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  1. Your right... it does suck. Hey, let's give some 9-7 team a shot to upset the #2 seed in a one and done play-off format. Really lessens the importance of the regular season.
  2. Green has been hurt for two years. He should command a lot less than $15M.
  3. Thinking this may not be true. Rodgers simply doesn't want to jeopardize his insurance discount these days.
  4. Not sure the "5th Year WR Break-out" will prove to be a viable strategy.
  5. Classic three dimes for a quarter scenario. Assuming the 1.5 lands a blue chip WR prospect like Jeudy or Lamb or a even a RB that drops... I can see preferring the pick and the two free roster spots... Others could be high on Montgomery and/or Washinton's potential and see these guys as worth more than the current "market" value. Either side could be right - beauty of trades.
  6. I could move forward with the younger Fant over Waller myself. And would take Deebo for Waller.
  7. Regardless of his ability to stay healthy going forward, he's lost his first two seasons and age becomes a factor (to me) when you slot him into a rookie draft. Another factor for me is his ability as a receiver. He hasn't been heavily used at the college or pro level and the Skins seem content to use a complementary player in that role. Can't say that his past usage if necessarily an indicator of his ability but it is a question mark for me. I'm not down on Guice... quite the opposite. I really like the WRs in this class and would slot Guice late in the round.
  8. 1/21/20 - 192 1/28/20 - 183 Included 5 days of low carb to jump start things. Actually felt pretty good after a first day of side effects. Back to not counting the carbs but eating healthy. Nice weather allowed me to do about 10 miles of hiking between Saturday and Tuesday. Bad news is the inevitable injury. Soreness in the left foot keeping me inactive for a few days. Hopefully, I can remain stable this week with the "big game" yet to come. MFA, in principle, appears to be something I've practiced for years. Long ago I read a cycling article about professional riders that try to log 1,000 flat miles to start the season. Building this "base" was to develop your capillary system and increase blood circulation. I can't tell you how many times I've had some yahoo fly by me trying to coax me into a race early in the season. No sprints... no big hill climbs... just slow and steady miles.
  9. So it sounds like I could go with the Boss Hog (Mauve), Pappy 15, Stagg (Sr.) Weller 107 and Michter's 10 and be at $75. Then go home and open this bottle of Eagle Rare because, at that point, it won't matter.
  10. Still waiting to see one live
  11. So I'm checking out a flyer to a charity event on Superbowl Saturday. Prices seem steep to me for a small sample of bourbon, etc - but remember it is for charity. $10 will get you Weller 107, Kentucky Owl Confiscated or Michter's Bourbon 10 year $15 will get you Angel's Envy Bourbon Cask Strength, Pappy Van Winkle 15 year, Garrison Brother's Cowboy Bourbon (2019) or Mortlach 15 Game of Thrones. $20 will get you Whistle Pig Boss Hog (Samurai or Mauve) or George Stagg. $26 will get you Heaven's Door 26 year or Compass Box Tobias and Angel (actually $25) There are others (like Laphroaig 18, Edradour 22, Nikka 21 and Dalmore 17), just hit the highlights. So, maybe eight samples for $100? Interesting afternoon.
  12. Well yeah.. but it seems like they let everyone in. Ken Andersen and Bert Jones are the only QBs mentioned so far on the outside looking in.