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    My uncle in Spain tested positive with the virus a little over a week ago. He’s 75 years old with no other medical issues. He was hit with the typical symptoms. Started with fever and an unrelenting cough. He went to the hospital when he started to experience extreme shortness of breath. He went to one of the smaller hospitals in the suburbs of Madrid and has been there for a week now. He just let us know that he has recovered and now is home. What a relief!!!
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    Had a heart to heart with my wife the other night and at least for now, I think things are going to be okay. Some grievances were addressed by both sides with mutual agreements to work on our issues now because we both DO love each other and want to keep chugging along with our family right here where - I'm pleased to report - we BOTH are extremely happy. I do think it helps tremendously that we bought our current house together in 2015 before the twins were born. The house was two doors down from our old house (we LOVE the neighborhood) and while it had great bones, it needed *A LOT* of updating/remodeling. Together, we collaborated and made it the sort of home we always wanted. We're proud of it. She's an avid gardener and has transformed the yards into the envy of the older ladies on our block. So this is HER home too and while she misses her family, we visit often and they talk daily so this is where she wants to stay. Anyhow....PHEW! And thanks for giving me a place to vent. The advice to tackle it head on was sagacious, very helpful and that giant pit of worry in stomach is gone. Also, keep up with the funny in here. Some of the biggest laughs I've had lately is coming from this thread.
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    Quick update. After a lot of deliberation and discussion with my wife and mom I decided to fly down and drive my mom back. So I’m sitting at the airport now. It’s a ghost town. Two people at security. I bet I will have about 10 people tops on my plane. I’ve brought a face mask, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. I will wear the mask, wipe stuff down, and not touch anything. When I get to my mom’s I plan on going right to the shower and putting my clothes in the washer. Not an ideal solution but the best I came up with. At least it’s a direct flight and if it’s not real crowded I can get social distancing. It’s only a two and a half hour flight. Anyway when I left my wife was completely bawling. She doesn’t want me or my mom to get the virus. My mom is 70 so she is in the at risk group. I’m in my 40s and could better recover but the whole context for me is that my dad just died of a terrible lung disease. There’s no studies yet on what this virus will do if someone recovers and the long term effects on the lungs. So my wife doesn’t want me to end up going out like my dad just did someday (and frankly neither do I). So I would appreciate it if everyone here would keep sending me positive vibes and prayers to get me through these next few days. I’m sure my dad will be looking over me too....
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    Kind of you to wonder. Several people I know have tested positive, including a lawyer who’s spent quite some time on a ventilator but is getting better. I am alive, I assume primarily because of my deep disdain for human beings and my desire under normal circumstances to stay away from them all. I left the board but left email notifications on in case someone has an emergency I can help with. Good luck to everyone. Stay at home. This is not a joke. This is not the flu. Anyone who tells you this is the flu and not to worry is the kind of person who would hide a zombie bite. Do not trust that person or his/her judgment. Stay safe. The veil of civilization is thin, but beyond it lies not only unimaginable horrors, but also unimaginable humanity.
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    I arranged for 2 small tool shop companies I know to make 2 parts needed for vents to supply Ford and GM. The guys are working 20 hours a day. I did not charge any commission as the middle man even though I could haver cleaned up.. Just felt now is not the time. The small shops are hurting bad and they need the work so let them keep whatever they can. Even they are only charging a small amount over cost. Nice to see the almighty dollar is not ruling in this case. although I am sure some people will get rich off of this.
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    not sure why you guys are having such a hard time playing games with your families we just played Yahtzee together. it was great. we all rolled the dice and my wife broke down all of the thousands of possible number combinations, how we should use them appropriately, why we were making the wrong decision even if we hadn't made one yet and she did all the scoring for us. after a couple turns she even took over all the dice rolling & decision making for us, including narrating why we would have made the wrong decision anyways. it was like watching other people play games on tv, except right in my own living room 🦕
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    I just started wearing full SCUBA gear every time I go out. The tank is heavy and awkward, but I think it's worth it. The flippers are probably unnecessary, but the rest of the ensemble looks really dumb when paired with black leather cap-toe oxfords.
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    Agreed, the contention I have with the NYT piece is that it SHOULD read: Wuhan warned us China warned us Italy warned us Seattle warned us NYC warned us I did not change one behavior for SARS, MERS, Ebola, or Swine Flu. But in travelling for work in mid January, I took extra precautions to wash my hands frequently, wipe down airplane tray table and armrests with wipes, use hand sanitizer liberally. In late January I bought a 2 week supply of food as well as 20 n95 masks from my local hardware store. As CEO of a 100 person professional services firm we: Began communicating the importance of hand hygiene and social distancing in mid February Began modeling elbow bumps in late February (something I was lightly mocked for and yet insisted upon) Prohibited international travel on 3/2 Prohibited non essential domestic travel on 3/9 Encouraged all employees to work from home as much as possible on 3/9 Executed our full biz continuity plan on 3/16 with complete work from home status for all employees I did ALL OF THE above because of the info I obtained in this forum! So to the OP who writes that this all revisionist history and that no one saw this coming: it is with the utmost respect and good humor that I say "Gtf outta here with that crap"
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    Turned 50 today and having an incredible day! My amazing wife and I were supposed to be celebrating in New Zealand and actually got to stay there for two weeks before we had to come home due to the virus. We had an amazing time despite the disruption of cutting it short due to this new reality of ours. We are now on day 6 of our home isolation. I’m a contemplative type and it is hard not to think too much at the best of times, so turning 50 during this time really ramps things up. After a great night last night, Skyping with two very good friends and having some I-drinks, I woke up this morning, listened to the Beatles for three hours while taking phone calls and texts from friends and family. Had a great workout, took the dog for a nice walk (as neighbors crossed the street instead of stopping to chat), then chilled out listened to some funk Parliament, O’Jays, The Meters). Mrs. Punk and I just made a delicious ribeye dinner with a wine that she brought back from NZ for this occasion ... after dinner the doorbell rings and it was my oldest friend since 5th grade bringing me a 6-pack of beer and a box of cigars (he always was the bad influence on me) and then my oldest son rolls up with his wife nd leaves a bottle of wine and a cake on the steps. It was so surreal ... enjoying their company and shooting the breeze with them (from a hockey stick distance , which is our guide in Canada) ... while at the same time thinking how odd it was to not hug the boy or do the bro shake with my bud. Funny times we have here! Left me with only one thought when I shut the door ...I’m the luckiest guy alive!
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    James Dyson, the founder of Dyson (vacuum cleaner and those annoying hand dryers company), invented a new ventilator in 10 days and can apparently make a bunch of them quickly. Link
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    The board is diminished with your absence. Hope you reconsider and potentially take the tact of boycotting the PSF and instead post in the FFA. I think I speak for all (most) by saying you improve this place. Glad to see you nonetheless and hope you stay healthy and safe.
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    Out of knee surgery. Ready to dominate for #TeamGrue.
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    For the most part, this thread has been great until someone showed up recently. I think that's obvious. Stop engaging. It's simple. When you hit that quote button, ask yourself if it's REALLY worth it. Like social distancing, if we all do it, it'll work. Have a good Sunday all.
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    Please don't post just to get a reaction. That's the definition of trolling. If you think President Trump is doing a good job, take it the Political forum and say it and back up why you say it. But drop the trolling. Zero patience to debate this with you. Drop it or find a new board.
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    One last time before a lot of people are suspended. Keep the politics out of this thread. We have an entire forum that is full of that stuff. Take it there.
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    The problem is that he doesn't care about anything as much as getting reelected. Getting voted out would mean that he was directly in the crosshairs of Democrats who impeached him and believe he's a criminal. His name would be irrevocably damaged, his family wouldn't have his protection from a sympathetic DoJ, and his legacy would be the president who was impeached and subsequently voted out. That's his highest priority - improving things for Americans is secondary. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about improving things for America. It's just that, given the choice between actually creating value but appearing to fail, and appearing to create value but actually failing, he'll always choose appearing to create value. His entire experience with creating value is creating the appearance of value, not actually solving problems. People think you're bankrupt? Cover everything in gold leaf and get yourself on television. Stock market down? Tell investors it's going to go up. Pump money into it. Getting impeached? Tell people you're not guilty and use your ability to nominate a replacement for RBG as leverage to get acquitted in ther Senate. At no point was the answer to grow his business, improve the country or not commit impeachable crimes. There's always been an easier answer. He has been trying to control the narrative on this since the beginning - making comments about how the Democrats want people to die to make him look bad, or the virus isn't that bad, it'll magically go away in spring, my response has been a ten out of ten. When he made his early press conference with the heads of major companies, the stock market had a major rally for a couple thousand points, and he sent signed copies of the DJIA chart for the afternoon to those CEOs. Now when things are getting worse, he's talking about how Americans want to get back to work by Easter, because that's a popular thing for him to want, and it's something investors want to hear. Wa la, the market bounces back a little. That's why investors love him - he uses every tool to manipulate the market up and make them money. But when it comes to actually creating value, he's making decisions that hurt Americans. He bought up ventilators when the states were trying to do the same and then demanded that they give a little to get a little. Because it's more important that he get credit than that people get medical treatment. His comments that this wasn't a big deal, and that we'll be back to business by Easter, just give his supporters reason to doubt the experts and go out earlier and more than they should. If - when - people die, he'll blame the virus, not his own comments. And the last thing he'll do is take responsibility for firing the pandemic response team, failing to get ahead of this issue or lock things down early on. It's awful watching this.
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    Son got in to his first choice school yesterday - USC. He is super excited and we are relieved to finally be done with this incredibly long and stressful process. He’ll be pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. Wishing all of you the best of luck as you and your kids finalize your decisions.
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    I don't think this thread is ridiculous. Far from it. It has been helpful to me in preparing both practically and mentally for this most surreal of times. The core subject matter of this thread is quite difficult, complex and down right scary. Some of the projections & trends that have been tracked here AND turned out to be accurate cause me great concern for what awaits us tomorrow and further. IMO the folks who have posted information/facts/data/links regarding this are NOT pushing some fear mongering line. They really want us to face the actual situation (no matter how undesirable and scary) and act in the best possible way. I'd rather see the hard painful reality instead of some sugar coated attempt to inject optimism. Hoping that things will not be as bad as they project to be is fine. But hope is not a strategy I want to use to deal with this. Facing it head-on as best as I can is. To folks like @shader, @Politician Spock, @moleculo, @icon and others ... Please continue contributing to this thread!
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    "Chad Chronister announces he has obtained an arrest warrant for Rodney Howard-Browne, the Pentecostal pastor at the River at Tampa Bay Church in Riverview, who ignored social distancing orders and encouraged the packed services held over the weekend."
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    Obit link Thanks all for the kind words. Dad had been in poor health for quite some time, so while I can't say that it was a surprise, it was still a shock when it actually happened. Mom said he told her the past few nights that he prayed it would be his last one; he was ready. He hadn't been able to leave the house except for doctor appointments for several months, and recently not even that. His heart was just too weak for him to be on his feet for more than a minute or two. The one thing he absolutely did not want was to die in a hospital bed. He wanted to be at home, in the house he built himself almost 75 years ago. He was crossing the living room with his walker, and Mom said he started slumping over. She got to him and helped him to the floor and he was most likely gone at that point. My sister - a nurse - got there within 5 minutes, and Mom had also called the nurse who lives next door to them. I had only spoken to Dad by phone over the past few weeks, as we were out of town for a week and then didn't want to risk exposing them to anything when we got back 2 weeks ago. I think the last time I saw Dad in person was for his birthday in February. I'll remember him having a great afternoon playing euchre with his family. His mind and sense of humor were as sharp as ever, right to the end. I'll miss him, but his kindness and strength built the man and husband I am today. I can only hope to have people think as well of me as everyone I know thought of him. Cheers, all. Hug your loved ones today.
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    Our treatment appears to be working!!! Highlights: 7 patients enrolled so far we have day 3 data on 4 patients 2 of 4 were removed from ventilators profile of treated patients went from immunologic chaos to approaching normal levels lowered level of cytokines Tagging @Terminalxylem and @Joe Bryant
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    Are we still arguing death rates here? The biggest obstacle with this virus is the people who DON'T DIE but are in intensive care for weeks. Or are in intensive care for weeks THEN die! The massive volume of patients is overwhelming these hospitals and health care professionals. Scoffing off the death rate as being low doesn't take the entire perspective as to why this virus is a HUGE problem.
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    For the record, my wife is a social worker and has been home with 3 kids (7,4,2) or 2 weeks. I've been married only 8 years. I've never considered the "D" until we ordered take out pizza on Monday and she really didn't like it. After working 12 hours on Tuesday (we ship medical equipment so we're "essential") I was looking forward to the last few slices. They were gone when I got home. Not sure if "You didn't care for the the pizza but you sure ate a lot of it" was the correct response but I think I know now.
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    Some good news, my friend who's 22 month son had a cough and 106 fever at the hospital. Fever is down to 103. They think now they might have been so worried that they mistook for some normal coughs for more than it was. They didn't see any coughing or breathing issues at the hospital. He thinks they are going to send them all home soon now that it looks like things are moving in a positive direction. They don't have the results of the test yet.
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    We have a black sheep in our midst! And what did @krista4 say? When I was ~12, we had a plant that looked like pot growing in our kitchen. I asked my mom what it was, and she gave me the name of the plant. When I was in college, I was out to dinner with my mom and my friend Jane, and somehow it came up that there was this plant that looked like pot but wasn’t. I asked my mom, “What was that called again?” Her reply: “Krista, it was pot; I just made that up so you wouldn’t tell your grandmother.” My answer to question #1 – pot
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    I would just like to say a big thank you to @Todem (and other pros here that I don't know are pros) for all of his advice and tips in this thread. As a professional at this I know there are many clients paying him a lot of money for this type of advice and he's in here replying to bunches of our posts whether they are knowledgeable or coming from first-time trade guys with no experience. While the market is open nonetheless. Providing a huge shopping list of stocks to look into and evaluate is an amazing gift for amateurs like me and others here I am sure, as well as discussing timing and thoughts on the future of the market. I know this is gambling but it's at least more educated gambling thanks to him and others alike. Thanks Todem!
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    If people are making more on unemployment because of the bill, that's not a flaw in the bill. It's a flaw in our country that people can be paid less than a living wage.
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    There are people who think "the economy" (which is, if we're being honest on a meta level, mostly made up bull#### that benefits those fortunate enough--including many of us here, yes) is more important on any level than human lives that can be saved. And that thought process is just totally normal because of how skewed our humanity and priorities have become. As if the idea of a society is worth more than the people who actually make up that society. What is the ####### point of all this (I'm talking human civilization) if we're willing to sacrifice lives so that the big numbers some worship can get bigger, to put it simply. I get that we do this all the time without fully realizing it until it's already a huge problem (see: climate change), and that we've slowly fallen into this mindset because there aren't always lives so obviously in the crosshairs. But this situation feels like much more of a direct, obvious choice between lives and this amorphous idea of big money and "the economy" we've built our society around--a system that doesn't even benefit most people even when things are going swimmingly. If anything could dumb that idea down into the easiest to process argument, it's a crisis like this, you'd think. It's an explicit choice between profits and lives splayed out as directly and raw as you can imagine--usually this stuff is pretty hard to see through the desensitized POV we all have, living how we do. This conversation is too big for this thread obviously, but I hope this whole ordeal and the things we show as a society we're able to do to combat it wakes some people up. This should be a turning point, but for some people they'll continue to prefer a perceived sense of normalcy that can turn on them at any moment as easily as it's turning on others now.
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    Took longer than we would have liked but the test came back negative and she's going back to work.
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    Weed is only thing keeping me sane. Family says I’m handling this way better than they thought I would. If only they knew daddy’s under the porch blazing when he goes downstairs to “check on something”.
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    I’m officially a homeowner. Just closed. 2.75%, 15 years. 🥳
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    Trump likes to solve problems that he created.
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    You’re the only one constantly adding politics to this. Nobody is saying he is doing a bad job because he’s a republican. He’s doing a bad job because he’s a bad governor. The Ohio governor seems to be doing a super job and he’s an R. Some of us are able to think critically outside the political lines, sorry you aren’t able.
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    I flexed a little on my company yesterday saying how it was rewarding to work for them and the things we are doing to assist first responders during this event. My good vibes came back to bite me in the ### last night at 6pm as a I got a call from a supplier that I had contracted with to purchase 240 HEPA air scrubbers to ship to NY and FL. They had been sold out from under us to someone else. So at 6pm on a Friday, going into the weekend during the biggest national crisis we’ve ever responded to, I had to tell my guys we couldn’t deliver product that is helping save lives because some ###### is chasing profits. My heart sank. I’ve lost deals like this in the past, it happens and you move on, make a mental note to scratch whatever company off the list to call next time and go about your day. But this is different. We see the heart wrenching videos every single day of how bad this is, it’s just not the time for chasing $$$. Anyhow, as I’m wallowing in self pity, not 5 minutes later I get a call from one of my guys in OH...”hey beer, I found some HEPA units and I’d like to get some as we prep for the wave coming our way.” How many I ask, “I would like to get 150 but he has a shipment of 500 coming in Wednesday.” Send him my information and tell him I want all of them. I’m a man of faith, not super hard core but enough to see His hand in things when it happens. I asked for His help after the first call, within 5 minutes I got the second call. This isn’t a PSA for religion, not trying to convert anyone or push an agenda and that’s not the focus of the post. There is hope. I firmly believe we have not crested the hill on this yet and worse times are ahead but our company has taken to posting daily “wins” so folks have something positive to see. I count this one as a little personal win
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    Wife texted me today saying "I love you, let me know if I can do anything for you." She really is a good woman and I'm a lucky man.
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    I’m onboard with not posting political stuff here. But the fact that the mods have not done a single thing about the pages and pages of bucksoh laughing emojis on some really serious and sad posts is incredible to me, and the exact opposite of “being excellent”. They’re far more offensive than any political post in this entire thread.
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    FBG FFA is where pretty much anyone can comprehend that an investment that grows 30% per year will grow so large that you'll retire comfortably in 20 years. But replace years with days, and instead of it being money, it's deaths and somehow they deny what it's going to look like in 20 days.... but it's the exact same math.
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    Please stop quoting this guy’s posts, it’s the only way I’m subjected to them. TIA.
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    The number of folks posting here (on 26 March!) who still do not comprehend what is happening bewilders me.
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    So it's only strep. At least until she gets Corona from being at a Dr. office today. I do think this scare woke her up a little, silver lining.
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    Just for some background on my personal timeline: Thursday, March 12: Macron announces all schools and universities closed Friday, March 13: French Government bans gatherings of more than 100 people starting Saturday. My work (European-wide) initiated a business continuity test day for all across Europe to stay at home and work. Saturday, March 14: Government orders all non-essential businesses to close, restaurants, cafés, cinemes, etc. Work initiates stay at home for two weeks as a precaution for all European employees Sunday, March 15: Was a beautiful day, no one listened to social distancing guidelines and people were out in droves at parks, etc. Monday, March 16: French President announces government mandated lockdown for two weeks beginning the next day at noon under threat of a fine. Police will be out all over the country to enforce this. Went to the grocery store this day and it was crowded and certain things were out of stock but we were able to get everything we needed. In general here though, people go out to the store more often and buy less each trip. Our refrigerator is only about 4 cubic feet (think college dorm size). Tuesday, March 17: Ban is in effect, I think 4,000 people were fined on the first day. To date I think they've given out over 100,000 fines nationwide, each is at least 135 Euros. Friday, March 27: Ban is extended until at least April 15th. Working at home indefinitely. Right now we are only able to go out for the following reasons: 1) work, 2) doctor, 3) family emergencies, 4) purchase groceries/essential items, 5) exercise that cannot be more than 1km from your home or to walk your dog. Must fill out a form each time you go out with the time and date you leave your home. From everything I'm seeing here vs. back in the US, it's going to get way, way worse for my fellow Americans. Our deaths in France are just ramping up and hitting their peak now, and even Spain and Italy are still seeing continuously higher death tolls. It's clear that the virus takes a few days to show itself in people and longer to wear them down. I am quite certain that our lockdown is working, it's just that it should have been done maybe two weeks earlier than it was. And if it was late in being enforced here it is definitely WAY late being enforced in the US. America has has more time to see what is going on though and something should likely be done at a national level to enforce it. Otherwise it will be like playing whack-a-mole with the states that are not enforcing and then those people will travel again and it will keep spreading. It's quite surreal here though. I go out for runs and it's amazingly empty in quiet on Parisians streets that are usually bustling. No cars, hardly any people, and when you see someone they act as if you're a leper. Just today I was walking back from getting groceries and a lady asked me the time from about 10 feet away. I couldn't hear her and instinctively took a step forward and she almost jumped out of her shoes. For me, the problem now that the lockdown is so heavily enforced and fear is instilled in all does it end??? The government and world has been telling everyone to not get close to anyone and do not have any interactions with those outside of your home. You can't just say, "Okay guys, that's it, all better." and expect people to go back to normal without this virus being removed from the planet. And honestly, if the government is waiting for it to go away altogether we will likely be in lockdown for many more weeks. I don't see any other ending and not sure anyone has really thought of an end game to let people out of lockdown. If anyone has any Euro-related virus questions feel free to shoot. Good luck and best of health to everyone across the pond!
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    People keep saying this, but no one is advocating permanent social distancing. Given what we know about the virus' incubation and period of contagion, we'd ideally need everybody to stay at home at least a month. But everyone can't stay home, so a longer period is almost certainly necessary. Under no scenario is two weeks enough. Nor is waiting until Easter. Remember, you're not only trying decrease transmission, you're buying time for healthcare infrastructure to ramp up production of PPE, ventilators, etc., along with mobilizing a workforce to take care of patients. And perhaps more importantly, rapid diagnostic tests are being developed, including some which will suggest natural immunity and facilitate returning safely to the workforce. Lastly, researchers are working around the clock to develop treatments, though I don't expect those to be the most important measures to curb the pandemic. Our collective behavior is the primary determinant of the pandemic's trajectory in the upcoming months, with a vaccine the mostly likely long term solution.
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    Good news the test came back negative.
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    25.s A Night to Remember - Shalamar The future Mrs. Eephus and I got engaged when I was 25 but we weren't living together yet. Our record collections had already intermingled with most of her small collection of albums and 45s finding their way into in the crates in my living room. One of the side benefits of dating a Black girl (and she was still a girl) was getting exposed to a lot of R&B that I wasn't familiar with. I already liked the obvious stuff like Motown, Stevie and Prince and the occasional Black band that crossed over into Rock critic consciousness like P-Funk. But she had a bunch of records by artists that hadn't crossed over and listening to them with her was a revelation. Shalamar was one of my favorites. They were slick, manufactured dance product but so was a lot of music that was played on MTV and "rockoftheeighties" stations at the time. I'm going to drop the Mrs. Eephus schtick for a paragraph and call Pam by the name her parents gave her. I've written before about how I fell in love with Pam on the dance floor. It wasn't the way she moved although she was smoking hot back in the day. Instead, it was the joy in her face as we danced with each other. We both love music in our own way; over the years I've increasingly approached it on an analytical level as just another thing to be intellectualized and categorized. But Pam has always responded to music in a way that's much more visceral and intuitive. She'll find a song she loves and play it over and over again. We embarrassed the kids many times by dancing in the kitchen to some old song. Even now (pre-shutdown of course), she'll wait in line for hours for a show so she can get right in front of the stage. Once she's there, she'll dance and scream ecstatically. I complain about leaving the house at 6PM for an 8PM door but seeing Pam turn to me between songs with a huge smile on her face makes it worthwhile. In retrospect, it was a monumental leap of faith at 25 to commit to spend the rest of our lives together. If you'd asked me where we'd be 35 years later, I'd have absolutely no point of reference although to be honest, I would have bet race relations would be further along than they are. Our mutual love of music has been a constant throughout. It helped bring us together, has brought us a lot of enjoyment over the decades and it remains one of the thousands of things I love about her.
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    Around 1030 I stopped by the liquor store to top off for the 3rd time in last 2 weeks. The place was packed. What's wrong with THOSE people?
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    age 5 Year: 1978 song: Theme from CHiPs This song played in my head nonstop when cruising around on my training-wheels bike Age 5 Year: 1978 Album: The Carpenters - The Singles: 1969–1973 Like most folks, this is a byproduct of what your parents played in the house. It between this and one other album not picked (the artist was, but not the album, so I won't spotlight). But for any single album to take my back to the age of 5, this is it. Most of these songs take me back to with coming in from the snow, feezing cold, putting on a pair of warm socks and sitting in the kitchen talking to Mom while she made hot chocolate. age 10 year: 1983 song: Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf age 10 year: 1983 album Men at Work - Business as Usual spent the entire summer at the neighborhood pool. This song and this album are at the forefront of those memories. Sunburn, eyes stinging from chlorine, a chafed ### from riding my bike home in wet swim trunks....