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  1. Got the email and it is sad news. Been playing Phenoms for a few years and it has been a good experience. Mike has been solid as a commissioner. The good news is Phenoms is now offering discount pricing on 2015 leagues!
  2. I have one available roster slot in my deep bench, RB starved, dynasty league and plan to fill it with Reaves, Oliver, or Banyard. Don't like the situation in Min or Car; anyone know if Oliver has the talent to be a productive NFL running back?
  3. Anybody been able to trade him in dynasty? I am loaded at TE and tried to trade him for a RB candidate (B Brown, C Michael) or a pick with no luck.
  4. 12 team 1/2/3/1/1/1 & flex Team A gave J Cameron TE Team B gave R Mathews RB Both teams filling needs for a playoff run.
  5. Alex Smith
  6. Winners: Ind, Hou Week3: Den Losers: Oak, Ten Week3: Indy
  7. Got him in the sixth round of our rookie draft. Looking like one of those flyer picks that actually work out
  8. Winners: Ind Week2: Hou Losers: Oak Week2: Ten
  9. The value with Woodhead comes with a Mathews injury. Brown will need help and that help is Woodhead especially in PPR.
  10. Winner - Ind Loser - Oak
  11. Another I gave up counting at 13 teams that were within 9.74 points of the cut line that had Tate count for their team. Didn't really look to see how many of them would have dropped below though. I am one of the teams that got dropped:Score 161.80 Cutoff 161.90 There needs to be another emoticon to picture what I am thinking. is not even close....
  12. Watched and enjoyed Fathead last weekend. Pokes fun at the government and public's view of healthy food. Openly criticizes Spurlock's Supersize Me. Definitely worth viewing. 3.5/5
  13. Just finishing With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge. Sledge is one of the guys featured in the HBO mini series The Pacific. Good read. Not a hero; just a marine trying doing his job and trying to life another day.
  14. I really liked In the Heart of the Sea by Philbrick. Closely related to this, but much later in history is In Harm's Way by Doug Stanton. This is the story of the USS Indianapolis referenced by Quint in Jaws. I liked In the Heart of the Sea better of these two. Two good recommendations. You could also try Skeletons on the Zahara by Dean King and Ghosts of Cape Sabine by Leonard Guttridge. Both compare well with the Shackleton story.
  15. Joe, this sounds interesting. How much baker's chocolate are you talking here?1 ounce is what I use.JTry using mole'. That is the Mexican sauce that has chocolate with some spices. Next time you make chili take a small portion to a separate pot and add a tsp of mole. Very interesting to compare the two versions. I believe chocolate should be added towards the end (last 10-15 minutes) for best results. Simmering too long can cause the oil in the chocolate to separate. Anyone know for sure?