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  1. Savor every minute because soon it will be over and back to normal life.
  2. 3rd generation born in NYC. My family on both sides came from Russia/Ukraine/Austria part of the world at around 1900.
  3. Best wishes to her and I hope she gets better soon. Concussions really suck. Rest is very important, and try to keep the noise level down for everything, including if/when she listens to music and watches TV. When I have had my concussions, I also found that movement, like riding in a car, made things much worse so try to let her stay home.
  4. This is terrible. What a beautiful and historic building. I really hope that announcement that the structure has been saved is true but the spire falling is horrible. I hope nobody has been hurt during this. I haven’t been able to follow the news - do they know how the fire started?
  5. I bought this recently and have used it a couple of times so far. It's a very good umbrella, especially for the price. About 5 years ago I was going to a job interview and it had just started raining after I got off the subway. I didn't have an umbrella with me and had about a 10 minute walk ahead of me, so I bought one from one of those Hudson News stores since it was right there. That POS umbrella cost about the same as this one and there's a world of difference in quality.
  6. I'm really looking forward to this:
  7. Great, this probably means Gettleman will trade him next year
  8. My favorite Cuban place is near my apartment in Hoboken. It's a small Cuban diner with awesome food, but I don't think that's what you are looking for. I have been wanting to try this place, but I haven't been there yet: Coppelia Here are some restaurants I've been to lately that I would recommend (from the last list I posted in the NYC thread), all of which are probably less expensive than Esca except Aquavit: The Spotted Pig British Yelp page: Restaurant website: Aquavit Scandinavian Yelp age: Restaurant website: Casa Restaurant Brazilian food (traditional - as opposed to Brazilian steakhouse, which is a very different kind of restaurant) Yelp page: Restaurant website: Churrascaria Plataforma Brazilian steakhouse Yelp page: Restaurant website: Periyali Greek Yelp page: Restaurant website: Ootoya Traditional Japanese Yelp page: Restaurant website: La Loteria Mexican Yelp page: Restaurant website:
  9. To add to my previous post, one of my favorite things about NYC is that you can get pretty much any kind of food you can think of. As a result, I tend to look for places that make food I don't cook myself. If you want some non-Italian food recommendations, I can help with that.
  10. I haven't been to Esca is a very long time. It hasn't gotten good reviews lately and I can't say I could recommend it from my own experience since it's been so long. How about Lupa? That's the last nice Italian restaurant (as opposed to a pizzeria) I have been to and I enjoyed it. I tend to make Italian food a lot at home so I haven't gone out to many Italian restaurants lately.