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  1. Stethoscope to try and hear them better?
  2. I would think smart phones helped kill the contests.
  3. We had the same issue with our entertainment center. Not sure what you are working with, but I was able to modify the top of ours to make it fit a 70". It was removeable and sits on top of the shelves.
  4. I have both and am leaning Jets. Browns have more potential for scoring than the Redskins.
  5. Sounds like you are having a great trip. Looking forward to a full trip report with your favorite restaurants. My wife and I will be there in September.
  6. Would the Giants be the better play instead of SF vs SEA and Pitt vs Rams?
  7. Rescue volunteers attacked by pit bull.
  8. In this article he calls the dogs violent. Why would you keep them if you considered them violent. Link
  9. I agree. With multiple people in a room a shotgun would not have worked unless you were using slugs which are not near as accurate as an AR-15. A handgun could have worked, but again an AR-15 is more accurate and easier to control than a handgun.