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  1. People keep saying that the loans would be erased, or the loans would be cancelled. But are those descriptions accurate? The loans won't be erased or cancelled, all of the lenders will get their money, correct? It's just that taxpayers are on the hook for the payment rather than the original borrowers.
  2. Easy call, that was a flagrant. Can't do a full windup and chop a guy like that.
  3. When a defender knocks the ball straight out of bounds, the offense gets the ball back. That's the way it's called 100% of the time by a referee at any level. Including the first 39 minutes of a college basketball game. Unfortunately there have been many examples where replay completely flipped that call during the last minute of a game. It's inconstant and it's bad for the game.
  4. Replay overruled common sense. That's too bad, we could have witnessed a great ending.
  5. Bell fought for something that was bigger than himself. NFL owners sit on billions of dollars but then give players non-guaranteed contracts because the sport is violent and careers are short. The franchise tag enables owners to pay the players year-by-year rather than guaranteeing a longer contract. When it comes time for the next bargaining agreement between the owners and the union, the players should absolutely line up and fight along with Bell.... more guaranteed money, less franchise tags. Anyone focusing on the Bell's lost wages from last year is missing the bigger point.
  6. My wife is black and strongly republican. Her entire black family is strongly republican. They voted for Trump and still support him. I can guarantee that they will ignore today's testimony and continue to support him. Pretty sad.
  7. Top story on Fox News website: "CNN's Acosta confronted by Angel Moms" Story immediately below it: "Trump declares national emergency"
  8. You don't think there is a logical connection between a head coach covering up rapes and the wins that he compiled while covering up the rapes? He would literally win games and then hold football camps that helped his assistant coach groom boys for rape. Pizza joint is a bad comparison. I agree that there isn't much of a connection between a doctor for the gymnastics team and the MSU basketball/football programs though.
  9. Yes a player having his wins removed from the record book is an unfortunate side effect of having a coach that covered up CHILD RAPE for decades.
  10. FBG projected him at 115 total yards but he only came up with 100 🤷‍♂️ He didn't get the TD that they projected. When you complain about one specific projection, you should be required to provide ALL of your projections. For example, what did you project for P.Lindsay and L.Miller? They were generally ranked right behind him but put up 50 yards combined.
  11. His home and away splits are pretty incredible this year. At home he has a 125 rating, 18 TDs, 2 INTs. Away he has a 79 rating, 9 TDs, 9 INTs. But that may have more to do with a small sample size that includes @Chi, @Den, and @Sea. Last year in away games he had a 110 rating, 18 TDs, 2 INTs.
  12. Gurley had 80 yards and a TD. Barkley had 100 yards and a TD. Seems about right for McCaffrey as well. I guess you could bench him if you are confident that someone on your bench is going to outperform him?
  13. You screwed yourself by having your best RB/WR/QB on bye during a week when you play an opponent battling for the same playoff spot. You know beforehand that head-to-head is the tiebreaker so do something about it.