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  1. Do you pick up the flight tab? I gotta be honest I've never been to Hawaii and if my sister lived there I wouldn't go there either, don't like the idea of the flight time and time change. If she lived in Vegas I'd go twice a year
  2. Interestingly enough I have a sister who lives in Ft. Myers, so she's in a wonderful climate. I haven't visited her in 10 years, nor have her friends, my dad hates traveling to her and will only do it once per year out of obligation. I've seen similar experiences with multiple people.. people with homes in the Caribbean and such.. people just won't go out of their way to come to you... whereas now I live 5 min from my parents and my kids have a wonderful relationship with their grandparents... my sisters kids barely have any relationship with them by comparison.
  3. I'd want to live near my family regardless of affordability. Also cost of living is such a huge factor in wealth accumulation. It's one thing to pick somewhere nicer for a week. Years is a different story
  4. this is always been my viewpoint also why take the risk and contacts only bother me when I'm doing water sports. But boy it would be nice to be able to see without them at night
  5. Global entry Better seats at concerts or sporting events YouTube premium with no ads {includes their music app} Better vacation destinations. Like no one would choose Mexico or the Dominican if they had the money and knew how much better Barbados or Turks and Caicos is. Anything that skips lines or eliminates waiting.
  6. Congrats! That's a big step because i'm sure you have probably double that if you combined your other assets. You thinking 5-7 years before you check out of work?
  7. The thread was only 401k so i didn't count my wife's 403b, both of our Roth IRA s, hsa, cash management account, 529, etc. But you're doing great. I can only imagine how I'd be doing with no kids and a wife that had worked rather than stayed home with kids for 6 years
  8. I've had to start following the market less closely. A few dozen s&p points is a greater swing up or down than i can make it a day or two easily
  9. Royals - 85, 2015 (2) - I was 8 when they won the first one, so I loved it and got to goto game 1 (still have the ticket).. but didn't truly appreciate it. That 2015 one I absolutely cherish and appreciate (got to attend game 2). Chiefs - not in my lifetime (1 overall) No NBA or NHL and my college didn't have D1 football and have never made the NCAA tourney in basketball
  10. Maybe I would. I know my single friends aren't exactly having the time of their lives anymore either. What I really want is something that's unrealistic. I want to have my family, then magically once a week all of my friends are available for happy hour and we can have a great night out and then I can return to my family.
  11. My income has doubled since I had my first child 5 years ago and it didn't suck before then. Some of that is time and increased skills.. most is trust I get from people who know I'm a "family man"
  12. I have to do about 3 continuing education trips a year as it is.... that's the tough part. That's already time away albeit for mostly business
  13. Weekend away 6 times a year is amazing. I definitely encourage my wife to do these things.. and she does when she can, but runs into a lot of the same problems I do. I am 100% in agreement on planning ahead. In fact that's the only way stuff gets done. With my dentist friends it's not uncommon to plan stuff 6 mo. in advance.
  14. Ha! i forgot what part of town you live in again.