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  1. I couldn't get magic beans for Chark. It's a shame. I think he can really take-off when they get a legit QB.
  2. And Fantasy Sharks has him projected for..... 83. Maybe is a typo?
  3. Or you could trade Jonnu... Or keep the depth rather than improve someone else's stock.
  4. Gibson & Galloway is gross? Maybe you value MT too highly? A little older, a little banged up, a diva attitude? Life without Payton and Brees might not be the same.
  5. Odds he plays one game and implodes (on or off the field)?
  6. Anyone know why we have so much disparity in how many fans are allowed at the stadiums?
  7. Perhaps the Eagles have the biggest need but if I'm AB I'd prefer to let Russ cook than Carson, especially with all the injuries. One of my leagues had an end of the bench spot that I decided was worth taking a flyer on Antonio. As a 6th WR, I can sit on him unless the injury/Corona bug comes back with a vengeance. Cheap lottery ticket.
  8. How many drinks have I had in this scenario?
  9. Patience running a bit thin as the Falcons turn into the Eagles South... Now that we're past some byes, in theory, I could waive Hurst in favor of a RB/WR flyer. Thoughts on them righting the ship?
  10. Of course, but if the Avon Lady is at the door instead of a women's beach volleyball team in yoga pants... I'll hold for the aforementioned upside.
  11. He can be boom or bust.. 23 catches for 300 yards and 2 TDs last year over the final two weeks of our play-offs. I can understand a soft market for Julio. However, I'll hold given that ability to dominate a couple weeks of play-offs.
  12. Julio #2 WR overall in 2019 in my scoring system