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  1. Per our annual tradition, we are announcing this in the Shark Pool tonight. Good luck everyone.
  2. That's fair. I was wrong about this administration's ability to drain the swamp in the timeline I mapped out. Much like the Mueller probe, I expected more progress. and with my statement, I will continue to stay away from these political threads.
  3. I liked the reply: Jim Acosta was a rude #####, monopolizing the mic and continuing to ask leading questions even though he was told to stop and pass the mic. Then in a fit of rage he Karate chopped a female intern in the elbow joint to forcefully hold onto the mic. There, fixed that for you.
  4. I love the NBC Tweet: BREAKING: White House aide grabs and tries to physically remove a microphone from CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta during a contentious exchange with President Trump at a news conference.
  5. I agree. Both were way out of line and likely fueled from previous incidents. But at this point, I don't see Trump changing so I prefer the denying the press credentials to this guy over having to watch this happen over and over again while denying every other reporter a chance to get their questions in. I don't see either of these people changing and people want access to the President.
  6. what exactly was my word? I did not vote for Trump but was encouraged that he was attempting to drain the swamp. I "assumed" he had to clean this stuff up by the midterms as to not do that would have big consequences. He did lose the House yesterday which is a pretty big loss so I stand by my "assumed" timeline. I am not ready yet to throw in the towel that his administration isn't doing anything. Things are moving, just super slowly. It's similar to the Mueller probe as I am sure most of you would like to see things happen there quicker too. Trumps got two more years. Even his hardcore supporters will abandon him if he doesn't clean up a lot of the corruption. I guess my lesson learned was it was stupid to put a timeline on things. If he fails to deliver this before re-election, I will be looking to vote him out as well.
  7. I think yelling at the Kim Jung Un signing is activism especially when he tells his cohort on a mic that if they are going to put me this far away then this is what they get. He is not there to record the event. He is attempting to derail a historical signing.
  8. don't plan to. I think things are moving forward, but I am not privy to any real timeline nor objectives list so just going to watch things play out. Similar to the Mueller probe. We will know when we get there.
  9. His interrupting the historical Kim Jung Un signing should have cost him his credential. His tirade with Miller over immigration with no question was grandstanding at best or just trying to derail his talk. Press conferences will be better with no Jim Acosta trying to force 6 questions over everyone else.
  10. seems inappropriate to me. He was asked to stop. A woman comes to get the mic and he plays keep-away by pushing her arm away.
  11. This is a pretty good chronical of Acosta grandstanding: Any of these could likely have cost him his press credentials. At some point, you just realize he is a troll and you ban him.
  12. Secret Service has barred him personally. CNN is not barred. Playing keep away with the microphone and inappropriately touching the female whose job was to get the mic back can do that to a person.
  13. You laugh at Tucker being a reporter, but think Acosta is one? Acosta has become a political activist and grandstander. It's cool. His first amendment right grants him that. And he can continue his hard-hitting activism away from the Whitehouse.
  14. happening about as fast as the Mueller probe at present
  15. I had trouble reading past this line: The Washington Post's fact-checking analysis...