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    It's taken 6 years... BUT FINALLY!!!
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    Oh man. Pull up a chair. Actually, you’d better stand.
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    It looks like Adam Schefter added Antonio Brown to his fantasy team before breaking the news @Joe Bryant - note to self: never play in a fantasy football league with Adam Schefter
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    For the love of god. Quit liking text messages. It send a new text back that you like it. It's stupid. It's sucks quit doing it. TIA, in advance.
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    I'll try to keep this brief but that's a tall order, imo. PREFACE: I'm sure some of you have noticed that I kind of fell off the face of the earth a bit. Cancelled races and a number of other bad excuses led me to run less and less since my last official race in March. The FBG challenges kept me going some but not enough and I've lost a ton in that time (as well as gained back about 15 pounds ). Well about 6 weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would do the Tecumseh Trail Challenge HM with him. His daughter had bailed and he was probably not going to do it if I didn't. I jumped at the chance to have something to motivate me to get going again. Well, it took a couple weeks to really get me motivated so about a month ago I finally started running more than 1 time a month! I got about 70 miles in since Sept 21st so even that wasn't a ton of work but it's better than the 40 miles total I had run between June 1st and Sept 21st. THE RACE: To help with social distancing they spread out the start times - 50k 9 am, 6.5 miles 9:30 am, Marathon 10 am, HM 10:15 am. While this helped keep people stretched out, it kind of sucked from a traffic standpoint. Quite a bit of the race was on single lane trails with little room to pass - especially if you came to a conga line of folks in doing the marathon at a hike but this was only a problem during the first 6.5 miles or so as you will see later below. Part 1 - About the first 2.5 miles +/- were actually all smooth sailing other than it was almost all single lane track and we were already running into some of the Marathon people (same trail X2) and the 50K people - they had about 6 miles on the short loop and about an 75 minute head start so there was a little congestion here and there but not too bad. It was a little up and down but the only real issue was a lot of tree roots and rocks in the first mile. All was dandy and I was feeling good about the day. Part 2 - The first hill... The family and I had previously hiked this trail a couple times up to this point but we usually go straight/turn left and follow the lake trail. This took a hard right and went straight freaking uphill and we continued going straight freaking uphill for the next 2.5 miles, luckily the steep (for me) part of it was only about a 3/8ths of mile long +/-. This was my first (but not last) hill I walked. Once that steep part mellowed out a bit, I got back to a decent pace the rest of the way up the hill. Part of this was also a horse trail and a bit muddy. I'm still doing pretty good but know it is going to be a long, long day. Part 3 - At about the 5 mile buzz on my watch, we took a hard left off the wide trail and back into the woods for single lane hiking trail that went down rather quickly with a lot of twists and turns. Not much of a chance to enjoy the view here as it was quite technical. Once down at the bottom for a little bit of flat ground and a chance to relax a little, that was followed by a solid uphill with a few more twists and turns and, at one point, a rather lengthy conga line of people. After the uphill came another fairly steep downhill with some twists and turns but then opened up to the road and around the south end of the lake/damn, up through a parking lot/road and across the main road into the park. We are a little over 7 miles in and the trip up the road is the beginning of hell! Part 4 - After crossing the main road that goes through the park/forestry, you are on a winding path that felt like it went uphill for the rest of the way. That isn't quite true but it might as well have been! Most of the downhill sections were either twisty paths, full of rocks and roots or both. With thighs and calves that were starting to scream a bit, every step after about mile 8 was starting to be a chore. I originally had dreams of trying to be somewhere around 2:15 or maybe a little less if I was lucky. Every hill I hit on the back section set that goal further and further back. Mile 11 had a big ol' hill that I hoped would be the last one. Mile 12 was downhill and about as slow as climbing up. Mile 13 had what was really the last hill and a huge PITA. Mile 13 was a 16+ minute mile. Somewhere in there my calves tried to cramp up a bit but I was able to fend that off. 13 ended with a downhill, the sound of people and the finish being "close". It also came back down to flat ground on a nice smooth, wide path. I picked up the pace a bit, passed several people but kept waiting on it to end. It finally did much later than I wanted! Official time: 2:45:12, 52 of 144 overall, 7 of 19 in my AG. Fun note - watch registered 1683 feet of elevation change. A drop in the bucket for the @Zasada's and @SFBayDuck's of the world but a crapton for me. In March I ran right at 100 miles total, including several trail training runs and a trail HM+. For that entire month I only did about 2100 feet of elevation gain. Definitely a chore to finish but fun times. Now to just keep my butt moving and get back into shape before I have to go find my fat clothes from last year or so!
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    Frank Lloyd Wright *Virtual* 5k 21:40 (6:57/mi) I'd signed up for a couple of virtual 10Ks a month ago as well as this local 5K to be completed sometime in October. The expectation was that we'd use the local course in our village, so no clever downhill routes today (and as with the 10K, I chose not to put more miles on my Vaporflys). This was at the end of another 50 mile week much for tapering, although my heavy mileage was early in the week. No special routines for today's race, and morning activities were fine. Had an easy run over to the local high school to get warmed up, and the legs felt quite good. Weather was ideal, though the roads were a bit slick from a little overnight rain. Mile 1: 6:51 pace ...HR 157 I took off hard and immediately faced the first potential issue of traffic on a busier cross street. One car was passing, but it was an easy swerve behind it. Three other cross-street concerns were of no issue. Got a half mile in and missed the first turn ...I knew it was the street, but had a momentary mind-#### about turning too early. But going an extra short block meant that as the race went on, I was ahead of where I'd normally be, and that helped mentally. Overall, the pace definitely was feeling hard, so I knew I'd be in pain for the upcoming miles. I hadn't looked at my watch yet, and didn't do so for another mile. If the pace was "too slow," I'd stress myself wanting to pick it up; if the pace was "too fast," I'd let myself off the hook and back off. I'd normally follow HR anyway, but without hard effort HR detail, the HR wouldn't tell me much either. Mile 2: 7:04 pace ...HR 169 After a long straight-away, a couple of turns put me on the one short incline of the course. I was relying mantras to keep myself going strong through this middle of the race where it's still too far to use the "almost there" mentality. I also worked to relax and just let the stride carry me. Overall, my Fenix showed my cadence in the mid 190s! I did finally look at my watch and saw my average pace below 7:00, which was pleasing. Mile 3: 6:58 pace ...HR 172 Almost a half mile or so into this final mile was a turn that led to a long half mile straight-away with a small descent near the end just before the finish. This seemed to relax me, and the stride felt really good here. Not much local traffic, so I ran this stretch down the center of the street. Passed a good friend (and fellow runner) who was out walking his dog...I just shouted "5K," figuring he'd figure out the context. Final .11: 6:36 pace ...HR 175 Made the final turn and quickly finished a block earlier than the normal race course. Whew! All in all, a satisfying effort. A sub-7:00 pace was good, though hardly better than my generally downslope 10K. But without doing intervals or hills (described by *someone* as "intervals in disguise,"), my stride isn't long and strong enough for anything better, particularly in a virtual setting. My cadence throughout was 194. That's a fast rotation, but again, without stride length. I'll admit to being a funk midweek after reading @gruecd's FB post about the likelihood of no Boston-in-April, which really wasn't a surprise. Do I keep up this mileage commitment? Do I let myself ease back through the upcoming winter? I haven't resolved all that yet, but these recent months of steady, bigger mileage have been beneficial, so for now, I'll stay the course.
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    Hair Chocolate silk Lemon Meringue Apple
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    OK, I think I'm gonna sign up to run the Milwaukee Marathon instead on April 10. Way harder course than Mesa with 766 feet of gain, but it just makes more sense. Doesn't require a trip out of town, allows me to train on the actual course, and gives me an extra 8 weeks to get ready. Plus I can have wife and baby out there cheering for me. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm not going to PR next spring anyway, so as much as I'd love to hang out with the Marcos for a few days, why spend the time and money? This way I can do a longer build-up and also have plenty of flexibility if I need to move things around or skip week or two when the baby comes.
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    I don't think conspiracy means what you think it means.
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    I guess on-edge is one way to describe it. Seems like a willful lack of comprehension to me.
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    He refuses to comply with the legitimate oversight powers of congress tipping the balance of checks and balances. He appoints "acting" department heads and other key positions that are supposed to be approved by congress in and end around of congressional oversight. He has profited directly from government in ways too numerous to count. He has villified a hiuge portion of the country who presumably he should be serving. He refuses to do the legitimate work of the presidency in reading briefings, showing up to work (executive time). He has legitimized certain radical right wing anti government forces like the proud boys and oath keepers. He has nominated judges that are deemed unqualified by the ABA who are then approved by a complicit senate. He has emboldened our enemies and alienated our allies on the national stage. He has appointed department heads that seek to destroy the missions of the very departments they head. He has politicised the actions of otherwise apolitical agencies. By Robert Muellers own words he knew the Russians were working to help him in an American election, he welcomed that help, then worked to cover it up during investigations. He has solicited help from outside governments in seeking political advantage for which he was impeached. He has engaged in a staggering level of nepotism for unqualified relatives at the highest levels. He has waived security clearance checks for an numerous people including Jared Kushner. He withheld important information about the Corona virus at the early critical stages. He has encouraged behavior antithetical to controlling the virus. He has told over 20,000 lies to the American people. And then there's just the all around toxicity. I mean that's just off the top of my head.
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    Welp. Signed up for a trail ultra marathon on Sunday. If I'm not gonna do long runs while training, I might as well just sign up for races which will force me to run. Smaller race with nearly 5,000 feet of elevation. Its a 5 loop race....each loop is a 10K. I haven't been running much and I've been babying my glute. Only 84 entrants, of course 23 of which are in the 40-49 age group. In 4 months, I'll be in the 50-59 age group which would guarantee me a top 3 placement as there are only 2 entrants for 50-59 AG. I'm going to try to run with a woman who wants to try to break the women's record in the event of 5:34. She said her goal is to run a 1:05 for each of the 10K. Not sure if I can stay with her as she runs a lot of trails and lots of elevation. Her first road marathon was last year and she ran a 3:40. I may fade badly at the end. We will see.
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    Not sure, but I read this and it applies: "Anyone feel like Halloween is unnecessary this year? I've been wearing a mask and eating candy for 7 months now, I don't think I need a day dedicated to it anymore...."
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    3.2: Mad Men-1991-2020 drama I missed it first time around and things that get what I perceive to be overhyped tend to repel me just as a reflex. In this case, it was definitely to my chagrin, but I'm on my 2nd re-watch now thanks to Amazon Prime, and like all great shows, the more the little things I missed the first time around reveal themselves, the more amazing I think this show is, just like it seems to have done for most people who've watched it as well. @timschochet is on the clock that's currently off.
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    This thing pretty much kicked my butt! Combo of not nearly enough running lately, absolutely zero trail or hill work, a decent amount of mud, rocks and roots, and a lot of single lane track and I was working way too hard! Finished the HM in about 2:45. Will give more info later. Definitely was fun and glad I did it but really let me know how far I've fallen over the last 6 months +/-.
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    Alright, because something dropped I don't get to hear about my planned pick being a terrible one, right @krista4? 1.15: BREAKING BAD ( 1991 - 2020 DRAMA) 2.01: BAND OF BROTHERS (MINISERIES) I will kick off the draft with a couple shows that I have rewatched a few times, which is a rare thing for me. One of the things that put BB higher on my list for the draft was the multiplier for GOAT show and I think this is one that would do well in that department with the right judge. Sure there were a couple weak plot lines like the airplane crash, but IMO very few shows kept up their level of greatness from start to finish like Breaking Bad did.
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    More likely just a new president so I can turn it back on.
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    The poor students are almost always poor cheaters as well. My favorite was a kid who clearly copied their Chem test from the kid next to them word for word. Including all of the doodling. Including a heart with NA + CB with an arrow through it. The girl sitting next to him was Natalie A and her boyfriend was Colin B. I guess the cheater thought it was some equation with sodium and something else. That was a heck of a laugh.
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    I don't follow 538 obsessively...I follow Caustic obsessively! Keep up the great work. You are an institution within this thread.
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    For those of you who follow this obsessively (not me of course), Biden just hit an all-time high of 89% win probability on 538.
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    My dad is 92. He grew up in Brooklyn with the Dodgers and Red Barber. He took me to the World Series in 1974 when I was 6, which is when I started bleeding Dodgers blue. He was a semi-pro catcher who taught me the game, that I played into HS. I went to the WS in 81, 17 and 18. Getting to call him and celebrate this was awesome.
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    5.10 - Monty Pythons Flying Circus - Foreign Show Really wanted this. I remember watching as a kid in the 70's, and being amused at the absurdity. And the sketches kept getting better and better as I grew up and understood more of the humor. @Mrs. Rannous
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    I 100% agree with this. The first few months of this pandemic I sat around and ate a lot and felt sorry for myself a bit. Then at some point I took the bull by the horns, stopped reading so much about it and decided that getting in shape was the best way I could help myself. So I'm at a weight I've only been at once in 20 years and hoping to get down to a level I haven't been to since I was 21. A worldwide push for better health would be a wonderful thing. It wouldn't mean we shouldn't wear masks. Just because I've lost a bunch of weight doesn't mean I now have the right to go out and infect others or that I can live a risky life-style, but I've significantly lowered my risk for when/if I get this thing.
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    Carlos Hyde vultured a 24-yard touchdown with Carson sidelined. How do you vulture a 24 yard run? Stupid Rotoworld doesn't even know the context within which words should be used.
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    I considered this with my first pick, will jump on it in round 2. Ahead of its time and still amazing... could place it in SciFi, Horror but for now it goes Into Drama 2.10 - The Twilight Zone - 1950-1970 Drama if you haven’t seen it, it’s available for Streaming on Netflix, Everyone has there faves, check out: To serve Man, Eye of the Beholder, Nightmare at 20000 feet, time enough at Last, the monsters are due on maple street... I could go on and on.....
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    I'd jump in for Andrew if no one else has, more distraction to keep myself out of the PSF...
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    I know Rudolph was taken first, but to me this is the greatest Holiday TV show of all time. An annual tradition regardless of age and the Soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi is one of the greatest Christmas records of all time. Released in the great year of 1965! A timeless Classic! 4.10 - A Charlie Brown Christmas - Holiday
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    My son is on the spectrum. He's enjoyed Halloween the past few years but didn't really care what he wore for a costume. But he's very excited about Halloween this year. I don't know whether we will be able to do trick or treat but he already has his costume which is a ups delivery guy. From his perspective that's the real superhero because they bring packages to the house and sometimes they have cool stuff like toys in them. How cool is that?
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    Some candidates I see from this week's game -- as always, leagues are different so the availability/lack thereof of these guys will be different: QB - I don't see a lot of value, and doubt guys like Hebert and Bridgewater are still out there, so these guys are speculative if you have the spot Ben DiNucci, DAL -- I mean, I wouldn't, but he's next guy up if Dalton's concussed, and they play the Eagles next. Jarrett Stidham, NE -- Cam looks horrid, and at some point they have to start throwing him in there. RB Chase Edmonds, ARI -- already had a role that made him flex-worthy as a spot start in PPR, could be the main guy for a bit if Drake's ankle holds him out of games Carlos Hyde, SEA -- clear handcuff and Carson got dinged again. Not sure when Penny returns, but Hyde looks to be the guy for now, with no threat from Homer/Dallas. La'Mical Perine -- Gore was still mpore productive but the Jets have to be giving Perine more of a load to see if he's their future. JaMycal Hasty, SF -- likely scooped last week, but if not, worth the look even if this backfield is still crowded. With Mostert out and Wilson with a high ankle sprain, the field is at least thinning and the rookie is producing. Wayne Gallman, NYG -- this will likely be a hell of a committee, but Gallman was the most productive with Freeman getting dinged. JD MCKissic, WFT -- could be out there, and while Gibson continues to make his case why no one else should be carrying the ball, McKissic looks to be next man up and could have a role that makes him low-end flexable against teams suspect to screens/dump offs. WR Sterling Shepard, NYG -- big game and Engram/Tate aren't contributing David Moore, SEA -- not all games are going to be high scorers like this one, but Moore made the most of his targets I can see them looking his way over Dissley/Olsen/Hollister Christian Kirk, ARI -- highly unlikely he's available after coming on strong these past weeks, but saw a lot of talk about dropping him as the low man on the list to cover byes so if he's definitely a guy to go get if he was dropped and not scooped up after last week Mecole Hardman, KC -- maybe not available, and had a quiet day, but of him and Robinson, Hardman is the better play. Curtis Samuel, CAR -- another guy who might not be available in a lot of leagues but definitely worth a look in PPR as Teddy is spreading the love. Albert Okwuegbunam, DEN -- Hamler is getting back to speed and Patrick had an off day, but Albert is the only one consistently producing these past few weeks Randall Cobb, HOU -- likely a one week wonder, but this WR squad is all boom/bust so he might pay off in a game or two down the line. Trouble is knowing which one. Marquez Callaway, NO -- no idea who this guy is, and I think Tre'Quan Smith might be the better longer term grab, but anyone who has 8 catches and 75 yards in a high powered offense is at least worth checking out. TE Richard Rodgers, PHI -- not sure what his shelf life is with other TEs ahead of him in the depth chart coming back but the g Harrison Bryant, CLE -- other guys ahead of him in the depth chart are ailing and this guy is producing Drew Semple, CIN -- CIN may not be in many shootouts but Semple is definitely in the game plan Eric Ebron, PIT -- resurgence of relevance with Big Ben & Co. undefeated
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    Sorry for the delay. Couldn’t figure out how to explain to Mrs Yo Mama and YM Jr why I couldn’t help answer application questions. Not sure why a local pasta restaurant needs a full psychological profile for a cashier. Time for a feel good selection. Yo Mama selects: 4.01 - Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood - Children’s Show Where Sesame Street taught us how to count, read, and learn, Mr. Rogers taught how to care, understand others, and feel good about ourselves. Fred Rogers was a leading advocate for public television, for mental health awareness, for tolerance and acceptance, and for loving yourself for all that you are. One of the more powerful moments I remember from tv was Fred sharing a kiddie pool with Officer Clemons on an episode in 1969, when African Americans were banned from many public pools. It also meant a lot to me to see Fred not need to be perfect at everything he did When I was having a bad day, Mr. Rogers provided comfort to me like a warm sweater or a comfy pair of sneakers.
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    Alright, I like to joke about this show, but the fact is that 4 seasons of it were epic and even though the last part pooped the bed, what never did was Dinklage brining it all the time. My favorite character of the show and books, and there is a reason he won all the awards. 3.15: TYRION LANNISTER (SUPPORTING MAN '09-20)
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    Fellow FBG, just want to call out if you have shares of the KC @ Den game as of right now it's looking like 5-9 in of snow. Might be another run heavy day for both teams. Of course you're going to start your studs. The o/u line has moved though from 49 1/2 down to 45 1/2. Betters are expecting a lower scoring day. KC is still holding at -9 1/2, not much budge from the start of -10.
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    Once upon a time, I, like an idiot, offered to judge the Fantasy category. Fantasy The (Un)Scientific Scoring Methodology: 1. As with every other category, while I was busy watching or rewatching some of the films, I enlisted some trusted and reliable movie-loving friends to assist. I asked them each to force rank everything in the category--without consulting the internet or other sources—according to their preferences. Sure enough, the results often differed substantially. 2. I took the average of their rankings to help create an initial tier. IN THIS CATEGORY, THESE TIERS WERE VITAL, PARTICULARLY AT THE BOTTOM HALF. 3. Since they weren’t very helpful previously, I did NOT consult lists from a wide swath of publications this time around. I just ain't got the time. 4. I went ahead and created my own ranking based on the following, in no particular order: - My personal enjoyment watching and/or rewatching the movie, as well as my history with it. - Does it belong in this category? My definition of Fantasy was definitely put under duress for this draft. - Weight (i.e. Legacy, influence, timelessness, awards (rarely), average rankings of my friends, etc.) In the end, there is such a thing as “best” vs. “favorite,” and as far as these rankings are concerned, in case it was close, my favorites tended to edge out what might be technically/ commercially/critically considered a better film within the genre. The movies listed here are all great films in their own rights. But, before you get upset at the point assignments, please remember . . . One does not simply walk into the FFA and judge fantasy films. 16. Big Fish (1 pt.) I do love this movie. A lot. It’s terrific fun and definitely Tim Burton’s most tender movie. But it suffers greatly here because A) its average by my friends put it in the bottom tier, B) once you’ve seen it once, its magic diminishes a bit. 15. Heaven Can Wait (2 pts) Here’s where my definition of FANTASY differs, I s’pose. Sure, it’s fantastical . . . I mean, heaven, amirite? Anyway, it’s classic-ish, I loved it as a kid, and hey, Charles Grodin. Great movie, not sure it’s in the right place. 14. Jason and the Argonauts (3 pts) This classic also suffered from the averaged tiering. Also, my first rewatch in 30+ years didn’t greatly change my indifference. Animation still holds up pretty nicely, though. 13. Big (4 pts) Classic. Fun. Emminently rewatchable. Kinda creepy if you think too hard on it. 12. The Thief of Baghdad (5 pts) Magical for the time, often overlooked since it followed Wizard of Oz, and it still looks great. Now I think about it, I don't know why it's so low, but I was told to hurry up and put the rankings up as is. 11. Field of Dreams (6 pts) I ordinarily wouldn’t call this a fantasy movie, but it’s a terrific film as a whole, has ghosts and voices to rep the category, and there aren’t many sports movies in the categories I’ve judged. Plus, a road trip with Darth Vader and Robin Hood? Totally worth 6 points. 10. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (7 pts) The sequels, the Disney-fied franchise-ness of it all, can help us forget how well done, fresh, and funny this swashbuckling original was. It does run a bit long, but I love it. 9. Conan the Barbarian (8 pts) Look, some might think it’s ranked too high, some might think it’s too low. It was the perfect vehicle for early Arnold because he didn’t have to speak very much. From most critical standpoints, it sucks, but the kid in me—who will never die—still finds it totally awesome. 8. Pan’s Labyrinth (9 pts) A beautifully crafted, darkly artistic tour de force that I loved a lot. 7. Excalibur (10 pts) An awesomely dark, super-depressing take. Kudos, Mr. Boorman. 6. Groundhog Day (11 pts) My personal bias wouldn’t have placed it in this category, but my personal bias also rates this as an all-time favorite. How would you feel if you were stuck in one place, every day was exactly the same, and nothing you did mattered? That sums it up for me. Totally relevant in 2020, and not feeling all that fantastical. Too late for flapjacks? 5. Mary Poppins (12 pts) Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of musicals, but this is a timeless classic. It probably has less appeal for adults, but so do most fantasies. 4. It’s a Wonderful Life (13pts) It’s no Die Hard, but it’s a damn fine Christmas movie. Not sure it's fantasy, but at this point, I've stopped caring. 3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (14pts) I loved the books, I loved the series, and this being arguably the best of the series, shall represent them all. 2. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (15 pts) This film series practically defines the category for me. Now, some call this the finest film of the series. My personal favorite was always FotR, because it showed me that my favorite books of all times were in good hands, I love the preparation part of a journey, and a few months after 9/11, I needed the escape. The Two Towers I watched at a midnight pre-opening day release about 30 minutes after seeing Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman tape segments of the PBS show “Soundstages.” I don’t know why I mentioned that. Anyway, in this case, I’m going to assume the drafter selected The Extended Edition and not the Theatrical Release, because the Extended Editions are A) Far superior, and B) the only versions I own in digital format. 1. The Princess Bride (16 pts) Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong, this movie also defines the category. It’s perfect, and my second favorite movie of all time. Kudos, drafter.
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    2.02: Sesame Street, Children’s Program @Tolstoy
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    With only 22 left in Joe's extra contest, here are my thoughts for this week. I am listing them by team number, in case anyone else cares to follow along... 100246 - @gobrowns33 - only bye is Thielen, overall pretty healthy, will easily make it to week 8... JINX! 102020 - @neal cassady - Mixon out/Taylor on bye, but Boston Scott helped; Herndon only active TE 102453 - @Titans_fan - another Mixon/Scott owner; will be running thin at WR this week 103072 - @scoobus - Mixon again? CEH & Jacobs will have to bring it; a tad worried about week 8 byes 103146 - @themeanmachine - WR corps isn't very healthy, but should survive week 7; week 8 looking tight 103154 - @Synthesizer - there is no way this team does not advance to week 8; now that I said that.. 103205 - @4th&inches - should have a near-full roster; nice bye week distribution going forward 103281 - @mphtrilogy - deep roster of RB's & WR's should carry this team to week 8; go Minshew! 103292 - @ConstruxBoy - only RB's over $9 are Barkley & Sanders; only possible TE is Akins 103368 - @Kujjie - will need decent scores from all active players; playing with a skeleton crew 103400 - @Grid71 - strong RB corps will carry him through week 7; low ROI on 4 TE's thus far 103413 - @Go DC Yourself - secretly happy Mixon is out; could use a few decent scores from cheap WR's 103462 - @Raging weasel - usable scores by Scott & Tate; would be nice to see Stafford's first game over 30 pts 103477 - @stuckinthemuck - a Saquon owner with a decent shot of advancing? Heck yeah! 103729 - @bcnfinance - barring a Mahomes meltdown, this team skates easily into week 8 103807 - @Sweet Love - how long can he last with Chubb & Ekeler out? Austin Hooper also missing week 7 103985 - @coltsuperfan - needs monster scores from RB/TE corps, no active QB and only Metcalf/Cobb at WR (maybe Edwards?) 104031 - @cstruk - 18-man rosters especially risky this year; but he chose wisely and should make it to week 8 104127 - @Galileo - I like the chances of this roster for week 7; hoping Aaron Jones is good to go 104511 - @Deamon - thin at WR this week, but strong elsewhere; week 8 here we come 104534 - @da_budman - guaranteed goose egg at TE even with 4 rostered; need CEH & Jacobs to score well 104539 - @BroadwayG - 29-man roster with no week 7 byes; how can he not advance? Good luck folks!
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    96. The Day The World Gets ‘Round (Living In The Material World, 1973) Spotify YouTube (George #29) George wrote this song the day after the Concerts for Bangladesh, as a reflection on the state of a society in which such concerts would even be necessary. While feeling positive about the reaction to the concerts and their success in raising fund and awareness, George also became highly emotional – livid, even – that the “revolution” of the 1960s hadn’t amounted to much, that the world wasn’t at peace, that politicians and governments were still concerned more with selfish gain than with helping those in need. The lyrics do tend in the end to move into a preachiness that George was often criticized for as seeming supercilious, but I believe he wrote this as a genuine lament for us all to do better, not a proclamation of spiritual superiority. Unfortunately, I think George would feel the same, or worse, about the state of the world today. These lyrics are just as haunting now as they were then. The day the world gets 'round To understanding where it is Using all it's found, To help each other, hand in hand The day the world gets 'round To understanding where it's gone Losing so much ground Killing each other, hand in hand Such foolishness in man I want no part of their plan - oh no If you're the destructive kind Now I'm working from day to day As I don't want to be like you I look for the pure of heart And the ones that have made a start But lord, there are just a few Who bow before you, In silence they pray, Oh how they pray for the day the World gets 'round Using all they've found To help each other, hand in hand The day the world gets 'round & The band on this track was nearly identical to that of the song I posted yesterday – Ringo, Keltner, Voormann, and Hopkins – plus the addition of strings and brass. Despite that instrumentation, the production on this one is more subdued and not Spector-ized. The build of the piano, strings, and brass beginning right before the bridge at ~1:20, followed by the sudden drop back into a simple acoustic guitar and vocal at 2:07, is particularly breathtaking. George’s vocal reflects genuine sorrow and pleading; I find it one of the most passionate performances in his catalog. UP NEXT: the last song not on Spotify, thank god
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    Tucker don't lose that paper You don't want to smear nobody else Send it off in a letter to yourself....
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    8.11 - The Office (U.K.) - Foreign Show The original (and better) version - and I love the U.S. version. Ricky Gervais is a genius. @higgins
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    1.18 - Jam On - Peter Frampton "Do You Feel Like We Do" Imo, the best Jam song ever. Everyone gets a chance to solo and there's a talkbox and a Hammond B3
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    IT.WAS.A.DREAM 5.4 Newhart-Finale @higgins
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    4.11 - Series Finale - M*A*S*H Finale "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" In the United States, the episode drew 105.97 million total viewers and a total audience of 121.6 million. The episode surpassed the single-episode ratings record that had been set by the Dallas episode that resolved the "Who Shot J.R.?" cliffhanger. From 1983 until 2010, "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" remained the most watched television broadcast in American history, passed only in total viewership (but not in ratings or share) in February 2010 by Super Bowl XLIV. It still stands as the most-watched finale of any television series, as well as the most-watched episode. @higgins
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    It’s not black-and-white. We can definitely do better, and a consistent, coherent message from the POTUS is a great place to start. Key points to emphasize IMO: 1. We haven’t turned the corner, and there’s a good chance winter will bring a major strain to our medical infrastructure. Testing supply and PPE production needs to be ramped up. The federal government should coordinate production and expand public health infrastructure. 2. If people don’t comply with simple NPI (distancing, masks, cough and hand hygiene), there’s a good chance activities/businesses will need to be restricted (again). Other countries have shown us collective sacrifice is effective in keeping the number of infections manageable. 3. Don’t expect widespread vaccine availability until mid-2021, at the soonest. Get your flu vaccine in the meantime. 4. Don’t expect a pharmacologic cure either. NPIs are cheap, effective and the only reliable way to minimize the health and economic impact of the pandemic. 5. Economic recovery cannot occur unless the infection is contained to a reasonable extent. 6. Natural herd immunity will not occur quickly enough to justify the additional deaths and debility easing restrictions will cause. 7. Science should be apolitical. We need to trust the experts, realizing advice can change as our understanding of this novel infection increases. In summary, the pandemic ain’t going anywhere, and our current leadership has failed in just about every conceivable way. Even though we’re off to a rough start, if we accept reality and work together we can right the ship.
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    I've shifted about $200K to be my "active" portfolio. Most picks going to be boom/bust and the likelyhood is high it blows up in my face. Will be documenting here for those who want to follow along.
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    Man I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old to jump around like that, my knees are going to be barking tomorrow.
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    so many good picks to choose from, but like others have mentioned, not as much chalk as maybe we all think. 2.05 - Walter Cronkite - News Personality "The most trusted man in America" was the gold standard for TV news. Nobody ever did it better. And that's the way it is @AndrewClark
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    6 - Not the hottest water in the house, but hot enough to do the job for the night.
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    In this vein, the whole "momma bear" thing absolutely infuriates me. Shut up, mini-van-driving soccer mom.
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