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  1. Depth, or at least a deep team of Studs.
  2. Trade rape.... good to see it was reversed. Was team B that high on Bennett?
  3. There is a reason a team is a long shot. A long history of post season failures is a great reason to be doubted. But I like this bet and the chance to cash in on the long odds. You have a team capable of making the play-offs, a veteran QB, a play maker in AJ Green and some potentially game changing talent in Mixon and Ross (although he may not be healthy this year). Add in a healthy Eifert and the team becomes intriguing. Stranger things have happened.
  4. You've chosen to ignore numerous suggestions that you keep Rodgers and move Cousins.... I think its good advice.
  5. Surprised this isn't unanimous in favor of the 1.02. Perriman hasn't done anything to support the hype and Meredith could be a flash in the pan. Things could work out for both players and I hope they do... but that is two question marks for a very high draft pick.
  6. The guy backing up had to under the influence;1:00 AM and he would had cleared the closer lane and be onto the other side of the road to get hit in the driver side door.
  7. I believe the judge erred in throwing out his convictions. The basis of the precedent is that the deceased did not have the opportunity to complete the appeal process. I get the rational - if someone dies in a manner other than suicide. However, Hernandez killed himself and made a voluntary decision to forego the appeals along with his life. The fact that his suicide note stated "You're rich" to his girlfriend tells you that he understood the possible ramifications of his actions. The judge should have let the convictions stand as true justice and a courtesy to his victims. The fact that the system is so easily manipulated is sickening. ETA: I think he is still a murderer; just not a convicted one.
  8. As usual, it is all a matter of semantics. When I hear "deep threat", I think one trick pony. With only the deep route in the toolbox they become a boom or bust player. You may get 3/90/TD or 2/14 (with no points for drawing PI on one of those bombs). Great in best ball but I'll pass otherwise. I don't see the point in labeling a more versatile player, who runs an occasional deep route, this way in the context of questioning value. Randy Moss was NOT simply a deep threat.
  9. While I can't disagree with your assessment and Jacksonville does seem like the most likely to move next (small market, limited tradition), consider the historical Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Brown franchises have encountered the circumstance to jump ship. Meanwhile, the nomadic Rams and Raiders will continue to wander the desert for 40 years.
  10. Any place where there if exceptional QB play is considered a great landing spot for a TE. Expectations are always high in the New Orleans, Indy, New England, San Diego and Green Bays of the league. How many hype trains have been bigger than Jermichael Finley's? I'm in the camp that thinks Bennett is over-rated in fantasy. Despite the prolific offense, I think Green Bay gets back to the running game and they have a deep WR corp. I just don't think TE is a huge part of their offense. His ceiling is around 60/750 with 6 TDs, which is solid but still TE8-10 range in a pass happy league. My expectations are 50+/600+/5TDs for the 30 year old TE.
  11. I like the strategy. 1.10 might have been a tad early but you pick where you pick. ETA: Even more so in a 14 teamer. It can be a challenge to assemble a back field.
  12. One vote for each of Olsen, Eifert, and Henry... I think I might be all in on Henry if Gates retired. Gates, the return of Allen and the addition of Williams might limit Henry's immediate upside. The big advantage in Henry is youth and the flexibility to go BPA in the draft. I'd prefer to have depth at RB/WR rather than TE. Eifert's offense just got more hands too,with Mixon and Ross. His PPG has been great but he has missed about 40% of his games so far. Carolina has new faces as well but lacks depth at WR. I see Olsen as the "safe" option. One amazing thing about Olsen is he has missed just 2 games in 10 years, and that was during his rookie season. Age is a factor and one strength of this draft is TE depth. I don't expect Howard to be on the board this late in many leagues and, if I fail to trade up, he presents the best value to me. I'm leaning toward the Olsen/Howard combo with a backup plan of Njoku. If for some reason, these guys are off the board it means someone has slipped...
  13. Nothing concrete yet. Still determining what direction to go in.
  14. Acquired Eifert cheaply as damaged goods last year with the thought that I could transition from the reliable Greg Olsen to Eifert in a league where I can keep a single TE. Olsen continued to be reliable - although he cooled some after a hot start. The oft injured Eifert did nothing to shake the injury tag but demonstrated a proficiency for TDs when he did get on the field. Even now, Eifert's status is up in the air. Team is picking 1.12 and built to win again. Not a pure rookie draft as there will be players released and,of course, you never know how early someone will bite on Lynch. I expect Howard/Njoku to be on the board at 1.12. Typically, I'll err on the side of youth but, if I had to declare keepers today, it's Olsen. That is, unless, Eifert vacations in Lourdes this summer and comes back a new man. My other option is to target Hunter Henry now. The team that owns him has the more likely keeper in Kelce and I think I have pieces to make a deal. This would accomplish the goal of getting younger at TE and give me more flexibility to go best player at 1.12. I may even be able to package Olsen and the 1.12 for a slightly higher pick.
  15. My thoughts as well. Non-PPR makes all the difference. If you believe in Fournette, hard not to cash in Green for a guy just beginning his career after reaping years of productivity from AJ.