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  1. To be honest yall talk so much #### and dont show results. I have zero interest in ever coming back.
  2. Haha wow. I could only hold my ipad and phone from Jamie as long as I could. It's been real ✌
  3. Oh lordy! Cant argue if he doest bring a full army. His donations are low as well bc hes maxed out
  4. Smackdown: Thanks for hitting 21. Why did you use a third jump spell in the middle instead of wb's? You three starred it, im just wonderding
  5. Somebody for the love of god drop the trophies in fbgs to 1300. Blue clan is a mess of new people popping in an out. I dropped out
  6. I want back in fbgs. Please drop trophies to 1300+
  7. Please drop FBGS trophies to 1200 so i can get back in. Cold lonely and its raining. No umbrella
  8. Let me in homie. Im tryin to get in culd says no
  9. Lol forget i asked Done!I assume you (or others doing this) wouldn't ruin the event with key information sharing.
  10. Please drop required trophies to 1000+ until the civil war is over. Ide like to hop back and forth at will. Do others do as well? Thanks -Craiggebz Unchained
  11. Dang plz drop trophies to 900 i want back in fbgs
  12. Come join "#YC2VYG" 41/50 members right now mostly 30-50. Its called G-Vibe. Not a fan of that name but whatever, it has solid adult members.
  13. 1000 trophies. I farm in Silver 2. Thanks what do you need it at
  14. Can I get back in Fbgs now? Minimum trophy count required is too high for me to request at 2400.
  15. Dirty, I looked up multiple Warriors! Tf but was unable to find you? My new tf has 42 members and we complete each mission. Sorry for ditching fbg1, but it wasnt active enough. Craiggebz