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  1. The Liar, The #####, and the Bored Room
  2. Intel's CEO statement: http://blogs.intel.com/policy/2017/08/14/intel-ceo-leaves-manufacturing-council/
  3. so much tension on this subject...I offer a peace offering https://twitter.com/nycjayjay/status/897241147998969860
  4. NSFW (Video) - No words. A very ugly scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weg3fP0lZmE
  5. Nope - not suggesting it as you are stating. But all these players are involved in messing with Ukraine and US politics.
  6. Manafort, Weev, Bitcoin, Aleksandr Dugin, and the Ukraine connection... You heard it here first.
  7. Spike, I am sorry this has been your experience. Our emails get inundated this time of the year. I answered something via email yesterday (that appears to match your question here), but if that was not the case - Can you resend me the question with ATTN: Dodds in the subject line (and the email dodds@footballguys.com).
  8. Love me some Twitter... https://twitter.com/Orginal_James/status/893654208829943808
  9. The Eagles can save $4M against the cap (while eating no dead money) by cutting Sproles this year. I am watching Pumphrey very close.
  10. TE Rico Gathers, DAL - Although no one expects the Cowboys to just cut TE Jason Witten, they could save $12.2M against the cap (with no dead money hit at all) by doing so. Rico never played HS or college football, but was a star power forward at Baylor. He is just 23 and looked good in last night's preseason game.
  11. $107 off in week 9 might be an issue.
  12. always gets released the 1st week in August. It does seem early though.
  13. thanks. New version tomorrow will fix this
  14. http://subscribers.footballguys.com/contest/entry.php Enjoy!
  15. Could be a parody account, but someone went to a bit of trouble if that is the case.