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    On a positive note, my wife gave birth to our first child this morning!! We were expecting our daughter to be born in the first week of April, which does not align very well if this hospital sees a massive inflow of patients over the next month. This is the last place I would want to be at that time. I was really dreading the timing of all of this but alas, my lil one made it easier for us and her. This hospital used to be extremely lenient with visitors but yesterday they just limited visitors to just one person per patient. Today, they are implementing mandatory face masks for everyone walking around the hospital. Very happy with both of those decisions. To add a lil more drama, my wife is a Nurse Practitioner in this very hospital. They already have at least three confirmed corona virus patients here. Last thing I want is for my wife to be this close to the potential chaos that could be. Now, she will enjoy her 4 moth maternity in isolation enjoying her new found motherhood. This baby is a god send.
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    Fine. I'll say it. Yoga pants thread. We all have to make sacrifices for the good of mankind, Joe.
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    After 48 hours of traveling. Multiple flight cancellations and diversions. And a year away overseas. Our daughter has made it home safely back from Thailand.
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    Am CEO of a 100 person subsidiary based in a downtown metropolitan financial district. Parent company is located in a red state...leadership there is a bunch fox news watchers and last night I emailed the parent company CEO (my boss) and told him I was moving all employees into work-from-home (WFH) mode. This morning I spent 10 minutes explaining to him that "this is NOT the seasonal flu and that I was adamant about giving WFH option to all employees. He said "I understand your concern, but no reason for you to be leading this." Exasperated I said "all due respect, but there is a dearth of leadership on this at the federal level. I have responsibility for 100 people, their families, and our ongoing business and I am tired of being 1-2 weeks ahead of the rest of the country." He eventually acquiesced to my passion moreso than my argument, but whatever. Anyway, not looking for praise because I am frankly embarrassed I didn't have the fortitude to stand up for my people at this time LAST week. Still, I have all of you to thank for the hygiene regimen we started 4 weeks ago, the light social distancing we began 3 weeks ago, the international travel ban we instituted 2 weeks ago, the domestic travel ban we instituted last week, and the WFH policy we put in place today. Thank you all so much. You have given me the insight, info, and courage I needed.
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    I would just like to say I am really glad matsuki is in charge of literally nothing when it comes to this virus.
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    My uncle in Spain tested positive with the virus a little over a week ago. He’s 75 years old with no other medical issues. He was hit with the typical symptoms. Started with fever and an unrelenting cough. He went to the hospital when he started to experience extreme shortness of breath. He went to one of the smaller hospitals in the suburbs of Madrid and has been there for a week now. He just let us know that he has recovered and now is home. What a relief!!!
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    Had a heart to heart with my wife the other night and at least for now, I think things are going to be okay. Some grievances were addressed by both sides with mutual agreements to work on our issues now because we both DO love each other and want to keep chugging along with our family right here where - I'm pleased to report - we BOTH are extremely happy. I do think it helps tremendously that we bought our current house together in 2015 before the twins were born. The house was two doors down from our old house (we LOVE the neighborhood) and while it had great bones, it needed *A LOT* of updating/remodeling. Together, we collaborated and made it the sort of home we always wanted. We're proud of it. She's an avid gardener and has transformed the yards into the envy of the older ladies on our block. So this is HER home too and while she misses her family, we visit often and they talk daily so this is where she wants to stay. Anyhow....PHEW! And thanks for giving me a place to vent. The advice to tackle it head on was sagacious, very helpful and that giant pit of worry in stomach is gone. Also, keep up with the funny in here. Some of the biggest laughs I've had lately is coming from this thread.
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    Quick update. After a lot of deliberation and discussion with my wife and mom I decided to fly down and drive my mom back. So I’m sitting at the airport now. It’s a ghost town. Two people at security. I bet I will have about 10 people tops on my plane. I’ve brought a face mask, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. I will wear the mask, wipe stuff down, and not touch anything. When I get to my mom’s I plan on going right to the shower and putting my clothes in the washer. Not an ideal solution but the best I came up with. At least it’s a direct flight and if it’s not real crowded I can get social distancing. It’s only a two and a half hour flight. Anyway when I left my wife was completely bawling. She doesn’t want me or my mom to get the virus. My mom is 70 so she is in the at risk group. I’m in my 40s and could better recover but the whole context for me is that my dad just died of a terrible lung disease. There’s no studies yet on what this virus will do if someone recovers and the long term effects on the lungs. So my wife doesn’t want me to end up going out like my dad just did someday (and frankly neither do I). So I would appreciate it if everyone here would keep sending me positive vibes and prayers to get me through these next few days. I’m sure my dad will be looking over me too....
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    I was getting pretty tired of all the individual posts about "my kid's lacrosse tournament was postponed" or whatever, but I just received word that my favorite winery's tasting room is closed because they can't accommodate social distancing. Now I understand.
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    Could probably get a good deal right now.
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    I've posted very little in the thread, but when I do its mostly to try to lighten the mood. If I had something more useful, I would post it. I have been following the thread for about 10 days, and I have read every post. There seems to be a much more dramatic shift in here towards trying to win arguments and less trying to actually post useful stuff. Arguing over bottled water, death rates vs positive tests, and now its fear mongering and panic buying against posting rumor/heresy. Hasn't Joe said it enough by now? Just try to be helpful and post links if you have them. Its pretty simple. If its rumor, state so. Everything doesn't have to be a back and forth. If you don't find the information useful, then move on. I highly doubt that this small community on a message board, spread out over the entire world, is going to affect the outcome of this pandemic, but it CAN help some of us get through. Let's do that together. please. PLEASE!!
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    I was wrong. Early on, I posted in here that people were over reacting and made light of some things people were doing. I'd like to stand up and say I was wrong. I just didn't grasp the seriousness of this thing early on. Anyway, carry on. This thread is awesome and I appreciate the info.
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    "Hey, remember when everyone rushed to the store to buy toilet paper at the same time and it ran out before it could be restocked and everyone freaked out? Now imagine the same thing happening at your local hospital. But instead of TP, it's hospital beds and ventilators. That's why everything is cancelled. That's why you should stay home."
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    Kind of you to wonder. Several people I know have tested positive, including a lawyer who’s spent quite some time on a ventilator but is getting better. I am alive, I assume primarily because of my deep disdain for human beings and my desire under normal circumstances to stay away from them all. I left the board but left email notifications on in case someone has an emergency I can help with. Good luck to everyone. Stay at home. This is not a joke. This is not the flu. Anyone who tells you this is the flu and not to worry is the kind of person who would hide a zombie bite. Do not trust that person or his/her judgment. Stay safe. The veil of civilization is thin, but beyond it lies not only unimaginable horrors, but also unimaginable humanity.
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    I just came home from a long day at work. My 4th grade son (who's been cooped up all week with his sister and my wife) was in a playful mood and asked me if I'd "like to order anything?" I told him I'd really like a Big Mac and fries. I was reading through this thread and he just came in with a plate with a triple decker layer of white bread with lunchmeat, mayo, and lettuce and a side of Cheetohs - my "Big Mac and fries." He also just brought me a bottle of Guinness with the cap popped off for me. Kids can be pretty awesome sometimes.
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    Day 1 of working from home. Slept in, went for a run, and settled into my home office later at about 7:30. Promptly commenced to wasting time on the internet so as to preserve a sense of normalcy.
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    I arranged for 2 small tool shop companies I know to make 2 parts needed for vents to supply Ford and GM. The guys are working 20 hours a day. I did not charge any commission as the middle man even though I could haver cleaned up.. Just felt now is not the time. The small shops are hurting bad and they need the work so let them keep whatever they can. Even they are only charging a small amount over cost. Nice to see the almighty dollar is not ruling in this case. although I am sure some people will get rich off of this.
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    Semi-good news on the home front - Mrs. SF has finally been approved for testing. She still has tightness in her chest and shortness of breath - and with the potential for covid-19 - she did not get a steroid treatment initially. So, now she can get some clarity, and hopefully, if the test is negative, better treatment for her symptoms.
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    Update from home schooling. 2 kids suspended for fighting and 1 teacher fired for drinking on the job.
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    This has brought my wife and I closer closer to killing each other
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    Kind of weird but ok - I was on the ####ter.
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    not sure why you guys are having such a hard time playing games with your families we just played Yahtzee together. it was great. we all rolled the dice and my wife broke down all of the thousands of possible number combinations, how we should use them appropriately, why we were making the wrong decision even if we hadn't made one yet and she did all the scoring for us. after a couple turns she even took over all the dice rolling & decision making for us, including narrating why we would have made the wrong decision anyways. it was like watching other people play games on tv, except right in my own living room 🦕
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    My wife is downstairs calling her students/parents right now (1st grade teacher). Just listening to her keep a cheery, positive attitude, listening to what the kiddos are doing at their houses, touching base and explaining how things are going to proceed from here forward… Just makes me smile a bit.
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    The virus has a ####### name. Call this behavior racist or whatever you want, but if you call it the "Chinese virus", "kung flu" or anything besides it's name you obviously have an agenda and want to tweak people. That's it. This conversation can't go on in here or people are going to get banned (on either side of the argument). I posted tweets in here just yesterday from Asian Americans suffering in their everyday lives due to people ignorantly spreading racism and fear via this tactic. It's effecting real people as other Americans who are scared and hateful look for an outlet for their anger. You may not know you're doing it. You are. Stop it.
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    Hey gang, sorry for being a horrible iFriend. Let's be honest, I love you guys and think about you all the time. Let me get the bad news out of the way first. My Mother has lung cancer. It's malignant. She just turned 69 and hasn't had a cig in almost 40 years. Dad doesn't smoke either except when I'm a horrible influence on him and we're getting drunk together. SWEAR TO GOD, SAVE IT, everything will be okay one way or another. I admit that I'm scared to death that if she were to pass Dad would be right behind her. They love each other so much. Scared but that gives me comfort too. I wish we could all love each other as much as those two love each other. Good news is Dylan turned 13 today. Kid is doing well as always. He's like Cool Hand, things just seem easy for him. He started playing basketball last year and killing it. He's almost 6' already. It's like an adult playing with children. Needless to say, really fun to watch. He's also ripping the cover off the baseball. He was somewhat close at the end of last season but I think he may actually hit a few over the fence this year and they're college type fields. Most importantly he's still excelling at school. Puberty is a kick in the ### and there seems to be an endless stream of girls at the door looking for him but he has gotten almost all A's and a few B's since 1Q. They placed him in all honors classes so he wasn't used to being challenged that much. The great news is Cal is doing wonderful. No calls from school, no crazy outbursts. His second consecutive quarter of straight A's. He somehow managed to get a B in computers in 1Q which is mind boggling or else he would have a clean sweep. He has friends. Damn it anyway that makes me happier than anything. A friend of his stopped by today out of the blue to give him a Popeye's chicken sandwich. About a dozen times now he has been gone all day and into the night. He's responsible though, unlike his old man, and doesn't drink or smoke. He's happy....what more could I ask for? Other than of course him playing football!! He's closing in on 6'2 and will be 16 in May. He has lost a lot of weight too. Walks almost every day and doesn't snack all the time. I make sure to tell both of my boys how proud I am of them on a regular basis. They don't follow my "words of wisdom" all the time but it's obvious they take it to heart. Pep is doing well after he back surgery. My knees miss all of the pain pills on hand. I can't squat and stand up without extreme pain. So I started taking guitar lessons. After 3 lessons I'm basically Jimi Hendrix already.
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    Coronavirus Day Three: I have not had sex for six months.
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    Gym manager guy here. Wichita area. Shutting it down tomorrow or Saturday. Amazingly low amount of questions/concerns so far. But the fact we’re closing down is inevitable in my mind and we want what’s best for our staff and customers. Better to close voluntarily than a quarantined situation. Keep the ball in my court so to speak. Want to keep admin/full time staff around to manage. Plan to pay hourly/part time as long as we can. We are much like a ymca so pissing away a lot of spring program revenue but it’s happening regardless. Rather be on the front end than too late. That’s what reserves are for. Million decisions to make. 100+ ft/pt employees. Keep the pool running or shut it down and avoid utilities? We still gotta mow the ballfields and facilities. How do you figure what you’re paying variable hour part time employees? Accounting remotely. In the middle of a remodel project. They didn’t teach this class in college. Stress. Stress. Hang in there errybody. Thank you guys. This place is a major resource for me. Love.
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    Would be thrilled if it’s a huge over-reaction and we don’t go through an Italy situation. THRILLED. I’ll listen to every idiot boomer joke.
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    All bars and restaurants closed in Phoenix tonight at 8 PM. I’m a former restaurant worker for many many years (fast food, waiter, bartender). I met my wife working at Peter Piper Pizza 33 years ago. I’m so concerned about these workers. Most of them just don’t have the means of a FBG, and they are really going to be hurt by this. I just don’t see the end game for them, and it makes me sad. My wife and I decided to go out to eat and have a drink tonight before they all closed down. We left the waitress a $500 tip and wished her well. I wish there was something more we could all do for these workers who are going to be so hurt by this. I agree we need to do what we are doing. But there is just going to be so much pain and suffering by so many people who don’t have work, I just don’t know how it all ends.
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    This is the epitome of the problem we have in this country. It is not about you, nor is it about your will to live the life you know. It is about the elderly, and the sick, and the young. It's about my ####### father who I donated a kidney to and is 77 years old and is in a super high risk situation. It's about many others parents who are elderly. It's about some of our friends who already have weakened immune systems from cancer. So no, please don't keep going on with the life you know.
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    Offshoot poll: We live in Queens NY. We recently bought a condo in Boise, Idaho. We had plans before all this went down to be going there for a week starting next Sunday. We are fully stocked here in NY, where we have lived our whole lives. Where all of our friends and family are. The only living parent is my wife's mother, who to be honest, she doesn't really get along with. Her brother lives here. Since we've only been to Boise once since buying (in downtown, walkable to everything) we have barely any food or supplies there. We also don't really know anyone outside of people we just met briefly. It's a beautiful condo, great walking, open air, nice drives and an awesome hospital system compared to the horrible Elmhurst hospital we would be subjected to here. We are taking a chance of transporting the virus there. We might be lepers there to them, especially since their first case was from NY. We might not be able to get back to NY that soon but financially we could handle it. What would you do? Hit "thanks" if we should stay in NY Hit "heart" if we should go to Boise
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    For the record, my wife is a social worker and has been home with 3 kids (7,4,2) or 2 weeks. I've been married only 8 years. I've never considered the "D" until we ordered take out pizza on Monday and she really didn't like it. After working 12 hours on Tuesday (we ship medical equipment so we're "essential") I was looking forward to the last few slices. They were gone when I got home. Not sure if "You didn't care for the the pizza but you sure ate a lot of it" was the correct response but I think I know now.
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    After being married for over two decades, I have learned that many times the sooner you agree or deflect, the better. For example: Q: Have you heard of this conspiracy theory about the coronavirus? A: I saw that! Isn’t that crazy? End of conversation. I agree to stuff I don’t even know what I am agreeing to all the time. It saves having to have a silly conversation or getting in the doghouse for no logical reason at all.
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    Just wanted to also say... as someone who never posts here but lurks around from time to time, I’ve been hooked on this thread since the beginning and I’ve been so much more informed about this virus than most due to all the great info in here. Stocked up early to avoid the crowds, etc. So, thank you all!
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    At store with wife. I put a bag of lemons on the counter. Are those organic lemons? Idk, they're lemons that go in my drinks. I dont want those type of lemons. Dont use them? 🤷‍♂️ Lots of bickering. Short with kids. Our relationship wasn't the greatest before this but this should be an interesting few months. I'm contemplating going to Walmart to lick all the shopping carts in hopes of getting CV so I can go to the hospital and complain of chest pains and hopefully get admitted for 2 weeks. Feel free to use this thread to vent about your spouses
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    I just started wearing full SCUBA gear every time I go out. The tank is heavy and awkward, but I think it's worth it. The flippers are probably unnecessary, but the rest of the ensemble looks really dumb when paired with black leather cap-toe oxfords.
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    Agreed, the contention I have with the NYT piece is that it SHOULD read: Wuhan warned us China warned us Italy warned us Seattle warned us NYC warned us I did not change one behavior for SARS, MERS, Ebola, or Swine Flu. But in travelling for work in mid January, I took extra precautions to wash my hands frequently, wipe down airplane tray table and armrests with wipes, use hand sanitizer liberally. In late January I bought a 2 week supply of food as well as 20 n95 masks from my local hardware store. As CEO of a 100 person professional services firm we: Began communicating the importance of hand hygiene and social distancing in mid February Began modeling elbow bumps in late February (something I was lightly mocked for and yet insisted upon) Prohibited international travel on 3/2 Prohibited non essential domestic travel on 3/9 Encouraged all employees to work from home as much as possible on 3/9 Executed our full biz continuity plan on 3/16 with complete work from home status for all employees I did ALL OF THE above because of the info I obtained in this forum! So to the OP who writes that this all revisionist history and that no one saw this coming: it is with the utmost respect and good humor that I say "Gtf outta here with that crap"
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    Turned 50 today and having an incredible day! My amazing wife and I were supposed to be celebrating in New Zealand and actually got to stay there for two weeks before we had to come home due to the virus. We had an amazing time despite the disruption of cutting it short due to this new reality of ours. We are now on day 6 of our home isolation. I’m a contemplative type and it is hard not to think too much at the best of times, so turning 50 during this time really ramps things up. After a great night last night, Skyping with two very good friends and having some I-drinks, I woke up this morning, listened to the Beatles for three hours while taking phone calls and texts from friends and family. Had a great workout, took the dog for a nice walk (as neighbors crossed the street instead of stopping to chat), then chilled out listened to some funk Parliament, O’Jays, The Meters). Mrs. Punk and I just made a delicious ribeye dinner with a wine that she brought back from NZ for this occasion ... after dinner the doorbell rings and it was my oldest friend since 5th grade bringing me a 6-pack of beer and a box of cigars (he always was the bad influence on me) and then my oldest son rolls up with his wife nd leaves a bottle of wine and a cake on the steps. It was so surreal ... enjoying their company and shooting the breeze with them (from a hockey stick distance , which is our guide in Canada) ... while at the same time thinking how odd it was to not hug the boy or do the bro shake with my bud. Funny times we have here! Left me with only one thought when I shut the door ...I’m the luckiest guy alive!
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    Pretty sure I have several thousand N 95 masks at our warehouse space. 3M donated a whole bunch of stuff to our museum over the years. I am contemplating going over to take a look to make sure we indeed have that many and I will make them available to any hospital worker in the area
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    One of my buddies is an MD and has been treating Coronavirus patients for the last 72 hours. He sent out an email sharing his experience. I figure I'd share here.
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    Also do not turn this into blame or turn it political. This thread is where we're going to help each other. If you can't do that, please go to one of the threads in the political forum.
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    You know you're in the FBG coronavirus thread when there's questions about cancelling the maid.
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    I'd also like to formally apologize to @shader and @icon I still think this is a bit overblown and trust we will contain it but i have been constantly mocking in tone and that I apologize for. Perhaps it was a defense mechanism. One thing is I definitely was never trolling or making up stories or stats. I have more important things to do in my life than that.
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    Its gonna be OK The next few weeks will be crazy. News will report black friday like fights for toilet paper. The stock market will still go down All sports will be canceled for a weeks maybe months Some things will be outright cancelled or moved til next year...eurocup...Olympics etc... More panic will set in as people die More famous people will test positive But then... Those same famous people will survive Sports will start returning and you'll hear the crack of a baseball bat....or an Astro banging on a garbage can Things will start to get back to normal. Yoga pants will still not be allowed here
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    Had a office visit with the Oncologist and a treatment today. They had the UPenn radiologists reread my latest CT and MRI scans (done at a non UPenn radiology center). They compared the latest scans to my original scans, pre-surgery. The lung modules were consistent. No new nodules and they are all less than 5mm. That’s a great indication the treatment is effective. No other indications of spread into my abdomen/pelvis. Urine protein issue is still there but we think we have it under control. The levels in my last 24hr test were still elevated but significantly reduced from 3 weeks ago. I follow up with Nephrology in early April. The oncologist is very pleased with how effective treatment has been and how well I’m tolerating it. We are staying the course with treatment. Glad I started as soon as I did. Still cognizant that the treatment isn’t curative and no idea what the future holds, but who really does. Going to see an Endocrinologist about my type 2 diabetes. My latest A1c was 5.8 but my glucose numbers have been a little wonky lately. The diuretic I’m on has a side effect of raising blood sugar. Also the immunotherapy drug I’m on can potentially cause type 1 diabetes. All that led me to decide to see the specialist to manage my type 2, instead of trying to do it myself. Overall, I feel good. Been consciously trying to eat better/less and been working in some cardio exercise. Down 18 pounds since 1/1/20. Still talking with the woman I had brunch with a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t gone out again, yet, but we talk everyday. Feeling optimistic, but cautious. Doing my best to stay in the moment and just let it happen. Thanks to everybody in the FFA for all of your continued support. Much love. Cheesey