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  1. I agree. The list didn't even include work out facilities, it just says "places with shared equipment". I have already seen places get around this by saying they clean the equipment between users.
  2. can someone please help me. I don’t work with google docs very often (I am afraid I am past the age/technology barrier). This google doc is not updating for me. It still shows data from Wednesday. I tried removing and reloading, but that didn’t help.
  3. Jan 1 - 257.7 Mar 27 - 241.0 Been stuck at this weight for a while. I just can't break below 240. I did beat my 21 mile running goal (28 this week). I have revised the goal from 10% increase/week to 1 mile increase/week with a max of 28. I just don't have time to run much more than that.
  4. You were right BF, 5k in 28:43. Didn’t look at my heart rate or time at all, just went by feel. Average HR was 20 above MAF though. Might be able to get under 28:00.
  5. Ran 4 miles in 42 minutes. First 5k was a little over 31 minutes (mostly MAF). could probably get my 5k under 30 ignoring my heart rate.
  6. @bostonfredI can back you up in the 5k, but my time will probably be about 32 minutes (I ran it in 33 last night, but kept my heart rate in MAF zone). If they handicap me 10 minutes I might have a chance.
  7. I say everyone choose a goal. If you hit the goal you get a point. Most points on May 29 wins bragging rights. My goal is to run 21 miles this week and increase each week by 10%. LEADERBOARD 3/27 4/3 4/10 4/17 4/24 5/1 5/8 5/15 5/22 5/29 TOTAL Bostonfred Otis Eaganwildcats DA RAIDERS krista4 Theflyingturtle fred_1_15301
  8. I could add to a group goal. The more incentive I get, the better. FYI, I have 45 miles in so far in March and hope to add another 30 or so.
  9. 1/1/2010 - 257.7 3/20/2010 - 241.0 Up 0.5 lb this week, but still down 16.7lb this year. Luckily it is nice weather in South Carolina and I can run outside. It is nice to just tune out for 45 minutes.
  10. I know it is really early, but I am concerned about how this closure of most high schools will affect the AP tests scheduled for this spring. Not only will they be delayed, but how will they be administered since my son took his in class last year. Also, there are still some students taking classes in person (I think) while others are only completing online assignments from the teacher. This seems to make an un-level playing field that should be accounted for somehow.
  11. 1/1/2010 - 257.7 3/13/2010 - 240.5 Down 17.2lb this year i am happy to see last week’s gain was only temporary. Ate better this week and it ended with positive results.
  12. 1/1/2020 - 257.7 3/6/2020 - 244 (up almost 2 lbs this week) I was not terrible with the diet, but did have a few snacks that I didn't need. I also ate a salty dinner last night so I am hoping this is water weight. Just a motivator to stay away from the junk.
  13. 1/1 - 257.7 2/28 - 242.1 -15.6 lbs this year. Happy with the results since I had 2 travel soccer tournaments the past 2 weekends and strayed from WW a bit, but back at it since Monday. still MAF running 5-7 times per week.
  14. Starting weight Jan 1 - 257.7 current weight Feb 14 - 243.2 less than 1 lb loss this week and I am not sure why. Only missed 1 day of exercise and mostly ate well with a few little strays. Oh well, not going to let it derail me - I will just do better this week.
  15. If it continues you might want to get checked for gall stones. Sounds similar to the symptoms my wife just went through.
  16. 1/1/1020 - 257.7 2/7/2020 - 243.9 -2.9 lb this week. Very happy with the results this week. Otis might be on to something with this “eat right and exercise” plan. I wish somebody would have thought of that years ago.
  17. Had a lot going on this week and missed 2 days of exercise. Add on a birthday celebration, but limited to 1 piece of cake. Still manages to lose 2 pounds. Just convinces me more that eating right and exercising most of the time with a few slip ups can still result in a positive outcome. Don’t use 1 misstep for an excuse to go off the rails! 1/1 - 257.7 1/31 246.8 -2 lb. this week.
  18. I ran a 5k last year in about 28:00. I started MAF on January 5 and averaged a 14:27/mile pace for the first 3 miles. Yesterday I averaged 12:57. Hopefully it will continue at this rate and I will be back under 10:00 by summer.
  19. Changed my weigh-in day from Monday to Friday which just makes more sense for me. 1/1 - 257.7 1/24 - 248.8 -1.1 lb since Monday. Overall good week except for yesterday when I couldn't fit in any real exercise. I will get back to it today! Staying well below my daily point allowance which has been easy so far since I mostly eat 0-point foods (fruit, vegetables, chicken, eggs). Skinny Girl salad dressings are 0-points and have good flavor.
  20. Can anyone tell me their experience with how the PSAT scores relate to SAT scores? Most places I see online say it correlates pretty well, but others say SAT scores are usually a little higher since the PSAT tops out at 1520.
  21. Starting weight 1/1 - 257.7 Weight 1/20 - 249.9 -1.7 pounds this week. It is getting easier to stay away from the junk. Walk/Run every day for at least 40 minutes is becoming a habit. Trying the MAF method and it is hard to go slow, but I am seeing progress. on January 6 I only went about 3.9 miles in an hour keeping my heartrate under 130. Yesterday I went 4.6 miles.