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  1. I enjoyed the episode. I do agree that some of the dialog and scenes felt cheesy and rushed, thats what you get when they have to tie everything up in 6 episodes. Some of the depth and suspense we had in earlier season, when they had so much time to work with, is lost. GOT has become like Star Wars for me. They can put out pretty much anything GOT world related and I will watch it and enjoy it no matter what. That is a pretty amazing accomplishment on their part.
  2. Gladiator definitely Signature The Insider - Gladiator - A Beautiful Mind is a pretty phenomenal three year run. Would be tough to beat IMO
  3. New place in same town or different? I recall you really liking the location of the old place.
  4. Did you sell the old Italy place or are you going to try to acquire the whole town?
  5. I think this is where a good realtor earns their $, knowing the price sweet spot is so important. Once a house sits for a while everyone starts wondering why which leads to it sitting longer. The right price out of the gate is key IMO.
  6. Why is Kelly telling everyone about the Idols when she gets to Extinction island? One of these people could get back in the game, she's not only blowing up her spot but Lauren's as well
  7. this is the best advice. Your chances of getting a job through a referral are much better than cold calling. Hit up all your family/friend/acquaintances, you'll find that the majority of people are more than happy to help.
  8. So sorry to hear, especially that things progressed so quickly. Good vibes to you and your family. Lost an uncle and cousin this past year to cancer, both in their 50's. Agree that it sucks hard
  9. Voted Josey Wales, think that was his best cowboy role(Munny a close second). I get the Dirty Harry votes but as many others have said when think Clint I think cowboy.
  10. How many tribal counsels has Julie been to? 3? And she has a breakdown? Nice work by Rick putting a wedge into those cracks
  11. Will Smith is perpetually available for the right price
  12. Vlad up to AAA promotion over the next couple weeks must be looming
  13. Don't follow them but I did have this poster in my room when I was a kid