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  1. TripleA know his stuff! I would replace Tom Petty with Alice in Chains - Dirt, songs from all five of these albums still play regularly on my shuffle. 1991/1992 Pearl Jam - Ten Metallica - Metallic´╗┐a Nirvana - Nevermind Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I/II (counting this as one) Alice in Chains - Dirt
  2. Get Steven on this:
  3. +1 for me as well...came to this post hoping to find more like this but haven't, will give Lockdown a try.
  4. This. Used engine with less miles if you want to keep driving it or go cheap-o and just get one that runs put in it and then sell it/trade it in...and then get a jeep so you can bring that thread back to the first page.
  5. Able to see what this might look like on a 120" screen? Ordered the same model and want to fill either a 100" or 120" screen.
  6. Just ordered one of these myself...will be ordering screen after it arrives to make sure we like the size it projects.
  7. My mind keeps going towards, how will episode 9 end...Luke sacrificing himself to save a young family member (possibly Kylo or Rey) or Rey sacrificing herself to bring balance to the force (ala Matrix 3)...hopefully something else and the story continues to stay fresh and true to the originals at the same time. No chance I don't see any of the 5 coming out- I'm rooting for them to be good!
  8. I must have missed it, where did R2-D2 appear from? He was all of a sudden there...