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  1. His time is coming and for those who held they will be rewarded.
  2. Well, that was my thinking at draft time. I will still stand by this thought process until I see some of these others produce for more than one week. Long season and will be fun to see play out.
  3. Drafted him shortly after waiting on TE and landing Hooper. I think the guy could be a Top 3 TE 2nd half of the season after the suspension and the Jets get healthy again. We have to carry 2 TE's and if there is such a thing as a Lottery Tix TE this might be the guy. Go get him if he is on your WW
  4. I guess he'll have to postpone that next music video until the bye week. He was hoping to get a jump start
  5. Donated $20 tonight brother....I really don't use it but with all the hard work you put in I appreciate it when I do actually look at it. Have a great night
  6. ballsy....was thinking over Baker but decided against it
  7. Short bench here....but holding....screw it. Like what I saw and a 4 man keeper. So will risk it.
  8. That's me cstruck...just filled it in now.....will post tomorrow....GL to all
  9. Totally agree, but when you have 13 other guys who are so damn stubborn, "because we always draft this weekend" BS sometimes you have no choice.
  10. Barkley looks to throw a better ball than Allen to be honest. Looks pretty good tonight.
  11. I traded Bell this week for McCaffrey in my 14 team 4 man keeper. Just not feeling good about Bell this year or even when he leaves the Steelers. Time to start with a fresh outlook. Will see how this pans out but having won back to back championship in this league I had no patience to watch this play out any longer.
  12. Not sure exactly how to pull it off to be honest. But I have to think you get to 5 from 12 it will cost some major picks ( 12,22, 2nd and a 3rd) for sure but you will have something in the tank, even if it is next year. To go 5th to 2nd you give Pick 5 and a 2nd this year and next years 2nd. I just hate to think we will get the 4th, 5th or maybe 6th QB off the board.
  13. Would getting up to 5 do it? Then trade again w/Giants. Would the Giants be happy w/ Chubb or Barkley? Because one of them goes at 4 one would assume if they go QB at one then allowing the Giants to grab the other and some additional picks.
  14. KC probably killed my chances. Had a KC/MIN Final...this contest is tough every year and keeps getting tougher with pricing. Good luck to all.
  15. Needed 30 out of Bell and Hopkins....just enough...won by 1.75. Now if you would have told me SEA would put up 93 passing yards (having Wilson and Richardson) and HOU would put up 93 passing yards (Hopkins) I would never even have watched the games. Brutal efforts by these squads. But a win is a win and even better when its a repeat. Happy New Year to you all.
  16. IN the same boat...when AR went down I went out and made a deal for RW and I think you have to continue to roll with him, although you have to think AR wants to throw the ball all over the yard, and show the NFL just what it was missing. Goff should be slinging the ball around this weekend too so I have to think RW might be just doing the same.
  17. Exactly one of the reasons we left...getting out the stadium will be a nightmare. It was when I left in the 1st quarter. Buddy was called into work due to this so had no choice but glad we did. Snow was just pounding us. Couldn't see much anyway.
  18. Hoping he goes this week against his former team. Need him with some reps before FF playoffs get going and to see how he looks. Can he be trusted.
  19. I'll feel pretty good if I can make it thru this week. No QB or Hunt, Ertz....this week. Took home money one time in this contest and has been a few years so keeping my fingers crossed.
  20. No QB this week myself. Rodgers OUT and Wentz a Bye...should be interesting to see if I can squeeze by.
  21. I have seen her "act" a few times on ESPN. She should have been let go a long time ago. ESPN ratings down for many reasons and she is definitely one of them.
  22. The ESPN part of this quote is another thread in itself. That station has gone to hell. What garbage. Reminds me of the days way back when MTV was kind of cool and then stopped playing music videos. (I know I'm showing my age)
  23. Interest is down for many reasons. Many of which have been stated. Commercials, flags, poor play, and more importantly to me is sitting and/or stretching out during the National Anthem. I would rather watch a solid Saturday Night college game right now. The fans are totally into it. The play is not bad at all. Replays do not take that much time. Less injuries it seems but maybe I am wrong. I can keep up with my fantasy need to knows through this board and other reading outlets if I want or need to. Nice poll. Worded nicely as to not offend some.