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  1. This is correct.
  2. I sent yours Bleacher. I think you are going to like it.
  3. I sent over pricing to Doug. He will load up the numbers tonight and our staff will try to break the contest on Monday. The contest is expected to debut on Tuesday morning.
  4. https://draft.com/rules/nfl/best-ball/ NFL Best Ball Rules
  5. For Trump, he gets a win if leaders sit down with his team and he announces the USA now has better trade deals. Before the tariffs, these trading partners were refusing to sit down with him. It's hard for him to claim wins in trade when no one meets with him. And he will need to deliver on those wins to his base and the rust belt states if he has any chance to get re-elected. I get people being mad at him for playing chicken with the world's economy, but his team is going to win this battle. The USA will have better trade deals 6-12 months from now.
  6. This is why no one participates in discussions here.
  7. He wants to claim wins on trade deals whether they are real or can just be used to secure votes down the road. This is what he ran on and a big reason I suspect he was elected. I suppose if the world can stay strong and refuse to ever meet with him so he doesn't get the win(s), then he clearly won't win re-election. These leaders were just ignoring his administration's calls to renegotiate because they don't see a need for new deals. Donnie is using the tariffs to force the meetings. It's an ####### tactic and one that could cripple the whole world's economy, but who better than Trump to be the ####### representing the US. He doesn't care what others think about him. He is that perfect daredevil playing chicken because he is fully willing to crash the whole thing. Other countries WILL BLINK. Count on it.
  8. Shocked that Trump would troll his biggest haters. This has to be a first for him on Twitter.
  9. I am having a hard time keeping up. Is Trump doing all these things or is he always out golfing? If Trump is impeached, would these things cease to move forward or would they keep happening under Pence? I ask because I think things are happening because of the silent people doing these things while Trump is ####-talking with everyone on Twitter.
  10. I think Trump and his team will all say tariffs are bad too. That's why he wants them lifted from these countries imposing them on our goods.
  11. All countries (including us) are going to feel pain from the tariffs. Lots of articles on China in some serious trouble very soon if the tariffs continue. I think you are dishonest with yourself if you expect this to be the USA's long-term strategy. Trump wants renegotiated trade deals. The other leaders were ignoring him. He invoked tariff deadlines to force those talks. Does anybody really believe none of the countries will renegotiate with him? Are they all going to bet on the impending impeachment that must be just months away now?
  12. Most people don't walk into the car dealership, look at the sticker price and write a check for that amount. You say no, that's too much. You get the better stereo added, you get less than 2% financing. A good negotiation means being the ####### at first and then saying yes only when it makes sense for you. The dealership isn't going to sell you a car if it doesn't make sense to them. The US will win a trade war, because Trump is that ####### who wins these types of things. These leaders from countries that have had tariffs on our stuff and won't negotiate with Trump are going to find themselves on the outside looking in as their country's pain is going to be greater (in the short term) than ours because we buy everything. Who blinks first? Trump's team believes it won't be the US. And as a few countries renegotiate, the pressure on those not renegotiating gets stronger. Just admit it already. Trump's hardline policies on trade are going to work because he is negotiating from a giant position of strength because the current deals are awful for the US worker.
  13. Doesn't matter what I think. This is what he ran on and is remarkably similar to the things he is implementing that people are losing their minds over.
  14. Fascist? LOL He said he was going to blow up the system. He ran on the very things that everyone is now objecting to. Here is a less than 6-minute video that summarizes his stances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ&feature=youtu.be He was elected by the people. Instead of whining 24/7, let's see if the Democrats can: 1. Address their own corruption within their party 2. Execute a get out and vote strategy to get a government more in line with all the things they are objecting to nonstop.
  15. so can't other countries just ignore our tariffs too? We have to let up eventually, or they will just find other buyers?