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  1. NYG trading Golden to ARI for a 6th round pick
  2. Not really. Still doesn't take away from how pathetic that was. Only the truly worst teams lose like that.
  3. The Jets' points differential (-110) is about double the next worst (JAX at -56). But Gase just needs a little more time to figure things out.
  4. You guys who may have the virus, I hope you feel better, but please stay at least 6 feet away from your computer. I don't want to get sick too.
  5. Gore's future with the team - if they're smart they will offer him an assistant coaching job, like RBs coach, when he retires. I think he's going to make a good coach if he wants to get into that.
  6. Pretty much everyone agrees that the Johnsons are the primary source of this franchise's problems, but after the way Bell was handled I think it's fair to start questioning Douglas. Either he has no real power and influence so he couldn't fire Gase and/or can't convince Johnson to let him despite the HUGE amount of evidence saying Gase needs to go, or he's as delusional as the Johnsons and doesn't think it's a necessary move to help the team. Reports that Gase has lost the locker room don't even need to be verified IMO considering it's really obvious. Bell, on the other hand, even though he's temperamental wasn't the problem. Plus, they're paying Bell either way so it's not like they saved money by cutting him. Keeping Gase and getting rid of Bell will only make the players hate Gase even more, not that it's needed since based on the way they play they already don't respect him. Gase has done way, way more than enough to prove he doesn't deserve this job. WTF is Douglas waiting for? If he wanted to fire Gase, which would be the only reasonable move at this point, then he obviously he no real influence over the Johnsons. If he actually thought that Bell was the problem and Gase deserves more time to turn things around, then Douglas is part of the problem too. Either way, Douglas doesn't walk away from this looking good at all IMO.
  7. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on Henry's trade value too.
  8. Both NY teams primary problem is incompetent ownership. In this case, I really don't get Johnson's logic in trying to save face because he's doing the opposite everyday he keeps Gase. I was hoping for Jets fans' sake that the controversy around Woody Johnson's racist comments from a couple/few months ago would force the Johnson's to sell the team like what happened with the Clippers owner, but that's obviously not going to happen. Jets fans are stuck with this. I honestly wouldn't spend any money on either NY team until they make major changes starting with either selling the team (no real chance of that) or ownership completely changing their approach and just getting out of the way. Either way, I don't want to give those trust fund morons my money.
  9. Other companies are having sales today too, due to Amazon's influence. If you are going to buy video games, not just today but in general, buy them from They are one of the only companies that lets you return it for a refund after you've opened it and played it if you don't want it (I think you have 30 days). I did that with Madden 20 a couple of months ago. Terrible game.
  10. It consistently takes multiple defenders to tackle Henry.