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  1. It looks great and it's the kind of show (or movie) that I usually like.
  2. They're making a lot of money so obviously a lot of people like their stuff. I also know that I'm not alone in my opinion of their content. I'm going to stay until The Witcher comes out but if it sucks, or after I watch it, I'm most likely going to drop Netflix and go with Hulu and Disney as my main streaming options.
  3. It's all a matter of opinion. I didn't like most of them, except Narcos. I like the first 2 seasons of House of Cards, but after that I didn't like it. I like Marvel movies and collected comics as a kid, but I was very disappointed in all of their Marvel shows except the Punisher.
  4. There were books. There's a trailer you can watch on the IMDB page: It looks great, but it's easy to make something look good in a trailer. IMO Netflix's original content hasn't been good, on average. There are very few shows or movies I liked, even though I was interested in many from the trailers.
  5. IMO Reynolds, but he will probably have to leave the crowded LAR WRs until he gets a consistent chance to play a significant role.
  6. One of the reasons I don't like Amazon's video is the way they format it. It's been a little while since I last looked, but they would make you have a separate icon for each season of a TV show. So if you want to include NCIS in your watchlist, and that show has been running for like 16 years, you will have 16 different icons for that one show. If you have a few long running TV shows in your queue, it will be very crowded in your watchlist. It's a pain in the neck. On Netflix and Hulu it's one icon per show and you can navigate each season and episode within that icon.
  7. Hulu (ad supported) is $5.99 a month and Disney + is $6.99 a month. The bundle is $12.99 so if you don't care about getting ESPN, you can just get Hulu and Disney separately.
  8. Great movie. Bill Murray is a big fan too.
  9. It would surprise me if the neighbor didn't do something like this.