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  1. "At this point, if you're not against him, you're a pile of human garbage" This is exactly opposite of the kind of post we allow on our boards. An appropriate timeout will be given to the offender. I am posting this here so others can see we are not ever going to tolerate these sweeping generalizations and continued abuses will get offenders permanently banned from our boards.
  2. From the Daily Caller...I suspect this blossoms into a big deal by morning. http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/04/clinton-aides-went-unpunished-after-making-false-statements-to-anti-trump-fbi-supervisor/
  3. If you are talking about the Washington Post, I consider a lot of what they say as possibly tainted. I cite the $600M amazon cloud government contract and then Bezos buying the paper despite it bleeding money. I also am not a fan of John Podesta who they hired. I have seen many stories proven to be false from them after the fact and I finally just refuse to even click on their stuff at this juncture.
  4. Not trying to be a jerk at all. Maurile categorized my position pretty well above. If this is a non-story, then I am glad that was pointed out to me. There were other lawyers validating this as true in other places, but I don't have access to any of these databases myself. I will refrain from mentioning it again here.
  5. I have not verified this so don't shoot the messenger, but this would be a big change if true: https://twitter.com/JacobAWohl/status/937846848529752065
  6. I guess it's fake news. Thanks for helping me find my way.
  7. Clearly, one either sides 100% with Bucky or it's fake news. We are witnessing a Bull in a China shop. Trump may indeed fail, but he is having an impact and it's been fun to watch it play out. I love that we keep hearing Logan Act, Fara, and lying to the FBI in the news. These are exactly the tools Trump's team can use to get a lot of the swamp drained.
  8. I am glad the women are all coming forward now for whatever the reason. Hopefully, we can open up the slush payments and see who is accused in Congress as well. I love the draining of #######s and am good with anyone having a part in the cleanup. Trump needs no credit. He won't win any re-election.
  9. ask Trump, but a lot of moves seem to be to disrupt normal money flows. Trump has one shot to drain the swamp. No one expects him to win any re-election. So all of these moves that are counter to common sense will be rectified after he leaves. His strategy appears to be to strangle the money going to the rogue operators. Slush funds, Paris agreement all fall into these categories. The tax bill is designed to get companies back into the US and build back the manufacturing sector. Net Neutrality is to break up the spy network. It is designed to crush Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other giants holding all the data. Ask yourself why Soros has spent hundreds of millions against the FCC's position. This is money disruption at it's finest.
  10. that's pretty funny. I laughed. I am at peace with all of this. It's going to play out like it's going to play out. Great time to be alive.
  11. We agree to disagree, but I get it.
  12. I get it. It's all been random. I am sure these kinds of stories are going to dry up any day now.
  13. on the last part, nearly everyone is dirty. They all supplement their income from lobbyists and push through stuff for money or break FARA, lie, etc. It's not hard to figure out. DC is corrupt and has stayed that way because no one wants to rock the boat. Trump is rocking the boat and people are looking for cover. Cooperate or get crushed. The whole government could likely collapse if we are interested in arresting for Logan Act, FARA and lying to the FBI. It's a slippery slope. My guess is cooler heads will prevail and we get a negotiated solution.
  14. You don't find 4,289 sealed Federal indictments curious? I am asking is this Mueller's work or someone else's? You asked why I don't think Flynn lying is the endgame. I have spelled out multiple more things that are in play. This is a big one from someone.
  15. They are sealed. How could I possibly know?