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  1. The Major sports starting their own networks hurt too.
  2. In the first half the C's did a really good job doubling the ball forcing passes. Why they didn't do that in the third when Irving was going off I don't know, maybe they were just getting tired. My son was all fired up, I told him no matter how good you play D sometimes good players just make shots. Transcendent performance by Kyrie
  3. Sam Travis called up by Sox. Will definitely play against lefties to start and may get a shot at the full time gig if Moreland continues to come back down to earth. Interested to see what the kid can do.
  4. Tourist Trap scared the crap out of me as a kid. Definite 70's cheese but some of the imagery still gives me the chills. You'll never look at Chuck Connors the same way after seeing this.
  5. In their prime Klum would be #1 Campbell #2, in that Pic it's Hadid
  6. Freeman has a break 10-12 weeks
  7. Went into Uber season feeling really good about my closers with Chapman, Familia and Edwin Diaz. That didn't last
  8. Continued last night, lets not show a replay of that close out of bounds play lets play a 3 pointer from two possessions ago
  9. So awesome
  10. Knebel getting a shot in Milwaukee, I think he runs with it and keeps the job
  11. I watch most regular season games on the local cable network, is it me or do the national channels really suck at replays? I feel like the local channel squeezes in a lot, sometimes multiple angles of out of bounds plays etc. Your lucky if the national channels give you one, I'm often waiting for a replay and it never comes. WTF
  12. Couple interesting Q&A's from an interview with Sierra: As you were passing on the legacy advantage right after you were voted out, you said you hoped Sarah hadn't flipped on you. What was your reaction upon seeing that she had? Sierra: Sarah did an amazing job. Honestly, what decided where I was going to send the secret advantage happened the moment my name was read and I knew I was going home. I looked at Brad Culpepper. Obviously it was between her and him. I look at Brad, there's nothing. There's no emotion. I look at Sarah and she has tears in her eyes and she is just acting like she is so dang shocked that I'm going home tonight. So in that moment, I forgot about the whole game, the whole connection I had with Brad, and I was like, "It was him!" And truly, he was just in shock, come to find out. But I was like, "It was Brad. Brad wrote my name down." So I just played off of emotion and I was like, "I've got to give it to Sarah." Later, finding out that she was the one who wrote my name down, I felt played. I felt ridiculous, stupid, embarrassed. I could name a million things that I felt once I found out. Michaela's attitude seemed to really alienate a lot of the other tribe members. Why do you think it went over so poorly with people? Sierra: Michaela is a hysterical girl. She's so funny. She's so witty. Ninety percent of the time, she's great. But that 10 percent, she can fly off the handle and can't control her emotions. And in Survivor, you can't do that. You have to be in control as much as you can. And you see that 10 percent of the time that she is hard to be around. And honestly, in real life, I probably would get along with her great. But I'm irritable, you're irritable, we're tired. And how you're acting, I just don't like it right now. so, it's funny. I probably would have much more patience in real life. But out there? Her flying off the handle for 10 percent of the time was so difficult to be around.
  13. oof, based on this he is pretty far gone, sorry GB