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  1. Bumping this as a reminder... Far too much "last game syndrome" here...
  2. Not a perfect comparison, but I feel the same thing is happening in Dallas right now.
  3. I would say this a pretty fair and practical assessment of how this has been managed and can/will play-out. I put little stock in a coaches statements; whether that be player "x" deserves more touches or we'll sprinkle in Charles. The Charles threat is real because we know what kind of player he is (was?)... but there are questions regarding his ability to stay on the field or if he remains the same player post injuries. If he is the player of old, and continues to post near record YPC, I can him getting the lion's share of touches. Ware is a "hold" because of Charles' injury history and age. No way I release him in dynasty. His ceiling is a top back with an injury but his floor remains as a flex option. Probably safe to play him this week because I suspect they'll manage Charles' carries (at least initially). So, we have the week to observe. I'm not "gloom and doom" on Ware. The Chiefs have won plenty of games while Charles was on the shelf and that may change their thinking. They may truly want to keep JC on a pitch count. He may have lost a step or two... Plenty of reason to pro-Ware.
  4. More likely we went to rehab because he got caught... IMO rehab is just spin control. I wouldn't be optimistic about real change with Josh Gordon. From a dynasty perspective? Depends on roster size. Like any other player, drop him if you think there is a better option on the waiver.
  5. This year it did. Other years the two wildcards are known early and the last few games are sandbagged. If by adding drama, you mean keeping more teams "in it" who should be out of it... I get the point. Just don't agree that's good for baseball. Examples of big deltas in records (94 win Braves team plays 88 win Cardinals; 94 win Pirates team plays 90 win Reds). Not unusual for the "better" team to get knocked off. One game? That's not how baseball has been traditionally played. And regardless of the winner, any wild card team goes into the next series with some disadvantage (travel/rotation, etc.)
  6. Not really. It can completely remove the drama from the last days of the season. But hey, if you like a fabricated one-game playoff, for excitement over the merit of an entire season, you're not the baseball fan I thought you were.
  7. There was nothing wrong with a single wild card from each league. The best overall record of 12 non-division winners. For that matter, there was nothing wrong with NFL overtime rules either. Change isn't always for the better (see moving touchbacks to the 25 yard line)
  8. I wouldn't drop Rawls if I had Michael and the Hawks bye is out of the way. I probably release Brate or Powell since you have Eifert and Powell doesn't see a starter's spot on your team. Not up on Decker's status but if he out an extended time, I would consider dropping him for Coates in redraft. Coates has had more than one good week and is in a prolific offense. A few too many drops but he is playing OK.
  9. Wrong answer. Outside of a tie breaker, baseball shouldn't be decided by a one game series. The last few years have seen teams that were 4-6 games better over the course of a season eliminated prematurely. The one game playoff was a special rarity. Now we've made it routine..
  10. Taking a capable backup on a team that loves to run the football makes a hell of a lot more sense than worrying who might get signed off the street.
  11. I guess there is no guarantee that Eifert is back either so dropping a healthy TE might be a questionable move. Hogan could be a nice pickup with Brady's return but, for this week, it was more of a side-ways move.
  12. Your aunt is on the short-side of that deal.
  13. Despite your math, I'd be hard-pressed to give up Julio for a rookie WR (Fuller) , a Browns RB and the volatile Michael. Yes, they've all done well this season. But I could see scenarios where they're all buy highs at the moment. I would dig deep to find another RB to complement Ware/Hill - who aren't terrible.
  14. Not in a million years in a dynasty league. Redraft? Michael for Wentz?