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  1. go with Gronk if you have Tye and it sounds like he is playing
  2. Bortles has been money- go with him help with mine
  3. if ppr- White if not hightower help with mine
  4. Reed is the least awful of these 3-
  5. parker help with mine
  6. bump
  7. I already started Palmer but I need to choose my second QB Cutler has a good matchup but he has been so inconsistent and rain is forecast Hoyer has been more consistent but I fear the NE defense shutting him down will help you
  8. you cannot go with Gronk cause it is a late game and since you do not have someone to plug in should Gronk be inactive, you have to go with Ridgers
  9. hoyer denver shuts everyone down help
  10. miller and ivory help please
  11. go with the 3 runners- you sure have an embarrassment of riches help me please
  12. not sure if I'd start matthews over sproles
  13. draughn. He's been consistently productive for fantasy Help me please
  14. ASJ and Draughn Miller and Draughn are close however help me