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  1. Agreed. Brady is defying the odds right now... I suspect NE wouldn't look to move JG if he had 2 years left on his rookie deal. But Brady isn't any "40 year old QB". He is the face of their franchise; won 2 of the last 3 Superbowls and just proved he can still run that offense better than anyone else. I don't think two more years of high level play are out of the question. For reference: Flutie retired at 43. Testaverde and Moon retired at 44. George Blanda retired at 48 and could still kick FGs. Brady hasn't taken a beating;
  2. He does... and he was talking about retirement. That may have been a veiled attempt at asking for more money but... I imagine the Steelers know his long term plans.
  3. That's more a knock on Ben than anything else...
  4. Not by a ton but prefer the youth of the 2.08. I like Hogan but, if your boy Gronk is healthy, he slips down the pecking order some and as someone said - Pats are unpredictable.
  5. I don't think it is a question of odds (the stats over the history of NFL drafts) as much as it is the individual player and situation. Did the Seahawks really like (and target) Russell Wilson with a 3rd round pick? Did the Cowboys luck into Prescott (4th) after failed attempts to move up for Lynch or Cook? There are claims, possibly anecdotal, that they interviewed him more closely than an other QB and were impressed with maturity, etc. Teams find themselves in position of need at QB and, to be blunt, good ones are in short supply. Not every team has a high 1st round pick for the Peyton Mannings and Andrew Lucks of the world. Of course, you could always tank a season to be such position but no one would really do that would they (cough; see Indy Colts and half the NBA)? So depending on where you draft and the quality of players available in any given draft year getting a "franchise" guy can be a problem. Do you draft best player available or feel compelled to take a QB? (There is a reason for the term "franchise QB") It isn't just the Browns that do strange things with the position. Last year, the Eagles moves at the position seemed like a train wreck until the Vikings bailed them out. Or, consider the Osweiler effect. Is that so fresh that it scares teams away from "backup QBs" from the league's better teams? Add to everything the fluidity of some coaching staffs and the possibility of fitting a guy into the wrong offensive system, not to mention the complexity of playing the position and it's no surprise that finding the right guy is tough. So, you have 32 teams each with different need at the position; security of coaching staff; team expectations; draft positions, other team needs, etc. Point being, someone will trade for Garappolo. Price is the question. The stated asking price seems too high to me. If I'm the GM of an NFL needy team, early to mid second seems reasonable. Patriots don't have a ton of leverage. If they expect to play Brady for 2-3 years, you can't pay JG too. It becomes a question of how many teams show interest to move that price. It becomes a poker game of negotiations. it will be fascinating to watch it play out.
  6. I saw the same article and was excited about Sprinkle. Then he got busted for shop lifting after a free shopping spree where he got to pick out up to $450 worth of merchandise. Might not be the sharpest tool in the shed...
  7. So you gave up Graham to swap the 25th pick for the 16th? Well, you have Ertz who I prefer to a post-injury Graham. It's not a huge move up in the draft, but it COULD be the difference in landing a rookie TE depending on how you league values them. So, if you get the guy you covet then good deal. It's a calculated risk.
  8. The operative words being "when on the field". I like Reed's talent so,no, I'm not selling him short. Google "Jordan Reed concussion" and you will see headlines like "5 concussions in 5 years", "6 concussions later", "Reed hid latest concussion". and "Reed admits he hid concussion in 13". I admit that Allen isn't a guarantee either and has a lot in common with Reed. Big performances when on the field but, all too often, not on it.
  9. You are right; his proposition is flawed. You could talk yourself into anything with these scenarios. Suppose a player averages 15 a week; every week. Also, every game is decided by exactly 20 points. I have the option (after the game is done) to substitute another player who put put either 0 or 30 points that week. How many extra games will I win with this special privilege? So, a 0 is 15 less points than Mr Steady scores and 30 is 15 more... When I lose by 20, the 15 extra points isn't enough to get the win. When I win by 20, I wouldn't have lost even if I took the zero. So the conclusion is the 0/30 player will never impact a game. Taken to "an extreme" - will you win more with eight guys that average 15 or eight guys that put of 0 or 30? I never think of a single player being the difference between winning and losing but it is nice when someone really goes off. I think of it as a team and, if everyone shows up, I should be that much more difficult to beat. I like the idea of consistency, which is not necessarily low floor. I say "idea" because there is always some variance involved. Do you really want a boom or bust player?
  10. Fixed. Both guys are risky but I'll stay clear of a chronic concussion case. We only play one TE so there are always waiver options. I thing enough guys emerge on a yearly basis (Barnidge, Brate) and there are young options around (or coming into) the league.
  11. Its actually funny now that 10 years ago the talk was the Patriot's "window was closing soon" and the "blueprint for how to beat the Patriots was out there".
  12. I think BB has two other rings as DC of the NYG.
  13. You may get more than 1 out in 9... You just need a guy who can throw strikes. They'd have to relax the major league strike zone though. I don't see guys trying to milk them for a walk though... More likely trying to kill the ball. And the speed (or lack of it) might throw them off too. How may guys get under a ball in home run derby?
  14. The process of getting under the cap takes some maneuvers. Cutting him is one such maneuver. The idea of "getting something for him" is so fantasy football. I would do what was right for Romo but you can't keep him as an expensive backup. And I'm not sure he can take a hit anymore. Time to move on.