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  1. Best animated show to come to America in a long time.
  2. See, I hate this. He's absolutely part of the problem. Josh McCown of all players managed to look better than Jay Cutler did, even last year. Cutler is a bad QB who gets his tires pumped because he displays some physical characteristics required to play the position. He has bad decision making. Very bad. How can anyone like this guy so much?
  3. Patriots targeting him wouldn't be the worst move.
  4. He's done enough for me as-is but if he wins me my fantasy championship on top of it... GOAT
  5. Same situation as you but I got him in the 10th round of my keeper league :feelsgood:
  6. In 6 games where Josh McCown has played the majority of the snaps, he has had a 90+ QB rating every game. In 4/6 of those games, his QB rating has been over 100. In comparison, in the 7 games where Jay Cutler has played the majority of the snaps, he has had a 90+ QB rating in 5/7 of those games. In 2/7 of those games, his QB rating was over 100. In another 2/7 of those games, his QB rating was below 70. Not sure the sample is large enough here to make any sort of judgment call, but Josh McCown has outplayed him so far this season. Also, Josh McCown has 13-1 TD/INTs, compared to Cutler who has 13/8. A difference of 7 INTs ain't chump change in this league.
  7. There's no way I bench Josh Gordon vs the Patriots. Until the Texans game, the Patriots had held every receiver they've faced to under 100 yards. Yet, this week, Andre Johnson just put up 129 yards when everyone and their mother knows BB is going to gameplan around him. I imagine Talib will be on him, but his hip has been giving him problems since last year and if anyone is fresh enough to take advantage of a gimpy (but elite) CB, it would be Josh Gordon. Start em up.
  8. good. if steve smith can beat him I don't think Gordon will have a problem Tali dominates physical receivers. He crushed Julio when they met. He played Demaryius extremely well despite injury. That said,Talib is gimpy... and Gordon has been about as dominant as you can be this year.
  9. Correction: being thrown at is good for Gordon. He had monster weeks with Campbell too.
  10. What a total beast. He's been a stud WR1 that's been my WR3 all year... valuetown
  11. Looks like a lot of startup pharmaceutical companies are getting in on the game. Apparently 60% of veterans have hearing loss or tinnitus. Someone is going to cash in big time on this condition. It's going to be disconcerting having silence again but I think I'll get used to it.
  12. So Mark Ingram sucks and now his backup in college sucks? Alabama obviously inflated how good they looked. A guy like Zac Stacy in the 5th run smarter and better. They could insert undrafted free agents and gamble on better rushing production at this point.
  13. I think this is a bad week to start him. Jordan Cameron, despite getting less fanfare overall from NFL fans, is still the #1 option on that team, and I say that as a Gordon owner who doesn't have Cameron (well, except a public league I don't really pay much attention to =) ). I don't trust Jason Campbell to produce enough yardage and TDs for both him and Cameron to have a fantasy relevant day. He's going to get smothered vs KC. I'd try to start anyone else over him as long as it's a reasonable matchup.
  14. He had 3.1 ypc vs a Patriots defense that was missing Wilfork, Kelly, Mayo, and Talib. That's pretty bad.