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  1. When did "lonestar" join your league?
  2. Everyone in your league is aware of the rule. There is no "quandary" if you don't fixate on a technicality and use common sense.
  3. SPARQ appears to be a big factor behind the Hawks drafting.... Christine Micheal redux? That's probably an extreme comparison but, in general, but measurables above football ability scare me...
  4. Sorry... maybe this will help? A good substitute?
  5. Similar to what I do... except on a 3 day cycle Chest, biceps, triceps, forearms Back, shoulder, trap Legs Rationale being that chest work usually involves the triceps and shoulder/back overlap in the same way. Abs and cardio on a daily/regular basis is common... not so much for calf raises. Overly conscious about those skinny legs? Curious about daily pushups, especially 100 repetitions. Before or after weight lifting? How many sets to hit 100 reps? Why no rest days? Age?
  6. I see Blantons regularly... its usually about $60 a bottle. ETA: No idea about the current exchange rates...
  7. I'd take the offer in a heartbeat if I was sitting on Mahomes. A little more reluctant if Luck is my starter... Also possible the guy is really high on N'Keal. I think it might be a steep climb for a rookie WR in the Pats offense... Overall, a reasonable trade offer that could work for many teams.
  8. A cheatsheet generated based on your league's scoring system would be a good source. Not sure what you mean by "draft list"?
  9. Sounds like you're doing great but I would be worried about burn-out. Rest can be as important as physical activity. Determining the right mix of activity/rest can be a challenge but the right balance can help you stick with your program for the long haul.
  10. Off topic a bit, but I was wondering how things might have evolved had Hernandez not gone criminal. He was seeing 8 targets a game. Would he and Gronk have become an unstoppable tandem? Or, would he have diluted Gronk's and/or Edelman's numbers? Prior to Gronk, NE was known for NOT using a TE... at least in fantasy circles. As ConnSkins mentions above, they'll play to their player's strengths.
  11. Saw this coming after Charlottesville. Any questioning of the role that antifa played was justified by many here as the fight against the Nazis, as if the Third Reich had been reassembled. Buffoons throwing around the phrase "false equivalence" and insisting that any anti-antifa stance was pro-Nazi. An absolutely bizarre "if you're not with us, you're against us" herd mentality that was and, still is, both scary and embarrassing to me as an American.
  12. I actually prefer Mahomes to Mayfield, Rivers Tre'Quan & two firsts. I can't use both QBs and Tre'quan might be considered a waiver wire level asset. I'd evaluate it as Mayfield and two firsts. Obviously, the big variable is the picks. Sounds good on paper. Great if its a top pick. More of a crap shoot if the picks are late first. I've found that more than half of first round picks don't pan out. Personally, I'm not sold on Baker and would go with bird in the hand.
  13. Your arguments on regression to the mean are valid. Mahomes will likely not blow up on a weekly basis but he should be very good and still have those weeks where he can carry a team. That's the kind of automatic play I want on my roster. I'll settle for top 5; calling anyone the #1 is unnecessary. Love Drew, but 2019 Brees is not in the same stratosphere as Mahomes as a dynasty asset. Watson gets the crap kicked out of him. I own Luck and Mahomes in one league and will move/release one for cap reasons. I intend to keep Mahomes based on age and Luck's injury history but can understand anyone's preference for Luck.