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  2. Hope this is right.
  3. Protest in Cincinnati planned for 9pm when curfew starts. Everyone of them needs to be arrested.
  4. Received my $500 bonus yesterday from opening a Chase business account.
  5. Just started watching this and we really like it. The dad is my favorite character.
  6. Trying spare ribs for the first time on a little Smoke Hollow smoker. Going to use the 3-2-1 method.
  7. Seems high. My credit union in OH is at 2.5% on a 15yr.
  8. Here is evidence.
  9. Credit union is going to portfolio my mortgage so closing costs will drop to $1,500 as long as it appraises.
  10. Looks like my wife is done with partial unemployment. She worked 22 hrs last week and that put her over the allowed income. She will most likley be working just over the allowed amount from now on. That's a big hit and we don't expect her to get back to 40hrs for a few months.
  11. Every expert could have recommended wearing masks from the beginning and the people that refuse to wear masks now still would not wear them.
  12. No. Local credit union that I already had my mortgage with.
  13. Is the same mindset happening in other countries or is it just us? I think I know the answer.
  14. Saw this in town today in Ohio. High school seniors having large parties.