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  1. What am I missing on Roth IRA's? The income limit for a married couple is $199,000, right? How do all of you guys making FBG money contribute to you Roth? Am I misunderstanding the limits?
  2. One of the. Busiest times to visit. Expect very long lines for everything. Over 4 hours for the big rides is not uncommon.
  3. I bought the EERO system on Prime Day and so far I am very happy with the results. Very simple set-up and wifi coverage in the far parts of the house is much better. Much better speeds than the extender we were using previously.
  4. But there were no Robocalls or Telemarketing, so the person calling was probably really trying to reach you.
  5. You only need to stay onsite at Universal for 1 night to get the Express Pass for 2 days. You go to your hotel in the morning, check in and get your tickets with the pass, but your room will not be available yet. You come back whenever you want to get the key to your room.
  6. I don't know a lot about guns, but I think there is a difference between rifles used for hunting and assault rifles with 100 round magazines. I don't see any reason to ban single-shot hunting rifles.
  7. Come on Jack, get through this!
  8. YouTubeTV has HGTV and all of the local channels too.
  9. I spend maybe $20 / year and that is only when the jackpots get big. I am always amazed at the money people spend on scratch-offs. There are $20, $30 tickets (I think even $50) and that gambling rush only lasts a few seconds.
  10. Thanks MAC. I don’t exercise nearly as much as you, so I don’t add points. In your case you should definitely take it into account. Those extra carbs are needed to supply your fuel. You know what your body needs.
  11. Starting Weight - January 1 - 257.7 Current weight - April 15 - 229.9 NEW GOAL - 220 by Memorial Day Disappointed by a small gain this week without any real reason. Will get back to it this week.