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  1. If you can get dalton, do it- I do not like ryan or stafford this week. Help with mine:
  2. I would try Dixon this week- why not- Coleman is not going to do much against denver even if healthy but with his sickle cell trait and the altitude in Denver, we are asking for trouble. Go with Dixon
  3. rodgers is the only show in town right now so I go with him
  4. How many do you need
  5. Bump
  6. Pryor. So you would really play enunwa over either Houston receiver
  7. Bump
  8. Agree, marvin is banged up Kelvin over Smith
  9. Can someone tell me why hopkins will be able to do what no receiver has done against Minnesota
  10. stafford
  11. White should be fine with Brady back- just like he was last season after Lewis got hurt. I would not drop Gio for Rodgers
  12. Does anyone really believe that Hopkins can do anything that other receivers have not been able to do against the Vikings defense comma especially with a lesser quarterback then both the Giants and the Panthers had when they couldn't get the ball to their top receiver
  13. osweiler certainly did not have much time against NE-
  14. If a ppr, yeldon may be better- I am concerned about Murray going forward. turf toe is a prolonged injury and the other backs may shine when he is out
  15. Lacy and howard for sure. If siemian starts I would go with sanders otherwise Mckinnon- Just not sure what Lynch will do Please help with mine: