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  1. 3rd time 31.14 Chris Young, OF SAWX Tilting . . . . @jfranco77 OTC
  2. Misspelled on goog doc!!! Maldanado??? I searched
  3. Not tracking picks today, thanks to all for patience @jfranco77 up
  4. Repick 31.14 Martin Maldonado, C LAA Catcher
  5. So you're saying he's not available?
  6. 31.14 Shawn O'Malley, Util SEA Switch Hitter. . . . . @jfranco77 up
  7. I'm in Cambridge, been a crazy weather week for sure
  8. 1B has been a tough spot for me to fill for some reason. So much so that I'm relying on Ryon Healy gaining eligibility there so I don't have to start super util Jurickson Profar there for the season
  9. Refresh those lists
  10. Pick Swapped in this round with @HellToupee so he's OTC for this one