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  1. Annual tradition is reading FFI on vacation. A lounge chair by the pool... A cold brew in hand...
  2. I've heard rumors (unconfirmed) on the dark web of a fantasy team that will only roster DJs. DJ Chalk, DJ Moore, David Johnson, Daniel Jones, Defense Jacksonville, dude plays without a kicker. Sick.
  3. Maybe in redraft... Initially, they were talking about a much longer time table for Barkley. Shopped Waller and no takers. Personally, I think they're missing the boat as a couple of these teams are in position to win now but have weak TEs.
  4. The mistake on that play was throwing a flag. Hit was fine. No launch. Didn't lead with his helmet but used his shoulder. Allen should have slid and was just as much at fault (lowered his head) for the outcome as the defender. What I took out of that play was a flag based on the outcome not the technical aspects of the play.
  5. The whole cast seems like morons... Sorry, that's as nice as I can be.
  6. Value check on Waller. He is a luxury as I have two other elite/solid TE options. Prefer a starting caliber RB/WR, but would consider a longer term asset with some present value (Metcalf? AJ Brown?) Doubt I could land a young back in this league.
  7. This guys sports a Minshew jersey Jags schedule gets lighter soon. Must admit, as a new Chalk owner, I'm excited about production from an unexpected place.
  8. Aaah, the drop kick. Old time football reference... not to be confused with the WWE.
  9. Ironically, one of the things I was thinking about was the pre-draft notion that outside the big three, the TE's were meh... Now, only one week into the season, there seems to be an abundance of quality options around the league. Hockensen had a big debut. Engram was huge now that OBJ has left town. Mark Andrews is in the right place at the right time. Delanie Walker is healthy and productive. Darren Waller has a big role as the second receiver with the loss of Brown. Hooper, Olsen, etc. putting up numbers. I like Herndon as a dark horse. But a Top 3 option?
  10. I think you mean 2017... People have plenty of concerns about Will Fuller and his ability to stay on the field. He also has a boom or bust nature. That is reflected in his value. Brown is a new kid on the block and these guys also get most of the hype. Just the way it is.. We know more about Ross... Now, you may be right that the stars have finally aligned but the history on Ross is still out there and that is reflected in his value. People value players differently. You are clearly invested in Ross and value him highly - probably higher than anyone else in your league. Simply means you won't be trading him anytime soon.
  11. If the game wasn't in Miami, he could claim frostbite. Nah... that would be absurd.