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  1. This feels like a lost season all the way around now. I can't help but think the new owner will want to put his stamp on the franchise, bring in all new management and coaches, and scrap what's going on now. Of course, the first rookie owner mistake is to want to do just that, but hold off for a year or two, to allow the current staff to prove themselves. Ultimately it means it still happens, but instead of wasting our time in 2012, he wastes our time in 2012, 2013, and 2014. If he's gonna do it, he should just do it and get it over with.
  2. They actually opened 3-1 and then lost 3 straight. They were 4-5 when Model made the announcement. As I remember, one of their biggest problems was that Pepper Johnson and Carl Banks got real old and slow between 1994 and 1995. Obviously you're right that Belichick got them to 11-5 in '94 which is a record they haven't matched since. Every time I hear Cleveland fans bashing a coach on the radio, I remember that they could be some of the same geniuses that thought Belichick was terrible.I don't think anyone believes the players found out about the move when Modell made the announcement. There were rumors swirling in that locker room for at least a few weeks prior. I remember there were public rumors at least 2 weeks prior to the announcement.
  3. Ugh. I understand when non Browns fans defend Bellichik, I don't expect them to know of everything that happened here. I expect better from Browns fans though.Bellichik buried his own grave here and was correctly shown the door, he did a tremendous job adjusting and learning from his mistakes after he left here and was given a 2nd chance.No. Belichick had successfully turned the team the team around. The players quit once it learned of the move. They went 11-5 in 1994. They opened 4-1 in 1995. They went from that to getting blown out by almost everyone because they had their heart ripped out. It was a very emotional time.
  4. Seriously. I was always out doing something I shouldn't be doing. Never watched much TV.
  5. No reason to be depressed. Our future is in good hands.
  6. What did interest you as a teenager?Running around outside and playing. I swam a LOT. As a kid I'd buy the season pool pass every year and spend as much time there as I could. Went hiking, played games outside with friends.Found a picture of you.nice bro
  7. What did interest you as a teenager?Running around outside and playing. I swam a LOT. As a kid I'd buy the season pool pass every year and spend as much time there as I could. Went hiking, played games outside with friends.
  8. I guess it finally makes sense why Holmgren never took the head coaching job, preferring to stay GM and hire someone else. He knew the team was for sale. That just sucks.
  9. The key to winning in the NFL is either 1. Get a franchise QB. or 2. Run the football like crazy. A lot of coaches don't understand this. The only coach we ever had after 1999 that did understand it was Butch Davis. But his teams were horribly devastated by injuries after the wild card season. That just wasn't meant to be. I did want them to hire Schottenheimer when they picked Mangini. Schottenheimer gets it. If Schottenheimer took over this team, he would pound the living hell out of opponents with Trent Richardson. Passing would be an afterthought. And the Browns would be relevant again. If Vermeil took over this team, he'd do the exact same thing. So would Gibbs. Screw you and your "oh this is a passing league". We're running it down your throats. Try and stop us. Shurmur is probably going to use Richardson as a decoy and try to win with Weeden's arm.
  10. Belichick did good with what he had to work with in Cleveland. When he took over, the team was very old, slow, and needed a complete roster turnover. Throughout that process he was winning 6 or 7 games. Then in 94 the team broke through and had the best defense in the NFL. They were on the right track but in 1995, Modell announced the move and the team fell apart. Had the move never happened, Belichick probably wins multiple Super Bowls in Cleveland. What would have been really interesting was Belichick's rising trajectory with the Browns probably would have ran smack into Elway's Broncos resurgence in Denver, leading to probably a couple more Browns-Broncos AFC title games. Maybe the Browns break through in 1998 and beat the Falcons that year.
  11. I don't think I've ever watched the Goonies in its entirety. I've seen parts of it on free tv here or there. Don't think I saw the whole thing. I did finally see the usual suspects about 5 years ago. I never watched any of the X-men films. Or Spider Man 3. But I remember after watching Batman Forever, I swore off comic book films for a long, long time.
  12. I also hate gangster / mafia films. Also never watched the Sopranos and have no desire to ever see it.
  13. There's lots of films that have gotten rave reviews that I've never seen: The Godfather The Godfather Part 2 Schindler's List X-men Goodfellas Ferris Bueller's Day Off I only saw the Breakfast Club years after it came out, like late 1990s. The Shining Jaws Blade Runner I finally saw Escape from New York THIS YEAR for the first time. As far TV shows, I never watched Fresh Prince and never watched Saved By The Bell.
  14. Interesting comment here from a player: The jolting news no doubt affects the players the least. One player told me, “Probably half the room has never met Randy Lerner.” But any owner that invests $1 billion or so in a football team eventually will want to build his own organization. And that perhaps is why Shurmur sounded a little too ornery for the first day of a new season laden – locally, at least – with optimism. News reports already have named long-time NFL executives Joe Banner (Eagles) and Bill Polian (Colts) as possible executives coming aboard with Haslam. Mike Holmgren, who was hand-picked by Lerner to represent him in every facet of the team, sounded Friday as if his term as president is coming to an end. So that uncertainty has to trickle down. Tom Heckert, the Browns’ general manager, worked under Banner in Philadelphia for nine years. Shurmur himself had 10 years there with Banner. So there is some reason to expect some continuity. But for a coach coming off a 4-12 season – and with national expectations of not much improvement with a rookie-laden lineup – the pressure just got turned up a notch. When Holmgren made Shurmur a surprise hire in 2011, he said it would be the last coach he hired. One way or another, that surely looks to be on the mark.
  15. Has anyone done an analysis of new ownerships taking control of an NFL team, and what kind of changes they made in the first year or two? Would be interesting to see, even if I'm unsure of how much weight to give it.