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  1. I am guessing this must be an AL and NL league if you want 14 players.
  2. I'm looking to find 11 good owners to start an auction League probably for the 2019 season.
  3. Since avoiding Ebron seems to be a priority I would go with B but I prefer Miller in the lineup- However Moncrief should equal Miller so B
  4. agreed- robinson due to weather HELP with mine;
  5. Pryor- different QB and snow storm MOncrief- clearly NOT a focal point but manages a score on a few short passes a week Jordan Matthews - not sure what to expect but at least he will be targeted consistently- may not be in slot which hurts him, Josh Norman effect?
  6. If you can get dalton, do it- I do not like ryan or stafford this week. Help with mine:
  7. I would try Dixon this week- why not- Coleman is not going to do much against denver even if healthy but with his sickle cell trait and the altitude in Denver, we are asking for trouble. Go with Dixon
  8. rodgers is the only show in town right now so I go with him
  9. Pryor. So you would really play enunwa over either Houston receiver
  10. Agree, marvin is banged up Kelvin over Smith
  11. Can someone tell me why hopkins will be able to do what no receiver has done against Minnesota