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  1. You need to put a little reminder for yourself in here
  2. we should announce when the final keepable waiver run will be. And waivers run twice a week IIRC(forget which days).
  3. To many quick changes to pull things together, think we will just have to bite the bullet and reduce # of teams.
  4. Yeah that sucked, the other league I was in allowed those players to be kept $1 Rodon too
  5. NP Tre, real life always takes presidents(TM). All good, best of luck with the Mrs, hope everything works out for the best
  6. Rose McGowan is mostly a train wreck now days but her cans still look great.
  7. Yeah he definitely still runs Hockey and possibly baseball for IHSV
  8. There is a leaked vid of her, enjoys touching herself GB her
  9. woah Jillian Murray
  10. well consider me paid for the next two
  11. Now Butler wants to make it work with Pats, news has been all over the place on this one Jeff Howe‏ @jeffphowe Follow More All that said, I was given a strong indication Butler prefers to be a "Patriot for life." He wants to make it work in New England. Link
  12. I find myself fast forwarding through stuff a lot more this season. Any scene where someone is alone is an auto FF now.
  13. Someone doing Fantrax?
  14. Yeah that hurts Idol flushing too, I like that wrinkle