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  1. They go to Australia. I am guessing the wildfires come into play.
  2. Watched the first night and DVR'd the rest. Enjoyed the first part.
  3. It's 3.5 here in Ohio. Would love to get under 3.0
  4. Liked the last Alexa and Michelob Ultra commercial.
  5. I have 7 - 3 in rocket mortgage square's.
  6. One case in Rome. It's a Chinese tourist. Some of the bars have signs barring Chinese tourist.
  7. 2.75 is awesome. I told the guy in Columbus when he called me and he hasn't seen anything close to that. I don't think he has even seen 3.0%
  8. No luck here. Talked to guy in Columbus and 30 yr is at 3.25% and 15 yr was only a little better. I am at 3.5%.