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  1. I think adding Conklin, McGovern and Van Noy would be good at the right price. Even if they do that, I wouldn't mind seeing them draft a LT to replace Solder at some point. Trading Solder would be great, but I would be surprised if anyone wants his contract. Gettleman backed himself into a corner with Williams. Trading away 3rd and 5th round picks was really bad at the time. He seems to feel obligated to resign him, but that would be throwing good money after bad. I would like to see them trade down with a team that wants a QB and add more picks. Also, I think they can find a similar value player at OL or defense a little later in the 1st.
  2. This is a trick question. There aren't any good sandwiches made there.
  3. That would be a great commute, though.
  4. Has season 1 been made available yet? I'm not a Prime member but this series could get me to sign up, at least temporarily.
  5. I generally like documentaries so I was interested in seeing this one (American Factory). It was interesting, although not very flattering to the Chinese. They did not come across well at all IMO.
  6. I would like to give Judge time to prove himself. He seems like he has potential. My concern, besides the huge concern with retaining Gettleman, is how many of Belichick's assistants went on to become successful head coaches?
  7. Churrascaria Plataforma (Brazilian steakhouse)
  8. I've taken the train between NYC and DC and NYC and Boston many times. It's my favorite way to travel between those cities and any in between (like Philly). I take a taxi or subway/metro or rent a car when I get there, depending on what I need to do.
  9. I'm a Monty Python fan and liked Life of Brian a lot. It was 2nd to Holy Grail out of their movies IMO, unless you count Live at the Hollywood Bowl as a movie. It's interesting how times have changed when it comes to religion and comedy. When Life of Brian came out, it was controversial. They went on talk shows and had debates with religious leaders. Today I'm sure there are people who are offended, but it's far, far fewer. Now most people either find it funny or don't like that kind of humor. One test of a movie is if it had any lines or scenes that were frequently quoted and even became iconic in a way. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life was a scene like that.
  10. Can you change the poll to include a N/A or didn't watch option? I don't have Prime and didn't see The Apartment so I don't want to rate that movie.
  11. I'm curious about #3. Why is it important to ladle out the broth rather than pour it? I'm guessing to leave any residue at the bottom of the pot and keep the broth more pure/clean.