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  1. 4/18 - Nothing....My back still hurt from whatever I did yesterday so couldn’t run (could barely walk for parts of the day). Stuck at 979 minutes. I am still pretty confident I will beat my 1,000 goal.
  2. 55 minutes today. Really slow run and tweaked my back. Hopefully a little icy hot will loosen it up. 979 for the month.
  3. We are on the same page Fred, that is why I suggested small steps as well like cutting out on the flavored Oatmeal and cutting out the cheese. Small changes to the behavior add up a the end of the day. Just seeing where the hidden calories and points are in your daily routine can be eye opening. I am a cheese lover, but I have realized you can skip it on many things (e.g. salads, omelets) and not really notice. I would rather spend those few points on a few chocolate covered almonds than cheese.
  4. I am not sure you are looking for advice, but I will give it anyway. There are little changes that can make a ton of difference in weight loss. Change from the apple cinnamon to plain oatmeal. The apple cinnamon has 12g of sugar. Put real apples or bananas in for flavor. Ditch the cheese on the sandwich. Change from banana bread to plain bread. I use the itrackbites app to log my food and it really helps me stay on track. It essentially follows the weight watchers points plan. Even if you don't want to follow the plan, the app can give you a good indication "good vs evil". A good example of a choice I made was eating Cheerios (which are zero points) vs Honey Nut Cheerios (4 points for 3/4 cup).
  5. Costco charges $38 for 3 bottles of Flonase. They also have a store brand that comes with 5 bottles for about $25 (I think).
  6. 4/16 - 50 run and 30 walk with my wife and dog. 924 minutes for the month And lost 2 lbs this week! Tracking points has gotten me past my plateau. 1/1 - 257.7 4/16 - 237.6
  7. 4/15 - 60 minutes. 5 mile run (in 49:11) with cool down. 1 week of tracking food and my habits are getting much better. I really think before eating anything even remotely bad. 844 minutes for the month. I am going to blow past the 1000 goal this weekend. I will shoot for 1500 for the month.
  8. 4/12 - it’s pouring rain so I think I am done for the day. Lucky I got out early, but still ran the last 2 miles in light rain. 56 minutes. 672 minutes for the month.
  9. 4/11 - 60 minutes. It is so much nicer running at 56 degrees vs 80 degrees. 616 minutes for the month.
  10. 4/10 - I did so much yard work I didn’t have time (or energy to run). I hadn’t even closed my exercise ring in my watch by 7:30, so I took the dog out a fast 30 minute walk to keep my 30 day streak going. I was laughing at myself being so worried about a stupid “streak” on my watch! 556 minutes for the month. Better news is my weight was 239.4 (257.7 on Jan 1). After weeks just above 240 I finally broke through. Tracking my food for a few days has really helped point out way I was stuck.
  11. Since I have been running like a maniac but not losing weight I tracked my food yesterday. I had thought I was doing decent with just a few snacks during the day, boy was I wrong. I am allowed 35 points on WW and I had 50! A little cheese here, a piece of chocolate there, a spoon of guacamole, beef instead of chicken, etc. 1 or 2 bad choices may be tolerable but 5 or 6 is sabotaging my plan. I suggest anyone at a plateau to write down everything and you will see why.
  12. Hilton has extended current Diamond members through March 2022
  13. Cruise Passengers Flew Home on Commercial Filghts? Sorry if this was already posted.