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  1. Preach man.. I feel like we should be definitely at the point in society where nickel is the smallest coin.. and frankly dime would be better than that even.
  2. I voted dime, but after thinking about it further... I"m only picking up that dime in optimal conditions (dry, clean) and the real answer is probably quarter.
  3. I was 36 when my first came and 37 when my second came. Pro was financial stability and maturity Con was energy level and kind of feeling old though with more and more older 1st time parents I feel less bad having a 4 year old and some grey hair. I should have gotten going a few years earlier but wasn't really ready until like 33. The late night wake ups take an incredible toll on you. It sapped all my enjoyment of the kids as babies
  4. Guess I'll go for the Battlehawks since they are in Missouri... but really i hate most things St. Louis.. so probably just won't watch. I don't need anymore football for awhile after the awesomeness that was the CHIEEEFFFFSSSS!
  5. I love this season so far. Much better than last one. First ep was especially money
  6. I've made so much ####### money in the last decade because of all those investable dollars I've saved in the stock market that I've loosened up the purse strings. YOLO I also no longer have any dollars of debt. I'm spending like a drunken sailor over here now bruh!
  7. I feel like I've reached all the sports goals I have ever wanted in life now. I wanted to see the Royals win the World series when I was an adult and could go.. check. I wanted to see the Chiefs in the Superbowl and attend a superbowl in my lifetime. Check, Check. Now here's the thing. After the Royals won the World Series I felt like I"d finished a book or beat a videogame.. honestly baseball hasn't ever been the same for me since.. I still goto games, I still would have liked to see the Royals make the playoffs the year or 2 after when they still had many of the pieces.. but I just didn't CARE as much. I really wonder whether or not I'll feel the same about football. I really doubt a 2nd or 3rd superbowl would get me nearly as fired up as this one did. Hey New England fan in his 40's... Did the 5th and 6th superbowl titles really mean all that much to you?
  8. NO one who's got enough dough to drop 8-10k on a football game drinks Busch Light. Maybe Bud at worst, but most people were either not drinking or had craft beers or craft cocktails.
  9. the 45% of fans were making 80% of the noise
  10. It was 45% Chiefs, 35% niners, 15% just there because they wanted to go from my anecdotal experience. But the Chiefs fans were for SURE louder
  11. Great freaking experience. Best 8k (ticket, flight, hotel, food) I've spent in a long time. That is a really cool stadium they have down there in Miami.. food was great, and win really put the icing on the cake. Stressful game to watch as a fan though.. palms and pits were sweaty... lost my voice
  12. Lost tens of thousands yesterday. Eff you coronavirus
  13. Breakfast, probably once a month. Other meals.. maybe 1-2 times a year because the kids want a happy meal so I join in and get a double che or something. It's obviously not great food, but it's definitely not terrible. Only had 1 or 2 Big Mac's lifetime and that was years ago.