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  1. 36.06 Julio Urias, SP LAD :deadbanana: @Arsenal of Doom @RnR @Doug B
  2. your mind was clouded by curtains and kitchen hardware, we forgive you
  3. I figured they got him and protected him from rule 5 so they must like him
  4. 35.19 Tyler Herb, SP SF @Arsenal of Doom
  5. Post post post post post hype closer
  6. For X 35.06 Yimi Garcia, P LAD @the moops
  7. Frosty says SKIP @Greco OTC
  8. Only in WIS BTTF can you be really disappointed about loosing out on a guy that had a 6+ ERA last year.
  9. 34.06 Brock Holt, UTIL BOS @RnR
  10. Between this and the Whitley suspension not a good spring for top "pitching prospects"
  11. Excellent episode last night, unlike Survivor I really enjoyed the family reunion. Adrian and Joe S really hitting their stride at the right time, never would have picked them for top 3 a month ago. Another case of everyone making great food just the little things separating them.
  12. 33.19 Cliff Pennington, UTIL CIN @Arsenal of Doom
  13. Have you seen Bekah's instagram? I think we made a trade once or twice but JTC played the good cop role IIRC.
  14. The Beard alone is worth the pick