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  1. The trick is to NOT play a kicker.
  2. DropKick

    Waiver Wire Gems - For Upcoming Week 11

    We're talking about Peter Carroll....
  3. DropKick

    Jordan Howard - RB - Chicago Bears

    What is there to think about?
  4. DropKick

    Le'Veon Bell

    Kinda like instant replay.
  5. DropKick

    Waiver Wire Gems - Week 10

    The league should charge a fee for player acquisitions. If it doesn't curb the behavior, at least it sweetens the pot.
  6. DropKick

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    6-110 2 TDs. Brady will miss him (under thrown or too much air) on a bomb.
  7. DropKick

    Le'Veon Bell

    Can't see ANY reason Bell would want to play a handful of games for a few bucks if the future contract is the goal. The Dez injury should cement that thinking as if it weren't already a foregone conclusion..
  8. DropKick

    Le'Veon Bell

    His objective should be to not play at all if all that matters is the next contract. Why would Bell play at this juncture? He can get hurt; perform poorly (is he in "football" shape?), pretty much only things that can drive down his value.
  9. DropKick

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    The only insult we're going to witness this weekend will be Gordon's on the Packer defense. Plugging him in now over Thielen, Thomas and Hill. God Bless America, Soul Fly and the Cleveland Browns.
  10. I think it was a commentary on the Titans rather than Davis personally.
  11. DropKick

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    We're going Nazi Germany it seems.
  12. Need to decide between him and Sutton; leaning Sutton.
  13. DropKick

    Anthony Miller WR Bears

    In my bye depleted line-up. Underdog this week and a long TD would keep me in this thing.
  14. Games are better this year but, no, I don't think we're getting the best product or it is fair to the players, given the sheer physicality of the game. Thanksgiving is (was?) special. Even Monday Night, which was a BIG thing once upon a time doesn't seem the same now that we have Thursday & Sunday night games. No problems with Sunday night. Imagine that's a boon for the West Coast too.
  15. I've always tried to build my teams with studs; guys that are virtually match-up proof; week in, week out starters. Mahomes looks like that guy to me and he is surrounded by physically gifted and talented play makers. The kid is 23 years old and looks exceptional. Exactly the type of guy I want to build around. The understand the QB position is deep and in one QB leagues, you can almost always get a serviceable guy and is might be difficult to get value for Luck. Add to that the question marks recently surrounding him... I see where finding a buyer might be a challenge. I actually own the same duo and was targeting the Watson owner who I know was frustrated, at least, until yesterday. I didn't actually make an offer because I didn't think I'd get close to full value and having Luck in my back pocket might be important for my "win now" team. Thinking of moving him in the off-season. Too many leagues are trade averse. I often "over-pay" to get guys I like. Having a rooting interest is often a factor.