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  1. Samsung Q80T 85” on sale for $2999 today at Best Buy and Costco. Q80T It seems like the sales are changing every few days.
  2. Best Buy has the 75" Samsung Q90T on sale for $2599 ($100) less than the Q80T Q90T Q80T It doesn;'t look like there is much difference, but the Q90T does rate slightly higher than the Q80T on
  3. Costco has the Samsung Q6DT 85" for $1699 which is $500 less than yesterday. I know it is a little older than the Q8DT, but at half the price it might be worth it. Any thoughts? It will be replacing a 60", 5year old Visio so it should be a step up regardless.
  4. That is the question. I am leaning toward size, but wanted to hear from others. I noticed you just bought the Sony and I will be waiting on your feedback.
  5. So I have been looking and need some help. Costco has 2 TVs at about the same price and I am not sure which is the better choice. Samsung Q8DT $2600 -75" Sony X90CH $2750 -85" The Samsung picture looks a lot better in the store, but I think a lot of that has to do with demos they are running. Which do you go with - Size or Quality?
  6. Great story @bostonfred and very motivating. I weighed in this morning at 231.5. Finally broke past 232, but not by much. 220 by Thanksgiving is possible if I just get a little more serious.
  7. I weighed in at 232 this week for no loss, but I am ok with that, I know what needs to be fixed. I was under my allotted points everyday, but I was close to the high end (and may have even been over if I under reported portions). I also did the bare minimum on exercise. This week I will have a renewed focus on eating right and more get exercise. Thank you all for the support you have given.
  8. Walked 15k and stayed below my points goal. Snacks - peanut butter/banana/spinach, smoothie, apple, grapes. GAF is back...
  9. Walked 20k steps yesterday and stayed under my allowed points. Snacks - 1 slice cheese, 1/2 cup almonds, apples w/peanut butter. Walked 15k steps today and stayed under on points Snacks - 1 oz almonds, grapes, banana, low fat pudding Only 2 days this month without hitting my 15k and 1 day over points.
  10. I am still hanging with you @bostonfred I just haven’t been posting. I am still walking and eating right (I did stray a little this weekend though due to soccer travel and a lot of windshield time). I weighed in at 233 (up from last week, but I had a salty meal yesterday so I am not too concerned).
  11. I haven’t been good this week with the yoga. Still walking and eating well, but can’t seem to find time to squeeze the yoga in. I drive my daughter to soccer and walk for 90 minutes, but I am not quite ready to do yoga out there.
  12. Has anybody had a newer model Jeep Cherokee? I am currently debating between that and another Edge myself.
  13. You might want to consider the Edge too if you don't need the 3rd row. Smaller than the Explorer, but a lot bigger than the Escape.
  14. Yesterday was the first league soccer game for my son and it was over 2 hours away so I didn’t have time for yoga or evening walk (12,000 for the day). The best way to spend a Saturday is watching my kids play. I ate below plan with a couple of light beers for dinner. By the way, the game was a 3-2 win and he scored the game winner.
  15. Good choice today @bostonfred She got a little fast at one point, but I caught up. Nice mix of cardio and stretching.
  16. Hey @bostonfred, I am following your daily yoga posts. I am up for whatever you want to do. I do like the Adrienne yoga more than the lady that did your Impossible Yoga in Tuesday.
  17. Yoga ✅ 15k steps ✅ Under Weight Watcher Points ✅ Snacks - banana, chocolate almonds Got in a long walk during my daughters soccer practice and finished with 20k. That makes up for the 3k short yesterday. No-point salad for lunch so made a small plate of chicken Nachos for dinner. Still 10 points to spare. Official weigh in 232. Happy with the progress. Long way to go to 220.
  18. Yoga✅ 15k steps Under Weight Watcher Points ✅ snacks - Peanut butter banana smoothie, cheese, cashews I started the day waking up in a hotel with a locked gym so I couldn’t get a morning walk in (I just didn’t feel safe walking in the dark in the area I was in). Went to meetings for a few hours, spent a few hours in the car and then more meetings when I got home. Overall a very busy day, but squeezed in yoga and a 90 minute walk before the rain set in this evening. I ended up only walking 12,000 steps but it was just one of those days.
  19. Yoga✅ 15k steps ✅ Under Weight Watcher Points ✅ snacks - NONE Drove to a face to face meeting today which was nice, but 4 hours in the car made it tough to Get my steps in. I found a park with a nice path and knocked out the last 6,000 steps before dinner. The yoga was kind of “impossible”. I am pretty sure I could never do some of those poses (never mind trying them at 51 years old and overweight). I did my best though and finished drenched in sweat. I only had time for one meal today so I splurged and had an ice cold Dos Equis with my meal. Still way under points for the day.
  20. Yoga ✅ Good one today! 15k steps ✅ Under Weight Watcher Points ✅ Snacks - grapes, sugar-free pudding, Alice of turkey I bbq’d for the family and really wanted a beer, but since I knew Otis wasn’t drinking stuck with iced tea. I didn’t want anyone to think I couldn’t make it 3 days without a drink.
  21. Glad to have your join our little group. Start with simple good habits and then add more as you get comfortable. Also set small, realistic weight loss goals. I think a lot of people start too drastically and/or set goals that are too difficult and end up failing. Or you can just do whatever @bostonfredsays and you will succeed.
  22. Yoga 15k steps ✅ Under Weight Watcher Points ✅ Snacks - grapes i didn’t get to the yoga because we went on a 5 mile hike in the mountains. I finished the day with 22k steps. I did great eating even with a big temptation. We ate lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant with a great beer selection. I ate a few grilled chicken and fish soft tacos and only a few chips. I stayed with water instead of one of the delicious brews. Big salad and grilled chicken for dinner - no real time to snack. When considering the beer the 1st thing I thought of was “ if @Otis is going dry this weekend, I can too”. I guess peer pressure can be a good thing.
  23. I like being aggressive, but anything over 1 lb / week is setting myself up for failure, especially around the holidays. I will hit 220 (hopefully by Halloween) and go from there. I will be rooting for you to hit 200 by Christmas and I will try to ride your wake and stay close.
  24. You can do it Otis. 2 days without drinking is doable. I weighed in at 233 this morning and I am going take the journey to 220 with you. Can we get there by Halloween?