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  1. China tripling down on Trump losing in 2020. Calculated gamble I guess. Could pay off big for China or could have them negotiating an even worse deal with Trump. I suspect their economy gets hurt more than ours in the run up to 2020.
  2. So Sorry to hear this. Words are completely inadequate to tell you the deep sorrow that we all feel for your loss.
  3. Rob Gronkowski at $5 has never been cheaper....
  4. Always fun creating the prices for this. Our staff thinks this might be the hardest one to date. But don't fret, some key injury or holdout will likely return some value as the season approaches.
  5. “Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” - Phaedrus (Plato)
  6. I have a feeling the hearing likely never happens. DOJ is allowing Mueller to pass and he does not want to be there. He is a reluctant witness that is being subpoenaed. Congressional recess happens a few days after he would testify so what will the House even gain? It's not like this spearheads imminent impeachment proceedings since they are taking a 6-week vacation.
  7. The government would need to keep $675 of the $750 to administer/audit the program and you would have to spend 2 hours a day filling out forms for your $75 portion.
  8. Very pleased to see this domino drop. Equal justice for all. No more deals to the elite. Here's hoping that NXIVM, Epstein cases expose all the pedophiles for the world to judge.
  9. We changed over some permission directories in the last five days so people should do this if they have a problem accessing the material. 1. Logout 2. Log back in. That will reset cookies and should get you going.
  10. Would seem like a slam dunk for a slander lawsuit, right? Trump tweeted and now repeats the lie on a shirt he is selling from his campaign website : "He spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking. He should be forced to resign from Congress!" The Republicans on his committee also used the word KNOWINGLY. This puts the burden of proof on the people that made this claim. Schiff just needs to lawyer up and financially ruin all these people making these slanderous statements.
  11. His new campaign shirt is pretty funny
  12. From where I sit: The Clinton wing of the DNC is pushing Harris The Obama wing of the DNC is pushing Beto If history is a guide, the DNC will work towards destroying everyone else.
  13. Everyone should just post with their real names. Trolling goes to zero.
  14. This is the kind of candidate that could crush Trump in 2020. It will be interesting to see if the DNC will get behind him.
  15. I appreciate the follow-up. I am less jaded that it is good lawyering as it is proper protocol when dealing with the POTUS, his cabinet, and his family. If they were foreign agents of Russia, I would want them all tried for treason/sedition. But this isn't something that should be answered lightly. I, like others, await the Mueller report. I also hope we get full transparency in the underlying FISA requests and 302s that allowed for such rampant spying on a Presidential candidate and eventual POTUS).
  16. Here is a great summary (long, but thorough) of the Spygate scandal: Spygate: The Inside Story Behind the Alleged Plot to Take Down Trump
  17. C'mon. 1. Had the report been finished and no quick summary of findings, the stories of Whitehouse obstruction would be off the rails. The report is so bad, the AG won't even release a summary of finding...They won't even give us a conclusion. Trump's lawyers must be citing executive privilege to hush up the worst parts of this, etc. The Barr/Rosenstein/Muller summary did exactly what it was intended to do. To stop all of the fake news and speculation now that Mueller had completed his investigation. 2. I don't get this at all. Barr/Rosenstein summary stated that no one from the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in regards to the 2016 election. They have also stated that there are no sealed indictments and all criminal referrals are complete. 3. What? So you would rather the report be sent to the Whitehouse and Trump's lawyers cite executive privilege and redact anything they do not like? This is exactly how transparency is supposed to work. Mueller, Rosenstein, and Barr are all going to agree on the final report away from the influence of the executive branch. 4. The report will be talked about in the media for 14+ days. Does it really matter if he goes to the House or Senate first? Both chambers will put this report and it's findings to the test. I don't get the Barr hate. Would you rather Whitaker be over this?
  18. Mark Geragos Also Getting Arrested #MAGA
  19. I voted no to both. I get why everyone wants it, but I think a summary plus detailed open Congressional testimony from Barr, Rosenstein and Mueller is sufficient.
  20. Per our annual tradition, we are announcing this in the Shark Pool tonight. Good luck everyone.
  21. That's fair. I was wrong about this administration's ability to drain the swamp in the timeline I mapped out. Much like the Mueller probe, I expected more progress. and with my statement, I will continue to stay away from these political threads.
  22. I liked the reply: Jim Acosta was a rude #####, monopolizing the mic and continuing to ask leading questions even though he was told to stop and pass the mic. Then in a fit of rage he Karate chopped a female intern in the elbow joint to forcefully hold onto the mic. There, fixed that for you.