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  1. Agreed. It is so nonsensical (and out of her character) that I didn't believe it from the moment it came out of her mouth. I think it was simply game play. I think she even pulled the wool over the eyes of people here reveling in the joy that such topics are raised.
  2. Tony deserved this one. Thank God no EoE winner, let's put that one to bed for good. Nat should have built fire and laid claim to taking every risk/challenge from the Edge and she might have had a shot. I still would have hated it.
  3. Are you sure you're not shooting the messenger? Maybe the reward isn't worth the risk? We are in uncharted waters. I share the concern that, collectively, people want the positive spin to be true and this leads to behaviors resulting in higher rates of infection. The U.S. already accounts for 30% of cases worldwide? New York itself has 10%? It is scary. These are scary times.
  4. It's time... to restore the vertical passing game to the NFL.
  5. I've taken late night flights to Wuhan for Mushi Pork with Soulfly and Josh Gordon. Something about hanging with those guys gives me insatiable munchies.
  6. Not a gin fan but had some Kyro Napue Gin from Finland that I really liked.
  7. What part is stuck; the small cap or the very top? The top of mine was stuck recently and I couldn't budge it until I held the wall of the top (inside/outside) and it came off surprisingly easy.
  8. The era was a golden age of music. The Clash, Talking Heads, B52s, Devo... Most of my peers where locked into Southern Rock, so they thought I was a little strange.
  9. Yes, the rationale was different. More for the empty town scenery; reminded me of Italy.
  10. Nevermind Nostadamous, the Ska bands saw this one coming Old enough to have legitimate concern... Daughter is an ER nurse with asthma, so there's that to worry about too. Loaded up on food and booze so little reason to leave the house. Already a little stir crazy and feel like, maybe, we're just getting started. But, I'm trying to find positive takes. Good to have the youngest daughter at home. Playing some board games and reading too. May start my first jig-saw puzzle in 30 years tomorrow. I like the idea of simpler times. Certainly eating healthier - nothing like home cooking. Hopeful everyone is doing their part and we can come through this sooner than later.
  11. Picked up some Russell Reserve Single Barrel. Heard it compared favorably to the Pappy 15. I'll crack it after I finish off this Scotch.
  12. Indulge me with my daily thoughts on the Coronavirus: Who better to start with than the man that said "send lawyers, guns and money - the #### has hit the fan"? Stay safe
  13. Made me smile in a thread that makes me sick.
  14. I'm leaning toward no 2020 season. Hard to imagine coming through this, in this country, in 4 or 5 months. Not just coming through but being confident the risks have passed. Hope I'm wrong.