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  1. Good recap of this election from someone who lived there. http://ijr.com/the-declaration/2017/06/903362-actual-resident-ga06-tells-media-dems-karen-handel-really-won-special-election/
  2. I just think a lot of you are all getting your hopes up that this ends in a Trump impeachment and I just do not see it happening. Especially not after both the FBI and DHS have said no votes were flipped. A lot of people just aren't going to see to be convinced that the Russians swayed anyone let alone enough votes to change the outcome. I would expect the outrage to follow similarly to party lines. Dem voters care a great deal. GOP voters think it's a nothing-burger. Similar to where the voters put Hillary's email scandal, but reversed.
  3. Sessions gave a whole host of reasons in the dismissal. Trump's lawyers can argue that Trump was furious about the Russian leaks and that was what Trump meant once he had discovered that Comey was doing nothing to stop those leaks (and actually was a leaker himself). For Trump, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  4. 1. Comey was fired because he never did his job. What is the status of the Clinton Foundation case? What is the status of Hillary's email case? Why were witnesses allowed to plead the fifth amendment AFTER given immunity? etc. etc. Comey refused to ever do his job. He allowed case after case to never end in anything. It's the reason DC is riddled with corrupt politicians. 2. I think this one is going to be hard to prove even if it happened. And if it did happen, it's likely going to open the Susan Rice unmasking story wide open and show that Obama's team was unlawfully spying on lots and lots of people. My guess is neither side really wants to go down this path. The people might want it, but if Trump goes down, he takes down Obama, Clinton, Rice, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, etc for all of the illegal spying. 3. I think we all know all politicians do this. Has Trump shielded himself sufficiently? I suspect he has. Hard to indict a sitting President (I believe it has never been done). 4. and the other citizen's investigation would love a RICO for the Clinton Foundation and that is unlikely to happen either. Politicians do business with a lot of dirty people. It's why they are politicians. I again suspect this won't get any real legs even if it is 100% true for the same reason the Clinton Foundation was not looked at. The people think they want to know, but likely can't handle the truth (that our politicians are all dirty).
  5. Every government EXCEPT the US has had tons of high profile government officials arrested for child porn and their involvement with human trafficking, but do keep your head in the sand that US politicians are not involved in any of that. Nor do our politicians have any involvement in other black markets like moving weapons and drugs around the world. We are the good guys and we never break the rules. I never claimed this was being done in a pizza parlor. The media decided to name the citizen's research "Pizzagate" because of the coded emails found in the Podesta emails. Based on the amount of effort CNN, Washington Post and NY Times did to discredit these citizen efforts, I am guessing there is some fire to the smoke. With Comey and the corrupt DOJ in the rear-view mirror, time will tell if any of these investigations will proceed through the FBI/DOJ channels.
  6. One side was getting their intel from the IC community after Susan Rice unmasked anyone and everyone attached to the Trump campaign. I think that was a way bigger violation to tip this election.
  7. I will bite. Prove to me that isolating just the Russian influences, the election would be different. But even if you could somehow prove that, the argument against that approach would be why are you excluding all of the other influences like illegal campaign contributions, non-US money, media's role, debate questions, etc? Jeh Johnson and James Comey just said no votes were flipped. Hard to see the case for impeaching Donald Trump regardless of how much Russia would have liked to interfere in this election. The bottom line was they did not sway it in any noticeable manner.
  8. Not sure what is meant by the term influence. I see a lot of influence in elections. Ossoff got nearly all of his donations from the state of California for a Georgia seat. Hillary had a media that was working hand-in-hand with the DNC to influence voters (including having hit pieces placed in papers, etc). Hillary got questions in advance to influence the debates. Hillary funneled tons of money illegally through Teneo/Clinton Foundation that ended up as campaign funds. Lots of influence going on that probably all tilted things one way or another. But with no votes directly being flipped, how does one assess the Russian influence? Was it bigger than the $12M Saudi gave HRC? Was it bigger than the countless organizations the Open Societies funded? Was it bigger than the media impact?
  9. After subtracting ballots flipped, Donald has exactly the same electoral college win as before. Russia was indeed the difference.
  10. and others got immunity deals and then plead the fifth the whole time. Not buying it. When an FBI raid happens, they don't just copy the hard drive. They take the server. The DNC chose to obstruct the FBI and DHS for some reason here. It's unfortunate because it now taints the truth from being determined.
  11. Hillary and her team destroyed countless devices and records instead of doing the right thing so yes I do think it's not only possible, but probable in this case.
  12. The important thing is to have a chain of custody. The FBI / DHS should be able to get the evidence themselves and not have a subset of the evidence turned over to them by the very people with a narrative they would like to spin. Murder happened. Police not allowed to get the blood. Let me just mail you the blood I collected at the scene. See the problem here?
  13. Was malware successful? Show me proof votes were flipped. I remain confident the 2018 and 2020 elections have not happened yet. Hackers are going to hack. That's why it's imperative DHS and FBI have access to servers when these "hacks" happen so they can learn from and prevent future hacks from being successful.
  14. conceded to what evidence? It has been months and there still is nothing showing any actual votes flipped.