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  1. Why such turmoil? Is there a real doosher running the show or something?
  2. Sorry for your loss @General Malaise you were right the Blazers are DOA, not a good night.
  3. Please Red Sox, no more Gomes in the booth, I beg you
  4. Hey Colome, how about a clean inning huh bro
  5. Same, I've been cherry picking starts with him. If you can't put together a decent start against the Rays the future doesn't look bright. Will still hold him for now though
  6. Agree, the second unit sometimes looked like they were playing a game of hot potato. I get the movement theory and think it works but someone has to shoot and there is a shot clock in play. No one wanted to take the shot, which often lead to crappy last second shots. Morris not afraid to iso a little when he has to which can take some of the pressure of the younger guys.
  7. Especially with Smart out, he definitely adds that edge you need in the playoffs.
  8. The Morris for Bradley deal was panned by a lot of people but Morris gives the C's another guy with size and he's got balls for days.
  9. So I guess it's raining just about everywhere
  10. Gathje is just to OK with eating a lot of punches, it adds up. Tough dude and definitely entertaining.
  11. Solarte! Maybe that $11 bid in RodgZA was worth it after all
  12. She was awesome in Parks and Rec. I tried putting her in the oddly attractive thread but got voted down. I think she's cute as hell but not a classic beauty.
  13. So maybe the Girls threw those two votes at Libby as a backup if all three dudes played idols. Trying to wrap my head around why those Libby votes were cast. I don't think it's because those two were out of the loop I think it was strategy based.
  14. I added Lomo in Uber today, he can't be this bad can he? Going to sit on him for a bit and hope for a rebound, still early.
  15. I'm trying to be patient so far this year. Of course moving a bunch of guys to DL slots has helped that since I don't have to drop anyone.