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  1. 26/35 points. Under 1500 calories. Ran 4 miles. Consistently staying under the WW points and very low on calories. Snacking on fruit is keeping calories down and satisfying my need for something sweet.
  2. 20/35 points. Ran 4 miles. When I finished my run, I put the first coat of primer on my son’s bedroom. I absolutely hate painting.
  3. Our county just announced yesterday that they are going with this plan. 16 high schools over 8 days. Ceremonies starting at 9:00am and 5:00pm each day. Limit 2 guests and all seats will be assigned randomly.
  4. I have officially lost 25 lbs since January 1. My goal was to hit this goal by Memorial Day so I beat it by a couple of weeks (since I really didn't lose anything in March I am very happy). Next goal is to get under 225 (maybe by July 4?). When (not if) I hit 225 it will be the lowest I have been since I started tracking weight 7 years ago.
  5. 20/35 points today (might still have a Michelob Ultra) ran 3 miles. Keeping perfect for the month.
  6. Question for all Are you required to turn in a mileage log with your company car so that they can tax the personal miles? Do you think the IRS could request the tracking data from the employee to validate the mileage log to see if you are trying to avoid paying taxes? Maybe the log shows a 200 mile business trip to Atlanta, but the tracking data doesn’t show that trip. Could this open you up to an audit?
  7. Ate 30 out of 35 allowed. didn’t run today because I needed a break. I did walk 90 minutes though, so I think that is a fair trade. I am still saying perfect on diet and exercise goals for May. I am getting a physical in the morning. I am anxious to see if my cholesterol has dipped since I haven’t eaten red meat in a few weeks and have been loading up on vegetables.
  8. Under points for the day which is good, but I ate so many veggies that I ended up way too low on calories (only 1300). I even ate a small pudding cup to get the calories up a bit. 3 mile run to keep the streak going for the month.
  9. Made it under my points, but just barely. Did well at meals, but had a few snacks that added up (salami, cheese, nuts). Getting back at good habits today. ran 4 miles to push my daily average above 3 miles / day again (had to make up for my rain out stationary bike day last week).
  10. Finished dinner with 20 points left so enjoyed an ice cream with the family for Mother’s Day. Hit my total exactly, so still good for the month. Ran 4 miles and walked 3 miles. thanks for all of the support.
  11. Made it through the 9th day of May under WW points, but it was close. No alcohol, but little stuff that added up (a couple of chocolate almonds, a little whipped cream on strawberries, a couple slices of cheese, etc.). Still only 1600 calories and ran 4 miles.
  12. 8:00 and 10 points left to enjoy a couple of Michelob Ultras. I had to do 35 minutes on the indoor bike because it was raining all afternoon. Kept my heart rate between 130 & 140 so close to running.
  13. 1/1 - starting weight 257.7 5/9 - 233.6 Under on points and ran over 3 miles to finish a perfect week (goal wise). Family had “breakfast for dinner”. French toast, waffles, cinnamon rolls (cooked in the waffle iron which they raved about) with extra icing, sausage and bacon. I had will power though and had 3 eggs scrambled with loads of veggies and turkey. I did have 1 piece of bacon though.
  14. The amount of work performed would be the same since Work = Force * Distance for either scenario. But I agree with MAC that the calories burned is also dependent upon your heartrate. Assuming it takes 3 minutes to get the heartrate up the 2 examples about would equate to 27 minutes (in the 30 minute case) at high heartrate vs. 21 minutes in the (3x10 minute case) heartrate vs calories
  15. 5/6 - 6th day under WW points with a 3 mile run. There were a few times today when I wanted to cheat, but got by with fruit and yogurt. Shout out to BF for reminding me to make sure to eat enough calories since I only had about 1500 yesterday. Today I finished at about 1800.
  16. the Points formula is pretty complex and takes several items into account (fat, calories, sugar, fiber, etc). The idea is similar to what BF said earlier - all calories are not created equal. The points system steers you toward “better” choices. If you download itrackbites (similar to MyFitnessPal) there are several plans to choose from. One of those plans uses points. Type in the food just like in MFP and it will show you the points.
  17. That usually happens to me after a few drinks too - I tend to graze. I am focusing hard on stopping that nonsense.
  18. Thanks Fred, Total was about 1800 after adding in the fruit and slice of cheese and a little steak I didn’t mention. I didn’t actively stay that low, I really just wasn’t hungry at all. I understand that too few calories for an extended time is dangerous.
  19. Made it though Cinco de Mayo with 13 points to spare Breakfast - 1 banana and hard boiled egg lunch - chicken breast cabbage and broccoli with a little zero point dressing dinner - tilapia (with taco seasoning) cooked in a pat if butter, refried beans, small salad with zero point dressing, 12 tortilla chips (yes, I counted them out) salsa and 3 Michelob Ultras snacks - various fruits throughout the day Ran 3.25 miles Mid-week weigh in yesterday showed 234 lb - down 1.4 since Friday.
  20. 5/4 - under my 35 points and ran 3 miles. Perfect month so far. Haven’t even dipped into my weekly “extra” points yet.
  21. Restaurant owners don’t want to make enemies and are not willing to turn them in.
  22. South Carolina restaurants opened for outside dining. Unfortunately, employees are not coming back. The two interviewed on the news said they are making more from unemployment when you add in the $600.
  23. My Fitness Pal has the database. You enter 3 oz chicken and it will tell you the calories. Just a rough estimate is close enough. It I very easy. Go to diary, choose lunch - add food and start typing.