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  1. Season ticket payment deadline is tomorrow, coincidence?
  2. No All Star chatter? Had 3 surprisingly 2 were pitchers Also WIS made their first code update in years with their post about stance on racial injustice and forum policies. At least someone is keeping the lights on no matter how dim they may seem.
  3. Damn my pitching stinks, only one pitcher with and ERA under 4 Hitting not much better, Bip Roberts, Julio Franco and Bill Madlock all with sub 700 OPS
  4. I started watching The History Chanel series Alone on Prime. Almost through season one and it's a pretty great show. I know there was a thread at FBG about it a while back but I never watched it live, much easier to binge. Love the survival aspect of course but the transformation and introspection you see from the "contestants" is pretty amazing. Highly recommend season one(other seasons TBD ).
  5. As far as college goes. I remember one of the first things our tour guides at schools we visited with my oldest daughter said was their pronouns. I think we have come a long way with trans issues over the last few years. I was surprised yet encouraged that the schools were so forthright and accepting. I live in MA but hope the same progress is present in your hood @fatguyinalittlecoat Best of luck to Peter and the rest of your family. I hope you all find nothing but acceptance and happiness. Thanks for sharing
  6. Guess he's getting patient in his old age. Of course when we are talking @Koya it's all extremely relative
  7. Bill Buckner, 1B 81-80-78 This is mostly a sentimental pick. I'm a Boston guy and the dude got a bum rap around here. He was a dirt dog and one of my favorite players, pre and post 86. I was actually at Fenway when he hit this inside the park HR Look a Billy hobbling around those bases Will be a lefty bench guy that can handle the bat and play less awful 1B than Al Oliver.