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  1. The first 3 quarters had tons of action up and down the court, just like a regular all star game. Very entertaining. This is the first all star game that my kids have watched, and they loved seeing all of their favorites on the same court. Then it turned into a regular NBA game and the last 45 minutes were full of fouls, free throws, and replays. Awful ending.
  2. Victoria looked like a pretty good catch during her first date at Cedar Point..... until it became clear that she will treat every minor hurdle as though it is the end of the world. I'll predict that Peter does her 5 times in the fantasy suite, then sends her packing. Continuing his trend of being completely clueless, he hopes that Madison was just kidding about that whole virginity thing. As he is getting ready to propose to Madison, she decides not to show up. Season ends without a proposal. Since neither Peter nor the old Hannah have any actual redeeming qualities, they crawl back together as each others' 3rd or 4th best options. End scene.
  3. These games are more entertaining than what the NFL has been putting out there lately. Faster pace which helps focus on the action instead of spending half of the broadcast analyzing freeze frame replays.
  4. The postseason contest always has an element of train wreck because the rules are a bit complicated. But this year was on a different level. The contest winner had 0 players from the opening weekend
  5. A house under construction doesn't fall over when it's hit with some light wind. This wall under construction is SAD!
  6. Kansas guy played nice and tried to dribble out the clock. K-State guy messed around, picked his pocket, and then had his shot absolutely destroyed into next week. Without a doubt one of the best blocks of the year. K-State guy deserved to have the guy stand over him since he was the one messing around in the first place. Everything after that was WWF.
  7. Sitting at home and posting to a forum qualifies as "something I guess". Getting 1k rushing and 1k receiving in an NFL season is a great accomplishment regardless of team wins.
  8. It's a debate because the rule is called one way in millions of games (plus the first 47 minutes of a NBA game), then replay calls it a differently in the final 1 minute. So maybe the wording of the rule should be updated so that it is always called the same way.
  9. I don't have a rule book in front of me right now, but hopefully the rule is worded in a way that matches how it is called in millions of basketball games every year.
  10. So nobody in the entire world playing on the street or in a gym can get that call correct without having a super-slo-mo replay following them? Disagree strongly. When the defender slaps the ball directly out of bounds, just give the ball back to the offense and keep playing.
  11. The last 5 years sums up the Lions perfectly. They had a coach who was winning games and making the playoffs, but the GM fired him because he claimed the team was more talented than that. Then when the new coach completely tanks the next 2 years, the GM and new coach claim that they have been rebuilding. The Fords release a statement that their expectations are to be "playoff contenders" which is actually less than what the previous coach was achieving.
  12. 2007 Manning ADP 1.10. Finished as QB3. 2009 Brees ADP 1.11. Finished as QB2. 2010 Rodgers ADP 1.07. Finished as QB1. 2011 Rodgers ADP 1.09. Finished as QB2. 2012 Rodgers ADP 1.02. Finished as QB2. 2012 Brady ADP 1.05. Finished as QB3. 2012 Brees ADP 1.07. Finished as QB1. There have been very few QBs with ADP in the first round since then. Even after Newton's huge year, his ADP was in the 3rd round. Someone else mentioned RG3 but after his big year, his ADP was in the 7th round.
  13. He doesn't get much separation at the line or at any point in his routes. But he is great at catching contested balls. That can work with an established veteran QB who doesn't mind taking some chances, but with a 2nd or 3rd string QB, they are much less likely to throw to him when he's covered.