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  1. Last year we flew to London business class for around 100k each. We could have flown economy for less, but we splurged and it was absolutely worth it. You can fly economy to Europe round trip for 60k per person.
  2. Cordy Glenn will be the left tackle after Jonah Williams was lost for the year. They have four options at guard so hopefully one of them stands out.
  3. He is average for the NFL, but better than his backups.
  4. Mine works great when I check the motion and ring alerts. Check your wifi signal strength. It could be causing your problem.
  5. We use ours occasionally for cooking and once a week making yogurt for the past 1.5 years. We have not had any problems.
  6. Now Clint Boling retires. It is going to be a very interesting OL.
  7. Joe should start a thread so we can discuss this very important topic.
  8. It is pathetic that this is even being talked about. People in this country look for any little thing that they can turn into racism and run with it.
  9. Exactly. If they come legally then they have the right to become citizens.
  10. If the census is used to determine the number of electoral votes a state receives why would non citizens count toward the number of votes? Having the citizenship question seems logical.
  11. Just saw it and loved it. It was my first 3D movie and the scenes with mysterio were great.
  12. For those wondering about business cards. I just signed up my wife and I up for our second business card. Selling stuff on ebay and facebook was good enough to qualify. I put less than 1 year in business and under $500 income. It was for the Citi Business AAdvantage and Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business. We will end up with 300K in points between us.
  13. We loved Punta Cana. Beach was amazing and the food and drinks were good. We like Negril, Jamaica better. Beach, food and drink are better, but the price was 40% more.