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  1. I had noticed this movie a little while ago and put it in my queue but haven't really thought about watching it anytime soon. I'll check it out sooner after reading your review.
  2. I'm a fan and am still watching, although I don't watch TV so I am catching it on Hulu, which I think gets the episodes about a week after it airs on TV.
  3. Gase disputes power struggle with fired GM He should have finished with "yeah, that's the ticket." (for those who don't get it, that's an old SNL reference)
  4. If you were to trade Lindsey for a WR, who would you want in return? I've tried for a number of different WRs with no luck.
  5. I would rather have the Rosen side of the deal. IMO Rosen has more upside than Dak and the TE you are giving up is starter quality.
  6. I would like to see the analysis that is telling De Blasio that this is a good idea: He hasn't been a good mayor and really doesn't have the experience to be a president of the US. He's going to embarrass himself. I guess it's good that he won't be in NYC much while campaigning, so more competent people can make the day-to-day decisions of a NYC mayor.
  7. I hope he gets well soon.
  9. New Hubble Space Telescope photo is a 'living history book' of our universe
  10. I wouldn't trade Rosen for 1.10 in a superflex, but I guess some people are more down on him and would consider it. It's hard to say for sure without more info about the league and teams involved.
  11. It partially depends on the scoring, but in most superflex and 2 QB leagues I'm in or friends are in, the top QBs will all be gone by 1.10, including Jones and Lock. Haskins has been the 1.02 pick in some superflex leagues.
  12. I love Silverado as a movie, but I can't vote for that as his signature role. I voted the same as most - Bull Durham.
  13. Before the draft, I had Jacobs and Sanders ranked very close in terms of talent regardless of team situation and had Montgomery and the rest of the RBs ranked behind them. In dynasty leagues I really favor talent over team situation unless the team situation is a huge factor like Henderson going to LA while they have Gurley. That’s a huge roadblock for Henderson, unless Gurley is much more limited than we realize (IMO Henderson is insurance more than a replacement). I agree with EBF that things like RBBC change when a clear top RB is on the team so when it comes to Sanders vs. Montgomery, I go with talent and IMO that means I’m taking Sanders
  14. Yup, I still have it for PS3, but I haven't plugged that in for a long time.
  15. I miss college football and basketball on the console systems. It sucks that they couldn't come to an agreement on how to make it work.
  16. If you're going to a show and are on the west side of midtown, I recommend Churrascaria Plataforma (Brazilian steakhouse): If you're going to be more on the east side of midtown, try Aquavit (Michelin star winning Scandinavian food):
  17. IMO the Giants should have taken a RB like Justice Hill at the end of the 3rd to improve the depth chart behind Barkley. They got rid of the only real playmaker in the passing game in Beckham and are so committed to basing the offense on the running game, there's going to be a huge problem if Barkley gets injured. Barkley is obviously far more talented than any #2 they will have, but their current depth chart is horrible and they lack playmakers in the passing game to shift gears if Barkley gets injured. They should have improved the RBs via the draft. They could have also taken Butler to improve their WRs and playmaking ability on offense. They obviously have so many needs that taking a DE at the end of the 3rd makes sense, but when you take a QB #6 overall, you should provide him with more weapons and depth to work with IMO.
  18. Another deep dynasty question - What do you think of Kendrick Bourne? I liked his potential and he seemed to be catching on a bit as a potential replacement for Garcon, but after drafting Samuel and Hurd it seems like the team is moving on.
  19. Sounds like the cafeteria in the building at my previous company. Huge company with about 5000 people in the building and this cafeteria was always empty except when the weather was terrible. The food was the worst ever. It was run by Aramark.
  20. I'm really sorry to hear that. Did they arrest the bike rider? Unfortunately, the ones like Floppo who follow the rules are few and far between. I've been hit by bike riders running reds and going the wrong way down a 1 way street, but thankfully never been injured that badly. You, and her family and friends have my condolences. I really hope the bike rider was caught and is going to jail.
  21. What do you guys think of Slayton, Gary Jennings, Ridley, Snell, Warring and other later picks like them?
  22. 4 years after season 1, they are now making season 2 of One Punch Man! Great show IMO. Episode 4 of the 2nd season just came out yesterday. Also, for season 1, they have it with English speaking voices instead of only subtitles. This is for Hulu.