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  1. You say you're a bourbon guy but if you like beer too check out the La Trappe Cafe. Very cool atmosphere, when I've gone the owner tends bar downstairs. The guy is a beer encyclopedia, and he has some cool stuff from his own personal collection available.
  2. Just finished Peaky Blinders, three seasons all were very good. It's nice because each season is only 6 episodes. I'd say the first two were better than the third but thats just splitting hairs. would recommend
  3. Danielle looked pretty great in that bathing suite
  4. Congrats Koya I'm in for next season
  5. Very tight up top @Eephus could gain some hitting points R/HR/RBI all close. There are some SB points that a getable too but with Tre Turner back not sure he will be able to ultimately pass me
  6. sup @RedRaiders Missed the ZA auction this year, say hey to Chaps and the boys for me.
  7. Yeah I finally dumped him in Uber league. Looked totally lost this year. He's still young enough so there is still a chance he does something. It will be tough with the guys in the Dodgers prospect pipeline breathing down his neck though.
  8. Thoughts on Mack Hollins role? Measurables are there, looks like he will get some run.
  9. Assuming I should watch all the stand alone's before defenders? Working through Daredevil now.
  10. Tried it, no dice. She does like to skate though
  11. never heard of this, will have to research
  12. She definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer so an alternative sport like Roller Derby might just be a fit. Sports/Activities have been such a great confidence/self esteem builder for our older kids we really want her to find something. Will definitely check it out and report back.