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  1. I hope you are wrong. I saw that NYPD is warning high end building owners to get extra security before election day.
  2. I wish we could see the aftermath with a Biden win and a Trump win. My guess is there would rioting and destruction with one and not the other.
  3. Maybe everyone with the answers for how police should act should join the force. Then they could handle these situations instead of telling the police how it should have went.
  4. My post has nothing to do with age. Biden does not have the energy or mental capacity to be President. Someone with energy and stamina would be out campaigning in battle ground states these last few days. His wife had to remind him who the current president is.
  5. Europe thought they had the virus contained and now it is exploding just like in the US or worse. Unless we follow what China is doing I don't see how this can be stopped without lockdowns that are enforced and that will not happen.
  6. So is anyone planning trips for next summer or fall? Flights will be available soon to reschedule our trip to Italy, but I am concerned we will end up having to cancel again. The good thing is we received all of our refunds so that should not be an issue as long as I keep copies of the cancellation policies when I book.
  7. Split a 9lb pork shoulder and put on at 9am. Trying an apple cider brine recipe.
  8. My mother-in-laws Shih Tzu passed away this morning. He was almost 15 years old and had a bad heart. My wife is an absolute mess. She has taken care of him for those 15 years and it was just as much her dog. He has been through 4 knee surgeries and we were told in July 2019 he didn't have long due to a "wicked" heart murmur. He went on medication and it helped for awhile. He started taking pills twice a day 8 months ago and my wife has been giving them to him everyday at 6am and 6pm. She did everything she could to give him the best life possible. I don't think her mom can get another dog as she is 80 and can't take care of one. I took him on walks 4 to 5 times a week and he loved that. I will definitely miss him too.
  9. Joe is going to end this. He must know something no one else in the world knows.
  10. Let's see how long it takes and if anyone besides Fox reports this.