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  1. Pouncey 2 games for kicking. I was OK with all that until he started kicking the guy. Garrett should get this season +4 next season but somehow the NFL will only give him 4 and fine. Rest of guys involved just $$$ Will be interesting to see NFL's decisions on all of this and then them justifying it. Must see TV. And then we all forget the hit on DJ...that should be another game or two for that hit. Game was ugly for concussions last night. Leading with the crown of the helmet is back and in style for the Brownies
  2. 8th last week.....OUT this week....G0d D@mn boys!!! L Jackson, McCaffrey, Jacobs, Ertz....bye bye .............damn Kupp and Lockett this week. Contest is one of the best and most challenging. GL gents.
  3. Kupp's Goose Egg and some byes may have just cooked my @$$
  4. This McCaffrey stat really blows my mind. I'm surviving with him nicely and would assume most would have. Interesting numbers here and some great work. Always an interesting read. Thanks.
  5. 224 and some change this week...still a long road
  6. 4 man, keep as long as you want, giving up a late rd pick as well. Not worried about the pick I would give up, 6th, which is really a 10th. I just question, like the rest of us, does Gurley come back healthy next year or at any point in his career now.
  7. Have an offer for him now giving up Gurley...keeper league. Seriously considering given Gurley's health and usage.
  8. He probably ran for damn near 100 last night if it were not for penalties that stat line would look a bit more solid. Anyone know off the top of their head what Cook's contract looks like? Just looked it up....UFA 2021
  9. Agree with both points...could be we were wrong.....and hasn't had his shot yet!
  10. What to do with this guy now? 4 man keeper, short bench, damn........
  11. Putting on my bench...two touches last week? Why should I expect 15? And I really don't have a lot of options due to bye.
  12. Can't start the guy this year...wasted bench spot. Have to keep him though as a keeper league.
  13. His time is coming and for those who held they will be rewarded.