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  1. Was an excellent fight, both guys very skilled, lots of reversals which you don't normally see on TUF.
  2. Would be one glorious year and they would still have Brown and Tatum, very tempting.
  3. I went Strop Would be Edwards if he wasn't hurt too
  4. It's abuse, you said someone wouldn't go back to someone 7 months later after being emotionally abused. I'm showing you that people go back years later after a pattern of much worse physical abuse.
  5. Watch this documentary Behind Closed Doors, is crazy what some people will go back to even after years of abuse. I watched it a while back, very sad.
  6. Is this just the Tourney runner skimping or is there a shortage of Umps? My daughter plays U14 Tournament softball and they always have 2 Umps.
  7. Tournament #2 different days same script as Tourney #1. Killed it on Saturday, 3-0 in pool play, played great across the board. Three total errors in 3 pool play games. Secured the #3 seed and played a team we beat 7-3 in pool play on Sunday morning. Sunday game we made 7 errors and lost 11-3. Not sure what it is, they are tight or unfocused or what. Hopefully they can get over these Sunday yips in their next tournament(which is an overnight and should be a lot of fun for them). On a separate note regarding how switching from town to club affects hitting. My daughter is killing the ball, not the usual adjustment period we saw in the past. This was her first year of high school ball so she saw good pitching most of the season, I'm assuming this is the difference.
  8. What kind of tournament only has one Ump per game? That's just asking for trouble IMO. Agree with what most have said, hitting team coaches should have done the right thing and made the call.
  9. I've been trying to get someone to do my driveway for 2 years. Job isn't huge, widening driveway from one space to two and replacing a wall(assuming less than 15K). I've only been able to get two guys to the house and neither gave an estimate. They are so busy they just don't need the work, they don't need to impress anyone unfortunately because they have a huge backlog of jobs. Coming to the realization that my job is just to small for them to give a crap about.
  10. There are obviously lots of gray areas and slippery slopes around this topic. It's all very unfortunate. The Hardwick case is tough, this woman was obviously damaged when they got together. She mentioned that she had an eating disorder and family issues so she came into it very vulnerable and impressionable(still in her early 20's). He took advantage of that and used her insecurities to control her. She is still a victim IMO, I don't think she went into this expecting to be treated the way she was, list or no list. He was a predator praying on weakened pray in the herd. Illegal, maybe not but he's definitely guilty of being a crap human being.
  11. The big question on Brown was his shooting. It has developed pretty quickly, he still lacks touch and that smoothness Tatum seems to have naturally. This season was very encouraging though especially from 3. He's an uber athlete and still has that "spaz" factor, lack of touch, dribbling off his foot etc. He's still so young, once he can harness the athleticism watch out.
  12. They are pretty much all terrible, Kevin McCarthy maybe
  13. We go camping every year around New England. My favorite place is Acadia National Park in Maine.
  14. This publicly declaring where you want to go if a trade is involved is a real dick move by players. It's very spiteful to the franchise you're coming from.