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  1. Trust me it will end political threads if we do this.
  2. This forum was created to strip all this nastiness away from the FFA. Yet a bunch of you can't stop being #######s to one another because someone has a different take than you. It's a level of nastiness I will never understand especially regarding a person who literally should have very little to do with your daily life.
  3. lovely contributions like this. What a great forum. "People that have a different take than me must be trolls and liars". Sorry, but the President does not deserve a daily hate thread on Footballguys.
  4. We actually will probably just shut down the political forum. It no longer serves any purpose except to watch people yell at each other and call everyone that has a different take a troll.
  5. Are you really that worried about Trump's playful tweet and the all the likes? It's going to be a long 7 years.
  6. Kanye is likely his challenger in 2020 so that would make great sense.
  7. Trump is now up to 149K on that doozy and 72K on the media awards. Great reach.
  8. That would be pretty awesome.
  9. It means our country dodged the Hillary bullet
  10. I don't see the President position as much more than a figurehead guided by his team. Trump golfs too much and drinks too much diet coke to be this unbelievable mastermind executing all of this.
  11. 98,000 likes for Trump's tweet just 58 minutes in. That's impressive reach.
  12. I have always felt like North Korea is not what it seems. Best guess is they are an arm of China, Russia or Iran and it's easier to agitate us from NK instead of the direct country. I suspect our military knows exactly who is running NK behind the scenes and Trump's tweets are a playful way of calling them out. What would I do? I would keep sanctioning NK and drying up their money supply. If China and Russia or others help NK, I would do more of that against those countries. If NK lobs a Nuke, I would glass the place.
  13. Obama just over a year ago said NK was 5+ years out for Nuclear Weapons. Was Obama wrong? And if Kim has them, why didn't Obama do something about it?
  14. probably right after he drinks his 12th diet coke
  15. It's a good way to have a heart attack getting all worked up about things you can't change. I can't change who the President is.