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  1. The Smyly injury really F'd them, think he would have had a nice season there if he wasn't :deadbanana:
  2. lost 5 in a row, reality setting in
  3. Another reliever off the board, Phelps to the M's for prospects
  4. If J. Wilson gets dealt who get the closer gig? Rondon has been gross, assume they want to keep Greene in a multiple inning role. Alex Wilson? Joe Jim get recalled?
  5. @Wrigley How is Schwarbs looking since his return? Numbers have been decent but how is he looking(approach etc.). Haven't seen many of his ABs since returning.
  6. looks like another hand/wrist injury, they seem to be mounting up this year, big names too: Freeman, Correa and now Bryant
  7. Above .500, someone take a screen grab of the standings!! If only I could play @rodg12 for 82 games, seem to have his number so far.
  8. For all 3 guys I would think it will take a solid return. Kahnle is pretty cheap for a few more years. Wonder if they are worried about Aroldis' health.
  9. Not sure how I'd feel if the Red Sox get him, I'm not a huge fan. Against getting him if it takes more than low end specs.
  10. Seems like most of the people on the shows put the house on land of friends/family, pretty much the same thing as living at home no?
  11. Panda DFA'd, guessing they give Devers a couple weeks to see how he adjusts and make a trade decision. If they like what they see I could see them sticking with the scrubs for a bit then bringing up Devers for the stretch in late August/early September. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Acuna is killing it but he still so young and there doesn't seem to be a short term need in ATL. The talent is there just surprised they made the move so early. Teams are taking the leap on prospects earlier now days, not a bad thing IMO.
  12. Devers and Acuna both bumped to AAA With Sawx 3B issues not shocked to see Devers get the bump, possibly seeing how he does in AAA before making a trade. Acuna is a bit of a surprise though.
  13. Agree it's a win win, the Cubs still have a really young core so I guess they can afford to deal top prospects.