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  1. I went sins and gore
  2. Enunwa, denver d is a brutal match-up
  3. Ppr, 2 backs Lacy, supposed to be more involved Gore, great match-up Sims, tough match up but big role Coleman, not sure of touch number Pick 2
  4. Ware for sure. My gut says zeke but I'd go either way on this
  5. Ppr Simms, bernard, coleman And Sharpe, moncrief (vs Denver) , or Eli Rogers
  6. Ppr Simms, bernard, coleman And Sharpe or moncrief (vs Denver)
  7. go with Gronk if you have Tye and it sounds like he is playing
  8. Bortles has been money- go with him help with mine
  9. if ppr- White if not hightower help with mine
  10. Reed is the least awful of these 3-
  11. parker help with mine
  12. bump