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  1. Impressive. I give you 10/10
  2. who said anything about that?
  3. I find it hard believing most anything being pushed by CNN these days. I have no deep thoughts on the matter as I did not know the victim, the shooter or anyone in-between. Some reports are claiming the shooter was Muslim. Other reports say this guy has murdered as many as 15 before. It happened on Easter. It happened to an old guy who looks to have started his relationship with his wife when she was 16. Non-stop media coverage. And now someone who claims it might all be fake and her video is scrubbed from the internet immediately. Interesting to say the least.
  4. I said nothing about my position on the matter. I said this person thinks it's fake and she laid out her case and that Youtube quickly deleted her video.
  5. The researcher (who goes by Honeybee) that broke down the video shows these inconsistencies: - No blood back splatter to the shooter - Convenient line of blood (no real splatter) on victim - Closeup to the bag the victim was holding and you can see the "blood/red liquid" actually dripping from the bag - Instantly deleting the man's Facebook page (not just pulling down the video). Wouldn't you want people to research and possibly help law enforcement? The police broadcasted his name far and wide. Anyway, this video by Honeybee has been pulled off Youtube. It likely will surface other places for those curious.
  6. This person believes the whole thing might be fake. This breaks down the video of the shooting so it is NSFW (if indeed a real killing). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBrb1LmsarM and before I could even finish typing this sentence - The video has been pulled down. Hilarious
  7. meanwhile on the 15th, Trump nudges the ball a little closer when no one is looking
  8. Kim Jong Un is ready to retaliate to US aggression: https://twitter.com/VandyGold/status/852649210390491136
  9. If Comey is assigned to this, you KNOW this is going to get done quickly.
  10. North Korea has a national holiday this weekend. Each bombing seems to help Trump's approval numbers. Channeling his inner-Oprah, Trump decides everyone gets a MOAB
  11. I keep seeing the media saying this is the biggest non-nuke, but that that is incorrect. The GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) is MOAB = 21k lbs MOP = 30-37K lbs
  12. Would the gangs fight for the blue states or would they harness their armies to grab everything they could during the chaos?
  13. The civil war would be fought in Northern CA. The red part of the state would just stop the water flowing to So Cal and the war would be over as fast as it started. Similarly, all food shipments from the farmland states would derail the East Coast nearly as fast. The Blue states might have all the money, but they would all be fighting each other at the local 7-11 trying to get the last Aquafina bottle.
  14. I think every month, some lucky citizen spins the wheel to add or subtract hours for the new RST (Roulette Standard Time). That would be exciting for everyone. You always hated the grave shift? Now thanks to Kevin from Ohio, it's now when the sun is out.
  15. During the civil war, can we all take a time out when Dancing with the Stars is on? Or if Kylie Jenner has a meaningful tweet. We need time to reflect on those.