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  1. Actually, I take back what I said, YOU seem to be the one looking for a fight.
  2. Next bubble; "Is that a mustache or did a gypsy moth die on your upper lip"?
  3. Andrew Luck... ETA: Cain on target to return from injury? maybe another WR in the draft?
  4. I'm not seeing this at all... people seem to be beyond polite here. Try the political threads if you want to see some panties fly.
  5. Wasn't it just last season the Jets' coaches compared McGuire to LaDainian Tomlinson? I love coach speak.
  6. I believe the point smbkrypt24 is making is one of opportunity cost. He feels that he hasn't seen enough from Darrel to value him over anyone on his current roster. Your point is that someone in the league must have a spot... And that does depend on factors such as roster size. I might avoid the term "common sense" as some may be reluctant to invest in a UDFA with a 4.72 40, especially in a league with a smaller roster size... Not to say Williams couldn't find a major role on that prolific offense - but he has challenges in front of him.
  7. You have my sympathy jello... For the record, I had a guy in my dynasty league that kept Barry Sanders rostered for at least 5 years after he retired.
  8. Any fans of the G-Men weighing in on their feelings about this one?
  9. Brown is just the latest in a long list of diva WRs. His contract seems reasonable and he did have three years remaining. I think his complaints on that front are unwarranted. Apparently, his relationship with Ben was a big part of the problem and I understand how that could frustrate AB. The one thing that really bothers me is he couldn't share the spotlight with Juju. Tough to win as a team with guys like that... Sure, the Raiders could be competitive. Gruden is locked in for the long haul. AFC could change a lot in the next few years. Pats always in the mix but their window is getting small. Brady, Roethlisberger and Rivers could all be near the end. Chiefs could be dominant but the Colts and maybe the Browns are ready to take it to the next level. At least, all three teams are stable at QB. Of course, there is always the possibility of a dark horse, who is more fitting than the Raiders?
  10. Elite players at the offensive skill positions doesn't guarantee much. Look at Pittsburgh, who had these guys in their prime. How much tread is left? Bell had a year off... and RBs are no guarantee to finish a season. Yes, Brown has been great but how much will average QB play affect his game? Maybe Brown will be motivated; a player trying to prove his old team made a mistake. Maybe age and his attitude bring him down too... Even if all goes well, that is a competitive division. Chiefs seem much closer to a SB run and the Chargers are very capable. I don't think the Broncos stay down for long either... I had concerns Gruden was away from the game for too long. But, I do have to give the Raiders credit. They finished the season playing competitively when they could have mailed it in.
  11. But 50 posts saying the same stuff over and over again is productive?