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  1. Welcome to the room for perennial basement dwellers, Team B.
  2. Health or football IQ...
  3. THIS is what I've been waiting to see all summer - someone dropping the majority of the waiver budget on the first guy with a sniff of fresh air. Welcome to a high 2017 draft slot!
  4. Two teams score the same amount of points... not being a "real game" and lacking an OT period... I would call that a tie. It is what it is.
  5. I'm itching to make a waiver move but thinking this is a week to stay calm and move up in priority.
  6. The real tragedy being, if not for a failed internet connection, he likely would have met his goal (and life long ambition).
  7. Regular season? Why not? A tie can be the difference in seeding or even making the play-offs? Seems better than an arbitrary tie breaker.
  8. I just read their definition of "none" and think you had the rules right but this is probably the right answer. Scores are shown with one decimal place but we go the hundredths on return yards, etc.
  9. That you should change the default settings to allow ties as is the understanding of your league.
  10. 49ers don't get a bye? That's tough.
  11. It does seem to be a secret police investigating players in the realm of domestic violence, PEDs and even recreational drug use. Couple that with the commish's powers and this could become a bigger deal. I understand your point about the money. However, we once had a cancelled World Series so anything is possible, even in light of lost revenue.
  12. You are so far off target with your preconceived notions it is comical. Brady is old news. You've got more recent events like the Al-Jazeera group and even Josh Brown... let me explain it... We have this thing called an NFL helmet. On the back are two decals. One is an NFL logo (that stands for National Football League) the other is an American Flag. At this moment, we have a nation wide controversial that targets the country (symbolically, hate to have to have you misinterpret that too) and Brady's silent protest which targets the league. I was pointing out the irony in having two QBs in controversy given the context of the design of that helmet. Somehow, in your mind, that is an inaccurate comparison? And now you want to get into a discussion about rules? Maybe you just don't like being told something went over you head? Did you really think that I thought Kap scraped off the flag? Seriously?
  13. We seem to be at a point where the league will investigate something on a rumor or allegation... maybe comparing that to the Salem With Hunts is closer to the scale you prefer?
  14. Woosh.. Literal vs. figurative The CBA isn't up until 2022... who knows what will happen before then? I don't ever remember there being this much "off the field" focus for the NFL. We've reached a level of "policing the league" that shocks me.
  15. So Brady takes off the NFL decal and Kap takes off the flag... Don't really blame Brady. The league has become gestapo like in their "investigations" in recent years. I hope some of the recent incidents don't lead to a future work stoppage.