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  1. Got the email and it is sad news. Been playing Phenoms for a few years and it has been a good experience. Mike has been solid as a commissioner. The good news is Phenoms is now offering discount pricing on 2015 leagues!
  2. Anybody been able to trade him in dynasty? I am loaded at TE and tried to trade him for a RB candidate (B Brown, C Michael) or a pick with no luck.
  3. Got him in the sixth round of our rookie draft. Looking like one of those flyer picks that actually work out
  4. Another I gave up counting at 13 teams that were within 9.74 points of the cut line that had Tate count for their team. Didn't really look to see how many of them would have dropped below though. I am one of the teams that got dropped:Score 161.80 Cutoff 161.90 There needs to be another emoticon to picture what I am thinking. is not even close....
  5. Watched and enjoyed Fathead last weekend. Pokes fun at the government and public's view of healthy food. Openly criticizes Spurlock's Supersize Me. Definitely worth viewing. 3.5/5
  6. Just finishing With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge. Sledge is one of the guys featured in the HBO mini series The Pacific. Good read. Not a hero; just a marine trying doing his job and trying to life another day.
  7. I really liked In the Heart of the Sea by Philbrick. Closely related to this, but much later in history is In Harm's Way by Doug Stanton. This is the story of the USS Indianapolis referenced by Quint in Jaws. I liked In the Heart of the Sea better of these two. Two good recommendations. You could also try Skeletons on the Zahara by Dean King and Ghosts of Cape Sabine by Leonard Guttridge. Both compare well with the Shackleton story.
  8. Joe, this sounds interesting. How much baker's chocolate are you talking here?1 ounce is what I use.JTry using mole'. That is the Mexican sauce that has chocolate with some spices. Next time you make chili take a small portion to a separate pot and add a tsp of mole. Very interesting to compare the two versions. I believe chocolate should be added towards the end (last 10-15 minutes) for best results. Simmering too long can cause the oil in the chocolate to separate. Anyone know for sure?
  9. My thinking as well.The main reason I didn't like Bulleit is its high Rye content. I await your input. Tried my first bottle of Bulleit after reading about it here. Really enjoying it so far. I would not make it my Go to whiskey, but do like the slightly unique flavors. Maybe it's the rye; didn't know it had a higher content. As with all better brands I drink it with a small amount of cold water added.
  10. Tate is a guy that could really turn into something next year if Moss leaves.Full disclosure... I really, really, really like Brandon Tate. He's one of the few guys whose rankings don't really reflect how I feel about him in my leagues. For 99.9% of the guys, if someone offers me a higher rated player for a lower rated player, I'm taking that deal (provided it makes sense with how my roster is currently constructed), but Tate is a guy who I would not trade for several guys ahead of him. It's not a rational decision, it's just that I'm really, really excited to see what he does next year and I would hate to get off the Tate train now that we're just one or two stops away from the destination. This is one of those situations where I'd sacrifice "value" for the pleasure of watching him develop on my bench.It also doesn't hurt that my league rewards return yardage (not heavily, but enough that heavy returners get the equivalent of 300 more yards worth of points), and Tate is a monster returner.I don't follow the pats closely, but I thought Edelman was suppose to fill that role. It is just a matter of getting healthy and getting some playing time with Brady. Edelman is stashed on my dynasty roster because he has the higher upside, Tate not so much.
  11. How's it reading so far? This one is sitting high on my Next to be Read list, but has not made it to the top yet. Looking for an excuse to give it a nudge.
  12. Torain is pretty terrible, IMO. Even before the injuries in Denver he was a mediocre talent at best. He's just a camp body getting a shot because Shanahan has a soft spot for him. I'll be quite shocked if he does anything, especially beyond this season.That whole Washington carousel of crap is a tough one to figure out. Portis, Parker, and Johnson are all past their primes. Portis has "done" written all over him and Parker didn't exactly set the league on fire his last two seasons in Pittsburgh. LJ hasn't done much of anything lately either. I'd be lying if I said I know which of these guys will lead the team in rushing. McNabb
  13. Just finished The Places In Between by Rory Stewart. Afghanistan really is an interesting place culture wise. Every village either allied with or at war with their surrounding villages. Tough place to make a living; just surviving is an accomplishment.
  14. Just finished A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction in 1981. Interesting read with a slew of deranged characters. Too bad the author commited suicide before it was published
  15. Currently reading Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson Biographies normally sit low on my list reading only 1-2 per year, but this one deserves attention. Isaacson mixes in enough early US history to make it more than just a biography. Franklin was truly a talented man showing a deft touch at everything from science to women. Lonesome Dove