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  1. Watched a couple shots and it looks like the Jets got hosed. I'm going to try a different interpretation (total conjecture) to rationalize why the play was called as it was... The ball is clearly loose as he approaches the end zone. We think he regained control in bounds but that is tough to confirm with replay since his body shields the view. He comes down on the pylon. Since the last view of the ball was loose and they couldn't confirm recovery, they made the call the way they did... Did the league make a statement?
  2. Technically, if the ball is loose before the player breaks the plane and it hits the pylon or the player doesn't regain control before being out of bounds it IS a fumble through the end zone. Player doesn't have to lose the ball completely - just for that key moment. I didn't see a great replay. Did they show any good freeze frame shots during the game?
  3. Just wrong...
  4. Divisional game... then the Saints and a bye... If I'm the Pack, I let Montgomery heal with the big picture of the season in mind. You would think they'd be OK with Jones/Williams. I'm not sure NFL teams always think that way... Every game might matter in a 16 game season. I'm sitting Jones for Howard and Kamara too but wouldn't feel horrible about rolling out Jones. I think he'll be on a lot of benches today.
  5. I think team success, rightfully so, will be a factor. If Rodgers never wins another he'll be in a group of guys that compiled big stats in a pass happy era. Of course, if he starts throwing picks left and right and distributes pictures of his genitalia on the web, he may be viewed like another prolific GB QB. All jokes aside, the impressive thing about Rodgers numbers is protecting the ball, very few interceptions. As I recall, we was slightly better than Brady in that regard but far better than Manning/Brees.
  6. Actually, I was thinking Watson. Must have been memories of Arian Foster creeping in...
  7. Agree that you'd like to Jones produce for multiple games and against a quality defense. But, your ypc analysis is based on some tiny samples. Plus 13 for 49 (more like 3.8 than 3.6) is just 3 yards under a 4.0 clip and is pretty respectable.
  8. Yes, "naturally talented" is an interesting choice of words. The Marinos, Favres and Mannings of the world came into the league blessed with physical ability. It would be tough to find someone that refined his craft more than Brady or accomplished more in his career. It's difficult and even unfair to compare players at one moment in time given where they are in the careers. Right now, Rodgers is a fine choice. A year ago, maybe people pick Ryan over Rodgers (and the 4-6? Packers). In a year or two, maybe its Wentz or Foster.
  9. Not sure Buck gets you Jones. Any chance Alf is on the wire? I'd move Connor if so, and offer Alf and Buck
  10. Hey ,I love Texas.
  11. And I'm not?
  12. Put the pipe down...Not like he's giving up Josh Gordon!
  13. Reminds me of an old joke,how do you keep an idiot in suspense?
  14. The commissioner is more powerful than God - both in the NFL and my fantasy leagues (just ask my wife).