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  1. I'm Pro CBS since they have added the active in lineup feature(even including where a player is hitting in the lineup). No more complaints from me, happy with the service although it is to expensive if you do have to pay.
  2. Some grade A commish detective work there, way to stay on top of things
  3. yet I'm still 3 points BEHIND you in the standings
  4. Guessing Cerie convinced the group to throw the majority at Hali since they thought she had the idol. Cerie kept her vote as Macheila because that was who she was supposed to vote for, couldn't change it and lose face with her alliance. She took a leap doing that for sure, not sure what her confidence level was but it all worked out.
  5. I’m not buying that Oakland will stick with Rosales/Pinder as long as Semien is out. Hand injuries seem to linger and take a while to come back from. I think Barreto gets a shot at some point.
  6. Hali was actually really good at Tribals(the Lawyer in her came out), where was that the rest of the time though? Stuck on the wrong side of the numbers again but her lack of a social game put her there. Agree with whoever said Ozzy is still playing an old school game, the provider thing just doesn't play any more IMO.
  7. Gillislee signed to an offer sheet, $ pretty decent too. Moving on from Blount, not sure I see this getting matched by Bills Link
  8. Keone Kela called up, kind of a dark horse in Texas closer #### show. I liked him pre elbow injury last year, actually rostered him as a closer spec in a couple leagues, then he was a disaster when he came back from the injury. The stuff was there before he was hurt. He has a helpful K rate even if he doesn't close while waiting for things to stabilize. He did have some attitude issues in spring training so also something to keep an eye on, still worth a spec add if you can fit him IMO.
  9. and people around here are saying the Sox lack "Star Power" open your f'ing eyes people Betts is a legit star
  10. Dropped Showtime so not watching anymore. I found both female leading characters(the wives) very grading. Not sure weather it's the fact that I don't like either as actresses though. There were several other characters I was meh on also(Axe and Wags included). Chuck was great, female assistant DA was great, liked Chuck's dad(played the ####### part really well), Lonnie was good. Just not enough there the keep me going back.
  11. Red Sox might have a player in this Ben Taylor kid. He's got balls, likes to challenge hitters with the fastball which seems rare these days. Fun to watch
  12. WTF is up with Andrew Romine? Cycling?
  13. @Doctor Detroit to the red curtesy phone
  14. Is it just me or does resting seem to be way more than usual this year?