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  1. Take a deep breath and let it go...
  2. Absolutely heart broken... So sorry Shady.
  3. Exactly. Seems like Belichick was way ahead of the curve and getting crucified for it...
  4. Has Stills showed more than being a one trick pony? The long ball is too boom or bust for me. You may not care about the depth chart but between Landry, Parker (a 1st round pick) and Caroo (a player they traded up to acquire), Cameron, a capable receiving back in Foster, I'm not sure that Stills' role makes him a good fantasy option. I would be very surprised if he outscored a healthy Parker.
  5. I like Bernard in both his talent and more proven body of work; Also a chance he moves on from Cincy next year. I really don't get the zero value floor though...
  6. Woodhead is getting older; I would consider McKinnon my #4 for 2017 forward... The key acquisition is the second round pick. Would you do McKinnon straight up for that? Could go either way based on the chance of an early vs. late 2nd rounder...
  7. I'd keep Rawls and an open roster spot.
  8. Keep in mind that Williams had serious concussion issues last season. I wouldn't be surprised, at some point, to hear suggestions this was the catalyst for the behavioral changes.
  9. How do you think Bell would react to the tag? Hold-out possibility?
  10. You've never seen my wife reach for the last pizza slice.
  11. Prescott does look good though... The over the shoulder pass was pretty and, like many modern QBs, he can run with the ball too. Nice prospect. But, this is just two preseason games and defenses aren't game planning so there is more to see and evaluate here. I do like what I see including composure, etc. And, no, he isn't taking the job from Romo but I could see a scenario where Dak finishes the season and next year this is a different conversation.
  12. So, Jerry Jones is still in the conversation, right?
  13. This is spot on. Nobody balks at an older Jordy Nelson missing a year AND coming back from injury. Even some extra weight at the start of camp shouldn't last long for a 25 year old guy. Missing some time and conditioning don't bother me. The chance he screws up again? That's a different story. I'm cautiously optimistic but as somebody just stated, there are few with his upside.
  14. Gets better all the time... http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/210274/nfl-players-should-fight-al-jazeera-suspensions-like-crazy Excerpt: The latest imposition of NFL power over its players goes something like this: If someone, anyone, makes a public allegation, substantiated or otherwise, recanted or supported, of possible improper conduct, the player must submit to an investigation on the league's terms or face suspension. That's essentially what the NFL said Monday in a letter to the NFL Players Association as a final warning to four players named in an Al-Jazeera report on the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The source for the report has since retracted his information, and the league already has cleared the name mentioned most prominently: retired quarterback Peyton Manning. But if the Green Bay Packers' Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, the Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison and free agent Mike Neal don't play ball with the NFL -- if they don't step forward to prove their innocence, as it were -- then they will be suspended as of Aug. 26. It would be easy to say that a rule-abiding player has nothing to worry about, but I'm going to guess that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and retired defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove, among others, might not agree.
  15. Langford actually averaged a full yard better than Foster last year... Last time I saw Foster play he looked over the hill. It's easy to put a negative spin on any RB as the league is loaded with question marks and committees. As a fan, I want Foster to do well but I stand my first statement - 5th round is too high for me. And, yes, even with the question marks I'll take my chances with younger players. Oft injured, 30 year old backs aren't the best bet on the board.