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  1. You're right, but I honestly didn't think that until 6 weeks ago. I thought the s and p was a broad enough slice of the economy to mostly simulate the economy. Obviously that's wrong. Lesson learned
  2. Massive hit. I could make a long list of people that got destroyed by this, but somehow it's not enough to wreck the Dow and s and p. The gap between small and big business has never felt wider. If the Dow was hovering around 16 to 20k that would feel more accurate
  3. I get it. My dropped income is still top 10 percent and my net worth is still top 10 percent, still pissed though. If I'm going to take a hit everyone should take a big ### hit
  4. Maybe I'm in the minority of people, I'm going to take a 30 to 40 percent income dip this year. So I'm going to spend less. Many people I know are going to spend less. Maybe that drop in spending doesn't affect the companies in the s and p 500. Maybe most people aren't having that drop. But I'm pissed at the double whammy of an income drop and net worth drop
  5. I still don't understand this market. Up every day after hundreds of billions of damage. After 20 years of investing I thought I knew a little but this makes zero sense to me. Am I venting because I sold low, locked in losses and an going to be be forced in to buying back high, yes. But honestly I'm more upset that economics no longer makes sense. I see no reason we should be over Dow 22k. Things just make a lot less sense in the bailout days
  6. This is pretty consistent with what we're doing. We also added a music playlist of vintage 80's porn music to play and sales have never been better.
  7. See there's just no way this doesn't have longer lasting effects than just a couple months. I'm just pissed that this isn't going my way I guess.
  8. We are.. I sold everything at dow 21K. I planned to rebuy at dow 16k. Regardless of the government response, I've never felt like the stock market was more disconnected to the economy than I feel right now. Maybe there's more to this that I don't understand.... maybe since my own business has been wrecked and my own income wrecked and my own personal spending dropped to near zero I feel like that should apply to more people and thus no company that's not amazon or grocery should be doing well. The market can remain irrational longer than I can remain solvent I guess. And yet I still believe that dow 20k is more likely to hit next than dow 30k...
  9. I absolutely don't get the market. the dow 5000 point recovery from 18-23 doesn't make sense. Even with government bailouts, only select businesses are seeing any revenue right now.. unemployment numbers are going to be massive... defaults are going to be big.... and everyone knows this but the big money is still buying anyway? Don't get it. And yeah, I sold everything... EVERYTHING at dow 21, so I'm pissed.
  10. Icon got me strip club passes way back in 2005, it was epic. That was a long long time ago. Feels like a different lifetime
  11. I have a close friend that's an orthodontist. He's not open. He's admitted this will add time to everyone's treatment and that he's probably going to have to unmove some intended movements in teeth but that everything is going to be ok
  12. Any G1 transformers fans? This is like the hate plague story line in the episode "return of Optimus prime"
  13. That type of flight experience scares the #### out of me. I hate mild to moderate turbulence. That might make me never fly again. My palms got sweaty reading that and obviously I knew you survived ok
  14. Annoyed. This sucks. Killed loads of money in stocks, about to ruin my business for a few weeks and might threaten my beach trip in May. Everything fun I do or look forward to has been cancelled and the weather still sucks.
  15. That I regularly watch scat pornography Mammaries, or be gone with thee