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  1. Not arguing right or wrong here, but saw this somewhere else and they said that wasn't the police, it was the national guard, and they were told multiple times to go inside as they were violating the curfew and they refused to. Not sure that gives them the right to use force but what is the alternative? Direct physical confrontation and possible worse violence and potential deadly outcomes? Whole thing is a mess.
  2. I could be wrong but I think Max is replacing them all?
  3. Will probably cancel HBO thru DirecTV and sign up for this. $11.99 a month is cheaper than HBO itself and you get more content than HBO alone.
  4. Not a single concert, but I like The Doors Absolutely Live.
  5. Wow. I hope ours moves half as fast. I did get an email from current lender saying they received a request for a payoff statement so I know there is some movement. They wanted a chance to compete. I logged into their set and their rates were higher than what I locked. I see today my broker's rates are slightly better than what I locked. Can get a 2.5 15 year with a few hundred credit as opposed to paying in a couple hundred.
  6. I agree with you. I think we may have been talking past each other. I was more specifically referring to the comment and attitude I've heard others make as well that the curve has been flattened so our work should be done.
  7. I don't understand this logic at all. Just because we have had some success in flattening the curve so far doesn't mean the threat is over. A lot of states and communities aren't even at a peak yet. Even then, recklessly opening things up on the downside jeopardizes all the sacrifice done to date. I don't see a movement of goal posts at all. No sober leadership and guidance has said this was going to be a short term event.
  8. Get the Target app. It will itemize all your trips.