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  1. Starting weight Jan 1 - 257.7 current weight Feb 14 - 243.2 less than 1 lb loss this week and I am not sure why. Only missed 1 day of exercise and mostly ate well with a few little strays. Oh well, not going to let it derail me - I will just do better this week.
  2. If it continues you might want to get checked for gall stones. Sounds similar to the symptoms my wife just went through.
  3. 1/1/1020 - 257.7 2/7/2020 - 243.9 -2.9 lb this week. Very happy with the results this week. Otis might be on to something with this “eat right and exercise” plan. I wish somebody would have thought of that years ago.
  4. Had a lot going on this week and missed 2 days of exercise. Add on a birthday celebration, but limited to 1 piece of cake. Still manages to lose 2 pounds. Just convinces me more that eating right and exercising most of the time with a few slip ups can still result in a positive outcome. Don’t use 1 misstep for an excuse to go off the rails! 1/1 - 257.7 1/31 246.8 -2 lb. this week.
  5. I ran a 5k last year in about 28:00. I started MAF on January 5 and averaged a 14:27/mile pace for the first 3 miles. Yesterday I averaged 12:57. Hopefully it will continue at this rate and I will be back under 10:00 by summer.
  6. Changed my weigh-in day from Monday to Friday which just makes more sense for me. 1/1 - 257.7 1/24 - 248.8 -1.1 lb since Monday. Overall good week except for yesterday when I couldn't fit in any real exercise. I will get back to it today! Staying well below my daily point allowance which has been easy so far since I mostly eat 0-point foods (fruit, vegetables, chicken, eggs). Skinny Girl salad dressings are 0-points and have good flavor.
  7. Can anyone tell me their experience with how the PSAT scores relate to SAT scores? Most places I see online say it correlates pretty well, but others say SAT scores are usually a little higher since the PSAT tops out at 1520.
  8. Starting weight 1/1 - 257.7 Weight 1/20 - 249.9 -1.7 pounds this week. It is getting easier to stay away from the junk. Walk/Run every day for at least 40 minutes is becoming a habit. Trying the MAF method and it is hard to go slow, but I am seeing progress. on January 6 I only went about 3.9 miles in an hour keeping my heartrate under 130. Yesterday I went 4.6 miles.
  9. Starting Weight 1/1 - 257 Current Weight - 251 Walked / Ran trying to keep heartrate in the MAF zone. Only missed 1 day due to travel. I did not let working out of town 3 days be an excuse for poor diet or not exercising!
  10. Hi KC, I would not pay down the mortgage with the thought of getting the money back out. My intent would solely be to reduce my monthly expenses. For a very simplified example: Say I need $50k/year to live and in addition my mortgage is $20k/year and I want to retire at 55. I can either save $70k*5 years = $350k or pay off my mortgage and only save $50k*5 years = $250k.
  11. thanks, I did not know that. The major stipulation appears to be that you leave the job at 55 or older. You just have to hope your job isn’t eliminated when you are 54.
  12. I am not sure where I would invest. One option is to pay the mortgage early like others are considering. I do have low risk options in 401k, but I am trying to bridge the gap between now and when I am 59-1/2. I want enough liquid cash so if we both stopped working today we could make it without too much pain.
  13. I was running through this scenario with my wife this weekend as well. We need to begin looking at increasing our available funds between now and the time we hit 59-1/2 (9 years for me). I want to reduce the 401k contribution and invest in low risk products. Even though she agrees with the math, she is leery about decreasing the 401k contribution and investing that money in other places since it goes against everything we have ever been taught.
  14. Did well this week starting Weight Watcher again and initially it was tough cutting out the junk, but after a week it is getting easier. I am trying the Purple plan but I am skeptical of the additional carbs allowed. I may go back to the blue if this doesn't show the desired results. Also walk / ran every day for 40-60 minutes. Trying to adhere to the MAF plan that has been explained in here and that allows me to go longer than in the past. I am anxious to see if my speed improves in the long run. Starting Weight 1/1 - 257 Current Weight - 254 Even though I hit 252 at one point I am happy with losing 3 pounds to kick off the new year.
  15. Thanks, I saw that idea. I have to look into my existing plan to see if they allow it.