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  1. The offense looked out of sync all night, he willed the victory there at the end. Nice to have a real deal closer in situations like that.
  2. Two more good fights on TUF last night, continuing to be impressed with this group
  3. Smart has been great on D but man every time he touches the ball I whisper to myself please don't shoot
  4. Totally agree, we have tried to explain that to him but as you said he just can't process it. He's a very sweet, loyal, caring kid so he's a target for this type of stuff. We talk a lot about being a good friend and what makes a good friend. What we are telling him here seems counteractive to that, he just doesn't understand the manipulation aspect. She's not being a good friend by backing him into a corner like this. I'm thankful that he was able to talk to us about it at least.
  5. She has been blocked and we took his phone last night after our talk. She keeps saying he is the only person she can talk to so thats messing with him. We keep telling him he can't give her the help she needs, she needs professional adults to help her.
  6. We called one of the councilors in the Guidance department this morning because of some self harm type things a girl has been saying to my son on snap chat. He was very distraught about not being able to help her, we told him he's only a 6th grader and not capable of giving her the help she needs. The Girl told him not to tell anyone but fortunately he felt comfortable enough to tell us. Wife spoke to the councilor and got the impression that they were familiar with this girl, hopefully she gets the help she needs. We've never met the girl or her parents BTW. It's tough because this is really messing with my son. We don't think this is a good relationship for him to continue with and want him to stop comunication but he feels like it's his fault that he can't help her. Breaks my heart to see him struggle with this at 12 years old He should be out playing basketball and goofing of with his friends instead of having to deal with this heavy stuff.
  7. What are you two whispering about?? Nuthin really
  8. In youth hoops following your shot is still preached quite a bit. Transition is much slower at that level so players have plenty of time to catch up though.
  9. She looks so young in that picture
  10. I find this Drummond facilitating the offense experiment the Pistons are trying quite fascinating
  11. Yeah that chuck was a turrible play but he made up for it with that D on Kemba
  12. Not sure if discussed here but I watched the first episode of the History of Comics Kirkman series on AMC and it was excellent, would recommend
  13. fixed All rosters are in except the two remaining Newb teams, everyone else should be able to see their rosters, post here if there are any mistakes