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  1. so... I have no WRs this week... Do I have a chance? QB - Allen, Foles, Jackson RB - Gor, D Singletary, David Johnson, Duke Johnson, Christian McCaffrey WR - Landry, Kirk, Samuel, Gordon TE - Kelce, Ertz, Andrews K - Gonzalez, Seibert, Gay 49ers, Packers, Buccaneers I'm assuming I'm gonna need 20s from Ertz and Andrews, right? 64.3 so far, my FLEX spots are 2.3 and 0.2, so all of Andrews' and Ertz' points are gonna score, plus Lamar Jackson -25.3. I just have to survive here and I'm ok!
  2. they said that last year and while they did have actual singers who won or were nominated for a lot of those awards, they also counted the wins and nominations for Cheech & Chong albums (which I don't think are musical, although I've never listened to them).
  3. When Gurley was announced out, I checked the Free Agent wire and saw "D. Williams KC" available. Not thinking about it, I picked him up and started him... Not realizing it was the OTHER D. Williams for KC. I lost by 1.7 points.
  4. 100% I get that. I have no problem with people feeling he’s run out of chances. My response only came because of this sense of celebration that was had by one poster because he found it funny and wonderful that so many lost Gordon from their fantasy teams. Just a weird way of responding, you know? By all means, there is nothing wrong with feeling like this should be Gordon’s last chance.
  5. 1/2/2/1 flex, PPR standard scoring (6 passing TD) QB - Mahomes, Watson RB - T. Coleman, L. Miller, J. Conner plus a rotating array that I sometimes regret cutting and am sometimes ok with having cut. WR - D. Hopkins, A. Brown, C. Davis, Kupp (cut and replaced with R. Anderson) TE - Z. Ertz K - H. Butker D - Rams 1/2/3/1 flex, PPR standard scoring (4 passing TD) QB - Watson, Trubisky (traded Goff midseason) RB - Gurley, Cohen, C. Carson (from Goff trade) + (McGuire and G Edwards now) WR - T. Hill, J. Smith-Schuster, A. Robinson TE - T. Kelce, C. Brate K - H. Butker D - streaming (Panthers, Vikings, Patriots, and some others) 1/2/3(WR/TE) SUPERFLEX, PPR weird yardage scoring tiers no decimal scoring (technically semi-finals, but we play week 17 so close enough) QB - Jackson, Winston, Mariota, Allen, Smith RB - Gurley, McCaffrey, J. White, C. Clement, K. Johnson WR - D. Hopkins, T. Kelce, J. Gordon, C. Davis K - H. Butker D - Texans
  6. the terms of his reinstatement were pretty strict, it could have been something "zero tolerance" doesn't apply to and thus they were waiting to hear the ruling from the league. No one is ever going to publicly come out and say what he violated the terms doing (unless he does and even then we won't know if its true or not since the league won't confirm).
  7. my main league is partial dynasty (keep 6/7). He'd have been borderline 6 or 7. But its not about that. Its about the simple fact that this is a person's life. I get that you see it as nothing but faceless stats, but that's like an almost sociopathic level of removal from the reality of what this is based on. (to be clear, I'm not saying you're a sociopath, its just the best way to describe how it reads when you're saying this stuff) There comes a point where distancing yourself from the reality of what is happening and how it is not a good or happy or pleasant thing. No one should be celebrating, no matter what. I get it, you only care about yourself and how this effects you and the seeming joy this real human's life tragedy's effect on fake football teams has had...But there is a real life tragedy and a real sickness and real hurt that is far more important than those fake football laughs.
  8. This is like the people who get personally mad at players and coaches because they lost their fantasy playoffs for them. its just too far.
  9. I didn’t lose anything, he’s already benched. this is kind of like celebrating when someone is injured. It’s good that you “win”, but the amount of gloating and celebrating you should do is greatly limited. its just better not to.
  10. the article is just using the most attention grabbing headline. It uses the same single unverified tweet to say that he is facing suspension everything else is. It is literally one tweet saying "a source says that he is facing suspension". It can be true, but sources have said that a few times already this year in the past.
  11. gloating because you think an addict used again is pretty awful. I get it, you were right... but... This is one instance where being right should make you feel kind of crappy and not want to gloat about it, isn't it?
  12. cutting him in dynasty before he's actually indefinitely suspended is kind of dumb, isn't it? As of right now we have an unsubstantiated report (for not the first time) that he is facing an impending suspension without any verification of the truth of that report. Everyone said he was going to be suspended when he stayed away from camp, too. He wasn't.
  13. Kaepernick qualifies for a team's Practice Squad? Because unless you are saying he would qualify for a practice squad, the Peterman signing has no relevance to Kaepernick's lack of signing.
  14. League One (ppr, 1/2/2/1 FLEX): QB: Mahomes RB: Coleman, Ware/Williams, Conner, L Miller (McGuire, J Williams on waivers) WR: Hopkins, Brown, C. Davis, R. Anderson TE: Z. Ertz not sure what to do about my RBs. Flex will probably be my #3 RB. League Two (ppr, 1/2/2/1 FLEX): QB: Watson, Trubisky RB: Gurley, C. Carson, T. Cohen, E. McGuire, G. Edwards WR: T. Hill, Smith-Schuster, A. Robinson TE: Kelce, Brate League 3 (PPR, 1/2/3(WR/TE) SUPERFLEX): QB: Jackson, Allen, Mariota, Winston RB: Gurley, McCaffrey, White, Clement, Johnson WR: Hopkins, Kelce, C. Davis, J. Gordon (unsure about my Superflex here. Also unsure about C. Davis or J. Gordon) League 3 is technically the semifinals (they play week 17, its a league from the mid 90s and old habits and all). The other two are the finals. Just want to brag about being in the championship in 2 out of 3 leagues and still alive in the third. Definitely my best year and I've been playing Fantasy Football for like 25 years...
  15. not necessarily. Newton is a better fullback (read: goalline/short yardage) than CMC. He could see an increase in goal line touchdowns and I'd imagine backup QBs check down more than starters.