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  1. Interesting....if the same format it will be interesting to see how many common lineups we see. Similar to a small slate with DFS. I'll be playing in this one as well. Thanks.
  2. The kid is great for the community and says all the right things. I have no doubt he really means them and is doing his very best. However, in my opinion, JAG. Wildly inconsistent and dangerous decision making. Will experience and age help? Would a true #1 WR help? They have the 4th most money to spend this coming up off season. I guess we will find out but I am not overly optimistic but ready to be proven wrong.
  3. First look and swing.....damn. Tough Sledding. Tough a$% contest. Nice job FBG team.
  4. Saints at home and cover...Brees on a mission and at home. Cousins just not that good. Rattled early and a long day for the Vikes.
  5. Henry all day long....Pats better days behind them. Tenn O is clicking right now with Brown, Tannehill and Henry. Fingers crossed anyway.
  6. Bills + points all day long....good enough to cover and win this game outright. Defense in the playoffs with above avg offense. That is if JA can hang onto the ball
  7. I want to see the snap counts from last night. Agree. He was barely on the field. Almost only a 3rd down specialist. All 2 TE sets with Woods and McReynolds. Pretty disappointing but luckily the TD saved a disaster outing again.
  8. He would have been impossible to trust in my lineup this week for a playoff match up.
  9. Been down to one league now for a couple of years. Keeper league with plenty of old friends from HS or I would not be doing this. Playing this since 96 and man has it changed. The game has really become unwatchable. At least for me. TV timeout after TV timeout, injuries, flags, replays and mostly utter BS from these announcers. To call them Captain Obvious most of the time would be an understatement. Amazes me they get paid a good wage to state the obvious and add nothing to the narrative. Only thing the interests me to a degree is DFS these days. Season Long has taken it's toll on me. But I'll be back again next year for my one league and enjoy the hell out of the draft with friends. But tuning out on Sunday or Monday and especially Thursday is no longer a problem for me.
  10. IN the same boat...clinched but cannot see me putting him in Week 14. Sucks, spent some good draft capital for next year on this guy. Hopefully this is a one year wake up call for Goff and that O-coordinator.
  11. Pouncey 2 games for kicking. I was OK with all that until he started kicking the guy. Garrett should get this season +4 next season but somehow the NFL will only give him 4 and fine. Rest of guys involved just $$$ Will be interesting to see NFL's decisions on all of this and then them justifying it. Must see TV. And then we all forget the hit on DJ...that should be another game or two for that hit. Game was ugly for concussions last night. Leading with the crown of the helmet is back and in style for the Brownies
  12. 8th last week.....OUT this week....G0d D@mn boys!!! L Jackson, McCaffrey, Jacobs, Ertz....bye bye .............damn Kupp and Lockett this week. Contest is one of the best and most challenging. GL gents.