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  1. TripleA know his stuff! I would replace Tom Petty with Alice in Chains - Dirt, songs from all five of these albums still play regularly on my shuffle. 1991/1992 Pearl Jam - Ten Metallica - Metallic´╗┐a Nirvana - Nevermind Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I/II (counting this as one) Alice in Chains - Dirt
  2. Get Steven on this:
  3. +1 for me as well...came to this post hoping to find more like this but haven't, will give Lockdown a try.
  4. Able to see what this might look like on a 120" screen? Ordered the same model and want to fill either a 100" or 120" screen.
  5. Just ordered one of these myself...will be ordering screen after it arrives to make sure we like the size it projects.