifting, although I didn't really have a plan. I learned about body recomposition and decided that it made sense to improve my fitness level. Then the pandemic hit, and I started to get more serious. My weight went from the high 240s to about 242 as I gave up booze. This was when we were talking about some of those monthly challenges like tracking calories. Lent ended and I started drinking again, and my weight bounced up a pound or two, but not too bad. Then I got a bad case of poison iivy and it messed me up. I couldn't run, the sweat made me itch like crazy. I could barely sleep. I started drinking heavier just to fall asleep, and my weight went into the higher 240s. But I got back to it, was able to get running again, and got myself into the low 240s. On August 23rd when you and I agreed to give up drinking and go on a serious diet, I weighed 242 and change. This morning I weighed in at 226.8, and I'm 3.5 weeks away from my two month "stretch goal" of 220, which will put me at 65 lbs down from my peak. Then I will switch to maintenance mode and put a couple pounds back on. I am not planning to stay under 220 during this time. My next goal is not weight loss, but body recomposition. I will continue the pushups and focus on my core, because losing a lot of weight means extra skin unless you give it time to shrink to fit and fill it up with some muscle. So far, I think it's working- my chest looks a lot better with all the pushups, and I have gone from really fat to fat, and from fat down to a heavier dad bod, but my after picture looks a lot like otherdad'sbefore pictures. I would be comfortable shirtless at the beach now compared with where I was a year and a half ago. I know it's gross to talk about but I've been using firming lotion on my gut, which is about 90 percent bull#### but helps a little, i use my hypervolt/theragun on my low belly to break up the fat because I saw a study that suggested that it actually helps with the appearance of loose skin, and I'm going to switch gears to the two things that are shown to work, strength training and gradual weight loss - not losing more than 10 percent of your weight at a time, then taking a few weeks or months off to let your skin adjust. So between now and Christmas, if i can stay under 225, I'll be happy. I am already the lowest I've been in years, and while I'd love to cross the finish line now, I actually really don't want to. I'll set a new goal like 210 by 2/10, or 215 by 2/15, making a hard push of about 10 or 15 lbs, not 20 plus. And then level out, and make another push to get under 200. And then decide. 184.6 by June 21st would be awesome, just to say I did an even 100 in 2 years. And if i can lose 20 plus in two months, I should be able to do the final 35 in the next 8 months. But I'm more interested in the health and aesthetics, and some light strength training combined with gradual weight loss is my best hope for getting there. So I'll have to see how my body is responding. For guys who are in that 50 plus, 80 plus, 100 plus overweight range, I would strongly recommend learning as much as possible about these things Ilike did so you can make a plan that works for you.
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    Bookmakers dropped Trump's odds today. They must not know about the telemundo twitter poll.