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  1. All from Stidham, they have had great chemistry. When Brady was in there Meyers looked out of sync.
  2. The Marlins, whenever one of my starters faces them they become the freaking Gas House Gorillas
  3. My heart breaks for you. He was a fighter, so are you and you're family, you still have each other to help get through this. So sorry, continued good vibes coming your way. Jack's bravery will be remembered.
  4. @GStrot list is excellent We asked about security, how many of the emergency call boxes they have, how quickly security can respond etc. Also at the dorms, is there someone checking IDs at the entrance, how many entrances have access etc. Do they allow overnight guests in the dorm rooms, how is that policed. Is the cafeteria tupperware friendly, access at most college's is based on swipes. X number per week. If your kid wants to take something back to the room for later(snack or lunch or something) it can save them a swipe. Some places frown on bringing tupperware to the caf. Meal plan is expensive, want her to get her moneys worth. Are text books available online, are they available at the library Ask if they use an online portal for assignments, most places have something. Are they ok with paperless options to turn in assignments(my wife is a recycle nut so she always asked this). Make sure if the kid goes with a laptop that it will work OK with whatever portal the school uses. Really shouldn't be a problem but worth checking. They will try to get you to buy a laptop from them with a service plan at the college included. We didn't do this. I would always chat up the tour guide while we were walking from place to place. I think I got the best(most genuine) info just shooting the #### with them. Mostly upperclassman so they let their guard down when they aren't giving the typical letter head speech.
  5. no free agents only, traded players can be kept in 2020 as long as their existing contract allows
  6. Looks like no dice on Diaz per Alex Speier I don't think they have the prospects to get a big name. I do think they will get someone though, a Daniel Hudson type maybe.
  7. Firmly entrenched in the middle of the pack, PROGRESS
  8. Guess being invited to "Team USA" isn't the honor it used to be, lots of players declining. Trickling down to bench players
  9. Will Myers benched for the 10th straight game, WTF happened
  10. Mistakenly dropped Pache just now, can you possibly reverse that @Eephus Meant to drop Dalbec
  11. Passed yesterday Pumpsie Green 1933-2019 First African American player to play for the Red Sox Comps: Russ Adams (975.8) Wilmer Difo (974.6) Jason Bates (966.9) Heinie Schuble (966.0) Ollie Bejma (964.8) Buddy Blattner (961.0) Ruben Gotay (958.6) Bobby LaMotte (957.6) Blake Swihart (957.1) Ehire Adrianza (954.7)
  12. All the good vibes we can muster here sending his way 🙏
  13. I bought Asus' for my daughters in middle school. Five plus years of consistant teenage use(UTube, Netflix, google docs etc.) and they have been great. My oldest just graduated and her charging port is getting to be a pain, cord has to be just so for it to work, so I bought her this one yesterday for $180 to take to college. My Younger daughters old one is still fine for her, no problems. Offered to get my Oldest a MacBook Air but she prefers the chromebook, yay practicality