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    24.16 - The Verve - Urban Hymns (1997) I suspect this pick won't be lauded by the cool kids, but I'm still mining my late-90s The Chicago Era. The first Mr. krista - whose music and voice were often compared to Jeff Buckley, I'll have you know - composed music like this that was lush, exquisitely orchestrated, multi-layered. He loved this record, so we had it on repeat. We weren't into That Song Everyone Knows From An Ad, but instead played these two the most frequently. I hope that wikkid won't find them single-groove. Sonnet The Drugs Don't Work
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    It's a little late, as I stuck to my other crap, but here was my extended morning mix. Some interesting transitions in this one... EVERCLEAR - HEROIN GIRL I forgot how much some of their songs rock. Good tune. DR. DRE - LET ME RIDE love it. However, I was a little surprised on my research how little the album as a whole held up. There were a few tracks in there I could do without NEIL YOUNG - WHEN YOU DANCE love me some Neil, and really dig this song. FUGEES - KILLING ME SOFTLY here is a song that I didn't like when it came out, and evidently that feeling is still with me CHEAP TRICK - SURRENDER (LIVE) big thumbs up here too. Love this song. RUSH - SOMETHING FOR NOTHING I am not the Rush hater that most are, but here is a song where I get where they are coming from. Made me want to throat punch Geddy. REPLACEMENTS - KISS ME ON THE BUS here is band I need to get into the rotation more. I seem to like most of what I hear, and this is no exception. NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - MASS ROMANTIC Ditto to the above. Added to the research mix to remind myself to listen more FLOYD - SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND first time hearing this. I guess it's OK MOS DEF - UMI SAYS really dug this. Not sure if I've listen to this album, so into the research pile it goes LAUREN HILL - LOST ONES I liked this better than the Fugees song, but nothing that made me want to explore farther. JONI MITCHELL - COYOTE (LIVE) Not overly familiar with her stuff, but I really liked this one. I think another of her's came up the other night that I didn't care for as much, so I am keeping an ear open for more to see if it's in the pile or not. OZZY - OVER THE MOUNTAIN Oh hell yeah. DYLAN - IT'S ALL OVER BABY BLUE ok - how many ####in' times do I have to hear the same ####in' Dylan song , Spotify??! MILES DAVIS - SO WHAT I told myself that I was skipping nothing during this sitting, but I will be honest - I have been skipping jazz when it comes up. I want to hear more, but I have to be in a very specific mood for it, and it never really flows in these mixes for me. The plan is to sit down with the headphones and listen to the jazz albums in full that are drafted. I did hear this out and it was good, but just wasn't what I wanted this am. VELVET UNDERGROUND - OH! SWEET NUTHIN' - unlike this. This was ####in' great. Pretty sure Loaded was the album that people brought up for people on the fence with VU because it was more guitar driven? Loved the last 2 or so minutes of this one. THE POLICE - INVISIBLE SUN good Police, but not a fave MAGIC SAM - MY LOVE WILL NEVER DIE I for sure need to research more of this. IRON AND WINE - RESURRECTION FERN it grew on me as it went on, but really not something that I would normally listen to. Little to much on the folk spectrum maybe? I would be surprised if this wasn't in my wife's rotation though - sounds exactly like most of her mixes. (I just asked and got an emphatic nod when I asked about them and said the song title) OZZY - FLYING HIGH AGAIN This album is hit or miss for me, and I don't like this nearly as much as the opener and closers JEFF BUCKLEY - LAST GOODBYE I really dig this song, and kind of want to explore the album more, but I am afraid that I might accidently hear some of that other song. FUGAZI - REPEATER love Fugazi, but haven't listened to them much in that last several years. That should change. STURGILL SIMPSON - WELCOME TO EARTH The 1st 3mins or so were hell on Earth for me. It definitely got better at toward the end as it got less country-ish. Still, the butthole is a little puckered knowing how many Sturgill songs I put in the playlist. SOUNDGARDEN - SEARCHING WITH MY GOOD EYE CLOSED One of my song choices would have been this if I went with the album. Love the sludgey sound when the song kicks in. METALLICA - WHEREVER I MAY ROAM This song got a mandatory air drum break that had my 5 year old laughing at me. ROSANNE CASH - SHE'S GOT YOU Now this song might have been one of the better surprises so far. Really dug it. STURGILL SIMPSON - CALL TO ARMS Oh, #### me. I saw the artist before the song kicked in, but this one rocked my balls. TENACIOUS D - ROCK YOUR SOCKS After my balls were rocked, I got my socks rocked. Nice 1-2 punch. Little disappointed Tribute didn't make the mix though. BLINK-182: ALL THE SMALL THINGS nice throw back to college. JOURNEY - THE PARTY'S OVER This is an OK Journey song. Liked the guitar though
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    PICK 24.20 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - SONGS FOR THE DEAF (2002) Songs - Go With The Flow - No One Knows yeah, these two songs got most all of the airplay ...but I still love them.
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    24.24 Bob Dylan - Desire Tracklist: 1. Hurricane 2. Isis 3. Mozambique 4. One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below) 5. Oh, Sister 6. Joey 7. Romance in Durango 8. Black Diamond Bay - can't find Youtube link for this, it's on Spotify. 9. Sara
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    24.29 Primal Scream, Screamadelica (1991) Movin' On Up Loaded Love this mess of an album. A party record, a ####ed-up acid trip and a life-affirming blast of pure energy. I've left it on during the day and when going to sleep too many times to count, and it's been a transporting experience for me over the years. I've taken it way higher in the past, if I recall. Would've ordinarily gone with Come Together, 'cause it's massive and gosh darned beautiful, but went with "Loaded" instead for the sake of the playlist.
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    24.25 Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - The Tyranny of Distance (2001) This is the only album of his that I love---and I love it so much that I'd take it to a desert (deserted?) island. Biomusicology Under the Hedge
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    Will update song choices and comments in a bit. Taking two different but equally important for me to have on my island... 24.XX: THE BLACK KEYS - RUBBER FACTORY (2004) I draft and talk about 10am Automatic too much, so for the playlist we will go with... Girl is on my Mind Keep Me 25.01: TORI AMOS - LITTLE EARTHQUAKES (1992) Just a beautiful, emotional album that never fails to bring a tear to my eyes. One of the artists that cross the wife and my loves as well, although I think I turned into the bigger fan over the last decade or so - mostly after seeing her live I was hooked. One of my favorite music moments also came before even meeting the wife. I was delivering pizzas, and the guy training me was a huge scary looking metal head that I knew from HS. We jumped in the car and this album was on - I laughed at him and said I was expecting some Slayer. He just looked at me and said "#### that, Tori is more metal than those guys in Slayer" Fitting she did that Raining Blood cover, I guess. Winter Tear in Your Hand
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    This thread has called 37 of the last 2 corrections.
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    Okay, does this count? <cues intro to DVP> As I said to PIK earlier give me MASSIVE GUITARS, HOOKS, CHORUSES AND TUNES 24.32 - PUP - The Dream Is Over (2016) 1. "If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will" 2:18 2. "DVP" 2:28 3. "Doubts" 3:00 4. "Sleep in the Heat" 3:21 5. "The Coast" 3:53 6. "Old Wounds" 2:19 7. "My Life Is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier" 2:26 8. "Can't Win" 3:07 9. "Familiar Patterns" 3:39 10. "Pine Point" 4:00 If This Tour Doesn't Kill You/DVP should always be played as one song but they don't exist like that on Spotify
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    21.37 - School of Fish, School of Fish 1991 Three Strange Days Rose Colored Glasses
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    Going to grab one from my all time favorite artsts, a mesmerizing guitarist and live performer, I've seen him in concert about a dozen times. I took an all time favorite from his earlier days when he was married and working with Linda... but he has had and amazing solo career as well and is still putting out top work imho... rd 24 - Richard Thompson - Rumor and Sigh - 1991 read about love 1952 vincent black lightning
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    Rd 24 Dead Presidents Soundtrack - Various Artists (1995) feels like a straight up Brinks Truck heist hauling all of this funkified, soulful goodness on one platter. - one stop shop for dialing up some of the best of that early 70s sound i love so damn much ... i'm back in dad's Caddy - "If You Want Me To Stay", by Sly & The Family Stone "I'll Be Around", by The Spinners "Never Gonna Give You Up", by Jerry Butler "The Payback", by James Brown "I Miss You", by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes "Get Up & Get Down", by The Dramatics "If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go", by Curtis Mayfield "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man", by Aretha Franklin "Where Is The Love", by Jesse Campbell (singer) & Trina "Love Train" by The O'Jays "The Look Of Love", by Isaac Hayes "Dead Presidents Theme" composed and conducted by Danny Elfman Walk On By - Issac Hayes just like "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone", if i'm gonna sit for this long, groove my ### like none other could. once this starts i never want it to end. Tired of Being Alone - Al Green bit of a mood shift from my original pick, but Mr. AL takes a backseat to nobody. 😎 IN.
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    Ok then... 23...IDLES- Joy as an Act of Resistance Colossus Danny NedelkoNedelko #1IDLESfan So many tunes I'd pick here...pretty much all of them except the song about Joe's still born kid. The hair raising Colossus of course, and crowd favorite sing along, Danny Nedelko leaving my other fave, never fight a man with a perm on the outs. Still good advice.
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    24.06 No. 4, Stone Temple Pilots (1999) I like Albuquerque better than Santa Fe, Tacoma better than Seattle, winter at the beach. Late STP is the Albuquerque of grunge Sour Girl Atlanta
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    25.02 Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day (2003) Marry Me Outfit
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    Arcade Fire - Reflektor 2013 Not my favorite, but it's one I play often. It's Never Over and We Exist are monster tunes. This is our dance party record. Here Comes the Night Time! Songs are... Reflektor Afterlife
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    Ok, let's lead off with a couple of Headstones albums. Seriously, they're pretty good when you consider that they are Candians. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to hard rock this band is everything The Foo Fighters would be, if the Foo Fighters were better. We'll start with 1993 19.37 - Picture of Health When Something Stands for Nothing Tweeter and the Monkey Man (I try to eschew covers, but this is really good) Bonus Track: Three Angels Now, the wayback machine will take us back to late 2019 20.04 - Peopleskills Caught in a Loop Dark Side of the Doomed Bonus Track: Horses Triple Bonus, not on any album: Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
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    Exercise minutes for May: 5/1 0 - 0 Total 5/2 60 - 60 Total 5/3 60 - 120 Total 5/4 51 - 171 Total 5/5 66 - 237 Total 5/6 60 - 297 Total 5/7 30 - 327 Total 5/8 45 - 372 Total 5/9 60 - 432 Total 5/10 45 - 477 Total 5/11 45 - 522 Total 5/12 45 - 567 Total 5/13 45 - 612 Total 5/14 45 - 657 Total 5/15 30 - 687 Total 5/16 45 - 732 Total 5/17 45 - 777 Total 5/18 73 - 850 Total 5/19 59 - 909 Total 5/20 45 - 954 Total 5/21 45 - 999 Total 5/22 45 - 1044 Total 5/23 45 - 1089 Total 5/24 45 - 1134 Total 5/25 30 - 1164 Total 5/26 0 - 1164 Total 5/27 45 - 1209 Total 5/28 45 - 1254 Total minutes. Passed my goal for the month of 1250 minutes.
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    DA said they need to wait to see all the evidence that could possibly come out during trial before an arrest. That seems not to be the typical process for making an arrest. Funny the difference in evidence needed for the cops in Minnesota to make an arrest vs citizens making an arrest in Georgia.
  24. 4 points're easily 2:55, probably 2:45 with your cheating.
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    Stolen from twitter: Imagine if Trump responded to the threat of COVID-19 as quickly as he responded to himself being fact-checked on Twitter. 🤔
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    Forgot to add songs here: Old Friends America For @KarmaPoliceto add.
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    Round 24 The Cars - Candy-O (1979) Let's Go It's All I Can Do And I get one of the best album covers out there. Outstanding!
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    yes The servers are having problems processing KP's massive review post
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    You should feel very free to comment, even in the negative. That's Abrantes's pick, and he quoted it in the selection. It's freaking awesome. A billion Chapelle Show fans can't all be wrong. Breathe in... Breathe out...
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    I'm thinking I'll keep shuffling and drinking til midnight and then listen to the new Killers album
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    I'm having trouble with this site tonight. I keep getting frozen, and then it says bad gateway or something like that. I re-enter another way. It says they will be doing maintenance on the site on May 31st for ten hours starting at 11 pm est. Anyone else having issues now?
  33. 3 points The dude in the gas mask that was messing with the auto zone was a cop.
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    23.37 - Chain Gang of Love, The Raveonettes, 2003 The Great Love Sound Love Can Destroy Everything The Truth About Johnny ETA: mid to late 90s-ish
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    Short list snipe. Great song choices. And I love that song that everyone knows from an ad, too . There was a time when I watched the bad teen movie "The Girl Next Door" way too often (because Elisha Cuthbert ) and I love the use of "Lucky Man" in it... I don't know what songs I would choose from this. The Drugs Don't Work would be one for sure. The others are tough.
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    24.31 - White Lung - Paradise (2016) Yes, this will do. For some reason this album compels me to start drinking hard liquor, so I'm gonna dip into the scotch now. "Sister" (Live) "Paradise"
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    NFL Offensive Linemen Rankings Appreciate the advice today from all those that chimed in. Not easy as there are not a lot of stats. So here's what I used.... I do a relative ranking for each criteria, meaning if four players were All pro 9 times, they each get the same number of points. The guys with 7 get relatively less compared to the sum of the entire group. Criteria: 1) Award Pts - NFL 100 and Decade 1st and 2nd team awards. Guys not on NFL 100 got dinged here. had listed their own decade teams and the HOF decade teams. I used those. 2) All-Pro - These two cats were weighed the highest. 3) Pro Bowls - ranked at 40% of All Pros. After looking at all the data, that looked like the best number. 4) Approximate Value (Weighted) - has a system to rank all players each year. Appears the max rating is 20.0. This criteria was based on the career total. Medium max point value for best score. 5) Approximate Value 10+ for the season - It was clear looking at each player, that using the total number of 10+ seasons would show consistency and reward longevity of excellence. Medium criteria rank for highest score like #4 above. 6) Internet Rankings... Found three decent Offensive ranking lists on the net. The total of all three combined was only 60% value of Criteria 1/2 above. But wanted the opinion of so called experts to count. Only four players were on all three sites Top 16. Notable missing player - Ron Mix 1 PT. - Joe Jacoby. 20.86 pts. Lowest AllPro (AP) and ProBowl(PB). 3rd lowest Games played (GP). 1980 2nd team twice . Lowest AppValue and 10+AppValue. Not on a Top 16 list. 2 PTS - Dan Dierdorf. 26.03 pts. 6 PB and 3 AP are 50% more than Jacoby in each. And way behind most others. 2nd lowest games played. Did make the bottom of all three Top 16's. 1970 2nd team once. 3 PTS - Will Shields. 31.94 pts. 12PB and TWO AP. WTF is that? Had a decent number (10) of AV10+ seasons, but played 3rd most games of this group so that shaved a few points off. 2000 2nd team only. 4 PTS - Ron Yary. 34.10 pts. 1970's 1st and 2nd team. 7PB and 6 AP. Only 5 AV10+ seasons hurt here. These four guys were the only ones to not make NFL 100 on the list. 5 PTS - Art Shell. 34.24 pts. NFL 100 and 1970 1st team twice. 8 PB and 2 AP knocked him down to Yary, but the NFL 100 gives him the higher place here. Also had only 5 AV10+ seasons. 6 PTS - Jim Parker. 39.93 pts. 8PB and 8 AP in the fewest amount of GP on list. NFL 100 and 1960 2nd team twice. The 8 AP was 2nd on list to the high of 9, and that bumped him over Shell's 2 AP. On;y had 5 AV10+ seasons also. 7 PTS - Gene Upshaw. 41.31 pts. NFL 100 and 1970 1st and 2nd. 7 PB and 5 AP. Had 9 AV10+ seasons and was 6th on AV career list of this group. 8 PTS - Mike Webster. 43.95 pts. NFL 100, 1980's 1st and 2nd and 1970's 2nd. 9 PB and 5 AP. Had 9 AV10+ seasons and was 4th on AV career list of this group. 9 PTS - Larry Allen. 44.17 pts. Like most judgings, the middle group of guys is insanely close. NFL 100 and 1990 and 2000 2nd teams. 11 PB and 6 AP to edge Webster there. One less AV10+ season than Webster not enough to take him down a notch. 10 PTS - Jonathan Ogden. 45.36 pts. NFL 100 and 2000 1st teams. 11 PB and 4 AP. Just the second player so far to make all three internet Top16's. Playing 2 less seasons with the same AV10+ as Allen looks to be the difference here. 11 PTS - John Hannah. 50.13 pts. Up a tier here IMO. NFL100, 1980 1st and 2nd, 1970 2nd. 9PB and 7 AP. 3 more AP than Ogden. Nine AV10+ seasons. One more than Ogden. 12 PTS - Jim Otto. 51.82 pts. NFL 100 and 1960 1st. 12PB and 10AP. 8th in career AV on this list knocked him down just a bit. Wasn't ranked high on the net lists either. 13 PTS - Randall McDaniel. 52.32 pts. NFL 100 and 1990 1st team twice. 12PB and 7AP. Had 3rd highest career AV and 11 AP10+ seasons for 2nd in that. That put him ahead of Otto, along with higher net rankings. 14 PTS - Forrest Gregg. 52.41 pts. NFL 100 and 1960 1st team twice. 9PB and 7AP. Had lesser AV scores than MdDaniel, but ranked 2nd, 2nd and 4th on net lists to put him ahead. This is why I'm glad I gave a tiny bit of weight to the net lists. 15 PTS - Bruce Matthews. 57.10 pts. NFL 100 and 1990 1st team twice. 14 PB and 7 AP. Highest career AV score at 134. One more than Munoz, but in 92 more games. 3rd or 4th on all the net lists. 13 AV10+ seasons was two more than anyone else, and that long string of excellence pushed him to #2. 16 PTS - Anthony Munoz. 63.04 pts. NFL100 and 1980 1st team twice. 11PB and the most 9AP. Had 10 AV10+ seasons. Was #1 on all three net lists. (that gave him 2.23 more pts than Matthews). Simply played the highest percentage of superior seasons than the rest. The ONLY one on the list to be AV #1 in all of the NFL for all positions for a season.
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    Love Went Mad - Elvis Costello - I like Elvis Costello but I haven't gone super deep on his stuff. I like this. His sound is very distinct, I'm not sure but I may kind of just prefer having his songs come in as a nice change of pace on my various shuffle mixes. You're Not The One - Sky Ferreira - This is really good but I didn't instantly recognize it and it has a nice throwback, I actually thought it was from the 80s for most of the song. The Caves of Altamira - Steely Dan- I like a lot of Steely Dan but this didn't quite hit for me. Different vocals/vocalist or something? Fascination Street - The Cure - See, the Sky Ferreira song above has a very similar quality to this. Jangly? Gothy? Whatever their of the same lineage and both awesome. This is The Day - The The - As I said when it was picked, I love this band/album. This song is already on my "Favourites" playlist
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    Played 5-10 shows with them in the Midwest on that tour. It's crazy to think about what they became.
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    23.10 - Beach House - Teen Dream (2010) Fine, I'll take the same band I pick in all of these drafts again. I'll mix it up though, I picked [redacted] early in the '10s draft. My island is unfortunately pretty light on both female artists and dream pop right now, so we'll have to rectify that. I'm just meandering through this draft, trying to pick what feels best at any given moment, rifling through some of my favorites. Fired up "10 Mile Stereo" and I just melted into my deck chair with my whiskey sour and vegged out for like 4 minutes. Yep, that's the pick right there. "10 Mile Stereo" (Live on Conan) "Norway"
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    Me neither. For me it's basically: Saquon for Sutton/1.01/1.05/random 2021 1st You need to hit big on at least one of those picks or you just traded a top 5 asset for a handful of "pretty good". Depth is always available in dynasty leagues, but once you lose a top end player, they're going to be hard to replace.
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    This is the guy I wanted to spotlight as someone heavily influenced by the dank, murky funk that Sly pioneered on There's A Riot Goin' On.
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    Waylon Jennings - Dreaming My Dreams (1975) Time to switch it up. Need some more country and can't go wrong with Waylon. The opening track has become one of my favorite tunes. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way Bob Wills Is Still The King
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    Guided By Voices - Under the Bushes Under the Stars (1996) Alien Lanes was the one I definitely wanted but this is my second favorite. Some great tunes on here. Once I saw Bee Thousand go, I had to pull the trigger. The Official Ironmen Rally Song Cut-Out Witch
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    I think I owe picks 23 and 24. I'll just take one for now. Round 23 Boston - Don't Look Back (1978) Feelin' Satisfied It's Easy I got the first one, so I'll take this two-year rush job too.
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    Ours has a vote every year and almost always, without fail, there's a proposal to allow chickens in the neighborhood. I vote every time just so I can emphatically vote NO on that one.